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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Gets Thrashed

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Gets Thrashed".

[The episode begins with a view of a billboard that says, Robotnik's Resort, and depicts Robotnik water skiing and wearing a pink bathing suit and sunglasses.]

Construction Worker Robot [heard offscreen]: Everything is right on schedule, Dr. Robotnik. Your luxury resort will be ready for the grand opening. All of Mobius is looking forward to it!

[Robotnik is now seen standing next to the Contstruction Worker Robot, who is holding a pen in his right hand, and a clipboard in his left.]

Dr. Robotnik: Of course they are! Club Robotnik will be a vacation paradise, rivaling anything in the universe! Swimming, golf, tennis, the shopping channel.
Construction Worker Robot: I'm sure the citizens of Mobius will flock to it in drones!

[Robotnik is now holding a remote control in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Won't they? And that's the best part of all.

[Robotnik presses the button on the remote with his left index finger. Club Robotnik is revealed to be encased in a giant dome, which closes.]

Robotnik: Because once here, they can never escape! They become my slaves forever!

[Robotnik, who is now holding the remote in his left hand laughs evilly.]

Construction Worker Robot: It's your most diabolical, devious, and despicable plan yet!

[Robotnik puts the remote back in his right hand.]

Robotnik: It is nifty, isn't it? I haven't felt this good, since I invented the exploding church pew!

[Robotnik presses the button on the remote with his left index finger. The dome above Club Robotnik opens, and Robotnik walks away, with the Construction Worker Robot. Meanwhile, Sonic runs through the desert, until he comes to a junkyard. There is a sign that says, SCRAP VALLEY. Sonic screeches to a halt near the sign, then cups his right hand to his right ear. Tails flies up to him, and lands near him.]

Tails: Gee, what a creepy place! Where are we, Sonic?

[Sonic picks up the sign with his left hand and looks at it.]

Sonic: Says, "Scrap Valley". I don't know.

[Sonic tosses the sign aside.]

Sonic: Looks like some kind of junkyard!

[Just then, Torch, a robot that resembles a welding torch, jumps out from behind a pile of scrap, and walks toward Sonic and Tails. Tails trembles in fear.]

Tails: W-what was that?

[Torch spits fire twice.]

Sonic: Looks like a one-man weenie roast, kid! And me without a marshmallow! [To Torch] Hey, Dragon Breath! That's the worst case of heartburn I ever saw!

[Torch spits fire at Sonic and Tails, who duck to avoid getting burned.]

Sonic and Tails: [both scream]

[Torch spits fire twice.]

Sonic: All right, hot stuff!

[Torch spits fire twice again. Sonic stands up and punches in the air.]

Sonic: Now I'm getting steamed!
Wallace A. Ditso [heard offscreen]: Come on, Torch! Chill out!

[Wallace A. Ditso is revealed to be a nerdy-looking robot, with a green shirt, a yellow neck tie, and glasses with tape on the handles.]

Ditso: Why, this is a red-letter day!

[Ditso shakes Sonic's right hand with his left hand.]

Ditso: Mr. Hedgehog, allow me to present myself!

[Ditso reaches into his pocket with his right hand and pulls out a card, which he hands to Sonic, who now holds it in his left hand. The card says, DITSO 555-1908.]

Sonic: "Wallace A. Ditso, master inventor."

[As Sonic talks, a bee flies, and lands onto his thumb.]

Sonic: "M.A., P.H.D., L.L.D., and... W.C.R."?

[The bee flies off Sonic's thumb. Torch then walks up to Ditso.]

Ditso: Ha ha ha! [snort] Way Cool Robot! Ha ha ha ha! [snort] Just my little joke, Mr. Hedgehog!
Torch: I still say we fry him!

[Ditso pushes Torch back with his left hand and points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Ditso: Torch! Don't you know this is Sonic the Hedgehog? Remember, like in the wanted poster?
Sonic and Tails: Huh?

