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This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Generations.

Scrapped versions[]

According to a leaked correspondence, Sonic Generations was meant to be made as part of deal between Sega of America and Sony Corporation of America for their consoles under the original working title "Sonic Anniversary." Also, back then, there were not additional ports for the Xbox 360 or PC. However, later sources from Madrid’s Gamefest 2010 confirmed that the game was meant to be a combination of 2D and 3D gameplay, and would have been developed for the Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. When asked about whether or not it was planned for the Xbox 360, the employee indicated that talks were still going.[1]

With the game's official release, it is uncertain how far the Wii, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS versions got in development, though sources suggest that they were cancelled early in said development.[1]

On 25 May 2017, the video game preservation group Obscure Gamers obtained a debug backup disc of the PlayStation Portable version of the game dating back to November 2009. The disk was damaged with recovery seemingly impossible; however, 14 MB of data would be saved.[2] In July 2020, along with the announcement that the majority of the data was lost, some images of basic UI assets were revealed. These included the logo for Sonic Anniversary, PSP button prompts, a debug menu, and an image from a level, possibly Mushroom Hill.[3]

Classic Sonic's voice[]

According to Aaron Webber, Sega had considered that Jaleel White should have voiced Classic Sonic. However, due to the idea of Classic Sonic having a voice being dropped early in development, and many insisted that Classic Sonic should remain mute, White was never contacted and the idea was scrapped.[1][4]

Big the Cat[]

During the game's development, Big the Cat was going to be apart of the game's story line being voiced by Kyle Hebert.[citation needed] Though this idea was scrapped for unknown reasons, he is still credited within the final game. While Big did make a return in Lego Dimensions, he was voiced by Oliver Wyman instead.

Unused Text[]

Wisp Skills[]

At some point, the Orange Rocket and Pink Spikes Color Powers from Planet Wisp were going to work in every stage as equipable Skills. However, this idea was scrapped in the final version of the game, although text descriptions of these Skills remained in the game files:

  • "Turns Sonic into an Orange Rocket to fly up."
  • "Turns Sonic into Pink Spikes- Cling to surfaces!"

Super Sonic[]

Relating to the Character sections of the Collection Room, with fourteen characters each having their own biography. However, text files for Super Sonic also exist as well.

"The name give to Sonic's ultimate form when he is transformed through the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic is more powerful than normal as Super Sonic, but he can remain so for only a short time due to the tremendous amounts of energy required."

Unused music[]

The game holds a few unused jingles and an earlier version of the Green Hill HUB song. The first jingle would have played when Modern Sonic got Invincible. While this is unused in the console version, the tune was implemented into the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. The second is a unused jingle for when obtaining a 1-Up, which was also unused in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.

Music track Description
An unused part for the Silver fight, it is separated from the original soundtrack as "Pt2"
The beta Invincible music
Beta Green Hill theme
Beta 1-Up music
A remix of Cyber Track from Sonic Advance 3 that was meant for "Skill: Time Break"

Planet Wisp[]


The environment map for Planet Wisp is made of screenshots shot with Sonic Team's developer program. The six parts of the image, when assembled together to form a cube, all show Modern Sonic running through the air in a nondescript location in Planet Wisp. Just below his feet is a ball made of red wires, which indicates the use of a 3D rotation tool. In addition, the last two sides are duplicates of the first two.

Sega Genesis Controller[]

While the PC version of Sonic Generations did not include the Sega Genesis Controller in the final game, the game files still holds its HUB song and shop icon.


Sonic Battle EN logo

Image shows the English version of the Sonic Battle logo

Found where the game logos that are used for the music collection is a logo of Sonic Battle, which exists for both English and Japanese versions. This could indicate that a song was meant added in the collection for the player to select to play in the Music section of the Collection Room or in a stage. The only music from this game that is played in the final game is a remastered version of Emerald Beach in some of the missions, such as "Rouge: The Bombardier", which could indicate that the song was planned to be used on more than just a few Challenge Acts.

Unused mission type[]

In the game files, there are some mission objectives that never got into the game. Those include:

  • Destroying a certain amount of enemies to finish the act.
  • Controlling the Boost Gauge measure.
  • The number of Skills required to the mission.

Note that these mission requirements are used in the 3DS version of the game.

Unused game icons[]

Image Description
Sonic Generations Unused Super Peel Out
Found amongst the Skill icons is an image of what appears to be the Super Peel Out that was meant as a skill item to equip on Classic Sonic. This most likely went unused due to the Spindash.
Sonic Generations Unused Coin
Found amongst the stage icons is what seems to be an image of a coin-like object. The coin has a emblem of an egg with a stand underneath it.

Sonic Unleashed leftovers[]

Despite the fact that Sonic Unleashed did not get a PC port, Sonic Generations' PC version has a lot of leftovers from the said game:

There are also several icons for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Werehog still in the game, like the Werehog's 1-Up icon.

Renderer and shader tables[]

The renders in Sonic Unleashed use a more intense motion blur than the ones found in Sonic Generations. Also, Sonic Unleashed displays angular shadows, although this mechanic is still found the Sonic Generations' game files. In addition, there are logos, Hint pictures and inventory icons from Sonic Unleashed present in the game files for Sonic Generations.

