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Sonic Hopping (ソニックホッピング[5] Sonikku Hoppingu?) is a mobile phone game released in 2004 on the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. An updated, English version of the game was also released, though it is unknown exactly when and through what distribution service it was sold.


The player plays as Sonic and has to collect all the Rings on the field. Sonic can only move from any given space to five possible spaces - two to his left, two to his right, two to his front, and one directly behind. Additionally, any black square on the field is a hole in the ground that Sonic cannot stand on. Points are awarded by how fast the field was completed and how many steps Sonic took (the fewer, the better). A total of thirty stages are present in the game.

The top of the screen features the remaining lives the player has, their current score, and the amount of steps that have been taken thus far.




Playable characters







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