[Torch breathes fire irritatably.]

Ditso: You'll have to excuse my hothead friend. He thought you guys were Robotnik's men!
Tails: We thought that's what he was!
Ditso: Ha ha ha ha! [snort] Oh, my goodness, no! Ha ha ha! Well, that is, we both were, of course. But then he tossed us in this junkyard 'cause we didn't work right!
Sonic: You mean you're defective robots?
Ditso: Well, hey! We prefer "Mechanically Challenged".

[As Ditso talks, he points to Torch with his left thumb.]

Ditso: You see, Torch here was supposed to be a totally awesome flamethrower superweapon! Unfortunately, heh, he's got a tiny temper problem.
Torch: I do not!

[Torch shoots fire at Sonic and Tails, who duck to avoid getting burned. The fire flies into a tree, torching it.]

Disto [heard offscreen]: See what I mean? Well, this seems to an opportune time to test my new fire extinguisher!

[Ditso is now holding a fire extinguisher in his right hand. He walks up to the tree, and sprays it with the fire extinguisher. The tree turns into guacamole, then Sonic and Tails walk up to Ditso.]

Tails: Hey, that tree turned into guacamole!
Ditso: Hmm, nah, that wasn't supposed to happen. Oh, well. I don't suppose you brought any chips.
Sonic: Fraid not!

[Torch walks up to Sonic, Tails, and Ditso. He points at Disto with his right index finger.]

Torch: And that's why this dweeb-bot is here in the junk heap; cause none of his lousy inventions work right!
Ditso: Hey! Go burn some toast, flame-face!
Torch: Oh, yeah? You gonna make me?

[Torch tries to walk up to Ditso, but Sonic holds him back with his left hand.]

Sonic: Now, now, guys! Break it up, or I'll report you to the principal! Are there any other around like you two?
Ditso: Oh, sure! Lots more! We all live here in the Scrap Valley! Come on, I'll show you!

[Ditso walks away, and Sonic follows him. Tails trembles in fear, then runs away. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where various robots are seen travelling through Scrap Valley.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Gee, a whole village of reject robots!
Ditso: And every one of us got dumped by Robotnik, cause' of some teeny little flaw!

[O-Zone, a weather-making robot, is now shown.]

Ditso [heard offscreen]: O-Zone there is supposed to be a weather-making robot, except he can only make lousy weather.

[O-Zone walks past Sonic, Tails, and Ditso, creating a snowstorm. Tails is now covered in snow, and yells unintelligibly, as he is muffled by the snow. Sonic then wipes the snow off Tails with both his hands.]

Tails [shivering]: Thanks.
Sonic: Don't mention it!
Ditso: Peeper over there was gonna be a spy robot! He can see 200 miles away.

[Peeper, who is shown to be a robot with one eye, is seen rolling through Scrap Valley.]

Ditso [heard offscreen]: Trouble is, he can't see anything closer than that.

[Peeper rolls into a wall and crashes.]

Ditsto: [laughs and snorts] He-he cracks me up! Now, over there...
Robot [heard offscreen]: Help!

[Sonic, Tails, and Ditso turn their attention to the robot that just screamed. Chef Wolfgang Puke, a pig-shaped robot in a chef's hat and apron, who is also holding a frying pan in his right hand, is seen chasing the robot that screamed.]

Chef Wolfgang Puke: I will cook you for dessert!
Sonic: Hey!
Ditso: I wouldn't bother. This happens every day. Yo, Wolfie! What's up?

[The robot rolls away, while Wolfgang screeches to a halt. He points at the robot that ran away with his left index finger.]

Wolfgang: That... pig of a dog of a swine insulted my special of the day!
Ditso: Sonic, this is Chef Wolfgang Puke. He was made to be Robotnik's personal gourmet chef.
Sonic: Wolf, my man! What's in the pan?
Wolfgang: Ha ha! Nothing less than my triumph! My culinary masterpiece!

