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This is the script of Team Sonic's storyline in Sonic Heroes.


[Sonic is running through the desert with "We Can" playing in the background. Tails and Knuckles come flying by in the Tornado 2.]

Tails: Hey look! It's Sonic!

[Tails lowers the plane to greet Sonic.]

Sonic: Yo Tails! Long time no see!
Tails: Sonic! Check this out!

[Tails holds out a letter from Dr. Eggman. Sonic jumps and grabs it, and then begins reading it. The message is holographic as the picture of Eggman speaks it out.]

Dr. Eggman (letter): Muhahahaha!! Guess what, Sonic Heroes... I've finally developed the ultimate weapon! In three days, I'll conquer the world. Think you can stop me? Ahahahaha!!
Sonic: Hmm... sounds like an invitation to party!
Tails: What are we gonna do, Sonic...
Knuckles: No worries, we've got this one.
Sonic: Heh, think I'd miss this?! Time to crack that Eggman wide open... Yeah, let's party!

[Tails and Knuckles jump off the plane and follow Sonic through the desert.]

Before fighting the Egg Hawk

[The Egg Hawk flies by over ocean ruins.]

Dr. Eggman: Muhahaha! Stop your futile efforts! You'll just make fools of yourselves.
Sonic: Hmph! I think you got that backward, doc!

Before Grand Metropolis

[Team Sonic arrives at Grand Metropolis. Futuristic cars are seen speeding through the modern city.]

Knuckles: Looks like Eggman escaped into the city.
Tails: Eggman's robots are taking control of everything!
Sonic: Let's find Eggman and show him the real power of teamwork!

Before fighting Team Rose

[Team Rose are waiting on a high platform in Grand Metropolis for Team Sonic to show up.]

Amy: Gotcha! My darling Sonic!
Sonic: Amy, what are you doing here?
Amy: Sonic, this time there's no way outta marrying me!

Before Casino Park

[Team Sonic is seen walking along a red path at Casino Park.]

Sonic: Boy, Amy sure doesn't give up that easy.
Knuckles: What is this place... sure is bright here!
Sonic: We've got some time! Feeling lucky?
Tails: Sonic! We only have 24 hours left!
Sonic: OK! Let's go!

[Team Sonic is running off from the distance.]

Before Robot Carnival

[Team Sonic is standing on top of a circular platform with Eggman hovering by.]

Knuckles: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Muhahaha. Why not have some fun while you can. After all, you only have one day and we know who's going to win!

Before Rail Canyon

[Team Sonic is grinding on rails at Rail Canyon.]

Sonic: Tails! How much time's left?
Tails: We've got until sunset!
Sonic: Tails! Knuckles! Give it all you got... Full speed ahead!
Tails: Okay!
Knuckles: Got it!

Before Egg Albatross

[The Egg Albatross flies overhead in the canyon. Team Sonic is running towards it.]

Tails: Sonic, look!
Knuckles: That thing is loaded with Eggman's weapons.
Sonic: Eggman, you're finished!

After beating Egg Albatross

[Team Sonic run towards the defeated Eggman lying on the floor in Bullet Station. It appears to be a model with an Eggman head on a spring sticking out of its belly, set up as a decoy for the team. The model speaks in Eggman's voice.]

Dr. Eggman (model): Muhahaha! Once again, you fools have been tricked!
Tails: It's a fake?!
Dr. Eggman (model): From these canyons, watch as I conquer the world with my air fleet... And this time you can't stop me!

[Sonic turns to see an enormous armada of ships in the sky.]

Sonic: Drats... a trap to stall for time!

[Sonic runs off.]

Knuckles: Sonic!

[Knuckles tries to catch up with Sonic. Meanwhile, Tails is deciphering the true nature of the Eggman decoy.]

Tails: It's not an Eggman robot. [Tails runs off to join Sonic and Knuckles.] Sonic! Knuckles! Wait for me!

[After Tails leaves, the Eggman decoy melts into a purple liquid and reforms into Neo Metal Sonic.]

Neo Metal Sonic: All life form data... successfully copied.

Before fighting Team Dark

[Team Sonic are exploring Frog Forest while Team Dark are standing on a ledge above them. Shadow catches sight of the team.]

Shadow: Look, it's that hedgehog...
Rouge: Wonder what the big rush is all about? Betcha those guys will end up getting in my way and making trouble.

[Knuckles notices Team Dark above them.]

Knuckles: Hey, isn't that...
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Heh. Talk about being stubborn and full of surprises...
Rouge: Long time no see, boys! Too bad you had to come all this way for nothing! We'll take it from here.
Knuckles: What'd you say?
Omega: Sensors locked on Eggman. Non-compliant intruders will be destroyed.
Sonic: Hmm, didn't you know? We have a date with Eggman too.
Shadow: Is that so... well then, it'll be a date to DIE for!
Sonic: Hey! That's my line!!

[Sonic and Shadow spring into battle.]

Before Hang Castle

[Team Sonic is walking along the grounds of a haunted castle. Tails shows signs of fear.]

Tails: Sonic, you sure this is the right way?
Sonic: I saw Shadow and Eggman head this way. This has gotta be the right way.
Tails: But it's so spooky here.
Knuckles: Maybe... that's the ghost of Shadow we saw earlier.
Tails: Whaaa...! Stop it, Knuckles!

[Team Sonic turns their walk into a run.]

Before Robot Storm

[The Egg Mobile flies overhead a platform where Team Sonic is standing at.]

Sonic: Trying to stop us now? What a joke!

[Dr. Eggman pounds the Egg Mobile with his hands.]

Dr. Eggman: What did you say? Now I'm really mad!!

Before Egg Fleet

[In the sky, the entire armada of the Egg Fleet is seen. Dr. Eggman taunts at the heroes at their attempt to reach him.]

Dr. Eggman (voice): Muhahaha... you fools must all have a death wish? Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius. Its power... unmatched throughout the universe!

[Team Sonic is standing on a battleship warming up.]

Sonic: Alright Eggman, let's get this party started!

Before fighting the Egg Emperor

[Team Sonic confronts Dr. Eggman in his Egg Emperor at the core of the Egg Fleet.]

Tails: This time you won't get away!
Knuckles: Give it up!
Sonic: This looks like checkmate, doctor!
Dr. Eggman: Hmph! Enough of this! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles! Time to meet your maker!


[Eggman's flagship violently explodes, causing a chain reaction which damages other ships in the Egg Fleet as well. Team Sonic are watching the pandemonium from an intact ship.]

Knuckles: Boy, talk about cutting it close...
Sonic: Eeh, not really.
Knuckles: Come on, tell me you weren't scared. If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't of had a chance!
Sonic: Well, maybe you're right. Thanks Knuckles. You too, Tails.
Tails: Ahehehe...

[Amy appears out of nowhere and finds Sonic.]

Amy: Aha! Gotcha, Sonic! SONIC!!

[Amy makes a beeline for Sonic. He runs off and tries to evade her.]

Sonic: Later guys, I'm outta here!
Amy: Hey, wait up Sonic! Get back here!!