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This is the script for the storyline of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

Event 1

[Scene: Green Hill.]

[Classic Sonic hearing some rumbling noises.]
Classic Sonic: ?! !
[Suddenly a Time Hole appears and fades to white.]

[Scene Change: Present time.]

[Sonic is coming to the birthday party too early.]
Tails: Wha--?!
Sonic: Hey, Tails! So what's up? You wanted me to meet you here, right?
Tails: Uh oh. You're early, Sonic...
Sonic: Of course I am. I'm the fastest thing alive, remember? What, is there a problem?
Tails: Well yeah... We were actually getting ready to throw you a surprise birthday party.
Sonic: Oh, Er... Oh! Sorry about that. I mean, thanks for doing this, Tails!
Tails: You're welcome! Of course it would've been better if you came after everyone was here...
Sonic: I can do another lap around the planet and come back, if you want.
Tails: Um no, that's okay. I mean, you already found out, so why don't you just sit down and wait? [Tails gets a chili dog wrapped in a bow.]
Sonic: Whoa, that looks good!
Tails: Don't start yet, Sonic! You should wait until everyone else gets here!
Sonic: I don't like waiting. Hey, this one with the ribbon is for me, right?
Tails: Well, yeah... I wonder what's taking everybody so long?
[Some rumbling noises heard.]
Sonic: Whoa!
Tails: Sonic! Look!
[Suddenly a Time Hole appears.]
Sonic: Wha--?!
Tails: Whoa! Sonic!
Sonic: Tails!
Tails: Whoaaaa! I'm getting sucked in!
Sonic: Hey! What's going on?!
[Sonic runs towards the Time Eater, and jumps forward to attack. But the Time Eater swats him aside.]
Sonic: Rgh!
Tails: Help me, Sonic!
[Tails gets sucked into a Time Hole. The screen turns white.]

[Scene Change: White Space.]

[Sonic wakes up.]
Sonic: Where am I? Where's Tails?
[Sonic looks around and sees Green Hill Zone in a white state.]
Sonic: Hm? What's that? That seems kinda familiar. Time to go take a look! [Sonic runs towards it.]

Event 2

[Scene: White Space.]

[Sonic saved Tails from the statue when turned to normal.]
Tails: Thanks, Sonic! I thought I was dead for sure! Floating without a body in a dark void... I'm gonna have nightmares about this for weeks!
Sonic: Well, I'm glad your okay. Is it just me, or does this place seem awfully familiar?
Tails: Hm... Not really to me... But it looks like something sucked all the life and color out this place. Really strange, huh?
Sonic: No stranger than rescuing genies in magic books, or saving aliens in an interstellar amusement park. First things first. Let's figure out what this place is!
Tails: Hey Sonic, there's something over there in the distance. It looks dark. Maybe it's nighttime. And over there... A giant mushroom?!
Sonic: That might be good place to check out! I'll be back soon! [Runs to the Casino Night.]
[Classic Sonic arrives and sees Tails.]
Classic Sonic: ?
Tails: Wow, you weren't kidding when you said soon! I though you were leaving
Classic Sonic: ?
[Classic Sonic runs off and Tails facepalms.]

Event 3

[Scene: Casino Night.]

[Tails spots Sonic.]
Tails: You're back, Sonic!
Sonic: Hey, Tails!
Tails: We've been here before, haven't we? The bright neon lights, the big slot machines...
Sonic: You're right, Tails. This place is giving me a pretty bad case of déjà vu. Time to find out what's going on here!

Event 4

[Scene: Mushroom Hill.]

Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Hiya, Tails!
Tails: I remember this place, too! All these mushrooms! It was, uh...
Sonic: Yeah, I remember it too. What the heck is going on?

