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This is the script of Team Dark's storyline in Sonic Heroes.


[Rouge drops down into one of Eggman's vaults while "This Machine" plays in the background. She cautiously puts her back to the door and enters the passcode on the keypad, and the vault opens. She walks inside.]

Rouge: This must be it! I've found Eggman's secret treasure!

[Rouge approaches Shadow, who is resting motionless in a stasis machine. Suddenly, Omega boots up, marches forward and scans Shadow and Rouge. Rouge operates the control panel and drains Shadow's stasis machine, freeing him, and the hatch opens. The moment Shadow opens his eyes, Omega violently tears up the place with gunfire. Shadow leaps forward and tackles Rouge to the ground.]

Shadow: Stay here.
Rouge: Shadow!

[Omega continues to blast his weapons around. He tries to aim for Shadow, but he dodges his bullets easily.]

Omega: Must eradicate all Eggman's robots!
Rouge: Huh? [Shadow resists Omega's gunfire and jumps at him in retaliation, but Rouge intercepts and breaks up the fight.] Hey, hold up! [Feeling tired, Rouge looks around the wrecked room. She sits on a ledge and speaks to Omega.] Now I get it... now I know what this is all about. You're mad at Eggman for sealing you in this room. [To Shadow] And you... you can't remember anything, can you? [Shadow doesn't respond, but she takes it as a "no".] Then it's settled. Now you two make up so we can start looking for Eggman, together! [Rouge jumps down and pulls Shadow and Omega closer. She puts Shadow's hand above Omega's, and then places her hand on top.] Aw yeah, baby, this makes us a team!

Before Seaside Hill

[Team Dark are standing on a beach in Seaside Hill. Rouge asks Shadow and Omega if they ready to go.]

Rouge: You two ready?

[Omega senses the destruction of the obstacles]

Omega: Warning... immediate destruction if distracted.
Shadow: Hmph! Hope you can keep up with me!

Before Egg Hawk

[The Egg Hawk flies by over ocean ruins.]

Dr. Eggman: So you're the ones who were playing games with my army!
Omega: Primary target detected. Destroy Dr. Eggman.
Dr. Eggman: You must be Omega! Hmph! Is that anyway to treat your creator? Now witness your master's real power!

Before Grand Metropolis

[Team Dark were standing on the one of the buildings]

Shadow: So that Eggman is behind all of this.
Rouge: Whatever it takes, he's mine! Any objections?
Omega: Negative.

Before fighting Team Chaotix

[Team Dark are standing on a high platform in Grand Metropolis. Rouge spots Team Chaotix on the other side.]

Rouge: Man, who are those creeps over there?

[Espio hears Rouge and becomes wary.]

Vector: What's up, Espio?
Espio: And you are...?

[Espio, Charmy and Vector turn around to see Team Dark.]

Rouge: Just whaddya think you're doing here?
Vector: Who's this broad?
Espio: Our client's adversary, perhaps.
Charmy: You mean the bad guys?!
Rouge: You guys don't fool me. I know what you're after! Better stay outta my way!

Before Casino Park

[Team Dark is seen walking along a red path at Casino Park.]

Rouge: I wonder... Never mind! Those guys were definitely up to no good.
Omega: Enemies detected 200 meters ahead. Initiating battle mode!
Rouge: Hey guys! Wait for me!

Before Robot Carnival

[Team Dark is standing on top of a circular platform with Eggman hovering by.]

Rouge: Doctor!
Shadow: Tell me, Doctor! What was I doing... asleep on that base? And what about my memory?
Dr. Eggman: Your memory? Hmph, what memory? You have no past to remember.
Shadow: What?
Dr. Eggman: Well, I believe our time is up. I'll see you again soon.

Before Rail Canyon

[Team Dark is grinding on rails at Rail Canyon.]

Omega: Eggman energy detected. Ground base up ahead.
Rouge: I wonder what the doctor really meant.
Shadow: We must capture him first. Let's go!

Before Egg Albatross

[The Egg Albatross flies overhead in the canyon. Team Dark is running towards it.]

Rouge: We got him!
Shadow: Capture him first, then you can have your revenge, Omega.
Omega: Affirmative.

