The Sonic Holiday Special 1995 was a one-shot special edition of Sonic the Comic. It was first released in June 1995 to coincide with STC's second anniversary issue, Sonic the Comic #53.

Unlike the previous year's Sonic the Summer Special, which contained all-new stories written by Nigel Kitching, the 1995 special was a compilation of the best stories from issues of Sonic the Poster Mag. There was only one new story, written by Lew Stringer.

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Holiday Hot Spot"


Sonic and the Freedom Fighters finish destroying yet another group of Badniks, to the accolades of the nearby citizens of Mobius. One in particular, who introduces himself as Rhino Neil, is so impressed that he feels they deserve a holiday. He offers them a day-long vacation in his new Paradise Dome, which contains a three-dimensional holographic projection of a tropical beach, made out of "solid light". All the Freedom Fighters jump at the chance for a break... except for Sonic himself, who isn't willing to rest while Robotnik still rules Mobius. "Suit yourself, Spikeball," says Rhino Neil and Sonic speeds away.

Inside the Paradise Dome, the Freedom Fighters are having a great time on the beach! That is, until the Sun starts to get really hot.

Elsewhere, Sonic suddenly realises that only one person calls him "Spikeball". Rhino Neil must be Robotnik in disguise! Naturally, he's correct, and Robotnik is outside the Paradise Dome right now, activating a control panel. Inside, a group of EggRobos flies out of the Sun directly towards the Freedom Fighters! They try to fight back, but these EggRobos seem to be indestructible!

Outside, Sonic arrives back to the Paradise Dome to find Robotnik outside. Robotnik rushes for his Flying Egg, but Sonic quickly forces him to flee. He smashes though the wall of the building, causing the hologram inside to disappear as the circuits are broken. The beach, the sky, the Sun, and even the Badniks disappear. The Badniks were solid light holograms like the beach, which was why they seemed invulnerable.

The Freedom Fighters might not have a lot of fun on their holiday, but Sonic had a great time bashing Badniks and thwarting Robotnik. And, when Robotnik is finally defeated, every day will be a holiday!




  • On the penultimate page of the story, Porker Lewis is mistakenly depicted in a red jacket instead of his usual black one.

Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Sonic and Knuckles Pin-Up
  • Profiles of Sonic and Knuckles
  • Brief summary of Knuckles' Chaotix


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