Debug images[]

Some images from the Sonic Unleashed debugger are found under a file called "reddog", which were used in a beta screenshot of Sonic Unleashed.[5]

Characters headers[]

Ui balloon word 1

The reflected characters headers, along with the unused Omochao one.

In one of the Time Eater's game files, there exist several mirrored images of the characters' names in different languages, each printed on a color header matching the characters' primary color scheme. These images even include headers for Metal Sonic and Omochao, even though neither of these characters appeared for the final boss battle.

Unused options[]

OnIce2D/OnIce3D option[]

There are unused friction/acceleration/velocity-related settings for ice surfaces in Sonic Generations. Curiously though, there are no winter-themed Stages in the game.

4:3 Mode[]

Sonic Generations 4x3 Mode

There is a mode that changes whether the game displays in 16:9 widescreen (set by default for all released consoles) or not, leftover from the cancelled Wii release of the game onto the PC port, with cornucopia of bugs, involving broken HUD positioning, and FOV correction for stage cameras, but with frustum clipping outside the 16:9 region. The aspect ratio, also is maintained to it's original widescreen ratio, regardless if widescreen's disabled.[6]

Homing Attack with X button[]

There is an unused option that can change the Homing Attack's button to "X". But if this option is set to "true", the Homing Attack can be performed by pressing the "X" button, although it will disable the Jump Dash for both Classic and Modern Sonic. Also, the player will be unable to Double Jump when equipped with Elemental Shields.

Foot Sweep[]


Sonic Generations- Foot Sweep Kick

The Foot Sweep from Sonic Unleashed exists in the Sonic Generations game files, but is unused. If a user reactivates it, Modern Sonic will be able to utilize it in gameplay. However, the move seems to be incomplete as it does not create a blue aura when used and causes enemies hit by it to freeze up and then break apart without displaying a proper destruction animation.[7]

Unused Sonic parameters[]


Friction/acceleration/velocity settings related to ice surfaces. However, since there are no winter-themed levels in the game, these settings are unused. They can be used and restored through mods.


  • <XButtonHoming>false</XButtonHoming>

Text indicating that the player could at one point change XboxX/Square to be the Homing Attack (and also do an Air Dash), just like in Sonic Unleashed. The same thing also goes for Classic Sonic, but must have the Homing Attack Skill unlocked from the Skill Shop. However, he is then unable to activate the Double Jump ability of Elemental Shields, which is possibly part of the idea of why it was scrapped.

Unused animations[]

HUD Elements[]

There are a number of unused animations that were meant to be used for the Time Eater boss fight. Interestingly, there are boost bars that are either empty or being filled up:

Animation File Description
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No1
change_c2g An animation of switching from Classic Sonic to Modern Sonic, with Classic Sonic's Boost Gauge empty.
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No2
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No3
change-g2c An animation of switching from Modern Sonic to Classic Sonic.
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No4
cl_gauge_size_1 An animation of switching from Classic Sonic to Modern Sonic with Classic Sonic's Boost Gauge refilling.
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No5
gn_gauge_size_1 An animation of switching from Classic Sonic to Modern Sonic along with his Boost Gauge being filled when in control of him.
SonicGenerations UnusedHUDAnim No6
Intro_Anim An animation of switching from Classic Sonic to Modern Sonic.

Character animations[]

Two unused animations of Tails for walking and running. While he does do these actions in cutscenes, these were possibly planned to be used differently.

Anmation Filename
Tl walk loop.anm
Tl run loop.anm.hkx

Unused Sound Effects[]

The sound effects in the game's files are mostly duplicates. Most of these files have aberrations for both Classic Sonic (CL) and Modern Sonic (GE) for their filenames (they are also separated by numbers, being ones for Classic Sonic and twos for Modern Sonic). Some of them are even exclusive to one character, where the other Sonic may not have it at all. Even so, there are still some that can be found unused.



The following clips here are leftovers that were used from previous game entries of the series.

Clip Filename Description


A Hint Ring, as said in the files, which was used in previous Sonic games (such as Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)). Though a simple leftover, this was replaced with Omochao that can be found throughout the game.


"Navi" in the filename references Chip from Sonic Unleashed and thus is a leftover from that game.

Synth_4000000_object_4002000_OBJ_CMN_GE_4002_046_reaction_pnl01_aif Synth_4000000_object_4002000_OBJ_CMN_GE_4002_047_reaction_pnl02_aif

Reaction Springs and Action Pads from Sonic Unleashed. There are no Quick-Time events in this game, thus rendering these clips unused.