After beating Egg Albatross

[The defeated Eggman is lying on the floor in Bullet Station. It appears to be a model with an Eggman head on a spring sticking out of its belly, set up as a decoy for the team. The model speaks in Eggman's voice.]

Dr. Eggman (model): Muhahahaha! Muhahahaha!

[Omega shakes his fist in rage. Shadow stares menacingly at a damaged robot copy of himself on the floor, making Rouge concerned.]

Rouge: Shadow...
Shadow: Let's go.

[The team head off. After they leave, the Eggman decoy melts into a purple liquid and reforms into Neo Metal Sonic.]

Neo Metal Sonic: Ultimate life form data... has been copied.

Before fighting Team Sonic

[Team Sonic are exploring Frog Forest while Team Dark are standing on a ledge above them. Shadow catches sight of the team.]

Shadow: Look, it's that hedgehog...
Rouge: Wonder what the big rush is all about? Betcha those guys will end up getting in my way and making trouble.

[Knuckles notices Team Dark above them.]

Knuckles: Hey, isn't that...
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Heh. Talk about being stubborn and full of surprises...
Rouge: Long time no see, boys! Too bad you had to come all this way for nothing! We'll take it from here.
Knuckles: What'd you say?
Omega: Sensors locked on Eggman. Non-compliant intruders will be destroyed.
Sonic: Hmm, didn't you know? We have a date with Eggman, too.
Shadow: Is that so... well then, it'll be a date to die for!
Sonic: Hey! That's my line!!

[Sonic and Shadow spring into a battle.]

Before Hang Castle

[Team Dark is standing on the grounds of a haunted castle. Rouge asks about the directions.]

Rouge: Are you sure this is the right way?
Omega: Affirmative.
Rouge: What's up? Something on your mind?
Shadow: Well never mind! Let's go. [Shadow starts walking with Rouge and Omega and mentions about Sonic looks like him and Eggman.] That blue hedgehog like me... What did the doctor say about my memory... And just who am I?

Before Robot Storm

The Egg Mobile flies overhead a platform where Team Dark is standing at.]

Shadow: What do you think, Omega?
Omega: Sensors jammed. Real Eggman ID not possible.
Rouge: We'll just have to find out, won't we?
Dr. Eggman: What's the matter? Cold feet? Well, then. Here I come!

Before Egg Fleet

[In the sky, the entire armada of the Egg Fleet is seen. Dr. Eggman taunts at the heroes at their attempt to reach him.]

Dr. Eggman (voice): Muhahaha... you fools must all have a death wish? Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius. Its power... unmatched throughout the universe!

[Team Dark is standing on a battleship warming up.]

Shadow: You'll regret this, doctor... Even if I'm not real... I'm still the ultimate life form... Shadow the Hedgehog!

Before Egg Emperor

[Team Dark confronts Dr. Eggman in his Egg Emperor at the core of the Egg Fleet.]

Rouge: Ok, no more games!
Omega: Intercept mode complete!
Shadow: This is the end of the line, doctor!
Dr. Eggman: Hmph! Enough of this! Shadow, Rouge, Omega! Time to meet your maker!

After beating Egg Emperor

[The team are staring down at the defeated fake Eggman in his fortress.]

Omega: Eggman target completely destroyed.

[Rouge walks into a corridor lined with stasis capsules, each containing a robot clone of Shadow.]

Rouge: Now let's find that secret treasure! [Rouge is taken by the scale of the room and the vast number of clones.] Ahh!

[Omega marches into the room.]

Omega: Prepare to destroy immediate area.
Rouge: Hey Omega... did I ever tell you that Shadow is a robot, and... oh, never mind. Good luck!
Omega: You know about cloning... [Rouge pauses for thought. Omega proceeds down the corridor.] The original must exist somewhere.

[Rouge leaves the room and rejoins Shadow outside.]

Rouge: All this for what? Nothing! I might as well go look for that Master Emerald, since that irritating echidna is here.
Shadow: Hah, some things never change, do they?
Rouge: Whaddya saying? What else is a famous treasure hunter supposed to do?

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