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This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Heroes.

Unused voice clips

Formation quotes

In the game, each character would mention the team formation that is needed to be in control at different points. However, in the game files, some voice clips indicate that they were going to mention the formation by calling out the teammates' original names.

Unused Eggman/Neo Metal Sonic's quotes

There are quotes that were supposed to be used by Neo Metal Sonic during Robot Storm or Robot Carnival. All of them are insults to each team.

Clip Filename Transcript
bos01_e07_eg Try coming back in about a million years then you might have a chance![note 1]
bos01_e08_eg Team Sonic? You must be joking!
bos01_e09_eg Without me, Team Dark is nothing but a bunch of buffoons!
bos01_e10_eg Rragh! This is no place for little girls or a big fat cat!
bos01_e11_eg You call yourselves detectives? Just run along now.

Final Fortress' lasers

In the game files, there are comments explaining how the lasers work in Final Fortress. These quotes state that the colored lasers fire along the rail of the same color, even though all rails are in the same color in the final version. In addition, there are comments about the rails lightning up.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
sky02_h03_sn Sonic There are three colors of lasers: red, blue, and yellow. Each laser fires at the same rail color!
sky02_h03_tl Tails Hey guys! There's three colors of lasers: red, blue, and yellow. Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
sky02_h03_kn Knuckles There are three laser colors. Red, blue, and yellow. The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!
sky02_h03_sd Shadow There are three laser colors. Red, blue, and yellow. Each laser fires at the same color rail!
sky02_h03_rg Rouge Hey guys! There are three colors of lasers: red, blue, and yellow. Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
sky02_h03_om Omega Three laser colors of red, blue, and yellow are detected. Each laser color corresponds to a rail color.
sky02_h03_es Espio There are three colored lasers. Red, blue, and yellow. Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
sky02_h03_ch Charmy Hey guys! Did you see red, blue, and yellow lasers? There are three colors of rails too!
sky02_h03_vc Vector It seems there are three laser colors. Red, blue, and yellow. The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!
sky02_h04_sn Sonic The cannon lights up right before it fires. Look at the color of the light and make sure to stay off the same colored rail!
sky02_h04_tl Tails The cannon lights up briefly before it fires! Look at the color, then make sure to stay off the same colored rail.
sky02_h04_kn Knuckles The cannon will light up right before it fires! Stay off the rail with the same color or you'll get burned by the laser.
sky02_h04_sd Shadow The cannon lights up for a split second before it fires. Make sure to stay off the same colored rail.
sky02_h04_rg Rouge The cannon will light up right before it fires! Stay off the rail with the same color or you'll get burned by the laser.
sky02_h04_om Omega Analyze light emission before the cannon fires. Stay clear of the same colored rail.
sky02_h04_es Espio This weapon illuminates right before it fires! Look at the color of the light and stay clear of the same colored rail!
sky02_h04_ch Charmy The cannon flashes before it fires. Stay off the same colored rail.
sky02_h04_vc Vector See the light from the cannon as it prepares to fire? Stay away from the same colored rail or you'll get tagged by the laser!
sky02_h08_sn Sonic The rail lights up right before the laser fires.
sky02_h08_tl Tails The rail lights up right before the laser fires.
sky02_h08_kn Knuckles The rail we're on now will light up right before the laser fires.
sky02_h08_sd Shadow The rail will light up right before the laser fires.
sky02_h08_rg Rouge The rail lights up right before the laser fires!
sky02_h08_om Omega The rail lights up as a reaction to the laser right before it fires.
sky02_h08_es Espio Did you notice that the rail lights up before the laser fires?
sky02_h08_ch Charmy The rails light up for some reason. Maybe it's because of that laser?
sky02_h08_vc Vector Looks like the rail lights up right before the laser fires.