Clip Filename Description


While the filenames says it's meant to be a trick for the player to do, via Rainbow Rings and Trick Jump Panels, this clip sounds more of the game's ranking leaderboard with what sounds like a "perfect clear" or something like that.
Synth_4000000_object_4001000_OBJ_CMN_CL_4001_055_slctcanon_aif The filename suggests that it relates to the cannons. It's unknown what this could be, aside it's possible abbreviation "select cannon".
Synth_4000000_object_4002000_OBJ_CMN_GE_4002_065_grindrail_brk_aif Judging by this filename "grindrail_brk", this would indicate that grind rails would break as the player grinded on them. None of the grind rails in the game break, it's possible this would've been used for Crisis City.
Synth_4000000_object_4002000_OBJ_CMN_GE_4002_067_bobble_02_aif A bobble sound effect. Unknown what it could be used for, but may relate to general system sound effects. like the settings or friend speech bubble icons.
N/A Synth_4000000_object_4002000_OBJ_CMN_GE_4002_999_dummy_aif As the filename suggests, this clip was used for testing purposes. The file is a 0kb mp3, meaning this clip will not play as the file itself is empty.



The filenames for both the Buzzer and Buzz Bomber Badniks use the same filename. This clip here is exclusive to the Buzzer Badnik as the Buzz Bombers do not attack in the game.

Clip Filename Description


The filename suggests that it would've been used to fire it's projectiles at the player. However, this clip sound more like the Badnik itself as if it's shutting down. Unless this would've been used for the Buzz Bombers, as they don't attack in the game, it's unknown what this clip would've been used for exactly.


Found for the files under it's Japanese name (Lander), there are two clips that are used in the final game for each character. However, there are an additional three clips for both Sonics that can be found.

Clip Filename Description
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5091000_ENM_LAN_CL_5091_002_seek_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5092000_ENM_LAN_GE_5092_002_seek_aif
Like many of the Badniks in the game, such as the Egg Fighters and Egg Pawns, the Badnik would it surroundings. These Badniks don't seem to do that here.
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5091000_ENM_LAN_CL_5091_003_turn_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5092000_ENM_LAN_GE_5092_003_turn_aif
While the Spiny does turn to face the player and attack, this clip does not get used. In fact, the clip that does get used is it's "001_move" that is also found for the badnik in the game's files.
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5091000_ENM_LAN_CL_5091_004_charge_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5092000_ENM_LAN_GE_5092_004_charge_aif
Possibly for charging up an attack, like some of the enemies do in the game. Since the badnik doesn't charge it's attack, this goes unused.

GUN Hunter[]

Clip Filename Description
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5121000_ENM_GHT_CL_5122_007_charge2_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5122000_ENM_GHT_GE_5122_007_charge2_aif
A high pitched charge up for the GUN Hunters. Only it's first variant is used.

Crisis City Enemies[]

For some reason, these clips are listed as "ENM_CMN", which is short for "Enemy_Common". The clip also has the abbreviation for Crisis City ("csc"), which would seem to be where these clips would've played. It's unknown if all the enemies for this level would play these clips or just one of them.

Clip Filename Description
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5001000_ENM_CMN_CL_5001_007_csc_damage2_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5002000_ENM_CMN_GE_5002_007_csc_damage2_aif
Would've played when taking damage at something in Crisis City. It sounds almost a similar sound effect in Sonic Unleashed of the Werehog getting hit by the Dark Fright and Red Fright enemies.
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5091000_ENM_CMN_CL_5001_008_csc_explosion_aif
  • Sythn_5000000_enemy_5002000_ENM_CMN_GE_5002_008_csc_explosion_aif
The filename of this sound effect doesn't seem to what it sounds like it should be.

GUN Truck[]

Found in the object files for City Escape, there is a file that suggests that the GUN Truck was going to fire projectiles at the player. This variant of the clip can only be found for Classic Sonic, which suggests it was only meant for Act 1 of the stage. Interestingly, the files for the GUN Truck that goes unused in Sonic Frontiers that say "ef_en_guntruck01_bulletfiring01", "ef_en_guntruck01_bulletfiring02", and "GunTruckShot". It's unknown if these or similar files exist for this game.

Clip Filename

Rivals and Bosses[]


There is an unused sound found for the rival and boss battles for Classic Sonic listed as a "Common" sound effect. As the file says, this clip plays a heart beat. The only fights Classic Sonic face are Metal Sonic and the Death Egg Robot. While the reason for the clip going unused is reasonable, it's unknown what purpose it had in the first place.

Clip Filename

Time Eater[]

The boss only roars when the tag line for the Time Eater's name appears on screen and receiving damage from both Super Sonics. However he does have more that can be found under "BLB", referencing being "Last Boss". The filenames are listed under Modern Sonic's files.

Clip Filename Description
  • Synth_5500000_boss_5572000_BOS_BLB_GE_5572_010_v_roar01_aif
  • Synth_5500000_boss_5572000_BOS_BLB_GE_5572_010_v_roar02_aif
  • Synth_5500000_boss_5572000_BOS_BLB_GE_5572_010_v_roar03_aif
  • Synth_5500000_boss_5572000_BOS_BLB_GE_5572_010_v_roar04_aif
Possibly used when the tag line for the boss's name is on screen. All this clips are duplicates of the first one.
Synth_5500000_boss_5572000_BOS_BLB_GE_5572_017_final_damage_aif Would've been used when defeating the boss. However, he remains silent in the final game.