[Wolfgang pulls the lid off the pan with his left hand. Sonic stares at it in disgust.]

Wolfgang: Rotten eggs, and mmm.... maggot surprise!

[A bunch of maggots are seen squirming around in the pan filled with rotten eggs. Tails turns green and covers his mouth with his hands, then runs away.]

Sonic [nervously]: Uh, looks yummy. Maybe later.

[Sonic holds out his hands like stop signs, and Wolfgang rolls away.]

Wolfgang: I'll save you some!

[Sonic wipes his head with his left hand in relief as Ditso walks up to him.]

Sonic: Let me guess; the world's worst cook?
Ditso: Wait till' you try his toejam on toast.

[Just then, a jet engine can be heard from above. Sonic and Ditso duck.]

Sonic: [screams]
Ditso: Hit the dirt!

[Sonic looks up and sees one of Robotnik's planes fly by. He and Ditso stand back up, and Sonic dusts off his chest with both his hands.]

Ditso: It's Robotnik's plane! I thought he was gonna drop more bombs!
Sonic: So it is old egg-face we heard before. Why's he bombing a garbage dump, anyway?
Ditso: You got me. Peeper says he's building some kind of humongous project north of the valley.
Sonic: He is, eh? Hmmm. Maybe this calls for a little investigating.

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik's Robots are building Club Robotnik. Sonic and Tails are hiding behind a bush to spy on them.]

Tails: Looks like some kind of hotel or something, Sonic.
Sonic: Knowing Robotnik, it's more likely a roach motel!

[Just then, a huge shadow casts over Sonic and Tails, who then look up.]

Tails: Hey! Where'd the sun go?

[The shadow is revealed to have come from Robotnik's Blimpnik, a blimp resembling Robotnik.]

Sonic: It's Robotnik's blimpnik! You know, Tails, I think it's about time to do a little supersonic snooping!

[Sonic sees a girder curled into the shape of a loop that will send him running upwards.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Perfect! Stand back!

[Sonic holds out his right hand like a stops sign, then runs in place.]

Sonic: Up, over, and gone!

[Sonic runs on the girder, and lands on top of the Blimpnik's gasbag.]

Sonic: Ta-da!

[Sonic then holds his right index finger up as he turns to and speaks to the viewers.]

Sonic: Kids, don't try this at home!

[Inside Robotnik's Blimpnik, Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are watching a television screen, which the Construction Worker Robot shows up on.]

Construction Worker Robot: Your grudginess, the grand opening should proceed on schedule!

[The TV screen shuts off, and Robotnik turns to face Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Excellent! We'll have to find a way to level Scrap Valley!

[Robotnik walks away.]

Robotnik: I'm going to get the Plan B file. Don't touch those blueprints!

[As soon as Robotnik leaves, Scratch runs up to the blueprints and looks over them.]

Grounder: Huh? Hey, I saw that! I'm telling!

[Just then, a knock at the door is heard. Scratch and Grounder run up to the door, and Scratch opens it with his right hand. Sonic, who is now disguised as a pizza delivery man, is holding onto the other side of the door with his right hand, and holding a pizza in his left.]

Sonic: Pizza Hawk. Here's your pepperoni and cheese!
Scratch: We didn't order any pizza! You got the wrong blimp!

[Scratch tries to pull the door closed, but Grounder holds out his hands like stop signs.]

Grounder: Hey, wait a minute! I'm hungry!

[Grounder pokes his head out the doorway.]

Grounder: Oh, we'll take it! Put it on our tab!

[Sonic jumps into the blimpnik, and hands the pizza to Grounder. He then holds out his right hand, hides his left hand behind his back, and taps his right foot.]

Sonic: Ahem!
Grounder: Oh, uh, uh, right.

[Grounder turns to Scratch, who leans down to him.]

Grounder: He wants a tip.
Scratch [whispering]: I think I saw a quarter in the couch!
Grounder: Just be a second!

