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This is a script for the cutscenes in Sonic Frontiers.


[Scene: Kronos Island, night]

(The Eggmobile is seen driving by Eggman. After he left, he walked to a Throne and implanted a device. It then started activation.)

Sage: Uploading AI program now. (It started the creation of an army of robots and a Titan.)
Eggman: Yes! It's all coming online. The Ancient's Secrets will be mine!
(Unfortunately, it began glitching and emit red lights.)
Eggman: Status report. Answer me!
Sage: Simulations complete. Executing Protective Initiative.
Eggman: What! No! NO!
[Eggman tried to deplant it, but is sucked into the Portal.]

[Scene: Sky, day]

[Sonic, Tails and Amy are flying aboard the Tornado, with Tails as pilot.]
Tails: We're coming up on the Starfall Islands.
Amy: How exciting!
Sonic: You tracked the Chaos Emeralds here, right? Let's find out what drew them here!
[The title, "SONIC FRONTIERS" appears on a background between the Tornado and the island.]
[A beeping is heard and a flashing red light appears. Tails, confused, takes a look at his HUD. Suddenly, the plane shakes rapidly and loses control.]
Tails: Whoa! There's some kind of atmospheric charge! Hang on!
[Tails controls and stabilizes the biplane, allowing the plane to get away from the sea. Soon, a vortex appears, sucking Tails, Amy, Sonic and the plane inside.]
The Trio: Aaaaaaaagh!!!!!!! [They keep screaming as they are sucked into the vortex]

Kronos Island[]

Opening cutscene[]

[Scene: Kronos Island, raining]

[Sonic is seen unconscious on the ground. He struggles as he slowly gets up. He looks around on the spot.]
Sonic: Hmm? Tails? Amy?
[He sighs miserably, realizing that his friends have gone.]
Sonic: Looks like I'm the only one who made it out of that... whatever it was.
Voice: [Off-screen] Mortal.
[Sonic hears this and immediately turns to the voice, looking up]
Sonic: Yow! Hello?
Voice: You have done the impossible. You have escaped Cyber Space through your own power. You are the key.
Sonic: "Key", huh? Sure beats being called a "rodent". Are you saying I can rescue my friends?
Voice: Find the Chaos Emeralds. Destroy the Titans. Tear down the Walls between dimensions.
Sonic: Yeah, okay, sure... How about a little context? [No reply] Hello?
[The camera pans to the sky. Sage floats in the air watching Sonic.]
Sonic: Oh well. Some direction is better than none. Here we go!

Main Story: Finding Amy[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic sees a confused Amy trapped in a Cyber Cage.]
Sonic: Amy! Is that you?
Amy: Hello? Is someone there? Help me!
Sonic: Hang on! Maybe messing with the ruins will fix things.

Main Story: Rescuing Amy[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Amy is then released from the Cyber Cage. Amy sees Sonic struggling.]
Amy: Sonic! Are you all right?
Sonic: Me? You're the one who's only half here.
Amy: I feel fine. But that energy that was holding me prisoner went into you!
Sonic: Eh. I've been infused with weird zappy stuff before. Besides, I feel like it gave me some kind of Boost!
Amy: Well... in that case, we need to get moving. If I was trapped, I'm sure Tails was too!
Sonic: Good call. I'll scout around and find you later. Deal?
Amy: Deal! Be careful!
Sonic: "Careful?" Where's the fun in that?

Amy Side Story: Trapped in Cyberspace[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Sonic: You hanging in there, Amy? Is your condition... well I don't know... uncomfortable?
Amy: It's certainly unsettling. But it makes a big difference being able to at least talk to you. Before you freed me, I couldn't see or hear anything clearly. It was like looking into a kaleidoscope that was always shifting. I couldn't tell if I was coming, going, or moving at all. I'd have gone crazy if you hadn't gotten me out!
Sonic: You're tough. I know you'd have hung in there. Still, I'm glad I could get you out. And I'm not gonna stop until you're back to normal!

Amy Side Story: Like a Dream[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Sonic: How're you feeling, Amy? I mean, what's it like being all ghost-y?
Amy: Honestly I don't feel that different since you helped clear my mind. I guess it feels kind of... detached? Have you ever flown around in a dream? Like you're lighter than air? That's what it feels like to me, anyway. I just wish I could finally land and be whole again.
Sonic: Hang in there, Amy. I'll figure something out.

Amy Side Story: It's Sad Here[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Amy: It's beautiful here, but there's a loneliness here. The land feels sad and empty.
Sonic: Yeah, I got the same feeling. And I think it's tied to the ruins, weird robots, and other stuff we've encountered. But on the plus side, I've got plenty of room to run around.
Amy: And you never know how many new routes you may discover!
Sonic: Yeah. I'll try not to have TOO much fun finding a way to restore you!

Amy Side Story: Running on Instinct[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Amy: These ruins are almost like a puzzle.
Sonic: I know, right? I don't even know what I'm doing with most of these. I'm just running on instinct.
Amy: Well, the energy that powers them is linked to Cyber Space, right? And you took on that power when you freed me. Maybe that link is giving you special insight? Maybe they used that link among themselves. Like, instead of a language, they shared their thoughts and feelings directly!
Sonic: Maybe. All I know is the idea of the map gets updated in my head, which brings me one step closer to rescuing you!