Event 5

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

[Modern Sonic sees Classic Sonic in the mirror.]
Modern and Classic Sonic: ...
Modern and Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: Oh, it's just the a mirror.
Dr. Eggman: Take a good look at yourself, Sonic!
Modern Sonic: Eggman?!
Dr. Eggman: It's the last look you'll get before I close your eyes forever! Oh ho ho ho!
[Classic Sonic runs towards the glowing door. Modern Sonic notices this.]
Modern Sonic: What?! The me in the mirror is... Huh? Hang on just a minute!
[Modern Sonic tries to jump through the glowing door, but the door closes, blocking him out.]
Modern Sonic: Oof. He beat me to it!
Classic Sonic: !
Dr. Eggman: Oh ho ho ho! Welcome, Sonic! Allow me to introduce to you... My masterpiece, Metal Sonic!
Classic Sonic: ?!

Event 6

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

[Eggman lies in the wreckage of the Big Arm.]
Dr. Eggman: Arrrgh * Chough! Chough!*
Classic Sonic: ...
[Rumbling noises continues.]
Classic Sonic: ?!
[The Time Eater appears.]
Classic Sonic: !
Dr. Eggman: What?! No! No! Sonic! Save me! Whaaugh!
[The Time Eater pulls Eggman into the Time Hole and disappears.]

[Scene Change: White Space.]

[Both Modern and Classic Sonic looking at each other.]
Modern Sonic: !
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: I can't believe there's two of me.
Classic Sonic: ...
Modern Sonic: And two of Tails, too.
Classic Tails: Doubles of both of us...
Modern Tails: Places and enemies from the past...
Modern and Classic Tails: We're travelling through time and space!
Modern Sonic: How did this happen?
Modern Tails: I think it's got something to do with that big thing that just kidnapped Eggman.
Classic Tails: It sounds like the same thing that kidnapped you. I mean me. I mean, you know what I mean!
[The area suddenly shakes as the Time Eater appears again.]
Modern Tails: There it is!
[The Time Eater disappears.]
Classic Tails: Where'd it go?
Modern Sonic: We need to find that thing, and fast!
[Classic Sonic spots Spinner.]
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: Leave this to me! Ha! [Modern Sonic attacks Spinner with a Homing Attack.]
Classic Sonic: ?!
Modern Sonic: Not done yet! [Modern Sonic continues attacking Spinner with a Homing Attack.]
Modern Sonic: Ha! Ha!
[Spinner defeated.]
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: That move's called a Homing Attack! Want to give it a try?
Classic Sonic: 🎵
[Classic Sonic does the same move as Modern Sonic.]
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: Hey, not bad at all!
Classic Sonic: 🎵
Modern Sonic: It's hard to believe that's your first time trying it! Now that you can do that, it might be to go back to places you've already been, to see what else you can find.
Classic Sonic: !
[Classic Sonic runs off.]
Modern Sonic: Whoa! What? Oh boy...

Event 7

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

Modern Tails: So I think I've pieced together more of what's happening... and it's not good.
[Modern Tails is interrupted as the Time Eater does another flyby.]
Classic Tails: When that thing goes through time, it tears space apart. It leaves areas empty and dead and sticks them in this weird, white limbo.
Modern Tails: But when the Sonics accelerate through time, they fix space, returning color and life!
Modern Sonic: Then I guess we have to run like there's no tomorrow, or there won't be a tomorrow!
Classic Sonic: 🎵
Modern Sonic: Whoa, it looks like we've got company. Let me handle this!