[Sonic winks his left eye as Scratch and Grounder look through the couch. Grounder looks under a cushion, then tosses it aside, while Scratch is holding a cushion in his left hand. Scratch climbs up the couch to look behind, as Grounder jumps onto the couch to look through the interior. Scratch peers from behind the couch.]

Scratch: Bwa! Wait a minute, nobody delivers to a blimp!
Grounder: Yeah, and besides, we're robots! We don't eat!

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other and sweat nervously.]

Scratch and Grounder: The hedgehog!

[Scratch and Grounder scream and panic nervously as Sonic is now standing next to a lever. They now hold each other and tremble as they stand on an egg-shaped rug, and Sonic pulls the lever with his left hand, activating the trap door the rug is on. Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall through the trap door. Sonic removes his disguise, then runs up to the trap door and looks down through it, waving with his right arm.]

Sonic: Watch that first step!

[Scratch and Grounder land with a crash.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: You know, I never did get that tip.

[Sonic runs up to the table and picks it up with his right hand. He puts it into the right side of his body, which resembles a pocket. He runs in place, but before he can run away, a belt ties around his body.]

Sonic: Hey!

[More belts tie around Sonic's wrists and ankles.]

Sonic; Ugh! Ugh Ugh! Oof! Oof!

[The belts pull Sonic back, and he is now belted to the wall. Robotnik, who having returned, is standing at the control panel, and presses a button with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: Going so soon, hedgerat? Why, the fun is just starting!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as Sonic grunts, struggling to get out of the belts, but to no avail. The screen fades to black. The next scene begins with a view of some cranes building Club Robotnik, as the Blimpnik flies above them. Inside the blimpnik, Sonic is still belted to the wall.]

Sonic: Whatever you're up to, Blimp Bottom, it's not gonna work!

[Scratch and Grounder, who have somehow made it back into the blimp, are now standing near Robotnik, who walks to the other side.]

Robotnik: Oh, won't it, now? We'll just see. Once Robotnik Lagoon is open, every vacationer on Mobius will become my slave!
Sonic: Robotnik Lagoon?
Robotnik: Oh, didn't I tell you? Tomorrow, I'll conclude the grand opening, by pulling a lever that will flood Scrap Valley! Voila! Robotnik Lagoon!
Sonic: But there's a whole town living in that valley, you slimeball! Robots that you created!

[Robotnik walks back to Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: What? You mean, those rusty objects? They're hardly worth discussing.

[Robotnik runs his left index finger and thumb through his mustache.]

Robotnik: Now, I must go finalize the plans for the opening. Grounder!

[Robotnik points at Grounder with his right index finger.]

Grounder: Huh?
Robotnik: Make sure he doesn't try anything!

[Robotnik walks towards the control room, with Scratch following behind him. They stop outside the door.]

Robotnik: Later on, we'll get a little target practice, with my new Hedgehog Harpoon!

[Robotnik points to the Hedgehog Harpoon with his left index finger and laughs evilly as he and Scratch are now behind the doorway to the control room. The door shuts, revealing a logo that has Robotnik's mustache and a big red letter R. Meanwhile, Grounder turns to face Sonic and points at him with his left drill.]

Grounder: Thought you were pretty smart, didn't you, hedgehog? Well, you gotta get up awful early to...
Sonic: Hey, what's that on your head?

[Grounder turns around.]

Grounder: Huh? Uh, what are you talking about?
Sonic: It's a big, old bumblebee!
Grounder: There's no bumblebee on my head.
Sonic: He just flew over to the chair!

[Sonic points at the chair with his left index finger.]

Grounder: I don't see anything. Hey, you're making this up!
Sonic: Boy, I hope you're not the one who let him in! You know Robotnik hates bumblebees.
Grounder: There's no bumblebee. Hmm. And I didn't let him in!
Sonic: Hey, there he is! On the control panel!

[Grounder looks over at the control panel. He then rolls up to it, and turns his right drill into a fly swatter.]