Amy Side Story: Chaos Emerald Containment[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[A yellow Chaos Emerald appears trapped in a Vault.]
Sonic: So something's been bugging me about these ruins. The whole reason we came was because Tails detected the Chaos Emeralds were drawn here, right? And now I'm finding digital keys and confinement towers that seem custom-made to hold the Emeralds. Like half this stuff was built with them in mind.
Amy: Maybe the Ancients used the Chaos Emeralds in the past? We've learned of other past civilizations who did too.
Sonic: Yeah, but those groups tried to use them. The stuff here seems all about containment.
Amy: Maybe they knew something about their power that we don't? The Chaos Emeralds are still pretty mysterious, even after all we've done with them.

Amy Side Story: Is Retro Sci-Fi a Thing?[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic and Amy are discussing above the island on a platform.]
Amy: Oh wow! I don't think we've seen any ruins quite like this on our adventures.
Sonic: Yeah! They're ancient, but also look kinda advanced? Wait, is "retro-sci-fi" a thing? How were the tower and the floating giant stone built?
Amy: Tails is the genius among us. Let's find him and see if he can figure things out.
Sonic: Right. I'm sure he'll hang on until I find him.

3rd Cyber Space stage cutscene[]

[Scene: A Cyber Space]

[Eggman gets up. The camera zooms out, revealing that he's on a platform surrounded by roads. He looks around.]
Eggman: I appear to be in a digital dimension. I've employed similar constructs in my own systems, but this is markedly more advanced. Note to self: don't admit that to anyone. The amount of data stored here defies quantification. But it won't stop me from trying!

First Giganto fight prologue[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic is running through the Kronos Island. Giganto is summoned to the field.]
Sonic: Whoa!
Sonic: I guess that's one of the "Titans" keeping Amy trapped.
[Sage appears in front of Sonic, jump-scaring him.]
Sage: You. Leave. Immediately.
Sonic: Where did you come from? Are you trapped too?
Sage: Do not approach the Titan.
Sonic: Sorry, kid, but I've got a job to do. [Runs past Sage and continues his battle with the Titan.]
Sage: If we are fortunate, it will destroy you.
[The Titan stomps the ground, triggering a quake and blasting a series of rocks up in the air. Sonic yelps while he is dragged up in the air by one of the rocks.]

First Giganto fight epilogue.[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic, unconscious, gets up and hyperventilates.]
Sonic: Okay. I'm not taking that thing down the traditional way. I'm gonna need the Chaos Emeralds! And maybe a little bit of luck.

Sage Side Story: So You're a Fan[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic sees Sage Northeast of 1-3]
Sonic: Oh hey, you show up everywhere. Y'know, I... I don't think we were ever properly introduced. I'm Sonic...
Sage: I know who you are. Your age, your biometrics, your weaknesses. You live for speed, are short-tempered and short-sighted.
Sonic: Oh... so you're a fan. But I don't know anything about you, miss...?
Sage: I will not share personal information with an enemy! [Sage ignores Sonic.]
Sonic: Why are we enemies!? Weird kid. I don't really get a bad vibe off of her, though.

Main Story: Reuniting Lost Lovers[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic and Amy are with a Koco.]
Sonic: Yo, Amy. Who's your friend?
[The Koco shakes its head, and speaks code to Amy. She nods as she addresses.]
Amy: [To Sonic] This Koco says they need to find their one true love before it's too late.
They've been too shy to express their feelings, but if they don't do it now, they may never get the chance.
Sonic: [Confused] You... got all that, huh?
Amy: I feel like the dimension I'm in is translating for me. It's strange, but feels natural.
Sonic: Well you always had a knack for weird insights. Who am I to argue?
Amy: [to the Koco] Well don't you worry. We'll reunite you with your lost love!
Sonic: [Crosses arms] I would think we've got more pressing issues but... again who am I to argue?
[Amy looks at Sonic.]

Main Story: Helping a Worried Mother[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Amy checks upon two sad-looking Koco. She prompts Sonic as soon as he zooms past her.]
Amy: Sonic! Over here!
[Sonic stops running and comes to Amy. The Koco mother communicate to Amy again.]
Amy: [To Sonic] This poor mother's lost her children. Can you lead them back here, please?
Sonic: Sure thing!

"Family Gathering" quest epilogue[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[The Koco father communicates to Amy.]
Amy: Okay! Okay! We'll keep looking.
[The Koco jumps and rolls into the long grass.]
Amy: Sonic, they act like none of that happened.
Sonic: Do we even know what "that" was?
Amy: [Looking at the fainted Koco in misery] No, but I got a sense of... completion? Comfort?
Sonic: Weird. Let's keep moving. I want to wrap up our time here A.S.A.P.
Amy: Sounds good to me.

Sage Side Story: Cyberspace Escape Artist[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Sage: How are you able to return from Cyber Space so freely?
Sonic: I dunno. I guess I'm just that awesome! Yeah. Although, I bet you'd have better insight on that.
Sage: I will not share data with the enemy. Besides, your survival may be a fluke. You cannot cheat fate forever.
Sonic: Wow, thanks for the encouragement. Well I'll keep doing it until I figure out how to rescue Amy! It doesn't matter if this is all one big trap, or if you keep throwing weird robots at me, nothing is going to slow me down or stop me. Count on it!

Main Story: Pursuing Love[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[The Koco communicates to Amy. Sonic suddenly sees a figure in the distance.]
Sonic: [Surprised, looks overhead] You again?!
Sage: Submit. Your Reckless actions endanger the world.
Sonic: [Confronts Sage] Care to explain how saving my friends is a bad thing?!
Sage: You are an enemy combatant. I will not share data with you.
Amy: [Angrily to Sage] What is wrong with you?! Sonic would never endanger anyone! He's even going to help this Koco reunite with their one true love!
Sage: "Love." An emotional status too vague and varied in its definition. Ugh! You're both too ignorant to be helped! [Floats and vanishes]
Amy: Who... um, WHAT was that girl?!
Sonic: Aside from being a pain? No clue.
[The Koco looks at both of them, curiously.]

