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This article pertains to the staff members behind of Sonic Mania.

Developed by

In Association with


Sonic Mania Development Team

Lead Developer

Project Manager

Business Dev


Lead Programmer



Lead Designer



Art Director





Sound Design


Audio Engineer


VP of Product Development and Creative Services

Director of Creative Services

Director of Product Development

  • Austin Keys


Tantalus Media


  • Tom Crago


  • Joss Ellis


Switch Lead

  • David Lally


  • Sean O'Sullivan
  • Derek Johnson


QA Lead

  • David Doe
  • Sheylla Tupia

Original Music

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Chemical Plant Zone
  • Oil Ocean Zone

Composed by

Animation Intro

Director, Lead Animator


Animation Supervisor

Animation Producer

Animation Assistance

BG Illustration

Compositing, Motion Graphics

Special Thanks

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
  • Lana Kasl and Baby Tenly
  • Rachel Steinberg
  • John Hardin
  • Allie Doyon
  • Michael Cisneros
  • Jasmin Hernandez
  • Alex "The Kidd" Solverson
  • Mai Kiyotaki
  • Edith Yang
  • Kitty Mach
  • Peter Bowman
  • Misty Noor
  • Ben Westhoven
  • Sergio Montealegre
  • Aaron Webber
  • Sam Mullen
  • Westin

Sega of America, Inc.


  • Tasuyuki Miyazaki

Executive VP

  • Yusuke Suai


  • Ivo Gerscovich


VP of Product Development and Creative Services

Director of Product Development

  • Austin Keys



Marketing Manager

  • Ari Sapriel

Marketing Associate

  • Nathan Shabazi

PR Manager

  • Edith Yang

Social Media Manager

  • Aaron Webber

Social Media Coordinator

  • Sergio Montealegre


Licensing Director

  • Anoulay Tsai

Senior Manager

  • Sylvia Barraza

PD Manager

  • Sandra Jo

Associate Manager

  • Alex "The Kidd" Solverson


  • Michael Cisneros

PD Coordinator

  • Mai Kiyotaki

Creative Services

Director of Creative Services

  • Kazuyuki Hoshino

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Jimmy Lenoir

Graphic Designer

  • Petia Koutzarova

Multimedia Production


  • Marlene Sharp

Production Coordinator

  • Jasmin Hernandez
  • Ayumi Tanioka

Legal and Business Affairs

Director of Legal and Business

  • Cindy Lin

Legal and Business Counsel

  • Wendy Wang


SVP of Publishing

  • Naoto Hiraoka

VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Tim Pivnicny

Director of Business Planning

  • Kenya Numata

Sales Administration Manager

  • Nathan Harris

Sales Administrator

  • Connie Chinn

Financial Analyst

  • Hajime Sugino

Atlus USA, Inc.


  • Robyn Mukai Koshi

Marketing Associate

  • Sara Chan

Creative Designers

  • Ayami Haruno
  • Amy Shimoshige

Web Designer

  • James Kaneshiro

Events and Purchasing Manager

  • Kathy Park


VP of Production

  • Bill Alexander

Quality Assurance

QA Manager

  • Carl Chen

Asst QA Manager

  • Scott Williams

QA Lead

  • Elwood Cruz

QA Compliance Specialist

  • Rob Stone

QA Testers

  • Tony Resendes
  • Adam Borno
  • Ian Kelly
  • Logan Sandefur
  • Steven Kawafuchi


Senior Systems Admin

  • Bryan Kuhl

IT Guy Tyrone

  • Brian "Bquick" Quach

Sega Europe, Ltd.


  • Jurgen Post


  • John Ward


  • Martin Servante

Product Development

Head of Studio Localisation and ESD

  • Charlie Harris


  • Teppei Otsuka

Head of Program Office

  • Mark le Breton

Submission Manager

  • Mike Veness

Process and TCM Manager

  • Ben Howell

Senior SDET

  • Mindaugas Batutis

Junior SDET

  • Gordon McKendrick

Head of QA and Localisation

  • Ghulam Khan

Production Manager

  • Adrian Daly

Project Lead

  • Owen Hewitt

Resource Manager

  • Ben Jackson

Training and Recruitment Supervisor

  • Julie Metior

Localisation Manager

  • Marta Lois González

Localisation Project Supervisor

  • Antonella Marras

Lead Translators

  • Luis J Paredes
  • Nicole Thomer
  • Jesús Álvarez


  • Chiara Canu
  • Gwladys Gaye
  • Giulia Checchi
  • Giuseppe Rosa
  • Sebastián Salguero
  • Martin Schmalz
  • Alexia Trensch
  • Sarah Breton
  • Enrico Sette

