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This is the script of the cutscenes in Sonic Lost World.


[Sonic and Tails are flying in the Tornado, pursuing Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot in his Egg Mobile. Dr. Eggman is carrying a capsule containing animals]
Sonic: Drop the critters, Eggman!
[Dr. Eggman presses a button releasing the capsule as it drops]
Dr. Eggman: If you insist.
Tails: Whoa, that's harsh!
[Sonic spin dashes off the Tornado, reaching for the capsule's button but misses. Tails catches him on the Tornado]
Tails: We'll have to swing back around for it!
Dr. Eggman: Predictable.
Orbot: Very.
Cubot: He must really love those things!
[Dr. Eggman shoves Orbot and Cubot away and pulls out a laser gun. He aims it at Sonic and Tails, then shoots at them. The laser hits the Tornado's wing]
Sonic: We're hit!
Tails: Hold on!
Sonic: Whoa, what's that in the clouds?
[Sonic and Tails are falling towards the Lost Hex in the Tornado]
Tails: That must be the Lost Hex. COOL!
Sonic: Less LOOKING, more LANDING!
Tails: Alright, I can land us, but it's gonna be bumpy!
[Sonic and Tails drift off into the Lost Hex]

A Call From Amy[]

[Amy and Knuckles, back on Earth]

Knuckles: Take it easy there.
Amy: Oh, stay calm, little guy. Sonic and Tails'll get your buddies back. [calls Sonic via Miles Electric] Sonic! Did you get those animals back from Eggman?
Sonic: Uh, just the one container he tossed off his Egg Mobile.
Amy: What?
Knuckles: Wait a minute, just the one? Pfft, weak. I would have gotten them all back by now!
Amy: Save the rest of them! Oh, I hate to think what Eggman's doing to those poor things.
Sonic: I'm on it!

Dr. Eggman and the Deadly Six[]

[Badniks are seen being made by the animals Dr. Eggman stole]

Dr. Eggman: Transformation 101. Bunnies to Badniks. Boom! Instant army. It needs to be a big army if I'm taking over the world below.
Zavok: [sarcastically] You are quite the mighty conqueror.
Dr. Eggman: Yes, yes I am. I conquered you, didn't I? And with your help, I won't only rule the world, I'll finally destroy that blue nuisance, Sonic!
Zavok: Eggman wants the little hedgehog destroyed.
Zazz: Yeah, well, I feel like destroying something!
Zavok: That's what I like about you, Zazz. Always ready for a fight, even before you know what you're fighting.
Zazz: [chuckles evilly] You bet! Bring it on and I'll rip it up!
Zavok: Win or lose, I'll learn something about our enemy.

Face-Off With Zazz[]

Sonic: Hey! I've been looking for you, Baldy McNosehair. Who're your friends?
Dr. Eggman: Friends? These are nobody's friends. They are the Deadly Six and they are your worst enemies! Zazz! Show this blue pest how you do things up here.
Zazz: With pleasure. I've been itching for a fight all day!
Sonic: I think you're itching because you need a bath!
Zazz: Huh? [sniffs himself then shakes his head] Are you disrespecting me?
Sonic: Maybe.
Zazz: [growls angrily] I'm gonna mess you up!
Dr. Eggman: I'd love to stay and watch him disassemble you, but I have business to attend to.

[Dr. Eggman takes off in his Egg Mobile and the remainder of the Deadly Six follow him]

Zazz: [chuckles evilly] I know the perfect spot to take care of you.
Sonic: That's funny, because I know the perfect spot to kick you.

[Zazz jumps away and Sonic follows him]

All In Good Hands[]

[Tails is seen repairing the Tornado]
Sonic: Whew, alright. We good to go or what, Tails?
Tails: [sighs and shakes his head] I've built a TV out of paper clips...
Sonic: Yeah...
Tails: ...and reprogrammed a super computer using dishwashing detergent and a toothpick...
Sonic: I know...
Tails: ...So look, fixing a propeller on a bi-plane? That's about as difficult as taking a nap. [spins propeller]
Sonic: 'Kay, I did not need your whole life story. A simple "good to go" would have been cool.
Tails: Alright. Good to go!
Sonic: Cool!