Main Story: Cleaning the Field[]

[Scene: Kronos Island.]

[The Koco communicate while looking at the field.]
Sonic: Something wrong?
Amy: They say their amore was stationed on the far side of the field. But this is the field...
Sonic: I'm not seeing a lot of farming going on.
Amy: Maybe... if you use that new technique of yours, you can clean up all this wild brush?

"Spring is in the Air" quest epilogue.[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

Sonic: So, all this used to be farm land, huh?
Amy: Yes. They make it sound like it was abundant. But now...
Sonic: I mean... it's grassy?
Amy: Yep, but... I've seen this kind of recovery in areas Dr Eggman damaged. Something ruined this land, and it's barely begun to recover...
Sonic: Then we need to make sure it has plenty of time to heal.
Amy: [Nods to Sonic] Right!

Sage Side Story: You've Lost the Battle Before It's Begun[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic finds Sage at the top of the control tower.]
Sonic: Ah... Yo! Don't you think that Titan was kinda overkill?
Sage: You are an enemy to be eliminated, and you are powerless compared to its might.
Sonic: Maybe as I am, but I'm willing to bet I could handle it as Super Sonic. All I need are the Chaos Emeralds!
Sage: Doubtful. In any scenario, the end results will not change. Additionally, what you seek is in its presence. You've lost the battle before it has even begun.

5th Chaos Emerald cutscene[]

[Scene: A Cyber Space]

Eggman: Keep tabs on the hedgehog. I want constant updates!
Sage: Yes, sir.
Eggman: [Annoyed] And keep looking for a way to get me out of here!
Sage: I am evaluating all safe options.
Eggman: Keep up the good work, Sage.
Sage: Thank you, doctor.

6th Chaos Emerald cutscene[]

[Scene: A Cyber Space]

Sage: I am extending the range of my control, but I can still only command a few of the Ancients' relics at a time.
Eggman: [Annoyed] Commendable, but what about finding me a way out of this digital dimension?
Sage: I have run 1,700,050 simulations. There is no scenario to safely remove you from Cyber Space.
Eggman: Unacceptable! Keep looking! Make it your number one priority!
Sage: But... keeping you safe is my priority...

Main Story: Wasting Time[]

[Scene: Kronos Island.]

[The Koco hops along the field, with Sonic and Amy watching over it.]
Amy: Don't get too far ahead!
Sonic: Maybe we should just let them wrap it up on their own.
Amy: [Angrily to Sonic] We have to see this through!
Sonic: We still haven't found Tails. We've been wrangling children and taking detours the whole way.
Amy: Are you telling me you would leave behind someone in need?
Sonic: No, but I'm also worried about you. You can't help anyone if you're stuck in limbo.
Amy: All right, then hurry up and save me too so we can find Tails.
Sonic: Sounds simple enough.

Main Story: Flashback[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic and Amy follow the Koco. The scenery transitions to the Kronos Island in the past timeline. Sonic restrains Amy.]
Amy: (As Sonic tries to pull her back) Don't! It's too dangerous!
[In broad daylight, Amy and Sonic check over the two Koco, who have become inanimate, laying on the ground together, becoming miserable and mournful.]
Amy: They were reunited... right before the end...
Sonic: [To Amy] They're together now. (A few seconds of silence) You take a minute. I'm gonna keep moving.

Main Story: The Final Clue[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Amy is seen trying to pick some roses, but fails due to being stuck in Cyber Space, much to her despair. Sonic walks up to her.]
Sonic: Hey. Still thinking about the Koco?
Amy: Yeah. And... more. I'm not sure what happened, but I know what I saw: a love that transcended time. I believe in that power. When this is over, I want to share that love with the world. Even though... it may take us far apart.
Sonic: I know you'll do great. I want to hear all about it when you come back.

Main Story: A Grave Mystery[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Amy is exploring tombstone field.]
Sonic: What's up, Amy?
Amy: Look! Wasn't this region locked off before? I think you can interact with it now! I think you can rotate some of them.
Sonic: Maybe they'll act like the other puzzle-locks and show me the way to that Titan!
Amy: It's worth a shot!
Sonic: Alright... What's the right way to do this? Hmm. Looks like there's a pattern on the ground.

Island Mystery epilogue[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[A eagle-shaped stone statue rises from the top of the waterfall.]
Amy: You did it, Sonic! I'm sensing the Titan up ahead. This is it! The big showdown!
Sonic: It'll be a short match if I can't find the last Chaos Emerald, though.
Amy: I searched everywhere I could. I'm out of ideas.
Sonic: So where is it? Eh, maybe I'll find it along the way.

Sage Side Story: The Technology of the Ancients[]

[Scene: Kronos Island]

[Sonic finds Sage looking at tombstones on the other side of the river.]
Sonic: Are you trying to figure out the mysteries about these ruins too? It's kinda spooky everyone seems to be gone, huh?
Sage: [Turns around] The technology of the Ancients exceeds your modern understanding. Unwelcome pests like you will be swiftly eliminated.
Sonic: Okay. I'm trying to be civil here. But are you saying they lost control of their tech and it wiped them out?
Sage: No.
Sonic: Okay, okay, so you're not in a talking mood. I'll leave you be.