Weights and Klagens

Every character that is caught under a Weight will say something to describe what they feel when getting slapped by this gimmick. However, the lines they say are different from some written in the game files. This difference also goes when caught by Klagens, but they have lines of when they get teleported by a Gold Klagen.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
all04_e04_sn Sonic Let me go! I said let me go!
all04_e04_tl Tails I can't move!
all04_e04_kn Knuckles I've been captured!
all04_e04_sd Shadow Shoot!
all04_e04_am Rouge Hey, let me go you creep!
all04_e04_om Omega Mobility malfunction! Mobility malfunction!
all04_e04_rg Amy No! Let me go!
all04_e04_cr Cream Please let me go!
all04_e04_bg Big Hey! Let go of me!
all04_e04_es Espio How careless!
all04_e04_ch Charmy Better let go 'a me!
all04_e04_vc Vector Release me, I said!
all04_e07_sn Sonic Hey, where are you taking me?
all04_e07_tl Tails Help me!
all04_e07_kn Knuckles Hey, I need help!
all04_e07_sd Shadow You're gonna pay for this!
all04_e07_rg Rouge Hey, what're you doing! Help me!
all04_e07_om Omega Escape impossible! Requesting rescue!
all04_e07_am Amy I'm being taken away!
all04_e07_cr Cream I'm being abducted!
all04_e07_bg Big Let me out of here!
all04_e07_es Espio This isn't looking good!
all04_e07_ch Charmy It's no use! I need help!
all04_e07_vc Vector Hey, isn't anyone gonna help me?
all03_e01_sn Sonic Yow! This is heavy!
all03_e01_tl Tails Eh! H-Help me!
all03_e01_kn Knuckles Get this thing off me!
all03_e01_sd Shadow Tugh! This is heavy!
all03_e01_rg Rouge Don't just stand there! Help me!
all03_e01_om Omega Unable to move! Request assistance!
all03_e01_am Amy Ouch! This is heavy!
all03_e01_cr Cream This is really heavy! Please help me!
all03_e01_bg Big Help me!
all03_e01_es Espio Rgh! Unacceptable!
all03_e01_ch Charmy This is too heavy!
all03_e01_vc Vector I can't move!

Waiting quotes

When a character is unavailable, they will be waiting inside a Check Point. Voice lines exist for when this character is reunited with their team. However, they are silent in the final game.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
all03_e00_sn Sonic Hey, what took you so long?
all03_e00_tl Tails Phew! I thought I lost you.
all03_e00_kn Knuckles Where you guys been?
all03_e00_sd Shadow Hm. You finally made it.
all03_e00_rg Rouge Sorry I got so far ahead of you.
all03_e00_om Omega I didn't expect you to make it this far.
all03_e00_am Amy It's about time!
all03_e00_cr Cream Sorry for being so late.
all03_e00_bg Big Where'd you all go?
all03_e00_es Espio Area checked and secured.
all03_e00_ch Charmy Hey... Where'd you go?
all03_e00_vc Vector Sorry, heh. I, uh, got kinda lost.

Omochao gates

In the game files, there are hidden lines about a gate that belongs to Omochao.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
all03_h06_sn Sonic Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
all03_h06_tl Tails There's an Omochao symbol on this gate. Maybe we should ask that Omochao.
all03_h06_kn Knuckles Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
all03_h06_sd Shadow It looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
all03_h06_rg Rouge I don't think I can open this door! What's the meaning of that symbol on the gate?
all03_h06_om Omega Omochao is the guardian of this gate.
all03_h06_am Amy It looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
all03_h06_cr Cream It looks like we have to ask Mr. Omochao to help us out!
all03_h06_bg Big I think that Omochao has something to do with this gate!
all03_h06_es Espio Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
all03_h06_ch Charmy Wow! A gate with the symbol of Omochao! How cool!
all03_h06_vc Vector Looks like a key won't open this gate. Maybe that Chao has something to do with it.

Team Battles

In the Battle mode, each opposing team can use Team Blast without any specific time limits. However, in the game files, each team seem to know when their opponents will use their Team Blast, and will order their teammates to take down one of the opponents to stop the move. This is rather pointless, as it will not prevent the Team Blast.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
bos05_h00_sn Sonic They will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them come together! Take out at least one of them!
bos05_h00_tl Tails They'll attack with Team Blast when all 3 of them come together! We better take down at least one of them and fast!
bos05_h00_kn Knuckles Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
bos05_h00_sd Shadow They'll use Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Hurry and destroy at least one of them.
bos05_h00_rg Rouge They'll attack with Team Blast when all 3 of them get together! We must hurry and take down at least one of them.
bos05_h00_om Omega They will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Eliminate one of them first.
bos05_h00_am Amy Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
bos05_h00_cr Cream They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take down one of them quickly.
bos05_h00_bg Big They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take down one of them fast.
bos05_h00_es Espio They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Best approach is to take down one of them as soon as possible.
bos05_h00_ch Charmy Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
bos05_h00_vc Vector They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take one of them down and fast.

In the game files, there are also unused quotes for all the characters, beside the Speed Types, that describe what they feel about the battle.

Invisible Metal Sonic

According to some quotes in the game files, Metal Sonic was supposed to have some invisibility power.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
bos09_e00_sn Sonic He's gone!
bos09_e00_kn Knuckles Where'd he go?
bos09_e00_tl Tails Watch out everybody!
bos09_h06_es Espio Even when he's invisible, he'll briefly appear when he attacks! Pay close attention so you can locate his position!

Team Chaotix and Team Rose's stages

Both Team Rose and Team Chaotix use shortened/modified versions of Team Sonic's and Team Dark's stages. However, within the game's files, one can find several lines said by both teams which are referencing areas within the stages that are not accessible by normal means. Interestingly enough though the aforementioned lines are actually still left implemented into the gameplay and can still be discovered through glitches/exploits that allow the player to reach these further sections of the stages where they are located.

