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Sonic Lost World: Wonder World EP is a digital EP released by Sega to promote Sonic Lost World. The EP contains the full version of the game's main theme "Wonder World" and a short version of the theme of Windy Hill. Both songs would be featured in Without Boundaries: Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack. The EP was only made available for purchase on iTunes in Japan.

Track list

  1. "Wonder World - Title Theme" (3:00)
    Music: Tomoya Ohtani; Orchestrated: Takahito Eguchi; Steelpan: Yoshihiro Harada; Piano: Takahito Eguchi; Drums: MASUO; Performed by Sonic Lost World Session Orchestra
  2. "Windy Hill - Zone1 (Short ver.)" (1:35)
    Music & Arranged: Tomoya Ohtani; Co-Arranged & Keyboards: Takahito Eguchi; Violin: Hijiri Kuwano; Strings: Shinozaki Strings; Trumpet: Yusuke Nakano; Trombone: Makoto Igarashi; Tenor Saxophone: Kei Suzuki; Baritone Saxophone: Naoya Takemura; Electric Guitars: Susumu Nishikawa; Electric Bass: Akinori Yamada; Drums: MASUO

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