Sonic Generations is a manga published by Dengeki Nintendo DS (now Dengeki Nintendo) on 11 September 2011 until 2012. It was drawn and written by Makoto Hirono.


Tails invites Sonic to a birthday party where all his friends are waiting for him. Sonic thanks Tails and runs to the party. He greets them, but all his friends are staring at him in silence. Knuckles asks who he is. Sonic, confused, says: I’m the worldwide known hero, Sonic the Hedgehog! My favorite food is chili-dogs!

Tails then tells Sonic to look to his side. Sonic looks and sees a smaller version of himself. Modern Sonic claims that he is the real Sonic and gets in an argument with Classic Sonic. To resolve this, Modern Sonic challenges Classic Sonic to a speed challenge. Tails says this is nonsense, but Classic agrees. Tails shoots a pistol in the air and the two hedgehogs race through Green Hill.

Tails and Amy watch the two race and both agree they are about equal in speed. Modern Sonic starts to doubt himself, but then the hedgehogs come to a grinding halt when a Moto Bug and Buzz Bomber get in their way. The two heroes Spin Dash and destroy the two Badniks. Afterwards, the two hedgehogs befriend each other. As Tails, Knuckles, and Amy look for the two Sonic's, they find them having a picnic in Green Hill eating chili dogs.

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