Grounder: Where?

[Grounder begins hitting the control panel with his fly swatter.]

Sonic: Over there! No, more to the left!
Grounder: I don't see him!

[Grounder continues hitting the control panel with his fly swatter.]

Sonic: A little higher! On the yellow button!
Grounder: Here?

[Grounder points to the yellow button with his fly swatter, then hits it. The belts unfasten, setting Sonic, who drops to the floor, free.]

Sonic: Ugh! Thanks! You know, maybe I was wrong about that bumblebee.

[Sonic runs away.]

Grounder: Uh-oh! I just know Dr. Robotnik is going to blame me for this!

[Grounder flinches and turns around. Sonic runs up to the door to the control room and knocks on it with his right hand. The door opens, and Scratch peers out.]

Scratch: Yes?
Sonic: Thought you'd like to know; I've escaped!
Scratch: Oh, thanks! Hey, boss, Sonic just stopped by to tell you he's escaped!

[Scratch stares in shock when he realizes that Sonic escaped from Robotnik's trap.]

Scratch: Huh?

[Scratch flinches as Sonic runs away.]

Robotnik: What?! Grab him!

[Robotnik walks over Scratch, knocking him down. He then runs to the Hedgehog Harpoon as Sonic runs out the entrance to the Blimpnik. Scratch and Grounder run up to the entrance, then look down. Robotnik runs up to the entrance, aiming the Hedgehog Harpoon.]

Grounder: Ugh!
Scratch: Oof!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder look down, thinking Sonic fell out the entrance.]

Robotnik: [chuckles] He forgot; we're a thousand feet up!

[Robotnik waves his right hand.]

Robotnik: So long, Hedgehog! See you next fall!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. He then looks up, and sees Sonic is standing atop the gasbag.]

Robotnik: Huh?
Sonic: Up here, on the gasbag, gasbag!
Robotnik: After him!

[Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder grab the ropes holding up the cabin and climb up them. Robotnik has the Hedgehog Harpoon on his back. Sonic taps his right foot as Grounder reaches the top.]

Grounder: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonic: I'm waiting!

[Robotnik raches the top.]

Robotnik: There he is!

[Scratch and Grounder sneak up towards Sonic, who looks at Robotnik carrying the Hedgehog Harpoon.]

Sonic: Ha! Now, there's a switch, a whale carrying a harpoon!

[Robotnik runs up to Sonic, holding the Hedgehog Harpoon in his right hand and aims it at him.]

Robotnik: Say your prayers, Hedgehog! You're about to be a Sonic ka-bob!

[Sonic stands on his right foot and blows a raspberry at Robotnik. Scratch and Grounder pounce at Sonic, and Robotnik fires the Hedgehog Harpoon at Sonic, who jumps out of the way just in time, as Scratch and Grounder land on the blimp.]

Grounder: Ugh!
Scratch: Oh!

[The Hedgehog Harpoon lands inches from Scratch and Grounder and punctures the blimpnik. Scratch and Grounder hold each other and tremble in fear, as Robotnik realizes he punctured the blimpnik with his own Hedgehog Harpoon.]

Scratch: Oh, no!
Robotnik: Uh-oh.

[The Blimpnik flies toward a cliff.]

Sonic: Well, guys, this is my stop. See you!

[Sonic points to the cliff with his right index finger, then waves with his right hand. He jumps off the Blimpnik and lands on the cliff. The Hedgehog Harpoon pops out of the Blimpnik, which deflates. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder scream as the deflating Blimpnik flies away. The screen then transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Scrap Valley. Sonic is standing atop a bathtub, holding the blueprints he stole in his left hand, and pointing to them with his right index finger. He shows them to the robots of Scrap Valley.]

Sonic: And that's Robotnik's rotten scheme! And unless we do something pronto, you're all gonna be living underwater tomorrow!

[Wolfgang is now holding his frying pan in his right hand and waves it around.]