Quality Assurance

Functionality QA Lead

  • Stephen Edwards

Functionality QA Senior Tester

  • Jasper Engels

Functionality QA Testers

  • Dumitru Garofil
  • Dwayne Husbands
  • Errol Burke
  • Luke Nelson
  • Michael Pelling
  • Prathan Lothongkum
  • Simone Decardi-Nelson
  • John Wright
  • Zack Garvey
  • Amandeep Gosal

Localisation QA Supervisor

  • Ruggero Varisco

Localisation QA Team Lead

  • Alan Desole

Localisation QA

  • Jérémié Maréchau
  • Antonio Matrone
  • Irina Hoff
  • Jose Torres


Compliance QA Team Leads

  • David Jenkins
  • Gerson de Sousa

Compliance QA Senior Tester

  • Renato Insalaco

Compliance QA Testers

  • Marta Baquero
  • Michael Blanco


Mastering and Equipment Manager

  • Francesco Fraulo

Equipment and Shift Coordinator

  • Tony Langan

Mastering and Build Engineer

  • Shaun Young

Equipment and Mastering Coordinator

  • Danny Florey

Assistant Mastering Technician

  • Ashar Dubois

Administration and Finance Coordinator

  • Chris Bien

Development Service Administrator

  • Chris Geiles

Customer Service

Customer Service Manager

  • John White

Marketing PR and Comms

Marketing Director

  • Anna Downing

Senior Product Manager

  • Ben Walker
  • Tim Breach
  • Lewis Herbert

Brand Manager

  • Derek Seklecki

Marketing Manager

  • Reena Sood

Product Manager

  • James Dyer

Head of PR

  • Peter Oliver

PR Manager

  • Sarah Head

PR Assistant

  • Kerry Barrett

Senior Marketing Manager

  • Alfonso Cubias

PR Manager

  • Erica Denning

Creative Services

Head of Creative Services

  • Jeff Webber

Traffic Manager

  • Samra Halli

Creative Team Manager

  • Noud Tempelaere

Senior Creative Designer

  • Ranj Vekaria

Creative Artworker

  • James Kent

Video Suite Manager

  • Elliot Kidner

Video Suite Editor

  • Chris Bailey

Video Suite Assistant

  • Una Marzorati


SVP, Commercial Publishing

  • John Clark

Content Director

  • Dean Trotman

Head of Brand

  • Rowan Tafler

Senior Content Manager

  • Bobby Wertheim

Commercial Publishing

VP of Digital Business

  • James Schall

Business Development Director

  • Peter Chan
  • Stephane Bonazza

Technical Director

  • Steve Sharp

EMEA Sales Director

  • Alison Gould

Head of EMEA Sales

  • Simon Inch

EMEA Sales Account Manager

  • Stephanie Olbe

Senior Business Manager

  • Anh Luong

Junior Digital Account Manager

  • Charlotte Rouget-Murphy

Digital Distribution Assistant

  • Megan Garett

Senior Business Analyst

  • Jarvis Crofts

Business Analysts

  • Filippo Mingione
  • Pedro Gonzales

Product Launch Manager

  • James Gourlay

Product Launch Assistant

  • Clinton Allman

Marketing Assistant

  • Zamir Bandali

Business Planning

SVP, Business Planning

  • Katsuhiro Ichinose

Director of Business Analyst

  • Jean-Yves Lapasset

Publishing Project Manager

  • Ryoko Nakao

Senior Business Planning Analyst

  • Yoshiko Mukaiyama

Business Planning Co-ordinator

  • Takashi Nakaya

Business Analyst

  • Matthew Hodgson

Junior Business Analyst

  • Samuel Riches

European Research Manager

  • Lucy Peaple

European Research Executive

  • Douglas Owusu

European Research Assistant

  • Daniel Vincent


Head of Operations

  • Natalie Cooke
  • Linda Kershaw

Operations Co-ordinator

  • Jacob Nixon

Brand Licensing

Director of EU Brand Licensing

  • Jason Rice

Senior Licensing Manager

  • Toby Rayfield

Retail Licensing Manager

  • Kay Ferneyhough