The Cacophonic Conch[]

Dr. Eggman: These Animals are quite underwhelming. I'm disappointed in you incompetent fools. [throws the rabbit to Orbot] Violently disappointed.
Zavok: We don't care about your disappointment, "Master."
Dr. Eggman: [pulls out the Cacophonic Conch] Do you care now? [Dr. Eggman activates the conch and Zavok groans in pain] Next time, bring better Animals!
[Zavok and Zazz angrily glare at Dr. Eggman]


Dr. Eggman: You, fat one! Go take care of that blue pest.

[Zomom comes stomping in]

Zomom: Hey, who are you calling fat?!
Dr. Eggman: You! Now, if you hurry and destroy Sonic, I've got an even bigger sandwich for you.

[Dr. Eggman tosses Zomom a sandwich]

Zomom: Oh boy! Sandwich!

[Zomom jumps up and catches the sandwich. While he lands, he crumbles the floor. Then Zomom leaps off]

Dr. Eggman: Oh... help me... [facepalms]

Dr. Eggman's Secret Weapon[]

Dr. Eggman: Power levels green, Orbot?
Orbot: Power levels: stable. Extractor activated.

[Orbot pulls a level which activates the Extractor. The Extractor takes life from Earth]

Dr. Eggman: Good! Good!

[Cubot takes some energy from the Extractor]

Cubot: Oh, yeah, that's the stuff! Feed me, baby! Glug, glug, glug! I'm feeling stronger by the second!
Orbot: [alarm goes off] Levels fluctuating. Reaction unstable. Better shut it down quick, boss, or else it will lock into overload.
Dr. Eggman: Shut it down!

[Orbot shuts down the Extractor]

Cubot: Aww. Why'd you stop, boss? I felt great!
Dr. Eggman: The machine is unstable. We just want to borrow some of the planet's energy. We don't want to destroy it.
Zavok: [hiding behind a corner] Speak for yourself.

Zomom's Take-Out Lunch[]

[Zomom is seen in the desert eating a huge sandwich]

Sonic: One word of helpful advice: diet and exercise.
Zomom: That's three words.

[Zomom whacks Sonic in the head with his sandwich]

Sonic: Hey!
Zomom: Think I'll have you for dessert.
Sonic: Don't talk with your mouth full.
Zomom: Yeah, right. [tries to hit Sonic with the sandwich again but Sonic jumps over it] Hey! I forgot the mustard! Be right back! [stomps off]
Sonic: Hey! Where do you think you're going? [chases Zomom]

Rise of the Deadly Six[]

[Dr. Eggman is seen in the desert speaking to the Deadly Six]
Dr. Eggman: I hone your abilities, I equip you with the most powerful mechs I can create, I even give you a giant sandwich, and you still disappoint me. [Blows on Cacophonic Conch and the Deadly Six groan in pain] I'm a compassionate man...
Sonic: That shell looks like trouble.
Tails: Hold on a second... Sonic? I think that thing in Eggman's hand is--!
[Sonic jumps up and kicks the Cacophonic Conch out of Dr. Eggman's hands]
Sonic: Gone! Eggman's shell is gone! [laughs]
Dr. Eggman: That was a mistake.
Sonic: Whatever! When is it a mistake to take your toys away?
Dr. Eggman: When it's the only thing keeping six angry Zeti from controlling my mechs, you moronic hedgehog!
[The Deadly Six chuckle evilly as they take control of Dr. Eggman's Badniks and make them aim at Dr. Eggman. Then they make the Badniks fire a barrage of lasers]
Zavok: Strike, brothers! Make the fool pay for our abuse and enslavement!
[Sonic dodges the lasers with acrobatic moves. Orbot and Cubot are dodging lasers, too. Cubot's body gets blown up by a laser, his disembodied head flies through the air, and Orbot catches it. In the process, his voicechip is ruined]
Cubot: Yar! Shiver me timbers!
[Zazz jumps onto Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile and hangs on cackling. Zomom jumps onto it, and Dr. Eggman falls out. A laser scorches his mustache. Sonic is seen destroying a few Badniks while dodging lasers. The rock Tails was hiding behind is destroyed and Tails falls. Sonic comes and picks him up]
Sonic: I hate to run away from a fight, Tails, but I don't wanna see you get fried.
Tails: Not getting fried would be nice.
Dr. Eggman: Orbot! Cubot! We are leaving!
[Sonic carrying Tails, Orbot carrying Cubot, and Dr. Eggman are all seen running away]
Sonic: Man, I should have listened to you, Tails!
Tails: Oh, you think?