Unused dialouge[]

While characters, aside Omochao, do not have many voice clips within the game's files, there are still some that go unused.

Modern Sonic[]

Only one clip that can be found for Modern Sonic is him possibly giving out a grin, which could've possibly meant to be used when finishing a trick from the Rainbow Rings and Trick Jump Panels. The filename type itself (Emotion) is the only one that exists, and judging by the number two there seemed to have been more at one point of development.

Clip Filename


In the files for when the player is fighting Silver, there is one voice line that can be found that never gets played. This clip was possibly meant to be used before the camera turns behind the player for Meteor Smash.

Clip Filename Text
SV_Act021 It's not over yet!


There are two separate files for both Eggman (EG) and Classic Eggman (EC). These appear to be both duplicates from both characters.

Clip Filename Text Description
EG_Other006 What are you doing? I'm right here! Unknown what this was meant to be for, but most likely was meant for the Egg Dragoon boss judging by the filename. Maybe for when either passing through the rifts or switching spots between his head and body? It's also possible this was meant for the Death Egg Robot, but the filename could suggest otherwise.

Time Eater[]

Side Characters[]

There is several unused dialogue that goes unused for the characters helping both Super Sonics.


Despite this being true, these clips are unnecessary as the player just needs to Boost towards the boss to defeat it.

Clip Character Filename Text
Tails TL_Bls002_PS3


(Mr.)Sonic, attack with the X/A Button!
Classic Tails TC_Bls002_PS3


Knuckles KN_Bls002_PS3


Amy AM_Bls002_PS3


Cream CR_Bls002_PS3


Espio ES_Bls002_PS3


Charmy CH_Bls002_PS3


Vector VC_Bls002_PS3


Rouge RG_Bls002_PS3


Blaze BZ_Bls002_PS3


Shadow SD_Bls002_PS3


Silver SV_Bls002_PS3



Characters telling the player to escape the boss's Restraint Trap. This goes unused due to the characters telling the player to save the other Sonic, thus making this clip difficult to hear in-game.

Clip Character Filename Text
Tails TL_Bls005_PS3


Quickly rotate the Left Stick to escape!
Classic Tails TC_Bls005_PS3


Knuckles KN_Bls005_PS3


Amy AM_Bls005_PS3


Cream CR_Bls005_PS3


Quickly rotate the Left Stick to get away!
Espio ES_Bls005_PS3


Quickly rotate the Left Stick to escape!
Charmy CH_Bls005_PS3


Quickly rotate the Left Stick to get outta there!
Vector VC_Bls005_PS3


Quickly rotate the Left Stick to escape!
Rouge RG_Bls005_PS3


Blaze BZ_Bls005_PS3


Shadow SD_Bls005_PS3


Silver SV_Bls005_PS3


Switch Dodging[]

Characters telling the player to switch Sonics to dodge an attack. This never gets played, but was most likely meant for when the Time Eater fires it's laser.

Clip Character Filename Text
Tails TL_Bls016 Switch and move out of the way!
Classic Tails TC_Bls016
Knuckles KN_Bls016 Switch and get out of the way!
Amy AM_Bls016
Cream CR_Bls016 Please switch and move out of the way!
Espio ES_Bls016 Switch and get out of the way!
Charmy CH_Bls016 Switch! Switch!
Vector VC_Bls016 Switch and get out of the way!
Rouge RG_Bls016
Blaze BZ_Bls016
Shadow SD_Bls016
Silver SV_Bls016
Time Eater's Core[]

Two voice clips for each character telling the player of what's the boss's weak point is. While they do explain to the player to charge into the core, these clips here about it go unused.

Clip Character Filename Text
Tails TL_Bls026 That round core is it's weak point!
Classic Tails TC_Bls026
Knuckles KN_Bls026 That round core looks like it's weak point!
Amy AM_Bls026
Cream CR_Bls026
Espio ES_Bls026
Charmy CH_Bls026 That round core looks weak!
Vector VC_Bls026 That round core is it's weak point!
Rouge RG_Bls026 That round core looks like it's weak point!
Blaze BZ_Bls026 That round core is it's weak point!
Shadow SD_Bls26
Silver SV_Bls26 That round core looks like it's weak point!
Tails TL_Bls027 Looks like that glowing core is it's weak point!
Classic Tails TC_Bls027
Knuckles KN_Bls027 That glowing core looks like it's weak point!
Amy AM_Bls027
Cream CR_Bls027
Espio ES_Bls027
Charmy CH_Bls027 That glowing core looks weak!
Vector VC_Bls027 That glowing core is it's weak point!
Rouge RG_Bls027 That glowing core looks like it's weak point!
Blaze BZ_Bls027 That glowing core is it's weak point!
Shadow SD_Bls27
Silver SV_Bls27 That glowing core looks like it's weak point!


Though there are some voice clips that can be found unused for this boss, there are also clips of groups that also go unused exclusive to this boss, which is two or more characters playing the same voice clip. Despite their regular variations being used in the final game, these files can be found under "EW" (the abbreviation of what the filename means exactly could mean "Everyone", but there's no true idea what it actually means exactly).

