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Sonic Kart 3DX (ソニックカート3DX[2] Sonikku Kāto 3DX?) is a mobile phone game released on the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. It is a 3D sequel to Sonic Racing Kart.


Players can compete against each other in the S1 Grand Prix mode via network connectivity. Players can also race against the best times on the network in a Time Attack mode. The player's own high scores can be uploaded for others to see and race against.


Button formation[2] Movement
[←]/[→] // [4]/[6] Steer
[1]/[3]/[8]/[0]/[*]/[] Brake


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


Sonic Kart 3DX features two different gameplay modes, including:

  • S1 Grand Prix (グランプリモード[2] Guranpuri mōdo?): Every Monday at 10am a Grand Prix race was held, with each player's goal being the fastest time. A total of four courses are raced through and the times are automatically uploaded to the online leaderboards.
  • Time Attack (タイムアタックモード[2] Taimuatakkumōdo?): This is the basic racing mode, with no limit on play time or course count. The goal here is just to practice getting the best times around the game's tracks.





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