Team Dark

Japanese leftovers

Two unused Japanese voice clips for Shadow can be found in the English voice files.

Clip Filename Transcript
e0112_00sd あのハリネズミ...
(That hedgehog...)
e0112_09sd そうか... なら 消えてもらうしかないようだな!
(Is that so... If that's the case, you have no other choice but to die!)

Spider Web Room

The Spider Web room is only visited by Team Chaotix and Team Sonic (in Super Hard Mode), making other characters unable to access them without hacking. Using the Debug menu allows Team Dark to play Super Hard Mode, and can be used to eventually reach the Spider Web room.

  • Rouge: (ah!) A spider's web!
  • Omega: The web is strong. We should be able to grind on it.

Team Rose

Team Blast

Team Rose explains how their Team Blast work, with these clips being from the GameCube version. The only point in the game in which this is said is the final whale island in Seaside Hill, which is not a part of the stage for the two team.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
all02_h16_am Amy Team Blast, Flower Festival, is activated if the "Z" button is pressed when the gauge in the top right of the screen is full. Once activated, you will be invincible as long as you have energy in the gauge.[note 2]
all02_h16_cr Cream Press the "Z" button when the gauge in the top right corner of the screen is full to activate Team Blast, Flower Festival. Once activated, you are invincible until the gauge is empty.[note 2]
all02_h16_bg Big To activate Team Blast, Flower Festival, press the "Z" button when the gauge in the top right corner of the screen is full. Once activated, you are invincible until the gauge is empty.[note 2]

Chase sequence

Team Rose is the only team in Sonic Heroes without any chase scenes, so some comments go unused.

  • Big: Something big is rolling.
  • Cream: It's a giant rock!
  • Amy: Aahh! Run!
  • Cream: Another rock is chasing us!
  • Amy: No wonder Sonic doesn't like being chased!
  • Amy: Three rocks?!
  • Big: One, two...
  • Cream: Three comes after one and two, Mr. Big.
  • Big: I'm feeling toasty.
  • Cream: Why is there lava in a city?
  • Amy: It's an energy storage tank! Let's get out of here before it rises to the top!
  • Big: What's that?
  • Cream: It's an alligator. Alligators are reptiles, Mr. Big.
  • Amy: Why are you so calm when that thing is chasing us?! We have got to lose it!

Cannon sequence

There are some comments that Team Rose were meant to say after being shot out of the second cannon in Bullet Station. However, that part does not belong in the final game. To top it all off, Amy's voice clip is empty. It is also said after falling into the underground tunnel.

  • Amy: Phew, that was something else.
  • Cream: Yes, it was.
  • Big: Wow, that was scary.

Underground tunnel

Team Rose's underground tunnel comments have been replaced with the second cannon comments instead, so these are unused.

V.I.P. room

Team Rose's Casino Park ends before the V.I.P. room area, but there are still lines recorded for it. These lines can be heard by utilizing glitches to access the area.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
cas01_e05_am Amy So this is the V.I.P. room, huh?
cas01_e05_bg Big What's a V.I.P.?
cas01_e05_cr Cream This room is for special people, Mr. Big!
cas01_e07_am Amy There's supposed to be a really gorgeous room, past these stairs.
cas01_e07_cr Cream There's no way we can get in, Amy! Let's go.

Giant mushroom

In Frog Forest, Team Rose's stage ends just before the giant mushroom section, so some comments go unused.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
jun01_e06_cr Cream I've never seen a mushroom that big!
jun01_e06_am Amy You're right! It's more like a giant tree than a mushroom!
jun01_e07_bg Big Is that a shiitake mushroom? I'm getting hungry.
jun01_e07_am Amy Is that all you ever think about?

Opened door

In Hang Castle, Team Rose has to open the door with a switch, so some comments go unused.

  • Amy: Aaah!!!
  • Cream: Amy, look! The door's opened.

Pocket dimension

In Mystic Mansion, even though Team Rose can never get to the trials in the pocket dimension, there are voice clips for it.

  • Big: We're underwater?
  • Cream: I don't think we're underwater, Mr. Big. This is called a pocket dimension.
  • Amy: Looks like we have to take on these three altars. Come on.

Speed trial

Even though Team Rose can never get to the three type trials in Mystic Mansion, there are voice clips for how to get past the Speed trial.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
oba01_h08_am Amy Maybe we can use Homing Attack on those ghosts to get over there.
oba01_h08_cr Cream We should use Homing Attack on those ghosts, to get over there.
oba01_h08_bg Big Use Homing Attack on the ghosts to get to the other side.

