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Sonic Golf 3D (ソニックゴルフ3D[3] Sonikku Gorufu 3D?) is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. It is the sequel to the 2002 Sonic Golf and was followed up with Sonic Golf DX in 2010.


In this game, the player plays though nine holes[4] of golf as Sonic the Hedgehog or one of his friends. The gameplay is fairly similar to the original Sonic Golf, except now in a 3D perspective. This makes it quite like Wii Sports Golf for the Nintendo Wii. Like the original, the player can upload high scores to a national scores table, but this game also features the ability to download extra holes to play on.

Sonic preparing to swing.

The top left corner of the screen displays the current hole, along with the course's par and how long it is in yards. Opposite of this is the wind speed and direction, which will effect the ball's momentum as it flies through the air. Below the wind is the stroke count and the distance that Sonic is from the hole, in either yards or metres. Along the bottom of the screen, from left to right, is the current club and the distance it will launch the ball, the power bar for swinging, and the location on the ball that the club will strike. The only other graphic on the screen is the course map, located on the right.

The game features many variables which make the simple act of hitting the ball towards the hole more of a challenge, such as wind and uneven ground.

Upon starting the game, the best club for the course is already selected. The player must look at the wind speed and direction along with the terrain. The bar in the power gauge along the bottom of the screen will move back and forth, with the ends labelled "min" and "max". The player must swing when the bar is at the value they want, with the ball then travelling further depending on how far right the bar is. A green section will then appear in the power gauge, with the goal being to click the Enter key while the bar is in said zone. Failure to do so will result in an extra stroke being added to the player's total.

After the player has successfully determined the power, while Sonic is swinging, the directional keys can be used to rotate the ball in the lower right corner to manipulate the location that the club will strike it.

Once the player reaches the green (the lighter area around the hole), the putter will be automatically selected. This club removes the green section portion of the swing, therefore making it impossible to miss a stroke. The player must then hit the ball into the hole, with the next course starting upon doing so. After nine holes have passed, the player is given a score.

Scoring system

In Sonic Golf 3D, there are two different scoring methods. The first is Score (スコア sukoa?), which is calculated from the number of strokes specified in the course. Points (ポイント pointo?) are then calculated independently from strokes, being based on the amount of Rings the player acquired, if they got a hole-in-one, and other similar factors.[3]

Points are based off of the amount of the following golf terms achieved within a course:[5]

  • Hole in one: The ball reached the hole in just one stroke.
  • Albatross: Three strokes under the hole's par.
  • Eagle: Two strokes under the hole's par.
  • Birdie: One stroke under the hole's par.
  • Pin shot: The ball travels the correct distance to the hole, but in the wrong direction.
  • Nice shot: The power gauge's bar was stopped in the center of the green section.

As the game lists only the number of the above skills attained in the course and the total score, the exact value of each is unknown based off of how little information is currently available.


Button Formation[3] Action
[←]/[→] Adjust direction
[Enter] Swing
[0] Special shot




Playable characters

Non-playable characters


There are three nine-hole golf courses are available for download and play in Sonic Golf 3D. These include, in order of difficulty:

  1. SEGA CLASSIC: Standard, beginners courses.
  2. SEGA OPEN: Some trees in the courses, making it an intermediate level.
  3. TAILS CUP: Many trees around the courses, this is the hardest of the three.


Official Match

Official Match (公式戦[3] Kōshikisen?) is the main gameplay mode, in which the nine-holes are played in order as the player tries to earn the highest Points and Score so that they can upload it to the leaderboards upon completion. Unlike other Sonic Cafe games with online leaderboards, this game mode can be played an unlimited number of times in a day.


Training (トレーニング[3] Torēningu?) is same as Official Match mode, just without the upload prompt. Here, each hole is played separately, with the player having the choice of whichever they would like.


The Shop (ショップ[3] Shoppu?) houses many customizable features for the player to unlock. These include characters, clubs, and even outfits. Dr. Eggman is the one who ones this store, and the player can buy a wide variety of different items.

There is also an option to Discard Item (アイテムを捨てる[3] Aitemu o suteru?), where if the player has the maximum amount of items and wishes to purchase something different, the unwanted items can be removed. The discarded items will re-enter the shop and be able to be purchased again.


