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Sonic Gets Thrashed

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"Sonic Gets Thrashed" is the twenty-first episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the twenty-first episode, it aired as the thirty-second episode during the show's original run.




Sonic costumes

  • Pizza Delivery man


Dr. Robotnik has invented Club Robotnik, a luxury escape that captures its guests and makes them into his slaves.

Sonic and Tails find themselves in Scrap Valley where they meet Wallace A. Ditso and Torch who introduce them to their society of mechanically challenged robots. Ditso tells Sonic of a project that Robotnik is working on and Sonic goes to investigate.

Sonic and Tails spot Robotnik's blimp, so Sonic goes in disguised as a pizza delivery boy. He pulls a trap door that makes Scratch and Grounder fall out of the blimp. Robotnik gets Sonic in a trap. After the commercial break, Scratch and Grounder are somehow back on the blimp guarding Sonic as Robotnik reveals his plans to flood Scrap Valley and create Robotnik Lagoon. Robotnik and Scratch leave with Grounder guarding Sonic. Robotnik mentions he will use Sonic as target practice with his new Hedgehog Harpoon. Sonic tricks Grounder into releasing him. Sonic tells Scratch and Robotnik that he's escaped. The three villains chase Sonic up on top of the blimp. Robotnik fires his Hedgehog Harpoon and pops the blimp.

Sonic returns to Scrap Valley where he tells the robots about Robotnik's plan. They are suddenly attacked by a giant Crab Compactor that eats their buildings and excretes them out as little cubes. Outraged, the rejected robots agree to assemble with Sonic and Tails to take down Dr. Robotnik. They all go through the resort and sabotage everything from the pipes to the food.

At the opening of the resort, Robotnik is giving a speech, dedicating the place to himself. The audience drown him out with laughter as Sonic and Ditso project pictures on the large screen of Robotnik as a pig and Robotnik naked in the shower. Even Scratch and Grounder laugh. Scratch unplugs the screens, but Sonic replaces Robotnik's microphone with his own voice insulting him. Robotnik tries to cut the cake but gets scared by the snakes keeping its shape. Chef Wolfgang Puke laughs at the doctor saying that he about he "fell for it". Robotnik jumps to the cutting of the ribbon, but because of all the sabotage, the ribbon was the only thing holding the resort together. Once it is cut the entire place collapses and Robotnik yells, "I hate that Hedgehog! I hate him, I hate him! How am I supposed to turn Mobians into slaves if he keeps ruining my plans?" Sonic reveals to Robotnik that he was on TV as he said that and all the Mobians in the audience turn on Robotnik and hit him with fruit.

For the sake of revenge, Robotnik pulls the lever to flood Scrap Valley, but because of the sabotage the water comes up from under Robotnik and sends him up in the air.

Ditso declares that they can use what's left of Club Robotnik to rebuild Scrap Valley.

Sonic Sez

Sonic teaches Tails to recycle and reuse things instead of throwing them away.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Sonic part à la casse Sonic goes to the scrapyard
German Die Ferienfalle The vacation trap
Italian Che nessuno si avvicini Nobody comes near
Japanese ソニックちゃんは叩くした Sonic gets hit
Portuguese (Portugal) O Salvamento Do Vale Sucata Saving The Junk Valley
Spanish (Spain) Sonic en el vertedero Sonic in the landfill
Spanish (Latin America) El valle de los desechos The Valley of Waste


  • The alternate names for this episode are "Sonic Gets Trashed" and "Scrap Valley".
  • Sonic calls Torch, "Dragon Breath" which is the name of a different Robot from the episode "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad" and the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • Scrap Valley makes another appearance in the episode "The Robots' Robot".
  • The scene where Sonic ruins Robotnik's speech is similar to a scene in the movie Batman Returns, where Bruce Wayne and Alfred ruin the Penguin's speech by playing back the bad things that he said about Gotham City and revealing his true colors to the public.