Bullet dodging sequence

Team Rose's Egg Fleet ends before the bullet-dodging propeller flight part, yet clips for that part still exist.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
sky01_h05_am Amy They're shooting at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!
sky01_h05_cr Cream We're being shot at! Move up and down to dodge the bullets!
sky01_h05_bg Big Watch out! Get out of the way of the bullet!
sky01_h05_am Amy Let's get up there!
sky01_h06_cr Cream Move up!
sky01_h06_bg Big Please! Move up!
sky01_h10_am Amy They're firing at us again! Dodge 'em by moving up and down!
sky01_h10_cr Cream Here we go again! Just dodge them by moving up and down!
sky01_h10_bg Big They're shooting again! Must dodge the bullets. Up and down!
sky01_h14_am Amy Move down!
sky01_h14_cr Cream Move down!
sky01_h14_bg Big You gotta move down, or else!


There exists unused, alternate comments for when Team Rose is landing on a battleship in Egg Fleet in the game files.

Clip Filename Character Text
sky01_h11_am Amy Let's land on that battleship!
sky01_h11_cr Cream Let's try landing on that giant battleship!
sky01_h11_bg Big I wonder if Froggy is on that giant ship?

Team Blast

There is a section in Final Fortress where some of the Egg Hammers and Heavy-Egg Hammers gather for the arguably hardest non-boss fight, as well as the last one. There is a Hint Ring nearby suggesting the use of Team Blast. Team Rose's stage ends before this a bit, but there are still recorded lines in the game files for the team's Team Blast hint.

Clip Filename Character Text
sky02_h13_am Amy It's time for Team Blast!
sky02_h13_cr Cream We must attack, using Team Blast!
sky02_h13_bg Big Let's get them with Team Blast!

Self-destruct switch

The self-destruct switch from Final Fortress was replaced with a fan instead, so some comments go unused.

  • Amy: Phew! I thought we were goners.
  • Cream: That was quite a challenge.
  • Big: Why did it explode?

Laser cannons

The laser cannons from Final Fortress were seen but they didn't activate, so some comments go unused.

  • Amy: Yellow laser, fired!
  • Cream: Yellow laser! Look out!
  • Big: Uh-oh! The yellow laser!
  • Amy: Blue laser, fired!
  • Cream: Blue laser! Watch out!
  • Big: Uh-oh! The blue laser!
  • Amy: Red laser- Pink laser, fired?
  • Cream: Look out! Red laser!
  • Big: Uh-oh! The red laser!
  • Amy: Giant laser cannons? Watch out!
  • Cream: We should stay out of Mr. Laser's ways.
  • Big: Wow, that laser scared me!
  • Amy: Twelve laser cannons?! This is just my bad lucky day!
  • Cream: Don't worry, Amy! We'll get past those laser cannons!
  • Big: Lasers? Why are there so many of them?

Team Chaotix

Team Blast

Team Chaotix explains how their Team Blast work, with these clips being from the GameCube version. The only point in the game in which this is said is the final whale island in Seaside Hill, which is not a part of the stage for the team.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
all02_h16_ep Espio Press the "Z" button when the gauge in the top right corner of the screen is full to activate the Team Blast, Chaotix Recital. Once activated, defeated enemies are transformed into Rings until the gauge is empty.
all02_h16_ch Charmy Team Blast, Chaotix Recital, is activated when the "Z" button is pressed while the gauge in the top right corner of the screen is full. Bad enemies are turned into Rings until the gauge is empty.
all02_h16_vc Vector Press the "Z" button when the gauge in the top right corner of the screen is full to activate Team Blast, Chaotix Recital. When activated, the defeated enemies turn into Rings until the gauge is empty.

Lava room

Team Chaotix's Power Plant stage ends before the rising lava room, but there are voice clips recorded for when the lava rises. Although it is possible to get in via glitching, it only has a spring, a grate, the final vertical door and nothing else. The voice clips do not even trigger.

Clip Filename Character Transcript
cty02_e01_ch Charmy Whoa! Looks like that lava is rising!
cty02_e01_es Espio Hmm! Watch out everybody!
cty02_e01_vc Vector Must be an energy storage tank. Better get out before it gets full.

Charmy goes alone

There are two clips that indicate that there was supposed to be sections in Rail Canyon where Charmy has to leave his teammates behind.

Clip Filename Transcript
trn01_e07_ch If they can't come over here, then I guess I'm on my own!
trn01_e08_ch Wonder if that switch did anything? Maybe I should check!

Unused objects

Through hacking, a number of objects were left out of the stages due to some reasons such as bugs and whatnot. These include:

The firework objects that were intended to be used for the Casino themed levels were not used in the levels. If they are loaded, they will trigger explosion sounds, albeit the animation is not in a smooth rate as regularly rendered in-game. When a player heads away from them, the game will crash.