Product Development Manager

  • Samuel Byard

Licensing Co-ordinator

  • Jason Goonery

Junior Graphic Designer

  • Paul Dunn


Director of Legal and Business Affairs

  • Nicky Ormrod

Head of Licensing

  • Nivine Emeran

Legal Counsels

  • Daniel Finegold
  • Ilan Pdahtzur

Legal Executive

  • Lola Okuboyejo


Finance Director

  • Deepak Sharma

Finance Controller

  • Michael Riley

Group Finance Manager

  • Lenia Peros

Finance Manager

  • Paul Foley

Credit Control Manager

  • Pauline McDonagh

Management Accountant

  • Tac Hau

Accounts Payable Supervisor

  • Bradley Matthews

Accounts Co-ordinator

  • Sunil Kalotia

Oracle Applications Support

  • Luke Walker

Oracle Finance Applications Support

  • Richard Welch


Head of Design and Development

  • Nick McKenzie

Lead Interactive Designer

  • Sean Gallagher

Junior Online Producer

  • Scott Bone

Senior Web Designer

  • Marta Camilo


Director of Technology

  • Stuart Wright

Head of Live Operations and Development

  • Francis Hart

Senior Systems Infrastructure Analyst

  • Jide Agbalaya

Network and Security Manager

  • Kashif Iqbal

Network and Security Technician

  • Clinton Littlejohn

Network and Security

  • Mohamed Bensakrane

Linux Live Operations Engineer

  • Borislav Velchev

Project Manager

  • Paul Leclerq

Online Service Developer

  • Navin Algoo

Web Developer

  • Rob Howard

Data Architect

  • Felix Baker

Junior Data Developer

  • Jagdeep Gosal

IT Support Manager

  • Luis de Mendonca

Junior IT Support Technician

  • Bryan Mencias
  • Stacy Lovage

Live Operations Monitoring Lead

  • Peter Hamilton

Live Operations Monitoring Engineer

  • Ricky Hetherington
  • Fernando Azevedo
  • Rikki Laffar
  • Daniel Dixon
  • Haren Patel


Director of HR

  • Ben Harrison

HR Manager

  • Eithne Metchalfe-Bliss

Payroll and Benefits Manager

  • Shilpa Pandya

Talent Executive

  • Ashleigh Meale

HR Assistant

  • Roseanna Jefferson


Facilities Manager

  • Aidan Bass

Corporate Office Manager

  • Lindsay Cox


  • Alexia Hudson

Sega Games, Co. Ltd.

Localization Support

  • Tatsuyuki Miyazaki
  • Tatsuya Shikata
  • Shintaro Tanioka
  • Takuma Hatori
  • Emi Yamane
  • Takuya Kishimoto
  • Kohei Kondo


  • Toyohisa Hiwatari
  • Satoshi Imai
  • Sho Nanmoku

Executive Marketing Supervisor

  • Hiroyuki Miyazaki


  • Takayoshi Ohuchi
  • Koji Uemura
  • Natsuki Sato
  • Risa Araki
  • Ruiko Miyamoto
  • Ikuo Ishizaka

First Party Managers

  • Tetsou Sasaki
  • Chiaki Furuya


  • Mamoru Kodama
  • Yuko Yasuda
  • Teruyuki Kaida
  • Rei Kawasaki
  • Akane Inoue

Asia Business Dept

  • Go Saito
  • Shintaro Tanioka
  • Takako Takusagawa
  • Quan Yang
  • Takeyuki Iso
  • Kenji Sonobe
  • Hiroshi Seno
  • Takuji Konuma
  • Kenta Ueno
  • Yosuke Okunari
  • Takafumi Osaka
  • Yui Funakoshi
  • Ryuta Sakamoto

Package and Manual Production

  • Yoshihiro Sakuta
  • Hiroki Osawa
  • Colin Restall
  • Makoto Nishino
  • Takuya Hamamoto

Product Test

  • Takashi Shoji
  • Akira Nishikawa
  • Osamu Sato
  • Kenzo Kadowaki
  • Takayuki Miyazaki
  • Atsushi Furukawa
  • Kenji Takahashi
  • Chiharu Yoshida

Quality Assurance

  • Tomoki Kaji
  • Kazuhiko Morii
  • Yasuyuki Hattori
  • Yuji Nakamura
  • Shunya Shimizu

Web Design

  • Yuichi Kikuchi

Chef Producer

  • Osamu Ohashi

Executive Producer

  • Haruki Satomi
  • Kenji Matsubara
  • Toshihiro Nagoshi


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