Items (アイテム[3] Aitemu?): A variety of items can be purchased here, including clubs, balls, and goods. Only fourteen clubs can be owned at a time, along with one ball and three goods. Each item features different stats that will affect gameplay.[5] The following items are for sale, being listed as they appear in-game:[5]

Item[5] Price[5]
Driver 1W Pro (ドライバー 1W Pro?) 100
Driver 2W Pro (ドライバー 2W Pro?) 100
Spoon 3W Pro (スプーン 3W Pro?) 100
Buffy 4W Pro (バッフィー 4W Pro?) 90
Creek 5W Pro (クリーク 5W Pro?) 90
Iron 11 Pro (アイアン 11 Pro?) 90
Iron 21 Pro (アイアン 21 Pro?) 80
Iron 31 Pro (アイアン 31 Pro?) 80
Iron 41 Pro (アイアン 41 Pro?) 80
Iron 51 Pro (アイアン 51 Pro?) 60
Iron 61 Pro (アイアン 61 Pro?) 60
Iron 71 Pro (アイアン 71 Pro?) 60
Iron 81 Pro (アイアン 81 Pro?) 50
Iron 91 Pro (アイアン 91 Pro?) 50
Iron PW Pro (アイアン PW Pro?) 50
Iron SW Pro (アイアン SW Pro?) 50
Putter Pro (パター Pro?) 50
Driver 1W SP (ドライバー 1W SP?) 200
Driver 2W SP (ドライバー 2W SP?) 200
Driver 3W SP (ドライバー 3W SP?) 200
Persimmon SP (バーシモン SP?) 180
Utility SP (ユーティリティー SP?) 180
Iron 11 SP (アイアン 11 SP?) 180
Iron 21 SP (アイアン 21 SP?) 180
Iron 31 SP (アイアン 31 SP?) 150
Iron 41 SP (アイアン 41 SP?) 150
Iron 51 SP (アイアン 51 SP?) 150
Iron 61 SP (アイアン 61 SP?) 120
Iron 71 SP (アイアン 71 SP?) 120
Iron 81 SP (アイアン 81 SP?) 120
Iron 91 SP (アイアン 91 SP?) 100
Iron PW SP (アイアン PW SP?) 100
Iron SW SP (アイアン SW SP?) 100
L Putter (L パター?) 80
Mallet Putter (マレットパター?) 80
T Putter (T パターT Putter?) 80
Sunglasses (サングラス?) 200
Sunglasses SP (サングラス SP?) 800
Gloves (グローブ?) 500
Shoes (シューズ?) 600
Spiked Shoes (スパイクシューズSpiked Shoes?) 1000
Hard ball (ハードボール?) 50
Hard ball SP (ハードボール SP?) 300
Spin ball (スピンボール?) 200
Slip ball (スリップボール?) 150
Grip ball (グリップボール?) 250


The Characters (キャラクター[3] Kyarakutā?) section of the shop allows the player to purchase different characters to play as, each with different skills.

Character Stats[5] Price
Sonic (ソニック?) Standard stats 100
Tails (テイルス?) Terrain impact: -20%
Travel distance: -5%
Amy (エミー?) 100
Knuckles (ナックルズ?) 100


The Shot (ショット[3] Shotto?) section of the shop allows the player to purchase a powered-up, "special shot" that can be activated in gameplay with [0].

Shot[5] Price[5]
Long shot (ロングショット?) 10
Spin stop (スピンストップ?) 15
Super spin (スーパースピン?) 20
Burst shot (バーストショット?) 20


The Ranking (ランキング[3] Rankingu?) menu is where the player can view the online leaderboards for the game, with there being the following options:

  • Grade Confirmation (成績確認 Seiseki kakunin?): Display's the players currently uploaded high scores in both Score and Points, with the option to upload newer, better scores.
  • Comprehensive Point Ranking (総合ポイントランキング Sōgō pointo rankingu?): Displays the leaderboards for the most Points gained in all courses. This is a combination of all Points gained over the every course played, with one value per course.
  • Point Ranking by Course (コース別ポイントランキング Kōsubetsu pointo rankingu?): The top Points for each course are displayed here.
  • Score Ranking by Course (コース別スコアランキング Kōsubetsu sukoa rankingu?): The top Score for each course are displayed here.

How to Play

Selecting How to Play (遊び方[3] Asobikata?) will display an eighteen page[5] instruction booklet that describes how to play the game.

Course Change

Course Change (コース変更[3] Kōsu henkō?) allows the player to download new courses from the internet. Three cups are available.

Before a new course is downloaded, the player is prompted to upload their high scores from the current course, as they are deleted when the course is removed from the device.[5]






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