Event 8

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

Modern Tails: I never expected to see Biolizard again!
Modern Sonic: Eh, that was easy. I fought him before, after all.
Modern Tails: You've brought back quite a bit of this world. You're doing great, Sonic!
Classic Tails: You mean, "You're doing great, Sonics"
Modern Tails: Right. I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that.
[Another rumble occurs as the Time Eater flies by again.]
Classic Tails: Wah!
Modern Tails: What?!
Modern Sonic: Watch out!
[Time Eater flies into the Chaos Emerald, but is repelled by a surge of energy. It appears to be in pain for a moment, then disappears into another Time Hole.]
Modern Sonic: That's a Chaos Emerald!
Classic Tails: ... That monster sure didn't like that Emerald!
Modern Tails: The Chaos Emeralds are more powerful when they're together so...
Modern and Classic Tails: We need to collect all seven of them!
Classic Tails: Once we collect the Chaos Emeralds we'll use them to defeat that monster...
Modern Tails: And then we restore the world to the way it was before!
Classic Tails: You guys have your work cut out for you!
Modern Sonic: An adventure's just no fun if it's too easy! Don't you think?
Classic Tails: That's Sonic for you!
Modern Tails: I figured you'd say that, so I have a little present for you. [Modern Tails starts whispering to Modern Sonic.]
Modern Sonic: Huh? Uh huh, okay...
[Modern Tails stops whispering]
Modern Sonic: Whoa, that's a great idea! Sounds awesome, Tails!
Modern Tails: Then here you go! [gives new shoes to Modern Sonic.]
Modern Sonic: Thanks, Tails! Let's give 'em a try, then.
[Modern Sonic wears them and tries new move.]
Classic Tails: What were you doing?
Modern Tails: I made Sonic's shoes lighter by approximately 30%. If my design works, it'll let him move more freely, even in midair.
Classic Tails: Interesting! Maybe I can do that for my Sonic, too.
Modern Tails: Sure, I'll show you how to do it later.
Classic Tails: Thanks! This is kinda weird, though, isn't it?
Modern Tails: Hm? What's weird?
Classic Tails: I'm getting tips from myself!
Modern Tails: Ha ha ha! That's right!
Modern Sonic: Hah!
[Modern Sonic tries a Stomp move.]
Classic Tails: Wow, what's that?
Modern Tails: That's move's called a Stomp.
Modern Sonic: These are great, Tails! Thanks!
Modern Tails: No problem!

Event 9

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

[Another rumbling noises coming.]
Classic Tails: S-Sonic!
[The Time Eater appears again.]
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: Ha!
[Modern Sonic tries to attack the Time Eater with a Boost but it disappears.]
Classic Tails: Thanks, Sonic...
Classic Sonic: ?!
Modern Sonic: Pretty cool, isn't it? It's called a Boost. You'll be able to do it pretty soon, too.
Classic Sonic: 🎵

Event 10

[Scene: Boss Gate.]

[Eggman crashes to the ground in front of the wreckage of the Egg Emperor.]
Dr. Eggman: (chough, chough) Oooooh, I can't believe this! I was supposed to beat you this time.
Modern Sonic: Aw, I'm sorry! I didn't get that memo. Maybe that's why I beat you every time! Maybe you don't know this yet... But seriously, we beat this guy every time. It's like it's our job or something!
Modern Tails: What's Eggman's even doing here? I thought you said he'd been kidnapped by that big weird thing that send us to this place!
[The Time Eater suddenly appears, snatches up Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Wah?!
[The Time Eater disappears again.]
Classic Tails: See? He was kidnapped. This is getting stranger all the time.

Event 11

[Scene: Final Gate.]