Who Got Us Into This Mess?[]

[Orbot is seen carrying Cubot's head]

Orbot: Alas, poor Cubot. I knew him well.
Cubot: Arr. Me voice chip's all cattywumpus.
Dr. Eggman: Thanks to Sonic, everything's gone "cattywumpus." My Cacophonic Conch was the only thing keeping those 6 maniacs in check.
Tails: [looking at his Miles Electric] Some sort of natural inhibitor to their powers. Very painful...
Dr. Eggman: And very rare. The Zeti have an innate ability to manipulate magnetic fields. They can make electronics, including my mechs, do interesting things. I controlled those powers with the Conch, until Sonic punted it away with his typical stupidity.
Sonic: Oh, get lost, Eggman, and let us get things under control!
Dr. Eggman: I hope the Zeti eat you alive. You meddling hedgehog.
Sonic: Okay, if it pleases the court, all those who think Eggman is a total bonehead raise their hands.

[Sonic and Tails smile and raise their hands and as Eggman is leaving with Orbot, the latter raises his hand too]

Tails: Well, there you go, folks. The motion is passed unanimously!

Dr. Eggman: I didn't raise my hand.

Master Zik[]

[The Zeti are shown. Zavok and Zazz look upset and Zomom is eating a sandwich]

Master Zik: It would seem the peaceful days of tending my garden will have to wait. While I take care of these matters, the rest of you cannot.
Zavok: Please Master Zik; this is not something you should trouble yourself with. It's beneath you.
Master Zik: Oh, now, don't be concerned.

[Master Zik throws his stick at Zazz and takes the sandwich out of Zomom's hand. Then he shoves the sandwich into Zazz's mouth]

Master Zik: It will be good to stretch these old bones.

[Master Zik takes back his stick, which causes Zazz to fall on the floor]

Powered By Life Force[]

Master Zik: I tested the blue one and he's more powerful than I anticipated. He shows much potential.
Zomom: [pops a donut into his mouth] Who cares about him? Now that I'm free, I want to squeeze Eggman until he pops.
Master Zik: And eat him, I suppose.
Zomom: [burps] Well, yeah.
Zavok: There are better ways to make him suffer.
Zomom [burps again] But more delicious?
Zavok: What would you say if I told you we could destroy Eggman's world and use its energy to make ourselves unbelievably powerful?
Master Zik: Well, I would say that I had taught you well.
Zavok: [activates the Extractor] Yes, you have.

[The Extractor is seen taking life energy]

Zavok: And it will be Eggman's own creation that causes his destruction.

[Zavok laughs evilly and Master Zik joins in. Zomom burps and it is shown that his bag of donuts is empty, much to his disappointment]

Life Drain[]

[Amy and Knuckles are seen on Earth and Amy is calling Sonic with the Miles Electric]
Amy: Sonic? Something bad's happening.
Sonic: Whoa, what's going on?
Amy: I don't know. It's like something in the sky is draining the life out of the world... Plants, animals, even the air feels cold and dead.
Sonic: Okay, you guys stay safe down there. I'll try to figure out what's going on and stop it.
[Amy ends the call and Earth's energy is seen dying away]

Master Zik's Warm-Up[]

[Master Zik's walking stick is seen being thrown at Sonic and he dodges]

Master Zik: Your time is almost over, brash hedgehog. I shall prepare for you a lesson in respect. A painful lesson.
Sonic: Oh, someone's gonna get taken to school, all right.

[Master Zik jumps towards Sonic and grabs his stick then points it at Sonic]

Master Zik: Follow if you dare!

