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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic Lost World. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • Super Sonic has two mouths (Rendering Bug):

Super Sonic's mouth error from Sonic Lost World

The Wii U/PC version of Sonic Lost World contains a rendering bug that leaves Super Sonic with a mouth on both sides of his muzzle.

  • 30 FPS setting bugs:

Sonic Lost World PC - 30FPS Glitches

In the PC version, using the 30 FPS setting has a lot of bugs. The bizarre effects include:

    • After autorun sections, Sonic will still be autorunning, and when Sonic uses the Bounce Attack insane gravity glitches will ensue.
    • In Tropical Coast Zone 3, jumping at the right time on the second rail will cause Sonic to jump very high and die.
    • In Windy Hill Zone 4, when Sonic takes the normal path that contains the Springs in the first section, a glitch will cause Sonic to glitch through the second set of Springs and then die.
    • When Sonic frees a butterfly it will glitch out, and he will be stuck there.
    • When Sonic homing attacks the Galaga Bees, Sonic will be stuck there for a few seconds and then get hit.
    • In Desert Ruins Zone 3, the loop doesn't function properly and Sonic will fall in the incorrect position when he runs on the loop. This can be fixed by using the Spin Dash.
    • The Cyan Laser is broken, as it goes in unusual directions, and glitches the gravity.
  • Cyan Laser stops time flow:

This glitch can stop the flow of time within the game. It works on any level in the Wii U version that has both the Cyan Laser and the Hint Ring.

To perform this, the player should go to an area that shows the Hint Ring and activate the Cyan Laser. They then must hold down the Jump Button and the Hint Ring icon on the Wii U GamePad, then press the Home Button. The player should now let go of the buttons and resume the software. If done correctly, the Hint screen will appear on the Wii U GamePad and the Cyan Laser will release on the same frame. When the player exits the Hint Screen, the Cyan Laser will fire, and the flow of time will stop. Sonic will no longer be able to interact with any objects in the Zone, but he can still lock onto Badniks and Springs. Springs will not work, but Badniks can still be destroyed.

  • Desert Ruins Zone 2 insane gravity glitches:

In Desert Ruins Zone 2, after the last flower cannon in the Wii U/PC version, the second honeycomb has a spot that changes gravity. If the player jumps off of that side and performs a Bound Jump, they will get insane gravity glitches. The results are different every time it happens:

    • The camera may spin around and launch Sonic outside of the Zone (usually, Sonic will get sniped downwards into the killplane at the bottom of the Zone a few seconds afterward).
    • Sonic may fall for a minute or two and then die.
    • Sonic may go downwards into the killplane outside of the trigger zone when gliding towards Zomom.
    • Sonic may go upwards into the killplane.
    • Sonic may land on an invisible floor, only to be sniped downwards into the killplane at the bottom of the Zone upon touching a certain spot.
    • Sonic may smack himself into a honeycomb and die.
  • Tornado warp:

In Desert Ruins Zone 4 on the Wii U/PC in the second Tornado section, should the player Double Jump onto a wall at a great height and then stay on this wall, the camera will stay at Sonic's height, allowing the player to see the inside of the Tornado as it passes by. Should the player stay on the wall until the Tornado reaches the end of the section, Sonic will be warped to a random location in the Zone.

  • Tornado strobe:

If Sonic falls below Desert Ruins Zone 4 via the Tornado Warp, or jumps below the second Spring in the second Tornado section before double jumping onto the nearby wall, and stays on this wall, then jumps below the Zone after a specific amount of time, Sonic will go beyond the killplane and he will eventually enter a plane of existence which is filled with rapidly flashing colors. Like the Casino Strobe (see below), this gives an epileptic seizure, but the strobe effect looks different, does not produce lag, and Sonic will keep on falling until he gets a Time Over.

  • Tropical Coast Zone ? out of bounds:

In Tropical Coast Zone ? on the Wii U/PC version after going skydiving, if one were to hold left on the L-Stick or the Left Key after getting shot out of the Cannon, Sonic will end up out of bounds. He will be stuck up above the Zone until he gets a Time Over.

  • Casino strobe:

Sonic Lost World-Sonic Lost World - Casino Strobe Glitch

This is the first Sonic glitch that was discovered by accident to ever give the illusion of an epileptic seizure. This glitch was patched as of version 3.0.0.

In Frozen Factory Zone 3 on the Wii U/PC versions when interacting with a bumper, there is a small chance that a strobe effect will appear on the Zone (which creates lag and color errors), and Sonic will be stuck in place until he gets a Time Over. This also happens in the pinball table containing the Zone's third Red Star Ring.

  • Mushroom clip:

Sometimes in Silent Forest Zone 1 on the Wii U/PC version, when Sonic gets caught by a Mushroom thrown by a Madmole, it will clip Sonic through the floor and he will die.

  • Super Sonic VS The Eggrobo:

There is a glitch in the Wii U/PC version that allows the player to transform into Super Sonic during the final battle with the Eggrobo. Super Sonic is allowed on any attack. To do this, the player must have all Red Star Rings previously collected, and then obtain fifty Rings (this can be done more swiftly if the player uses some Ring Item Boxes from their inventory). As soon as the game becomes slow-motion for the attack, the player needs to hit the jump button for the Homing Attack before quickly pressing the Emeralds icon to activate Super Sonic.

Since Super Sonic was never programmed for autorun sections, he will not be moving forward and the Homing Attack will be the same as on foot, making it harder to reach Dr. Eggman for the attack. The path is circular, thus making it easier to fall into the lava since the camera is stuck at the initial position for the attack. If Sonic lands a hit on the Egg Mobile, he will revert back to normal.

To keep Super Sonic for the rest of the fight, the player must press the Emeralds icon when Sonic lands a hit on the same frame with precise timing. If activated correctly, the Eggrobo will become mostly invisible for a second.

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