Second Giganto fight epilogue[]

[Scene: Kronos Island: The second Giganto fight.]

[Super Sonic loops around and flys through the titan's torso, finishing it off, The Giganto explodes. Sonic as Super Sonic, sees a vision of Ancient.]
Ancient: No! We'll find another way!
(He then shakes it off.)
Voice: The first seal is broken. Thy next foe awaits on the sand-scarred island.
Super Sonic: Right. You said "Titans" earlier. Plural!
[As Super Sonic descends, Amy approaches him, having heard the news.]
Amy: Darn it!
Sonic: I guess this isn't over until I bop all the big bots. Sorry, Amy.
Amy: I'm feeling more like my old self, it's working! Keep going and don't keep me waiting.
Sonic: I'll be back before you can do a Fortune Card reading. See ya!
[Super Sonic zooms off. Amy waves.]

Ares Island[]

Super Sonic Fallen[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day]

[Super Sonic approaches the next Island. However, a blast hits him and causes him to drop the Chaos Emeralds. He falls into the sand. After a moment, Sonic, back to his normal form, struggles as he gets up. He looks up at the airborne Chaos Emeralds. They scatter off and disappear.]
Sonic: Nah. That's cool. I didn't want this to be easy anyway.

Main Story: Rescuing Knuckles[]

[Scene: Ares Island, night]

[We see Knuckles encapsulated in a dome. A suspicious Sonic walks towards it. He grins with glee. Sage watches over the action. Knuckles is freed from the dome, in expense of Chaos Energy which paralyzes Sonic. Knuckles notices his weird looking gloves.]
Knuckles: [To Sonic] Some rescue. I'm still half-ghost!
Sonic: [Annoyed, as Sage flies away] I'm working on it, okay?
[Knuckles and Sonic give a high five, but to no effect as their gloves appear through each other.]
Knuckles: What's going on with you?
Sonic: Ah just a little side effect of the island's weird energy. What are you doing so far from home?
Knuckles: I was investigating some strange ruins when I was transported here, then got trapped.
Sonic: [Looking away] Never a dull moment with you.
Knuckles: Just bring me up to speed.
Sonic: Listen, help me find the Chaos Emeralds so I can beat up some big robots. You'll be free and back to guarding the Master Emerald in no time.
Knuckles: [Thinks, then shows a competitive look] Sounds like a plan.
[Sonic shows his rivalry look back to Knuckles.]

Titan Puppeteer[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day.]

[As Sonic runs across the island, a Wyvern emerges and flies about the landscape. As soon as Sonic realizes the Wyvern isn't attacking, he takes a breath, but is jump-scared by an appearing Sage.]
Sage: While I cannot fully control it, I can awaken its rage against you.
[Sage activates the Wyvern. The Wyvern approaches Sonic and roars.]
Sonic: I need to find someplace safe!
[Sonic desperately runs to try and find a hiding spot. He looks behind and sees a missile approaching him. He jumps just as soon as it explodes on the ground. He dodges more missiles and finds a hiding spot, behind a rock. He sits down and tries to catch his breath. He looks up. All the missiles the Wyvern drops explode out of Sonic's reach, and the Wyvern swoops past him. He gets up.]
Sage: You cannot run forever. Final warning: leave.
Sonic: That was a "warning"?

Main Story: Knuckles Meets Sage[]

[Scene: Ares Island: Day]

[Sage guards the Portal Gate as Sonic approaches her.]

Sage: Father was right about you. You're reckless and destructive.
Sonic: I have no idea what your deal is, but if we could just talk--
Sage: No! No discourse, No bartering, Only elimination!
[Sage delivers an energy shot at Sonic, causing him to flinch and guard himself from the blinding light. Suddenly, Knuckles steps in front of Sonic in slow motion - which Sonic raises his eyebrows to - and blocks the attack. Knuckles then runs towards Sage, but Sonic immediately restrains him.]
Sonic: Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! Time-out!
Knuckles: "Time-out"?! She attacked you!
Sonic: Yeah, it's kind of her thing. But she's trying to protect something--or someone. [To Sage] I'm willing to help but first I need to know what's going on.
Sage: No, you don't know what you're talking about! [She vanishes.]
Knuckles: You're too trusting, Sonic!
Sonic: No I'm not! Trust me.
[Knuckles grunts in anger.]

Main Story: Uncovering Submerged Secrets[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day.]

Knuckles: Can you see that seal in the center of the pond? If we could pull it out we could drain the water. The problem is, I'm still ghost-like and you're useless underwater.
Sonic: [Glumly] Wow, thanks for the concern. [Normally] Anyway, if I can jostle the device holding the chain, maybe I can get it to reel it in?
Knuckles: Worth a shot. Just don't slip and fall. I can't haul you out.

Drain the Water Epilogue[]

[Scene: Ares Island, night]

Sonic: Wait... was draining the oasis the best idea...?
Knuckles: Well, hey, you've revealed the way forward. That's what's important.
Sonic: Says you. You can't feel this heat. Oh well, race you to the next Emerald.

Main Story: Building an Army[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day]

[Sonic sees Knuckles staring over a group of Soldier Kocos.]
Sonic: [To Knuckles] What's up?
Knuckles: These Koco are supposed to link up with another unit, but an enemy has them pinned down here.
Sonic: Aren't you supposed to be helping find the Emeralds?
Knuckles: I can do both! Hurry up if you want it on the fight!