Clip Filename Text Description



We've been saving this one... These two voice clips sound like they would play one after the other. For what move these clips would be played is unknown, could possibly be for the the laser move.



...for you!


This one controls the flow of time! Possibly meant for the clock move that slows the player down. Classic Eggman does not have this voice clip in his files.
EW_Other37 Not bad! The only voice clip that exclusively goes unused by it's filename. It's regular variation (EG_Other37 and/or EC_Other37) is used via the Death Egg Robot



But... These voice clips would've been used when the boss uses it's Sun Burst attack. The filenames between these two (numbers 37, 40, and 41) that are used in the game (excluding it's group variant above) would've played along with it. In turn, the filename "EG_Other40" is actually "will" and not "we'll".

The sequence follows here: Not bad. But this will end it! Burn! Burn to ashes!





Unused Omochao dialogue[]

There is tons of unused dialogue related to Omochao found in the game's files to where he would give the player way more hints than he has in the actual game.

General Controls[]


These voice clips seem to be earlier recordings as the explanation of the controls compared to the ones used in game are less information. Some even have two or more recordings per each action either Sonic can perform. These files, aside the first one, have "Common" in each of them.

Clip Text Classic/Modern Notes
I'm Omochao! I'll tell you anything you want to know. Look me up if you ever need some help! Classic Sonic While Omochao does say this line in the actual game, this file is a different recording (Anniv_OC_Introduce001). The one used in the final game is "Anniv_OC_Introduce001_BackUp" for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers/versions. Either this was just a separate recording, as a different one is used instead combines this and a clip below to explain the Spin Jump, or It could be possible that this would've been played if the player decided to play on Keyboard controls.
Press the X/A Button to Spin Jump up to higher ground! Possibly would've been used when telling the player on how to Jump in Green Hill (Act 1). A different clip is used instead where Omochao introduces himself before teaching the player how to use this and a clip below to explain the Spin Jump
Press the X/A Button here to jump over. Possibly would've been used when Jumping up onto the cliffs in Green Hill (Act 1).
Press the O/B Button here to crouch down and stay safe! These clips are found under the same filename, but it seemed like the clips are more explanation than their "Basic" counterpart.
Press the Square/X Button here to Spin Dash and break through! Various tips of Omochao explaining about the Spin Dash of areas the player can use it at.
Press the Square/X Button here to Spin Dash and move forward!
Press the Square/X Button here to Spin Dash and run up!
Press the X/A Button here while jumping to use your Homing Attack! Modern Sonic
Press the Square/X Button here to use Boost and break through! The only time the player uses Boost to break through objects, aside badniks, is the door in Seaside Hill Act 2.
Press the Square/X Button here to use Boost and rush through!
Press the Triangle/Y Button here to use Light Speed Dash and follow the trail of Rings!
Press the O/B Button here while tilting the Left Stick to rush through.
Press the O/B Button here while jumping to Stomp!
Press the O/B Button here while jumping to Stomp and break through!
Press the L1 or R1 Button here to Quickstep and move ahead! Though these are possibly earlier voice clips, this hint goes unused.
Press the Left or Right Bumper here to Quickstep and move ahead!
Press the L1 or R1 Button here to Quickstep and dodge! The only time the player were to dodge from an attack would be in Rooftop, or when the player fights against Shadow (when powered up), Silver, or Egg Dragoon.
Press the Left or Right Bumper here to Quickstep and dodge!
Hold the Left Stick left or right to grind step and keep going! The player doesn't need to hold the Left Stick to switch rails.
Hold the Left Stick left or right to grind step and dodge! Rails are never seen in any boss battle or any level that can associate to this. The closest possibly to this voice clip would be the Egg Dragoon.
Press the R2 Button/Right Trigger here while holding the Left Stick right to Drift and rush through. At one point in development, it seemed that if the player wanted to drift either left or right, they would have to not only hold the left stick on either side, but press either button if they wanted to move either just left or right. In the final game, players mainly use the R2 Button/R Trigger to drift either left or right.
Press the L2 Button/Left Trigger here while holding the Left Stick left to Drift and rush through.
Wall Jump on a wall jump panel here to move forward!
Use the Pink Spiked Power here to keep going! Classic Sonic The Pink Spikes only uses one voice clip to explain all of this information at once.
Use the Pinked Spiked Power here to climb up!
Use the Pinked Spiked Power here to move across the ceiling!
Use the Orange Rocket Power here to keep going! Modern Sonic
Use the Orange Rocket Power here to break through!
Dive here to keep going! Omochao explains the controls on these actions for the player to continue onward.
Push the box here to continue on!


These voice clips here are listed as "Basic" in the game's files.