Wolfgang: But what can we do? Robotnik is powerful and we are nothing!
Sonic: But, guys, this is your home!

[Peeper stare in shock at what's coming ahead.]

Peeper: Whoa! Warp out!

[Peeper rolls away as Sonic, Tails, and the other robots look at a giant, mechanical monster with four claws and a giant mouth. Ditso stares in shock, with his eyes popping out of and breaking through his glasses.]

Ditso: Run for your lives!

[Ditso, Torch, Wolfgang, and O-Zone all run away.]

Sonic: Hey, guys, don't run away! Stand and fight!

[The Mechanical Monster gets closer to Sonic and Tails.]

Tails: Sonic, it's getting awful close!
Sonic: Come on, you big bully, I'm not afraid!

[Sonic picks up Tails with both his hands and jumps out of the way, with him in tow as the Mechanical Monster destroys the bathtub. Sonic and Tails land near the Mechanical Monster.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: Of course, I'm not stupid, either.

[The Mechanical Monster picks up tires with his claws and puts them in his mouth. It then rolls away, ejecting various compacted pieces of Scrap Valley. Wolfgang emerges from behind a pile of scrap.]

Wolfgang: Mmmm-my-my-my-my-my-my-my café!

[Torch emerges from behind another pile of scrap.]

Torch: My house!

[Ditso emerges from behind Wolfgang's pile of scrap.]

Ditso: Our beautiful, beautiful village!

[Sonic and Tails are now standing in the distance. Tails is holding one of the compacted cubes in his left hand.]

Tails: Your town's right here! At least, what's left of it!

[Sonic looks down at the compacted cube.]

Sonic: Boy, talk about your small towns!

[Ditso and Torch run up to Sonic and Tails. As Torch talks, he breathes out fire.]

Torch: All right! That's it! I've had it! I don't care what Robotnik does to me!

[Ditso jumps furiously.]

Ditso: Me, either! What do we have to do, Sonic?

[Wolfgang and Peeper roll up to Ditso and Torch. All four robots rant unintelligibly. Sonic is now holding the stolen blueprints in his left hand.]

Sonic: Now you're talkin'!

[Sonic unrolls the blueprints.]

Sonic: Okay, I think I got a line on how we an scramble Robotnik's eggs!

[Ditso, Torch, Wolfgang, O-Zone, and Peeper all walk up to Sonic, who whispers to them. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik's grand opening takes place. The citizens of Mobius applaud, and Peeper peeks out from above and looks around.]

Peeper: All clear!

[Sonic, Tails, Ditso, Torch, and Wolfgang all peek out from above.]

Sonic: It's mission impossible time, guys! Let's go, go, go!

[Sonic, Tails, Ditso, Torch, Wolfgang and Peeper all run away. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Tails, who is holding an umbrella in his right hand, walks up to a door, and O-Zone follows behind him. O-Zone blows cold wind at the door, causing it to fall over. The screen then transitions to a view inside the pipe room, where Sonic, who is wearing a welding mask over his eyes, is riding Torch, who is spitting fire at the pipes, destroying them. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Wolfgang rolls up to a cake with a red letter "R" on it, picks it up with his right hand, and hides it behind his back. With the same hand, he then pulls out an identical cake and puts it on the table. He then rolls away. Outside the entrance, a robot with a drill for a head is drilling holes in the pillars, and Sonic spins through two pillars on the other side, loosening them. The screen then transitions to a view inside the power room, where Tails, who is holding a flashlight in his right hand, shines it on the fusebox. Ditso rearranges the wires with his left hand, then holds his right thumb up in approval. The screen then transitions to a view outside, where Robotnik is now standing at the podium. Two cameras that say, TV are floating near him to film him.]

Robotnik: And so, I've decided to dedicate my luxury resort to Mobius' first citizen. A bundle of good looks and sheer genius, all wrapped up in that lovable package we call me!