SOS Backup Epilogue[]

[The two groups of Koco soldiers are reunited together, being watched over by the heroes.]
Knuckles: Nice work, soldiers! Now let's link up with the Main Force.
Sonic: [to Knuckles] Yeah, you make a great supervisor, Knux. Maybe try fighting next time, though? [He chuckles while Knuckles grunts back. Sage watches over Sonic.]
Sage: He is aware of what the Koco are, isn't he? Why does he try to help them when their fate is already decided?

Main Story: Flashback Sequence[]

[A bright light blinds Sonic and Knuckles. The tone turns red. Knuckles looks at his normal self. Sonic notices the horde of Ancients. The Warrior summons several walls which rise up and form a fortress.]
Sonic: I've experienced this before! We're somehow seeing a battle from the past.
Knuckles: Those defenses are impressive! Maybe I should get some notes from my island?
[Suddenly, several blasts detonate these walls in a bright flash of light. As soon as the light fades, Sonic and Knuckles are back to their old looks. Sonic looks at Knuckles, then sees a symbol in the sky. Knuckles quickly approaches an inanimate and immobile Soldier Koco.]
Knuckles: I guess the defenses didn't hold after all.
[Sonic also sees a dead and inanimate Koco on the ground.]

3rd Chaos Emerald Cutscene[]

[Scene: A Digital Dimension]

[Eggman laughs. It is revealed that Sage is talking to him.]
Sage: Then the robot hit him again!
[Eggman laughs harder, then stops.]
Eggman: I look forward to your battle reports once we're home.
Sage: Home?
Eggman: I'll integrate you into my system, give you control of the whole EggNet. I'll have you network all my robots. You'll be a refreshing change of pace from Orbot and Cubot.
Sage: They are your creations, like me. That would make them like... my brothers?
Eggman: Hmm... I suppose so.
Sage: I look forward to that.

4th Chaos Emerald Cutscene[]

[Scene: A Digital Dimension]

Sage: I can confirm Sonic has made multiple breaches into Cyber Space and escaped.
Eggman: Through raw talent and no shortage of tenacity, I'm sure. Impressive.
Sage: You speak of him with respect as often as you curse him. I do not understand.
Eggman: Oh, I hate that Hedgehog. That doesn't change the fact that he is a formidable adversary. I respect him, but I don't have to like him.
Sage: Your genius. His skill. If only you two could work together...

Main Story: Arriving at the Fort[]

[Scene: Ares Island, night.]

(Knuckles is seen with the army of soldier Kocos, who is sobbing in fear)
Knuckles: [To the Kocos] I don't care if you're afraid! Those are your people out there!
Sonic: Hey, coach, what's with the pep talk?
[Knuckles grunts in anger.]
Knuckles: With the defenses down the soldiers are supposed to fall back to a bunker.
Sonic: Then I'll round-up the stragglers and you supervise, commander.
Knuckles: That sounds... that sounds good.

The Best Defense[]

[Scene: Ares Island, night]

[Knuckles sees the bunker and has a flashback scene of Angel Island from Sonic 3 (& Knuckles).]

Sonic: Is this the place? [Knuckles doesn't listen] Yo, Knux?
Knuckles: Sonic, this... this looks like ruins from back home. What if the people of these islands survived and resettled on Angel Island? That'd make this pretty important.
[While the group of Soldier Kocos march, one of them sees something. With another Koco colliding into it from behind it sees something and starts yelping, alerting Sonic and Knuckles.]
Sonic: That's not a good sound.
[All the Kocos retreat. Sonic and Knuckles look up. Several 'Towers' appear.]
Knuckles: They're going to assault the bunker! [Has the flashback in his head] I can't... I can't lose this!
Sonic: We've got this buddy. I've got your back! [Zooms off]
Knuckles: Thank you, Sonic.

Main Story: Knuckles Wants a Vacation[]

[Scene: Ares Island, night]

[Sonic sits next to Knuckles. He attempts to engage in a conversation, only to decide against it upon seeing the echidna's somber expression.]
Knuckles: Ages ago my people were wiped out by a cataclysm. I know the Koco faced something similar. It reminds me I'm the last Echidna. That I'm alone.
Sonic: You may be the last but you're not alone. You've got us, Knucklehead.
Knuckles: I'll admit. I do envy your lifestyle. Freedom to go where you want, when you want.
Sonic: So do it! Get out there and live a little.
Knuckles: Maybe I could... but first, I need to be back to normal. [stands] So hurry up, and get me back to normal!
Sonic: Anything to get you away from me!
[Sonic and Knuckles stare competitively at each other again. Shots of their pupils show on screen. Soon the seriousness turns into laughter and they share a fist bump. Sage is below the duo.]
Sage: He helps those he is at odds with. He is quick to make peace. Perhaps... [Thinks] No, I have run the simulations. They are doomed.

Main Story: Revealing the Path[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day]

Knuckles: Sonic! Check these out. I don't think this ancient Machinery was active before. Any idea what changed?
Sonic: Something similar happened on the last island. Let's just call it a little "divine intervention." If I can solve the locks code, it should open the way to that flying Titan.
Knuckles: Wait, Sonic. You're still missing a Chaos Emerald, aren't you? Well, that thing will tear you to shreds.
Sonic: The last Titan was holding the final Emerald. I'm willing to bet it's the same deal here. First, though, I need to play this crane game. Let me see... the stones and the ports seem to have corresponding colors.

Crane Game Epilogue[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day]

[Sonic and Knuckles look at the newly opened portal.]
Knuckles: Huh. You did it. Nice work.
Sonic: Was there ever any doubt? Ready to go face impossible odds?
Knuckles: Ha! We faced worse. Here we go! Try to keep up!
Sonic: Whoa, hey! That's my line!