[Master Zik leaps away and Sonic follows him]

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is...?[]

Dr. Eggman: We have a mutual problem, one so large that it will take both of us to overcome it.
Sonic: Whatever. I told you, we can handle the Zeti by ourselves.
Dr. Eggman: That may be true, but the rebellious swine have gotten hold of a device of mine, and they're using it in ways for which it was never designed.
Tails: What was it designed for, Doctor?

[Dr. Eggman punches Orbot. Then Orbot holds Cubot out to project a video of the Extractor]

Dr. Eggman: It was supposed to extract energy from our world, but the machine is unstable. Once it reaches full power it can't be shut off. It will drain our world dry!
Sonic: So that's what Amy was talking about.
Tails: And you just wanna go smash it, don't ya?
Sonic: Well, yeah. [Tails sighs] What? It's what I do!
Dr. Eggman: Oh, always your answer to everything, Hedgehog. If you wish to create a cataclysmic explosion that will incinerate everything within a hundred miles, please, smash away.
Sonic: So, there's no off switch?
Dr. Eggman: No, not anymore. I need to get to the machine and reprogram the shutdown sequence. I'll supply the brains. You will supply the brawn I need to get past the Zeti.
Tails: Oh, and your asking so nicely.
Sonic: [laughs] Heh, good one, buddy.
Tails: [laughs too] Heh, thanks.
Dr. Eggman: Man up, Tails! I don't like working with my most hated enemies any more than you do, but our entire world is at stake!
Sonic: Pffft, yeah, well, teaming up with you feels like the end of the world, Eggman. I'm gonna want to take a long shower by the time we're done.

[The newly-formed team walks off]

Tails Gets Angry and Furious[]

Sonic: Whoa, over compensate much? Man, how many military factories does a guy need?
Dr. Eggman: If you weren't always destroying them, I wouldn't need so many.
Tails: [working on Cubot] Annnd... done!
Cubot: Thanks for fixing me.
Tails: No problem. Sorry you got stuck with a voice chip that looks like it was built by a two year old!
Dr. Eggman: I think I liked it better when I was trying to destroy you.
Tails: [angrily] Yeah, well, feeling's mutual, Eggface!

[Sonic steps in front of Tails and Dr. Eggman to stop the fight]

Sonic: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Before we start "destroying" each other, let's remember why we're working together.
Tails: Okay, please remind me!
Sonic: Tails, we need Eggman to shut down his machine.
Tails: And you don't trust me to do it.
Sonic: What? No! I trust you Tails it's just that--
Tails: No you don't. You trust Eggman more. Do you know how much that bites?
Sonic: I do trust you, Tails. But the whole world's in danger because I did something stupid. Do you know how much that bites?
Dr. Eggman: Actually, nothing bites more than having to listen to this dreadful conversation.
Sonic & Tails: Eggman, you bite!


[Zeena is seen filing her nails and then Zavok comes walking towards her]

Zavok: Why are you still here?
Zeena: I'm just getting ready.
Zavok: Well, you seem to be taking your time.
Zeena: Well, it is my time to take now, isn't it?
Zavok: Well, what if I told you that you were the only one I trusted to be fast enough, smart enough, and pretty enough to beat the blue nuisance?
Zeena: Well, I'd say you have the right girl for the job. [flips her hair and leaves]
Zavok: Well, that was so easy I almost feel guilty.

Dr. Eggman Gets His Buttons Pushed[]

[Sonic is seen jumping onto the screen]

Sonic: That was cool. Pun entirely intended.

[A spark appears and Zavok and Zazz are seen being projected on some ice blocks]

Zavok: Your efforts are impressive, little hedgehog, but you are destined to fail, as the fat fool has failed before you.
Dr. Eggman: I'll get fat from eating your black hearts, you Eggman wannabes!
Sonic & Tails: [look at each other] Whoa!
Zavok: Your threats are almost as amusing as your mustache. I must commend you on your invention though. We get stronger and stronger as we leech the life from your dying world.
Sonic: Yeah, I've noticed.
Zazz: Where are you gonna live when your world's dead guys? Oh, right! You'll be dead too! [laughs evilly] Too bad for you! [laughs evilly again]
Dr. Eggman: I will burn your worlds, you rebellious scum! I will destroy everything you love and make you watch! [starts punching the ice blocks] I'll... I'll... I'll... [punches the blocks one last time causing them to collapse]
Orbot: Boss, your hands...
Dr. Eggman: As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.