Clip Text Classic/Modern Notes
You can attack enemies during a Spin Jump! Classic Sonic
Hold the Left Stick down to Crouch! The filenames for these do have "Basic" in them, but seem to be earlier recordings for these files.
Press the O/B Button to crouch!
Press the Square/X Button multiple times to launch a faster Spindash!
If you collide with enemies or walls while riding the skateboard, you'll be knocked off. So watch out! Meant for City Escape (Act 1).
Tap the X/A Button quickly to hop over obstacles! Modern Sonic There are not many areas for the player to simply hop over objects.
Press the L1 or R1 Button to move left or right quickly! Omochao explaining on how to use the Quick Step. This possibly would've been used at the end of Green Hill (Act 2).
Press the Left or Right Bumper to move left or right quickly!
Press the L2 or R2 Button while rounding a curve to Drift and make a tighter turn! Omochao explaining on how to Drift. This possibly would've been used at the end of Speed Highway (Act 2) as it's the only level the game prompts the player use the action.
Press the Left Trigger or Right Trigger while rounding a curve to Drift and make a tighter turn!
Press the L1 and the R1 Buttons together for a finishing trick that adds a bonus to your Boost Gauge! Meant for the Trick Ramps and Rainbow Rings scatted all over the game. For some reason, this never gets plays.
Press the Left and the Right Bumpers together for a finishing trick that adds a bonus to your Boost Gauge!
Use the Left Stick to move while skydiving at low speed! Possibly goes unused as players usually would do this.


Omochao never talks about any information of the enemies, aside the ones used for the Challenge Acts. However, there are some clips relating a few.

Clip Text
Grabbers are hard to get away from, so try not to get caught!
Spinners sometimes discharge electricity. Attack them when their electric fields are down!
Egg Launchers can fire missiles that home in on you, so watch out!
Iblis Worms are tricky enemies that suddenly burst out of the ground!
You can't attack Sandworms when they go underground. Wait until their bodies are exposed!


Many hints from Omochao relating to the game's gimmicks.

Clip Text Notes
Hurry up and move to the next platform! Platforms of this color fall when you step on them. Omochao talking about the falling platforms, which are usually red. The only platforms without a color variation are the ones in Planet Wisp.
These platforms are crumbling, you better hurry on ahead! Possibly meant for the the ground in Green Hill (Act 2).
These strange looking springs are decoys. They'll send you off in a wrong direction, so watch out! Interestingly, the text for this gimmick is mentioned in the loading screens when loading up a level.
That's a Star Post. When you lose a life, you will begin with the last Star Post you passed!
That's a Spring Pole, they let you jump really high. You can jump even higher from the tip!
That big button on the ground is a switch. They trigger things when you step on them! Buttons are mostly used in Challenge Acts. They do not appear in many of the stages themselves.
Hold the Left Stick in the direction you want to go and press the X/A Button to blast off! It's unknown what this hint was meant for. Could either be a scrapped feature for a certain object used in the game, such as the horizontal bars, or an unused gimmick entirely as the filename says, "Anniv_OC_Gimmick07".
Press the X/A Button at the right time while spinning around a horizontal bar to jump up high!
That sign warns of a dangerous fall. You'll lose a life if you fall there, so watch out when you see one. This voice clip goes unused as the game allows an option to remove the warning signs. However, the text can also be seen in the loading screen when entering into a level.
Grab item boxes on spinning platforms, when they're lined up right next to Sonic! It's unknown if Omochao is talking about the platforms of three that spin around or the spinning platforms in Sky Sanctuary (Act 1) with the three item boxes.
When you jump on a fan, you'll float up into the air. Press the X/A Button to jump down!
Press the X/A Button after getting into a cannon to blast off and go flying to a different area! Likely meant for Seaside Hill. This goes unused possibly because the X/A Button prompts to the player on screen.


Chemical Plant[]

Clip Text Notes
You can use Boost to speed up. Even while holding onto a crane! Unless Omochao is talking about the pulleys, players cannot boost when holding onto cranes.
The tops of these can be broken. Break the top to climb into the tube!
You need air to stay underwater. Use Air Bubbles to catch your breath!
Hit the switch before going into that tube to change your destination! Meant for Act 1 of the stage. There are no switches for the player to press in changing their destination of the tubes.
Sonic, this looks bad! The water level is rising. You'll have to hurry to the top! Meant for Act 2 of the stage where the player must progress upwards as the water rises. Omochao does not appear in this area though.

Sky Sanctuary[]

Clip Text
You can ride Spinning Tops across the sky. Get on a spinning top and hold the Left Stick left or right to start moving!
That's a Warp Point! It will warp you to a different area. Give it a try!

Speed Highway[]

Clip Text
Grab hold of a rocket and it will take you to a different area.
There must be something to this big hanging bell. Try ringing it and see what happens.

City Escape[]

Clip Text Notes
Press the X/A Button at the right time on a Jump Panel to leap across great distances. Relating to the skateboards.

Seaside Hill[]

Clip Text Notes
Press the X/A Button on the tip of the Killer Whale's nose at the right time to jump really high! It seemed that the Orcas of this level would allow the player to jump even higher by pressing the jump button. This action goes unused though due to it's lack of use.
Oh no, the poles about to break! Press the X/A Button to let go quickly!
Your destination will change depending on when you pass through the Route Signal. Look at the picture of the Route Signal before you go though!
Use the Left Stick to move the cart left and right and press the X/A Button to jump. Related to the carts in Act 2 of the stage.