Unused enemies

Renders for the Unidasu and the iron balls used by it is present in the game files. These enemies are not found anywhere in the final build of Sonic Heroes.

Unused sound effect descriptions

One of the relocatable files contain the lines displayed during FMVs. The text includes descriptions of various sound effects marked as "(ES)", for example, "(SE) scattering stuff falling of the desk", "(SE) Machine gun fire" or "(SE) Explosion".

Unused abilities

Amy & Espio's Tornado Jump

Amy and Espio had their original Tornado Jump abilities when the game was under development. These were replaced with their own tornado jump attacks after the developers came up with the ideas of Tornado Hammer for Amy and Leaf Swirl for Espio. In the E3 build, the leaf particles emit even though Espio had his original tornado scrapped. The tornadoes also play the following voice sound effects that go to these attacks:

Clip Filename Character Transcript Language
bank3e.pac Amy Take this! English
bank3j.pac これを取る! Japanese
bank3e.pac Espio Summoning Ninja Power! English
bank3j.pac 突然忍者パワー! Japanese

Amy & Espio's Light Dash

While Sonic and Shadow have the Light Dash in their moveset, the move was locked for Amy and Espio's moveset maneuvers in the final game. Like with Amy's wall cling, the running animation was used as a filter to prevent the game from crashing.

Amy's wall cling

While the game was under development, Amy was able to cling on walls with the Triangle Jump with the running animation being used. However, the developers decided to revoke Amy's wall cling maneuver in the final game.

Developer's comment

Special Stage programmer Hiroshi Iwasaki left a comment about a spline-related function:

"///////////found a too nervous spline. I'll have to remake this function. please tell me"

Invisible characters

Although the invisibility was programmed exclusively for Espio using Leaf Swirl, the rendering of other Speed Type characters through it is possible, though enemies and frogs will still detect them. Amy's Piko Piko Hammer is also completely invisible. On the PC version, the rendering function only renders the model if the player character is Espio.

Metal Madness

Metal Madness' original colors.

When fighting Metal Madness, the Hint Ring at the right makes Team Rose say that the boss will shoot fire if you grab his right arm. There is also an early image for the PlayStation 2 version of the game which shows that Metal Madness was originally going to have a white lower body.

2P Action Stages

Action Race Seaside Hill Extended.png

Seaside Hill and Grand Metropolis from Action Race, as well as Rail Canyon from Expert Race, have unused content past the Goal Rings posted. Most of the areas past the initial Goal Ring appear to be copied over from 1P mode and includes a fully functional Goal Ring at where these stages would normally end in story mode. Why the stages were cut shorter than normal remains unclear, as all objects are still loaded and can be seen using debugging tools and movements. It is worth noting however that the background does not appear to extend far past the initial Goal Ring placed. In addition, there is no ground loaded anywhere. There is also no death flag loaded for the bottomless pits past here, so a player can fall infinitely into a void. To land safely without falling into the void, one would need to land on top of a flat object, like a cage or breakable container. All Egg Pawns, with the exception of the Egg Bazooka-wielding ones, will immediately fall into the void once they begin to move.

Debug Menu

A debug menu can be accessed using Action Replay codes. With the debug menu, a number of options can be enabled.

Stage Select

A stage select menu is enablable in this mode, allowing anyone to enter any stage playable, including stages normally unplayable by a certain team, such as Team Dark or Team Chaotix in Sea Gate. Using this menu, Team Chaotix can play an alternate version of Rail Canyon from the rest of the other teams. It is also possible to have Team Chaotix play the standard Rail Canyon stage they normally do not enter and have other teams play Team Chaotix's version of Rail Canyon.

2P stages can also be played. It should be noted though that the same team cannot be selected for both players. Otherwise, the game crashes.

The stage select menu also includes bosses and allows Metal Overlord to be played without first clearing the Metal Madness section. Lastly, using player 2's controller, the player can cycle between selecting a stage's mission to play Normal, Extra, or Super Hard Mode. This allows teams other than Team Sonic to play Super Hard Mode stages.



General differences

  • In the Alpha version of Sonic Heroes, there are several color schemes that differ from the final version. For Big, his belt buckle is black, and for Dr. Eggman in Robot Carnival, his goggles and eyes are white.
  • Playable characters have no shadows, unlike the enemies.
  • The Speed formation signal had one of Sonic's shoes for an icon instead of the word "SPEED". Similarly, the formation signals for Fly Types have a wing on them, which are replaced with the word "FLY" in the final version.

The "B" symbol near Sonic's formation icon is an error.