Zeena's Priorities[]

[Sonic comes dashing towards Zeena]

Sonic: Move it or lose it, snowcone!
Zeena: The last time we met you ruined my nail art. Now I have to reapply a whole new coat.
Sonic: Oh, my gosh, are you serious? I'm so, so sorry.
Zeena: Well, in that case...
Sonic: Oh no, what I meant to say is I am so sorry that you have nothing more important to do in life.
Zeena: Ugh! You're going to pay for that... As soon as my nails dry. [leaps away]

Out Of Character[]

Orbot: I am getting tired of lugging your head around, pal, so I made you a snow-bot body! [places Cubot's head on a snowman's body]
Cubot: I can't feel my legs!

[Orbot starts laughing at Cubot]

Tails: Truly, your robots are a reflection of your genius, Dr. Eggman. But this does give me an idea.

[Dr. Eggman starts talking to Sonic while Tails is seen putting Cubot's head on a Crabmeat's body]

Dr. Eggman: I think I know a way to cause the Lost Hex to implode using null-gravity effects. We could destroy the Zeti in one quick stroke.
Sonic: And exterminate every living thing around them! Are you out of your mind?!
Dr. Eggman: Of course there'd be some collateral damage, but...
Sonic: "Collateral damage?" What kind of monster--
Dr. Eggman: Tails!

[Cubot on Crabmeat's body lunges for Tails. Dr. Eggman leaps to shove Tails out of the way. After Dr. Eggman saves Tails, Sonic kicks Cubot's head off of the Crabmeat's body]

Cubot: I'm sorry. I suddenly felt very mean.
Dr. Eggman: Not the best idea to put the dimwit's head on a battle bot.
Tails: In hindsight I've got to agree with you, Doc. Thanks for the save. Uh... can you get off me now?
Sonic: I can't figure you out. One second your contemplating genocide, and the next your saving one of your worst enemies.
Dr. Eggman: I'm a complicated guy.
Sonic: And you! [points to Tails] What were you thinking, Tails? You could've gotten yourself killed!
Tails: [sadly] I was just trying to help.

The Deadly Six's Scheme[]

[Zavok is watching some footage of Sonic attacking some badniks]

Zavok: Sonic is more formidable than I anticipated.
Master Zik: Yes, he would make a powerful slave. Eggman taught us how to make robots--
Zavok: So we'll make the hedgehog a robot! Excellent plan, Master!
Master Zik: I'm sure you would have thought of it yourself, given time.
Zavok: Time. Something Sonic is running out of.

It's a Trap![]

Tails: [looking at his Miles Electric] Something's not right.
Sonic: Must have missed this one.
Tails: Sonic! It's a trap!

[As Sonic leaps to open a capsule, Tails jumps in front of him, causing him to fall into the capsule which is now seen as a trap]

Sonic: TAILS! NO!

[The capsule closes up then disappears]

Sonic: Oh, those rotten, sneaky--
Dr. Eggman: Tails acted for the greater good. Let's make sure his sacrifice isn't for nothing.
Sonic: I'm supposed to be the fastest, but I was too slow to save my buddy.


[Zor is seen reaching for the petals of his rose and one of them falls off]

Zor: Sigh. Everything seems so pointless.

[Sonic comes running into view]

Sonic: [furiously] Hey, what did you do with Tails?!
Zor: What? Seriously? We captured you.
Sonic: You wish! You grabbed my friend and I want him back.
Zor: Man, this day keeps getting lamer and lamer. Whatever, I gotta go tell the others the bad news. [starts to walk away, then scoffs] Giving bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy. I'll deal with you later. Loser!

He's Not Blue?[]

[Zazz opens up the capsule trap]

Zavok: And now, Sonic, It's time for--
Zomom: Um, how come he's not blue?

[They discover that Tails was captured, not Sonic]

Zavok: You incompetent fools! I cannot trust you with the simplest of tasks. All right. We can work this to our advantage.
Zor: [comes running in] Somebody messed up royally, because we don't have Sonic.
The rest of the Deadly Six: We know!