[The monitor on the leftmost side fuzzes. The citizens of Mobius then cheer and applaud.]

Robotnik: It all began many years ago when I was a child.

[Robotnik picks up a stack of papers with both his hands and sets them down near the podium. He then picks up one of the papers with his right hand and reads over it.]

Robotnik: I captured my nanny, and became dictator of the nursery!

[Unknown to Robotnik, Sonic, Tails, and Ditso are ducked below him, preparing to sabotage his speech. Ditso is wearing headphones and holding a control panel in his left hand, pressing buttons on it with his right index finger. The control panel beeps, and Sonic holds up his right arm, with three fingers, then two, then one. He then looks at the watch on his left wrist, which has the small hand on the "12" and the big hand on the "3".]

Sonic: Ready on phase one!
Ditso: Roger!
Sonic: My name's not "Roger", but go for it anyway!
Robotnik: And then, when I was a handsome lad of two...

[Ditso presses a button on the control panel with his right index finger, and a picture of Robotnik's head with a pig's snout on a pig's body appears on the monitor. The citizens of Mobius all laugh at the picture.]

Robotnik: Eh? Eh, uh, yes. Ha ha. Well, I suppose my youth was amusing. Ha ha ha ha. Now, when I first realized I was destined to be your invincible leader...

[The monitor switches to display a picture of Robotnik naked in the shower, holding a brush in his left hand, and covering his body. The citizens of Mobius all laugh at the picture.]

Robotnik: Hey! What's going on here with...

[The citizens of Mobius all point to the monitor with their right index fingers. Robotnik looks up at the monitor and stares in shock.]

Robotnik: What?!

[Robotnik sees the picture of him naked in the shower. Scratch and Grounder are standing near the podium, laughing hysterically.]

Scratch and Grounder: Bwahahahahaha!

[Robotnik ducks down at Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Cut the monitors! Cut the monitors!

[Scratch, who is trying to contain himself from laughing, clamps his left hand over his beak. He then ducks, then stands back up, holding the plug to the monitor in his left hand. The citizens of Mobius continue laughing as the monitor shuts off. The citizens of Mobius stop laughing and gasp as Robotnik gets back up to the podium.]

Robotnik: Oh, uh, just a little technical problem. Now, as I was saying about myself...

[Sonic now points to his watch with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Okay, proceed to phase two!
Tails: Allow me!

[Tails presses the red button on the control panel with his right index finger. Robotnik is now holding a pice of paper in his right hand, which he reads over.]

Robotnik: And that's why, today, I'm a...
Sonic [heard over the intercom]: Toad-faced, egg-bellied slimeball!

[Robotnik stares in shock and drops the piece of paper. The citizens of Mobius all laugh again.]

Robotnik: No! No!

[Robotnik slams his left fist on the podium and slams it on the podium.]

Robotnik: It's that hedgehog! Find him!

[Robotnik slams both his fists on the podium as Scratch and Grounder run away. They run towards the other side of the podium, where Torch and O-Zone, both of whom are holding bags in both their hands, are. Torch scoops Scratch up in his bag, and O-Zone scoops Grounder up in his bag.]

Grounder [heard inside the bag]: Hey!
Scratch [heard inside the bag]: Hey!

[Scratch and Grounder grumble unintelligibly from inside the bags, and back at the podium, Robotnik laughs nervously.]

Robotnik Yes, uh, we all love a good joke, uh. Uh, why don't we just move on to the cutting of the cake?

[Robotnik runs into the kitchen, and walks up to the cake. He picks up the knife next to it with his right hand, but before he can cut the cake, six snakes pop out of it.]

Robotnik: [screams] Snakes! Snakes!

[The snakes slither towards Robotnik, who jumps onto a chair.]

Wolfgang: Ha ha! It is an old family recipe!
Robotnik: Oh, forget the cake! I'll cut the ribbon!