Crisis City[]

Clip Text Notes
If you get to close to Flame Funnels you'll be sucked inside! Referring to the Fire Tornado for Act 1 of this stage.
Wait for the funnel to die down before jumping across!
Press the O/B Button when jumping over lava platforms and make them sink! Possibly goes unused as Omochao teaches the player how to use the Stomp ability in this stage.
This path isn't very stable. Run through as quickly as you can! Possibly talking about the road pathways that collapse, such as the one in the beginning of Act 1.
These platforms float through the air. Be careful not to fall down!
Lava will sometimes suddenly erupt. So move to the next platform quickly when the ground shakes! Possibly meant for the platforms the player can Stomp on in Act 2 of the stage. It's possible this goes unused for that reason.

Rooftop Run[]

Clip Text Notes
Don't stand under spike traps or you could get skewered. There are no spikes on top though, so you're safe up there! Referencing the Spiked Platforms of this stage.
You'll travel along the rope way when you get on a Gondola. But the gondola will fall when the rope way ends, so stay alert!
Jump over the Clock Hands and head for the opening in the middle of the clock! Meant for the end of Act 1 of this stage.
It looks like something will happen if you turn the clock. Use Spindash to turn the clock hands!

Planet Wisp[]

Clip Text Notes
The ceiling is coming down! Look for a place you can break through with the Orange Rocket! Meant for the end of Act 2 of this stage.
There's a cart. Get on it and you'll travel along the tracks! Press the X/A Button when you want to jump off! Meant for Act 2 of this stage. Omochao is not found anywhere at the carts.
You can increase the speed of a cart using boost! Likely goes unused due to the button prompt.
You can use the Pink Spike color power to move the gear shaped platforms. Jump on the gear after activating Pink Spike, and use the Left Stick to move it! Many hints relating to the Pink Spike.
That contraption is a gear switch. While your on a gear platform, move below the switch and hit it!
Blocks with a spike mark on them can only be broken using the Pink Spike Color power. Press the Triangle/Y Button when you have a Pink Wisp to activate the power!
Blocks with a rocket mark on them can only be broken using the Orange Rocket Color power. Press the Triangle/Y Button when you have a Orange Wisp to activate the power! Possibly goes unused as the player would hit the blocks by the time they use it.
This is a Wisp Capsule. A Wisp is trapped inside. Free the Pink Wisp and press the Triangle/Y Button to activate it's power. That'll let you stick to walls and ceilings! Seems to be earlier takes of the wisp tutorials. Omochao instead just talks about how to use the Wisps when interacted with in-game.
This is a Wisp Capsule. A Wisp is trapped inside. Free the Orange Wisp and press the Triangle/Y Button to activate it's power. That'll let you blast off into the sky!
The speed of the Orange Rocket depends how long you hold the Triangle/Y Button! For some reason, this clip is never played.

Rivals and Bosses[]


It's unknown where exactly these would be played as their files are "Anniv_OC_Common041" and "Anniv_OC_Common042".

Clip Text Notes
Dodge to the side! This could be best used when either fighting Shadow or the Egg Dragoon.

Silver the Hedgehog[]

These clips would've played at the beginning of the level. This goes unused due to Omochao saying a different quote instead.

Clip Text
Use the L1 and R1 Buttons to dodge incoming cars with your Quick Step!
Use the Left and Right Bumpers to dodge incoming cars with your Quick Step!

Death Egg Robot[]

Clip Text Notes
Run under when it jumps or raises it's legs to get behind it and attack! Omochao hinting the player on how to beat the boss.
It looks like these bombs have timers and explode shortly after they come out! Omochao explaining about the bombs placed throughout the second area of the level to defeat the boss.

Perfect Chaos[]

Clip Text Notes
That's a twister! Stay away from it! Twisters are not much of an obstacle for this boss.
It's launching a tentacle attack! Mainly referring to the 2D sections of the boss.
Watch it's mouth to avoid it's breath attack! The camera is usually not panned high enough for the player to see this action, even though Perfect Chaos can still use this.
Beam Attack! Speed up to avoid it!

Egg Dragoon[]

Clip Text Notes
Now you just need to break it's tail. Keep it up! Supposed to play when the player destroys the head of the boss. This possibly goes unused as Omochao references the player to "Attack it's belly!". Along with this, Eggman is not located at the tail area.
Now! Hit it with your Homing Attack!


Many of these voice clips relate to the Friends challenges.