Zor, Mr. Doom and Gloom[]

[Zor is seen in a tree, spying on Sonic]

Zor: Look at him, all "I'm so fast" and stuff. Ugh, makes me sick. Time to knock him down a peg. [leaps away]

Orbot's Offer[]

Orbot: If we don't find your friend, can I be your sidekick?
Sonic: [furiously] What?! Shut up! What kind of question is that?!
Orbot: I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought it might be better to work for you than Eggman.
Dr. Eggman: Hello? I'm sitting right here, you know.
Sonic: Orbot, no matter what happens, I won't fail again. I will save Tails.
Orbot: It's stuff like that that makes me want to be your sidekick. Tails is lucky.
Dr. Eggman: [drops Cubot] Seriously! I'm right here. I can still hear you.

Zavok's Taunt[]

Zavok: Hello, Sonic.
Sonic: I've been looking for you.
Zavok: And we've been looking for you. Unfortunately, we found your friend, Tails, first.
Sonic: Hey, you hurt one hair on his head...
Zavok: Don't worry, we're actually making him better. He'll be much happier as a robot. [laughs evilly and leaps away]
Sonic: NO!

Being A Robot's Not So Bad[]

Sonic: They're gonna turn Tails into a robot! That's horrible!
Cubot: Oh, I don't know. Being a robot's not so bad.
Orbot: From where I'm sitting it's a nightmare.

[It is shown that Cubot's head is attached to Orbot and Orbot pushes Cubot's head away]

Orbot: Who thought that putting this bucket-brain's head on mine was a good idea?

Final Transmission[]

[Earth is seen withering away. Sonic calls Amy on the Miles Electric]

Amy: It's... too late for us, Sonic. Save the world and k-k-kick some b-b-b-butt for all of us. I'm sorry, I never got to say--

[Miles Electric turns off]

Sonic: Amy? Knuckles?
Zavok: One by one your friends are falling. Soon you will be all alone. [chuckles evilly and leaps away]

Tails Gets An Upgrade?[]

[Zomom is eating a sandwich and Tails is seen strapped onto a table]

Zavok: Your friend has embarrassed me for the last time. YOU will be the instrument of my revenge.
Zomom: It'll be fun to have your little buddy scramble you like an omelet. Omelet...mmmmm.
Zavok: Enjoy your last moments of free will. When we return, you'll be our slave.

[Zavok and Zomom walk away and Tails picks up a toothpick out of Zomom's sandwich with one of his tails. Then he starts typing with the toothpick on a computer]

Tails: (I've built a TV out of paperclips and reprogrammed a super computer using dishwater detergent and a toothpick.) I'm not even going to need the detergent for this one. [chuckles]

Dr. Eggman's Sacrifice[]

[Sonic picks up some pebbles and throws them over the bridge into the lava]

Sonic: Wow, that's quite a drop.
Dr. Eggman: Yes. Yes it is.

[Rocks come out of the sky and it is seen that Zazz and Zomom threw them]

Zazz: HA! You guys are going down. This energy machine has made us way stronger!

[Zazz and Zomom throw rocks at Sonic and Dr. Eggman. The rocks hit the bridge, causing it to break. Orbot and Cubot fall off while Dr. Eggman still hangs on, catching Sonic. Dr. Eggman throws Sonic back onto the bridge and falls off]

Sonic: Eggman?

[Sonic leaps away]

Revenge Time[]

[Zazz is watching Sonic from a distance.]
Zazz: Time for some REVENGE! Right, Master?
Master Zik: [comes out from the sky] Correct! Revenge is a dish best served cold!
Zomom: [comes running] Aw, man, now you made me hungry. Let's hurry up and destroy him!
[The trio individually perform fighting stances and take off to face Sonic]

Lost Transmission[]

[Sonic attempts to call Amy and Knuckles on the Miles Electric but fails]
Sonic: Amy? Knuckles? Anybody? [sighs]

Robo Tails Attack![]