  • In the early Alpha version of the game, the Special Stages were far from finished, being graphically incomplete and only having the basic formations done.
    • They also lack the water effect that surround them in the final version.
  • The prototype of the game's Xbox version show that Sonic's Formation Leader icon had the GameCube's SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png, hinting either an error or a placeholder icon.
  • Team Rose's Flower Festival lacks the petals and flowers display.

Seaside Hill

  • Several formation signals were removed from the final version.
  • The enemies' health bars were without a speech bubble.
  • The first part of Team Sonic's version of this stage is littered with Unbreakable Containers and several Dash Rings. In the final version, the Unbreakable Containers are replaced with Wooden Containers and the Dash Rings were removed.
  • In the final game, Team Dark's final stretch to the Goal Ring is blocked and requires the usage of Dash Rings to pass over. In the early version of the game, this stretch of the stage is more similar to Team Sonic's version. Several platforms have also been altered from the early version on the game.
  • Some images show Team Rose doing their victory pose at where Team Dark and Team Sonic finish their versions of the stage, despite Team Rose ending much earlier than that in the final version.
  • The player could reach the outermost areas of Team Chaotix's version of Seaside Hill, like many of the other teams could. Their stage also originally included some sections from Team Dark's version.

Ocean palace

Tsonic win 2016-08-07 10-12-37-18.png

Power Plant

The black clouds, from the alpha version.

  • Some prototype images show the Power Plant with black clouds in the background. However, these clouds were corrected in other images. This is either due to alpha blending issues or texture processing

Rail Canyon

  • When the track breaks apart near the end of the stage, Team Rose fights fight three Flappers, as opposed to the two Egg Pawns in the final game.
  • Parts of Team Dark's stage where the player would have to use a fan were added to Team Rose's version. However, in the final version, Team Rose's stage ends before the player can reach it.

Different style of Team Sonic's version.

  • Flappers are red instead of green.
  • The second alternate route through this (image on right) section is missing.

Hang Castle

  • The player originally had to find 181 keys, whereas the final version has them collecting ten Castle Keys in each mission. It is unknown if the object is still a "Key" or another item.

E3 Demo

Dr. Eggman's cutscene before its modifications.

A prototype version of Sonic Heroes was shown to attendees of E3 2003. While it wasn't made playable at the event, a copy of the demo was recovered and made playable in 2016 by a team lead by ashthedragon at Sonic Retro. The build's date is 9 May 2003 and it only features two stages; "Easy" (Seaside Hill) and "Hard" (Rail Canyon).

General differences

  • If a player has not done anything for about thirty seconds, they will be forced to be sent back to the title screen via the "Coming Soon" screen.
  • Sonic and Shadow's tornadoes have slower animation and the trails extend when Tornado Jump is used on an enemy.
  • The tornado used for Leaf Swirl and Tornado Hammer are blue colored and were left unused, as Team Sonic is the only playable team for the build. However, there are codes that can impliment the other teams into this demo.[1]
  • As the game did not have complete voice overs at the time of E3, the demo features no chatter between the characters, and any Hint Ring just shows the text with a blue, semi-transparent rectangle surrounding it.[2]
  • Because there are no Power Cores in the build, the Level-Up indicators do not appear on the characters' icons.
  • Whenever the player passes a Check Point, they receive an item. For example, when passing with Sonic, the player got High Speed, and Knuckles would earn the player a Barrier.
  • The blue box on the interface was created to make the subtitles easier to read.
  • The Floating Item Boxes are much smaller.[3]
  • On the city levels, which crash when accessed using a code, there are several model and texture differences.


  • In an early video from, the sequence with Dr. Eggman bobbing his head while pointing is lacking the machinery and robots found in the final version.
  • Another video shows Sonic running through a Green Hill-esque area, but this checkered texture was eventually changed to that of the first stage.

Seaside Hill

  • At the very beginning of Seaside Hill, three Dash Rings would appear after a Fly Formation Change Gate, which would let the player fly to the top of a small hill.
  • The two flat platforms found in Team Sonic's version when they first run into the Egg Pawns are absent.[4]
  • There are three Rainbow Rings in the first section of Seaside Hill which can be used to take a higher route.[5] These were replaced with a Dash Ring and a stone step in the final version.
  • In the middle of the stage, where the split beaches can be found, there is nothing on the first beach except for a Cannon,[6] as opposed to the columns and Egg Pawns that were added.
  • In the last part of Seaside Hill, the platform is missing and there are only two breakable blocks instead of four. [7]

Rail Canyon

  • Several Badniks and platforms are absent.
  • The sky and geometry are completely different, as this demo only contains the rail collision on the bottom of the concrete train properties.

Egg Hawk Boss

  • The Rings and the breakable tower objects have not been placed, and whenever a shrinking Sonic head transition occurs, the game will crash.

