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This is the script of the Last storyline in Sonic Heroes.


[The story opens where Team Chaotix's storyline left off in Eggman's jail cell.]

Vector: Then who was it? Who locked you up here for trying to conquer the world?
Dr. Eggman: It was...

Before fighting Metal Madness

[A vast thunderstorm is raging in Eggman's fleet. Team Sonic, Team Dark and Team Rose converge on Neo Metal Sonic, who is standing at the top of a tower.]

Neo Metal Sonic: Hmmhmmhmmhmm... All living things kneel before your master!

[Neo Metal Sonic creates an electrifying plume of light from his palm which blows up the tower. Team Chaotix join the others just in time to witness him undergo a transformation, and the teams watch on in horror. In a vortex of bright light and smoke, Neo Metal Sonic attaches parts of the destroyed tower to himself and transforms into an immense metallic beast known as Metal Madness. Metal Madness lets out a deafening roar.]

Dr. Eggman: Metal Sonic has finally transformed!

[An enormous horde of panicked Egg Pawns make a hasty retreat to escape Metal Madness.]

Sonic: So that's Metal Sonic?!
Dr. Eggman: It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos and is super strong! We can't defeat it! Aargh... if only we had the seven Chaos Emeralds!

[They do indeed have the Emeralds! Cream pulls out the yellow Emerald and shows it to Eggman, and her comrades follow suit: Big has the purple one, Rouge has the white one, Omega has the green one, Sonic has the blue one, Espio has the red one, and Charmy has the cyan one. Eggman is stunned at the sight of them.]

Dr. Eggman: What's this? But how? Even with the Emeralds' power, our chances for victory are slim. It would take a miracle!
Sonic: Just leave that to me, Doc...
Amy: Sonic, no!
Tails: I'm going with you, too!
Sonic: Tails...
Knuckles: You can count me in, too.
Sonic: Knuckles...
Shadow: Okay guys, we'll buy you some time. That way you can use your super powers.

[Team Dark, Team Rose and the Chaotix non-verbally affirm that they'll fight in the upcoming battle. Tails and Knuckles stand by Sonic's side, and he turns in a circle to address all his comrades at once.]

Sonic: Okay then, let's get ready to do this. We'll show that creep the real super power of TEAM WORK!

After beating Metal Madness

[Having taken considerable damage, the furious Metal Madness flails about and roars. Suddenly, his fingers burst off and are replaced by long, slender blades which resemble wings, making him airborne. He has transformed into Metal Overlord! With a flap of his wings, the metallic brute shoots off into the skies. Team Sonic are ready for the next stage and nod in agreement - as they place their hands together, the Chaos Emeralds whirl rapidly around their heads and the Sonic Heroes theme plays. Sonic crosses his arms, closes his eyes and then, in a blinding flash of golden light, he transforms into Super Sonic! Tails is unable to bear the surging Chaos energy, but finds himself encased in a protective shield. He and Knuckles, both inside shields, levitate upwards and join Sonic's side. The team zoom forward to finish Metal Overlord once and for all.]

After beating Metal Overlord

[The defeated Neo Metal Sonic is crouched on the ground in hopelessness as Team Sonic rush over to him. His body glows white and he reverts back to ordinary Metal Sonic.]

Metal Sonic: It's no use... but why can't I defeat you?
Sonic: Heh. Because... we're Sonic Heroes!

[The other three teams arrive at the scene.]

Amy: [Off-screen] Sonic!!
Sonic: Anytime you want a rematch, just let me know. I'll be waiting.

[Sonic zips away with Tails and Amy running after him.]

Tails: Hey Sonic, wait up!
Amy: Sorry to leave like this, but I can't let my Sonic get away!
Cream: Good luck, Amy!
Big: Bye-bye!
Cheese: Chao Chao!
Knuckles: Sonic sure has his hands full.
Rouge: I guess I'm outta here, too. I think I'll go hunt for someone else's treasure.

[Rouge struts away contentedly.]

Knuckles: She never gives up, does she? [Knuckles charges after Rouge as she quickens her pace.] Oh no, you don't! Wait!
Vector: Guess that's it for this case.
Espio: Guess so.
Charmy: But what about our money?
Vector: Man, I almost forgot! [Eggman is surreptitiously sneaking away, but the Chaotix spot him and give chase.] That SLIME BALL!

[Omega is holding Metal Sonic in his arms - Shadow and Omega look at each other in confusion. The scene then changes to Team Sonic running through Seaside Hill.]

Sonic: Alright! Our next adventure awaits us, so there's no time to waste! Yeah! We're SONIC HEROES!

[Sonic and his pals jump and strike an ending pose.]