[Sonic meets up with Zeena, Zor, and Zavok]
Sonic: [groans] I'm getting tired of you guys.
Zor: Don't be so whiny, man. That's MY deal.
Zavok: Give up now and join your friend.
[Tails flies in on the scene, having seemingly been converted into a mindless cyborg]
Sonic: Tails?! Oh, man, when I get my hands on you guys...
Zeena: We promise, you will be happy in our service.
Sonic: I'll never serve you.
Zavok: I was hoping you'd say that. Destroy Sonic.
[Tails points his gun at Sonic but then quickly turns and starts shooting at the Deadly Six]
Tails: NEVER!
Zavok: What!?
[Zavok, Zeena and Zor jump away]
Sonic: Good to have you back, Tails! I'll take it from here!

Dr. Eggman Returns[]

Tails: Nice work. Now it's time to do my job and shut this baby down.
Sonic: It IS off! Who could have done that?

[Dr. Eggman appears in the Eggrobo]

Dr. Eggman: Me, of course. I needed some "alone time" to supercharge my mech after you got me past the Zeti. Faking my death was the perfect way. And now my ultimate weapon is complete! Finally, with the energy collected from the Extractor, I can rule the world! Pity about the damage done down there, but there's still enough left for me to conquer.

Sonic: The only thing that's gonna get conquered is your face, Eggman!


[Tails is typing on a computer]
Tails: You know you never needed Eggman, right? I could have turned this thing off myself.
Sonic: Sorry about that, Tails. I'll never doubt you again.
Tails: It's cool. Oh, and here's something that even Eggman couldn't do. I just reprogrammed this machine to return our world's stolen energy. In your face, Eggman.
Dr. Eggman: I'll be back, Sonic. I'll find another conch, and the Zeti will be mine once again. Only next time, I'll make them stronger. [jumps off a cliff and freezes in midair] Hm...funny. Why isn't my jetpack working?
Sonic: Maybe because I borrowed the exhaust hose? [pulls out the exhaust hose for Dr. Eggman's jetpack]
Dr. Eggman: [gasps] Sonnnnnnnnnniccccccc...!
[Orbot waves goodbye as he and Cubot watch Dr. Eggman fall]
Tails: Here's your energy back, world. Bon appétit.
[Tails pulls a switch and all of the world's lost energy is brought back]


[Amy and Knuckles are celebrating and then Sonic and Tails come into view]

Sonic: Hey, Amy. Looks like springtime's come early.
Amy: Thanks to you and Tails.
Knuckles: I would have wrapped this up sooner, but whuddayagunnado?
Sonic: Y'know, after a day like today I could enjoy a nap on some fresh green grass.

[Sonic lays down and shuts his eyes as Amy, Tails, and Knuckles walk up to him as the screen moves to the sky and the sun and irises out]


[Dr. Eggman is stuck underground with a bit of his mustache sticking out, which caught one of the attentions of a bunny. A bunny comes over and starts pulling and nibbling on it. The mustache sinks into the ground, Dr. Eggman sticks his hand out from under ground and the bunny runs away, running into Orbot with Cubot still attached to him]
Orbot: Here he is.
[Orbot digs Dr. Eggman out from underground, long enough for him to bring his upper part of his body, even his head, from the ground]
Dr. Eggman: Ugh! Took you long enough. Get me out of here!
Cubot: Boss, your face--
[Orbot pulls Dr. Eggman's hand, bringing his whole body from the ground]
Orbot: Yes, your face! It's good to see your face!
Cubot: Uh, boss, your face--
[Orbot flattens Cubot's head to shut him up]
Orbot: Is a little dirty! Let me wipe that for you.
[Orbot tries to wipe the dirt off of Dr. Eggman's face with his gloved hand]
Dr. Eggman: You're being weird. Let's get out of here before my day gets any worse.
Cubot: [pops his head back to normal] Why can't we tell him about his mustache?
Orbot: I think it's better to wait until he separates our heads. Then you can tell him and get all the glory.
Cubot: Great! Thanks!
[Dr. Eggman overheard Orbot and Cubot and turns around with fury]
Dr. Eggman: What's wrong with my mustache?!
[Orbot and Cubot run away screaming in panic]

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