Wyvern Fight Epilogue[]

[Scene: Ares Island, Wyvern launch a barrage of missiles towards Super Sonic, who force Wyvern's mouth open causing it to swallow its own missiles, this causes the Titan to explode. Sonic as Super Sonic, sees a second vision of Ancient.]

Ancient: They're... gone. It killed them.
[Super Sonic swoops down to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Not bad! Things would have been over faster if I'd been "Super Knuckles", but you did all right.
Super Sonic: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. I've got one more Titan bot to go. Hopefully I'll find Tails too. I'm worried about him.
Knuckles: He'll be all right. Now, hurry up and save the day already! [Knuckles offers a fist bump, but Sonic ignores him and sets off, causing Knuckles to flinch.]

Sage Side Story: Who Are You?[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Sage: You. Again. Do not interfere with my work.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Ah... I don't even know what work I'm interfering with! Look. Just take a second to tell me who you are, what's going on, and why you look like you want to smite me on the spot?
Sage: That is irrelevant. Knowing. Not knowing. It will change nothing. There is nothing you can do.

Sage Side Story: I Must Reassess the Battle Parameters[]

Sonic: Okay! Your flying nightmare is a step up from the giant. Very mobile. But it's going to end the same way.
Sage: How are you able to utilize the Chaos Emeralds? I must reassess the battle parameters. I cannot afford to have you win again.
Sonic: Well, y'know, you could call it off and let me save my friends in peace? No? Fine, we'll do it your way.

Sage Side Story: An Olive Branch[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Sonic: Hey! I'm willing to let bygones be bygones if you tell me how to restore my friends. Both Amy and Knuckles are all ghosty. Kinda like you.
Sage: All data within Cyber Space is restricted to outsiders.
Sonic: You see. That's the thing. They're kinda half-in, half-out. Can you at least tell me if they're going to be okay?
Sage: Their conditions are stable. They are hovering between the digital dimension and this one, but their lives are not at risk.
Sonic: That's a relief. Sort of. Thanks for answering!

Knuckles Side Story: Mysterious Symbol[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Knuckles: Have you been here before? You're navigating the island like it's nothing.
Sonic: Oh no. See, when I interact with these things marked with this symbol, I automatically learn the lay of the land. It's like the island is beaming a GPS signal right into my brain. Pretty cool, right?
Knuckles: I'm sure that's the Ancients' doing as well. I wonder what that symbol means in their language?
Sonic: Come to think of it, you don't actually see it printed anywhere in the villages. I guess the true meaning is lost to time.

Knuckles Side Story: Knuckles' Cyber Prison[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Sonic: Amy said her Cyber Cage wasn't a fun time. How was it for you?
Knuckles: Miserable. Like a living nightmare. It was the most alone I've ever felt. And at the same time, I was drowning in terrible visions and emotions. Like I said, nightmare.
Sonic: Yeesh. These visions... they weren't like what Tikal showed us way back when, were they? Do these ruins sync up to when your ancestors were wiped out?
Knuckles: I don't think so. But if you're right, and that prison was bringing back those memories? That's cruel. If I find out who designed it, they're gonna pay!

Knuckles Side Story: I Feel I was Drawn Here for a Reason[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Knuckles: Besides the Koco, these islands seem deserted, don't they?
Sonic: Yeah, I've seen a lot of the Ancients' buildings on both islands, but nobody's home.
Knuckles: Given their state of decay, and how much nature has reclaimed them, I'd say they've been gone for a long time. Longer than any civilization we know of. I'd like to think they simply moved on and settled somewhere else. Not that they're... gone. Some of the active technology seems built for storing and protecting the Chaos Emeralds. Comparing that to what's on Angel Island... I feel like I was drawn here for a reason.

Knuckles Side Story: The Spooky Sky Voice[]

[Scene: Ares Island, day]

Knuckles: It's not fair! How come you get to jump in and out of Cyber Space that I'm stuck halfway?
Sonic: Well, beats me. It sounds like we all experienced the dimension differently.
Knuckles: Yeah, I didn't see any way out. Your trips sound less complicated.
Sonic: Well, whatever. The spooky sky voice says I just have to trash the Titans to get you guys back to normal. So we have a plan.
Knuckles: Oh yeah? Why isn't it talking to the rest of us, then?

Knuckles Side Story: Architectural Styles[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Sonic: I know they're completely different islands, but some of these ruins are making me think of the ones back on Angel Island.
Knuckles: Why? Because they're made of stone? There are multiple architectural styles across the island. It's different types of stone, too. Plus, these ruins pre-date anything on Angel Island by a wide margin. Although... the spiritual spaces and military structures do share some similarities.
Sonic: Okay, so the Ancients and Echidnas weren't related. But the one group must have inspired the other.

Knuckles Side Story: Don't Punch the Ruins[]

[Scene: Ares Island]

Knuckles: Look at the size of this... what-do-you-call-it? Satellite dish? It's for communications, right?
Sonic: Yeah. I've seen all sorts of crazy high-tech ancient tech across both islands.
Knuckles: How can something this old be this advanced? It's sturdy too. I punched it and it didn't move at all.
Sonic: Knux... don't punch the ruins. Once I find Tails, maybe he can use them to figure out what happened here.
Knuckles: Hey! I already discovered that it's sturdier than anything we've encountered. I don't think this material is from this world.