[Robotnik jumps off the chair and runs away. He runs up to the ribbon, where Tails is standing, holding a pair of golden scissors in his left hand. Robotnik takes the scissors from with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Thanks!

[Tails runs away as Robotnik grabs the ribbon with his left hand and cuts it with the scissors. The entrance begins to rumble, and he runs away.]

Robotnik: Yeow!

[The entrance falls to pieces. When the dust clears, Robotnik stands next to the rubble.]


[Robotnik jumps in the air furiously twice.]

Robotnik: How am I supposed to turn Mobians into slaves if he keeps ruining all of my plans?!

[Sonic, who is now holding a microphone in his right hand, is standing next to Robotnik. Torch and Peeper are holding the cameras in both their hands, and are using them to film Sonic and Robotnik.]

Sonic: Too bad, blubber belly! You just told that to all of Mobius!

[Robotnik turns to face Sonic.]

Robotnik: Huh?

[Robotnik looks up at himself and Sonic on the monitor. The citizens of Mobius boo and throw tomatoes at Robotnik with their right hands. One of the leaves lands on Robotnik's nose.]

Robotnik: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonic: [chuckles] So, I guess you won't be getting as many customers as you thought, huh?

[A tomato lands on Robotnik's head.]

Sonic: Oooh, tomatoes! My favorite!

[Robotnik growls as Sonic grabs the tomato with his right hand and runs away. Steam emits from Robotnik's head.]

Robotnik: I'll get you for this! I will! I will! I will!

[Robotnik runs his right thumb and index finger through his mustache.]

Robotnik: So, you wanted to save your little robot rejects, eh? Well, I'm going to flood their valley anyway!

[Robotnik runs towards the podium and jumps onto it. He pulls the lever with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Ugh!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. Just then, a huge rumbling sound is heard, and a geyser pushes the podium into the air.]

Robotnik: No!

[Many geysers are now spraying water through the entrance. Sonic, Tails, Ditso, Torch, Wolfgang, and Peeper watch in the distance, and Sonic points at Robotnik with his left index finger.]

Sonic: Oh, forgot to tell you, egg-breath, we've changed your water pipes around a little.

[Sonic, Tails, Ditso, Torch, Wolfgang, and Peeper all laugh, and Tails turns towards Ditso and hugs him. Sonic gives Torch a high-four with his right hand and Torch's right hand.]

Tails: Wow! You guys were super!

[Torch blows out fire.]

Torch: Yeah, we were pretty good, weren't we?

[Wolfgang turned towards Sonic.]

Wolfgang: Heh, I guess Sonic showed us that we weren't such losers as we thought!
Sonic: Losers? No way! All that stuff you thought was wrong with you turned out to be just what we needed!
Ditso: And I've already got a master plan to turn what's left of Club Robotnik into Scrap Valley Robot Condos! Ha ha! [snort] Well, once it dries out a little.

[Wolfgang reaches from offscreen with his right arm and pulls Tails away. He now has Sonic in his left arm.]

Wolfgang: To celebrate, I'll make you all a special dinner tonight; Worm Guts Ala Wolfgang!

[Sonic looks at his watch and points to it with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Oh, my, where does the time go? Sorry, Wolfie, maybe later!
Tails: Yeah, much later!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. Wolfgang rolls after them.]

Wolfgang: I'll save you some!

[The screen irises out, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails are in Scrap Valley.]

Tails: Whoa! Where'd all this garbage come from, Sonic?
Sonic: You and me, little bro! You and me!

[As Sonic talks to the viewers, scenes of Tails unwrapping a CD with his left hand and tossing the wrapper in a nearby trash can, and Tails carrying a box that says, PIZZA on it are seen.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Every time you buy something with unnecessary packaging, or order food in styrofoam take-out boxes, you're part of the problem!

[Sonic and Tails walk up to one of the scrap piles in Scrap Valley.]

Sonic: Trash adds up fast! But you can help; be a smart shopper, recycle, fix things, don't throw them away!