Clip Challenge Stage Text Notes
General Those are items that add extra time. Get them all to give yourself as much time as possible! Relating to the stop watches that can be found throughout the level challenges.
Tails: Toxic Spikes Fly through the sky with Tails to reach the goal!
Press the Triangle/Y Button to call for Tails
Goal Post Juggle The Goal Post is spinning around! Try to touch it when it's right next to Sonic! Omochao tells the player to keep the Goal Post of the ground, which may render this clip useless.
Amy: Topsy Turvy Get on the Spinning Top and try to reach the Goal before Amy! Meant to play at the beginning of the level.
Cream: Chao Hunt Collect ten Chao and reach the Goal before Cream! Meant to play at the beginning of the level. However, Omochao is nowhere to be seen throughout the level.
Espio: Way of the Ninja Call Espio to use his grappling hook and reach the goal! Press the Triangle/Y Button to call him!
Vector: Through the Storm Vector can throw you over long distances! Work together to reach the goal! For some reason, these voice clips remain absent throughout the level.
Try pressing the Triangle/Y Button here to call Vector! Release the Triangle/Y Button at the angle you want him to throw you!
When you hit a bumper, you'll bounce back so be careful. Aim to hit it so you'll bounce in the direction you want to go!
Charmy: Don't Bug Me! Charmy is causing trouble. Watch out for barrels and fountains! Meant to play at the beginning of the level. However, Omochao instead talks about the water barrels when starting the challenge.
Chase After Blaze! Avoid the bombs moving along the platforms! Omochao mentions this at the beginning of where the player starts at. Though this clip in turn would be useless, there seems to possible platforming planned judging by this voice clip.
Amy: Taking a Leap Together! Team up with Amy to reach the goal. Use Amy's hammer to jump really high!
Knuckles: Buried Treasure As you get closer to a medal, you'll here a short blip sound. Once your right next to one, press the Triangle/Y Button to call Knuckles!
Espio: Master of Camouflage This is a spotlight. You can change the direction it's facing by attacking it! Omochao only explains how the mission is completed. A hint bubble is found over the searchlight though.
Switcheroo Hit switches to trigger or stop devices and open up new routes!
Blaze: Piercing the Flames Call on Blaze to extinguish the walls of flames for you. You'll need her help to reach the goal!
Charmy: High in the Sky Press the Triangle/Y Button to call on Charmy to make a vortex at your feet!


Omochao usually gives the player hints on how to play the game or beat a certain rival/boss. However, these voice clips do not relate to anything of those due to the filenames not relating to bosses nor challenge acts.

Clip Text Notes
I sense a hidden room nearby. There might be something useful in there. Hidden areas are usually found in Challenge Acts. Though they could be found in actual levels, there isn't many areas to do so.
Try heading up! Omochao never tells the player which way to go throughout the game.
Try heading down!
Try heading right!
Try heading left!
This is the wrong way. I think you need to go up! Omochao expressing the player that they went the wrong way and needs to make a different direction.
This is the wrong way. I think you need to go down!
This is the wrong way. I think you need to go right!
This is the wrong way. I think you need to go left!
Grind to move ahead! Would possibly be related to a rival/boss fight as Omochao explains the player they need to speed up by grinding along rails.
Use the box here to climb up and continue on. The only instance of this would be Rooftop Run Act 1, if the player were to go on the bottom path. Others, such as Chemical Plant Act 2, just get pushed out of the way.
There must a switch that triggers the device around here somewhere. Look for a switch! While switches can be found inside the levels, such as Sky Sanctuary Act 1, there are no device barriers in the players way. Even so, the switches are not hidden.
Defeat all the enemies here! Rooftop Run Act 2, after the barrel chase, is the only section where the player must defeat all the enemies to continue on if they fall towards the bottom after the Trick Panels. The only other possible instance this voice clip would be used is "Rouge: The Temptress".
It looks like you'll be able to move on ahead if you defeat all the enemies!

Console demo differences[]

Demo #1[]


The Power-Ups with the characters' names

The Sonic Generations Demo was a playable version of Sonic Generations released for Gold members on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network users on 23 June 2011. Free Xbox Live members were given the game a week later on the 30th. This demo included Green Hill Act 1.

  • In the game files, it included a full version of Green Hill featuring Modern Sonic.
    • Also, the player can see a full list of all the levels contained in the final version (including the Casino Night DLC).
  • In the game files, all the items, Badniks, missions, cameos and bosses, along with the Sega Genesis Controller, could be found.
    • It also included the characters' names in Japanese, along with the Power-Ups.
Sonic Generations 20 Day Demo Title Screen 720p

The Sonic Generations Demo title screen.

  • The demo allowed 3D Stereoscopic mode on TVs that are not stereoscopic, which look quite odd.
  • It contained leftovers from Sonic Unleashed, more so than in the final version.
  • Inside the Act, about halfway through when the player enters the cave, there is a Buzz Bomber in the final version which was not added yet in this demo.
    • Furthermore, breaking Item Boxes would create a brief blue static effect on the screen.
  • There was a different loading screen in this build, showing Sonic and Dr. Eggman in their Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sprite forms.[8]

Demo #2[]

On 18 October 2011, Sega released another downloadable demo, which was at first exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members. This second demo contained Green Hill Act 2, featuring Modern Sonic.

  • There is a difference between the voice clips used in the demo and the final version. As he begins the Act, Sonic would say “Ready? Go!”, like in Sonic Unleashed. This was scrapped in the final version.
  • The final section of the Act is quite different from the final version.
  • Sonic’s blue aura follows him whenever he uses the Jump Dash, Stomp or Homing Attack. Furthermore, the game grants much more energy for the Boost Gauge with Freestyle Tricks than in the final version.


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