Knuckles Side Story: The Power of the Emeralds[]

[Scene: Ares Island, Day]

Sonic: What do you think of the weird spires being used to contain the Chaos Emeralds?
Knuckles: Contain? No, I think they're meant to protect them. Even harness their power. You've experienced yourself the limitless power of the Chaos Emeralds. Even if they didn't have them all, a couple would have provided more than enough energy to live comfortably.
Sonic: Enough to power the ruins, Cyber Space... I wonder... if the Ancients somehow lost their access to the Emeralds. Would that have caused them to disappear?

Chaos Island[]

To Another Frontier[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, Day]

[As Super Sonic approaches Chaos Island, one of several blasts hits him, causing him to lose the Chaos Emeralds yet again and fall.]

Found Tails[]

[Scene: Chaos Island.]

Sonic: Hang tight little bro, I won't make you wait much longer.

Main Story: Rescuing Tails[]

[Tails is released from the dome, at a cost of Sonic getting paralyzed by Cyber Energy. Tails discovers Sonic covered in Cyber Energy and becomes shocked.]
Tails: Sonic!
[He tries to help him up but to no effect due to, according to Sonic when he rescued Amy, "[being] the one who's half [there].]
Sonic: I'm just catching my breath.
[Sage watches over Sonic again.]
Sage: He never stops. Clarification: He never gives up.
Tails: The spatial anomaly that affected us seems to have left me in a digitized state. But those same energies are manifesting into some worrisome mutations for you.
Sonic: Those sure are words you said just now!
Tails: I'm saying I'm fine, you're not and I'm worried.
[Sonic wags his finger at Tails.]
Sonic: I'll be fine. And I need this power to rescue you.
Sage: He's even enduring the cyber corruption better than I calculated he would.

Tails: You're always rescuing me, and... [Becomes determined] Let's focus on the now. What do you need?

Sonic: Chaos Emeralds. Think you can help me track them down?
Tails: I'm on it!
[Tails vanishes, but Sonic starts struggling in the paralysis.]
Sage: It so sad someone so impressive will be lost in the end. It's... it's not fair.

Knight Chase[]

[A large Titan confronts Sonic.]
Sage: Well? What will you do?
Sonic: The best I can.
[The large Titan throws its buzzsaw shield at Sonic.]

Post Knight Chase[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, raining]

[Sonic finishes outrunning the Titan's shield. Sage appears again.]
Sonic: So? Impressive, right?
Sage: Within expected parameters.

Main Story: The Calamity[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, day]

[Tails is studying the environmental analyzer on the ground.]
Sonic: What's that?
Tails: I think it's an environmental analyzer. All of the ancient Technologies Network to Cyber Space. If I can get it back online we can maybe get some answers...
Sonic: So... that was a thing.
Tails: Whatever assaulted the island sure packed a punch. That was on par with Dark Gaia! Easy!
Sonic: [Annoyed] I feel like we need to find the Emeralds, pronto.
Tails: Agreed. We'll rendezvous later.

Main Story: Reviving the Death Egg Robot[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: Look! It's an Assault-model Death Egg Robot! It looks pretty entrenched. I'll take a look around. Let me know if you find anything.
Sonic: [Wolf-whistles] You don't see something like this every day. These things are tough to take down, even for me. I wonder who took it out? Maybe that ghost girl?
Tails: Hey, Sonic! I found a remote control panel! It's still online.
Sonic: Let's see what Eggman was trying to do with this thing; if it goes bad you can shut it off.

Passageway Opened[]

[A passageway opens up towards the cave.]
Sonic: Woo! That did the trick!
Tails: Yep. It revealed a subterranean pathway. Be careful, though. Whatever took out that Super Badnik might still be lurking around.
Sonic: I hear that. Thanks, buddy. I'll see you later.

Main Story: Helping the Kocos[]

[The Apprentice Koco communicates to Tails.]

Sonic: Yo.
Tails: [To Sonic] Hey. This Koco is an apprentice to their top pilot. They need to find the parts to complete their final weapons. I'm sure you've run into this scenario already. What did you do?
Sonic: Well, I helped them out.
Tails: But... isn't that cruel? Their battle is long over. This feels dishonest.
Sonic: We're not fixing the problem they think they have, but we are bringing them peace.
Tails: Well, when you put it that way... [To the Koco] Let's get to work!
[The Koco carries on communicating.]

Main Story: Fixing the Cannon[]

[Scene: Chaos Island.]

Tails: We need a few more pieces, but we're having trouble finding them.
Sonic: Gotcha. Be right back.

Post Cannon Completion[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, day]

Tails: Well... that's it. The cannon is complete.
[The Apprentice Koco whimpers.]
Sonic: [To Tails] Did I get the wrong parts?
Tails: No! Their hero didn't show. They're worried something's happened. [Miserably while looking at the Koco] It's like how I couldn't handle it after Infinite attacked. One wrong turn and I fall apart...
Sonic: Whoa, what?
Tails: Listen to me. The others are counting on you. I'm here to help, so don't give up, okay?
[The Koco whimpers again.]
Sonic: You've got me worried. Tails, you want to talk?
Tails: Not right now. Let's just focus on finding the Emeralds.
Sonic: All right.