GameCube Prototype 10.8

This prototype is the earliest build of the entire game, being from 8 October 2003.

General differences

  • Bobsleds are not fully implemented in this version.
  • Cutscenes feature awkward stripes at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scoring is a lot stricter than in the final version, making achieving an A-Rank much more difficult.
  • Some limbs for Shadow seem to be made from his parts in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • The Triangle Dive seems to be faster than in the final version.
  • Even when the language is set as Japanese, there are still some lines the characters say in English.
  • The game may crash upon entering the "Soundtrack Select" on the real hardware.
  • When the player goes out of range for the objects registered by the game and then re-enters said range, all the objects will re-spawn.
  • Certain lines that were taken out of the final version are present, such as the explanation for using Big the Cat's umbrella.
  • Super Hard Mode contains an almost blank Seaside Hill. Not even the Goal Ring is present, making completion impossible.
  • Some Dash Panels are lower than in the final game. They almost look like part of the ground itself, rather than machines placed on the ground.
  • Flowers look different, and their opening animation looks mechanical and unnatural.
  • It is possible to use a Warp Flower as Charmy without needing to stand on the flower. This is done by hitting it from the side as it is opening.
  • The tint for the rain effect when a Giant Frog is summoned is different.
  • Shielded Egg Pawns get their shields suspended in the air when attacked by a Tornado Jump or a three Power Core-enhanced Homing Attack.
  • Camerons can only be killed from certain angles by some of the Power Type characters, due to a bug.
  • Robot Storm plays the "Faker" music from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • After destroying each one of Egg Albatross's three parts, all of the playable characters will be sent into the sky for a short time before returning to the ground.
  • The paths in Grand Metropolis and Power Plant do not work perfectly and will even slow the player down sometimes, rather than speeding them up.
  • The Egg Emperor is harder while the Power Cores are easier to get, in some cases being placed right in front of the player's start position. Also, the Thunder Shoot does not stick to the Egg Emperor, and its animations are very short with it being very fast. The collision boxes for its attacks are noticeably larger.
  • During the Metal Madness boss battle, the clouds enter the playing field. In the very last battle, there are not any clouds in the death animation at all.
  • Metal Madness' voice is unfinished/unfiltered. The boss can also glitch if defeated by Chaos Inferno.
  • During the Metal Overlord boss battle, the player starts with 100 Rings. This fight may or may not load, depending on game's settings. The characters also say a phrase that is only heard when an A Rank is achieved on the Egg Emperor in the final game.


  • The camera does not function properly in some spots, as it tends to get slightly locked up and the angle becomes awkward.
  • The camera angles are slightly different, being closer to the characters, almost as if the no pre-scripted camera was present.


  • The default language is Japanese. However, the player can select English and others languages from the game menu.
  • The Menu navigation is pretty strange. For most menus, it is a one-way, linear navigation, unlike the free-form navigation implemented in the final game. Also, the player can only navigate up and down, despite there being options to move left and right.
  • On the team select screen, the characters are in completely neutral stances with blank expressions.
  • The stages and bosses are separated.
  • Finishing a stage in Challenge Mode brings the player back to the start-up sequence, making it impossible to access the Special Stages. Therefore, Metal Madness and Metal Overlord are impossible to access in this build.
  • Emblems have a unfinished and unpolished look to them, and they are collected in "Special Stages".
  • The timer is significantly larger than in the final game
  • The amount of points gained from some actions is significantly larger than in the final game.
  • Most stage layouts are quite different, though "Emerald Challenges" seem unchanged.
  • It displays glitching and unfinished save/load slots.
  • The names of the videos are already visible, this changed to them being called "???" if the video was not unlocked.
  • The audio menu is partially in English and fully unlocked. However, the tunes do not work.

Team Rose

  • Power Plant is much longer and ends at the bottom of the energy storage tank with a key behind the Goal Ring.
  • Ocean Palace starts off where Team Sonic and Team Dark normally begin.
  • The Team Blast for this team is slightly different. It is shorter, the animation is slightly different, and it sounds somewhat off compared to the final version.
  • There are several layout changes in their stages.