[The Time Eater floats, as both Sonics and both Tails run/fly up to it.]
Modern Sonic: Okay, whatever you are. If you want to avoid getting your butt kicked, you'd better give up now!
Dr. Eggman: You're not in a position to demand anything, you little nasty little pincushion!
Modern Tails: Eggman! But how?
Classic Dr. Eggman: He had a little help.
Classic Tails: Dr. Robotnik!
Classic Dr. Eggman: Nobody calls me that anymore! If you would be so kind as to explain, gentleman genius Dr. Eggman from the future?
Modern Dr. Eggman: It will be my pleasure, most excellent and efficacious Dr. Eggman of the past. After my most recent setback, I stumbled upon the primordial from of this Time Eater. Which I discovered had amazing abilities even I have never been able to master. It could erase time and space! I then had the brilliant idea I would use my discovery to undo my previous defeats! In order to perfect it, I needed the help of somebody as smart as I am. And the only person that smart... is me!
Classic Dr. Eggman: Oh, you are too kind, my dear future self! And I was happy to help!
Modern Dr. Eggman: And while I was at it, I decided to trap you in this world as well.
Modern Tails: But the more your monster tears through time, the more damage you do the world!
Modern Dr. Eggman: The world? I'm going to OWN the world when I'm finished with Sonic! OH HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!
Classic Dr. Eggman: You mean WE'RE going to own the world! OH HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!
Modern Sonic: I can't listen to any more of this. I beat you all the time by myself. And now there's two of me!
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Dr. Eggman: Then I'll have twice as much fun defeating you!
[The Time Eater starts blasting at the Sonics, who split up in different directions.]
Modern Sonic: Look out! Oof!
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Dr. Eggman: Move all you want! I'm still going to stomp you into a blue jelly.
Modern Sonic: Gah!
Modern Dr. Eggman: The Time Eater obliterates time and space! Did you really think you could escape him just by running around? Oh ho ho ho! Now it's time to meat your doom, Sonics!
Classic Sonic: !
Modern and Classic Tails: Whoaaaaaa!
Modern Sonic: Tails! Are you okay?!
Modern Tails: Owww, I think so...
Modern Sonic: Why did you do that?!
Modern Tails: Heh heh.
Classic Tails: I wanted to help, too... Sorry, Sonic.
Classic Sonic : ... !
Modern Sonic: We can't let Tails do all the hard work here, can we, partner?
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Dr. Eggman: Hm? That light?!
Classic Dr. Eggman: Th-The Chaos Emeralds?!
Classic Sonic: !
Modern Sonic: It's time to end this! Time to show 'em what we can do!
[Both Modern and Classic Sonic have turned into Super Sonic.]
Modern Super Sonic: Let's do this!
Classic Super Sonic: !

Event 12

[Scene: Present time.]

Modern Tails: This place... We're back at the party!
Modern Sonic: Still warn. Nice. The benefits of time travel! Hey, Sonic. It was great teaming up with you. Hope that Boost helps you out in the future. I mean the past. You know what I mean!
Classic Sonic: 🎵
[Classic Sonic tries a Boost move.]
Modern Sonic: Dude, sweet! And you're only gonna get better.
[The gate suddenly shrinks.]
Classic Tails: The gate back to our world is getting smaller! We'd better go, Sonic.
Modern Tails: I wish we had more time... Take care, you two!
Classic Tails: You, too! Bye...
Classic Sonic: ...
Modern Sonic: Hey, Sonic! Enjoy your future. It's gonna be great!
[Classic Sonic gives a thumbs up and both Classic Sonic and Tails leave the gate]

Event 13

[Scene: White Space.]

Modern Dr. Eggman: Are you sure you saw a door over here?
Classic Dr. Eggman: What?! You were the one who said you saw a door over here!
Modern Dr. Eggman: Well, I know it was one of us. Shut up and keep looking.
Classic Dr. Eggman: What time is it?
Modern Dr. Eggman: It's the same time as when you asked before and it will be the same time when you ask later. There's no time here!
Classic Dr. Eggman: Let me just say that this was a brilliant plan that you came up with.
Modern Dr. Eggman: Don't get too self-righteous. It'll be your plan pretty soon.
Classic Dr. Eggman: (Why would anyone try this stupid plan twice?!)
Modern Dr. Eggman: I heard that.
Classic Dr. Eggman: So tell me something... Do we ever win?
Modern Dr. Eggman: There are times when we come close! Very, very close indeed!
Classic Dr. Eggman: So... No?
Modern Dr. Eggman: ...
Classic Dr. Eggman: (sigh) That's encouraging. I can only pray for that I don't end up like you.
Modern Dr. Eggman: Good luck with that!
Classic Dr. Eggman: By the way, Dr. Eggman... What time is it?

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