Team Chaotix

  • In Lost Jungle, there are only fifteen Chao, as opposed to the final twenty, even though the objective list states there are twenty. The counter also says "x/15".
  • The designers had not yet closed off the natural ending for Team Chaotix in Lost Jungle, allowing the team to get to Team Sonic and Team Dark's ending areas, but with a Back Ring instead of the regular Goal Ring.
  • In Seaside Hill, the layout is quite different and the hermit crabs are in different locations. The player also cannot complete the Extra Mission, as there are only nineteen total crabs. There is also an end to Seaside Hill based on Team Sonic's path if the player passes the last Warp Flower.
  • In Ocean Palace, there are no Warp Flowers, allowing the player to enter the turtle section. There are a lot of enemies, albeit they only come in two types. Also, some objects are missing.
  • In Grand Metropolis, the final Warp Flower acts as a Back Ring, and there are only 84 enemies, not 85.
  • In Bullet Station, the cannon does not work, but if the player dies the capsules reset, allowing the player to finish the stage anyways.
  • Chaotix Recital is longer compared to the final PAL/NTSC-U release, though it matches the final NTSC-J version.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc

As a reward for pre-ordering Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, customers received a Bonus Disc containing demos and videos of various upcoming games. One of these demos was Sonic Heroes, which contained some differences from the final version:

  • There are only two teams and two stages playable: Team Sonic on Seaside Hill and Team Dark on Bullet Station.
  • Some sounds are different, and Omega's voice is not filtered.
  • The subtitles use linear dodge alpha instead of regular, and its drop shadow is invisible.
  • Some stage objects have been rearranged.
  • The opening lacks sound effects.
  • "PRESS START BUTTON" was changed to "Press START" in the final release.
  • The title screen lacks "Licensed By Nintendo".

GameCube Prototype 11.18

This prototype was most likely sent out to be reviewed before the public release. It is from 18 November 2003.

  • The debug menu is accessible by pressing Lgame.png + Rgame.png.
  • The title screen looks similar to that of the E3 Demo.
  • All of the music and CGI cutscenes are unlocked from the beginning.
  • Some of the background music has been changed, such as Mystic Mansion missing a guitar. Some of the Versus mode tracks are still WIP tracks.
  • The Blue Tornado and Black Tornado cannot be canceled.
  • In Team Chaotix's Seaside Hill, the platform with the block and Spring in the first Cannon area has not been removed yet. The player can see it in Team Sonic's Seaside Hill.

GameCube NPDP Prototypes

Debug menu
  • Textures on some levels, like the 2P Frog Forest, are different from the final game.
  • The debug menus for editing levels were accessed by pressing these buttons below:
// Camera Debug B + A = Show Camera Debug HUD B + Y = Toggle Camera Mode B + X = Show Camera Render Regions // Pause Menus PAUSE & Check Settings (Bottom Right) // SnapShot Mode 2P SELECT (While Paused) = "Snapshot Mode" 2P LR = Up/Down 2P START + Stick = Rotate 2P START + LR = Zoom // SET EDITOR A + SELECT = ENABLE START + RSTICK = Rotate START + L/R = Zoom START + X = Change "Ring Type" START + Y = Change Speed START + B = Place Item START + A = Delete Object and go to last B + DPAD = Change Light Gate Y + DPAD = Change Object A + X = Exit A + B = Drop to Floor A + Y = Change Layout File // Debug Movement SELECT = ENABLE SELECT + Stick = Up/Down A = Release // Camera Editor SELECT + Y = ENABLE L/R = Lower/Raise B + Y = Reset 0,0,0 A + B = Switch Cam Speed START + B = Place Item START + A = Delete Object and go to last // Memory & Profiling Y + L = Switch Menu

Vs. Battle screen

An in-store build (similar to the retail, but not the kiosk builds that were also playable) that was playable in Walmart had the file selection screen (normally accessed from the title screen) replaced with a Battle screen. Selecting either side however, navigates to the main menu as normal.

Prototype music

Early revisions of the songs in Sonic Heroes popped up on the internet before the game was released:

Team ForEDIT

Team ForEDIT is a leftover group that is inaccessible without access to the debug menu[8] in Sonic Heroes. It was discovered through hacking on the PC version of the game.

During the development of Sonic Heroes, the team was originally used to edit/test levels when creating levels for each team. Aside from debugging, the team involves members from the Chaotix, except that Big the Cat is in place of Vector. The stage layouts are from Team Sonic, outside of Super Hard Mode, in which Espio cannot perform the Light Dash. The characters are voiceless aside from Hint Rings and their collisions.

A few side effects are present when playing this team on stage cutscenes, boss cutscenes, 2 Player races, and "Emerald Challenges". This includes lots of crashing. The first Rival boss can properly be loaded, albeit Team Sonic will be fought with Team Dark's name and icons loaded. The mission text does not appear on the level loading screen in single player mode and using the Team Blast results in a black background with Espio and Charmy playing the instruments and Big dancing. Also, there is no way to escape from the Team Blast, requiring the player to restart or quit the stage to get out of it.


  1. The full transcript is actually "Try coming back in about a million years, then you might have a chance!" but the line gets cut off at "years".
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Flower Festival explains only Invincibility and doesn't explain anything about the Power Cores. Along with that, the Invincibility lasts like the normal Invincibility time in the final game. However, according to these clips, the Invincibility would've had a time limit, having the power up only until the gauge is empty.


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