Main Story: Tails Meets Sage[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, day]

Tails: Hey! Almost done here. Can you take our friend and find a couple more parts?
Sonic: Can do. [An annoyed Sonic walks away with the Koco. Tails waves, but is jump-scared by an appearing Sage. Sage then appears behind him.]
Sage: Miles Prower. You've known Sonic most of your life.
Tails: Yeah... and?
Sage: Your imprisonment within Cyber Space. The defeat of the Ancients' Titans. Do you trust how he is handling it? With your life?
Tails: Of course. I'll admit he isn't perfect, but Sonic has overcome impossible odds over and over again. I know he'll save us all.
Sage: So you're saying you have faith in him?
Tails: It's not a matter of faith. I've got a lifetime of data to back up my observations.
Sage: Your loyalty is founded on empirical data. I can appreciate that. The feelings he inspires in you and the others.. is that a facet of being alive? And yet all your love and loyalty will amount to nothing. It cannot be prevented.
Tails: What are you talking about?
[Sage vanishes.]
Sage's voice: Perhaps it is kinder if you don't know...

Main Story: Sonic and Sage's Conversation[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, raining.]

[An annoyed Sonic is confronted by Sage.]
Sage: What is your end goal?
Sonic: It varies. Sometimes it's a spinning sign, sometimes it's a big old ring-
Sage: [Annoyed] No! I mean what do you want to accomplish?
Sonic: [Sighs and puts hands on hips] Gather up the Chaos Emeralds and save my friends.
Sage: And you're sure that is wise?
Sonic: Kind of the story of my life.
Sage: And the voice that commands you. What if it is leading you to disaster?
Sonic: If they want to start trouble, I'll stop them too.
Sage: You certainly make it sound simple. But your arrogance will be your undoing.
Sonic: Look, either stop being cryptic and tell me what's going on or skedaddle.
Sage: There would be no point.
[While Sonic stares at a disappearing Sage, the Apprentice Koco comes back to Sonic showing a part to him.]
Sonic: Nice find. Take it on over to Tails. I'm gonna keep moving.

3rd Chaos Emerald Cutscene[]

[Scene: Digital Dimension]

Sage: I have found a possible scenario for your escape.
Eggman: It's about time! Report!
Sage: After reviewing your entire campaign history, I have found the most optimal course of action is to... create an alliance with Sonic.
Eggman: [Suddenly becomes annoyed] WHAT?!
Sage: B-but together you stop the ARK, overcame Neo-Metal, you...!
Eggman: [Angrily] I don't want to hear it! Those alliances were purely out of desperation!
Sage: But time is running out!
Eggman: [Angrily] I don't want to hear it! Find me another option!
[He closes the windshield on his Eggmobile and leaves.]
Sage: Your tenacity is legendary. But I do wish you'd reconsider...

4th Chaos Emerald Cutscene[]

[Scene: Digital Dimension]

[A series of aircrafts aim their weapons at Eggman. Sage uses her psychic power to clear all the crafts away.]
Eggman: I've lost count of how many times you've saved me from the hazards here.
Sage: It is my function. I live to serve.
Eggman: You've exceeded your function! I'm very impressed with you, Sage. No! I'm proud of you! [Sage smiles]

Main Story: Am I a Burden?[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, Day]

[A weary Sonic and Tails follows the Koco, but Tails stops.]
Tails: Sonic... am I a burden to you?
Sonic: Wow... And how did you come to this well-thought-out concern?
Tails: Whenever there's a crisis I'm either running away or standing on the sidelines! You're always rescuing me when all I do is follow you around!
Sonic: Hey! Who was it who stopped Eggman from blowing up Station Square, huh? And who broke me out of prison, or saved me from the Deadly Six's trap?
Tails: I... then I'm wildly inconsistent! [Folds his arms and looks away. After a pause, Sonic sighs and confronts an annoyed Tails.]
Sonic: Dude, relax! [Touches Tails' shoulder] You've got brains like Eggman, speed like me and can fly with your butt. [Tails looks at the viewer.] It's okay if you still need help sometimes. That's just part of growing up.
[Sonic holds one of his fingers in the air. Tails stares at it and scoffs.]
Tails: When did you get to be so insightful?
Sonic: I have my moments.
[Suddenly a Koco approaches them and bounces up and down, annoying Tails.]
Tails: They say the bridge is out.
Sonic: I'm sure we can fix that. I'll have a look around.
[Tails nods.]

Post "Bridge the Gap"[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, night.]

[The Apprentice Koco communicates to Tails.]
Tails: They say this was the last of the defensive measures.
Sonic: [To the Koco] Way to go. Your hero will be thrilled with all your hard work.
[The Koco bows. Then the spirit floats up in the air, the Koco falls to the ground, lifeless. Tails stares mournfully at it.]
Sonic: [To Tails] And I'm proud of you. Don't forget that.
Tails: [Takes a deep breath, holding back tears, to Sonic] I won't. [He turns properly to Sonic and smiles.]

Main Story: A Family Born of Love[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, raining.]

Sonic: Hey, little bro. Feeling better?
Tails: Yeah. This whole experience gave me a kind of clarity. When this is all over... I think I need to go it alone for a while. I can't grow into my full potential if I always fall back on you. If that's okay!
Sonic: [Chuckles] You're free to go your own way. I guess you just grew up on me a little faster than I expected.
Tails: [Sheepishly] Are you saying I outpaced you?
Sonic: Yeah don't push it. [Tails giggles] It's gonna take some getting used to, but here's to you reaching new heights--partner.
[Sonic offers a handshake. Tails accepts it, but to no effect as their hands appear through each other. They notice that, and start chuckling.]
Sage: (Tears are seen forming in her eyes) Such a beautiful friendship. A family born of love and not genetics. Everything I want... I wish I'd never seen this. [The camera cuts to Sonic and Tails bursting out laughing.] It was so much easier accepting the future when they were simply enemies. [Tears flow from her eyes and onto her hands.]

Main Story: Path to the Titan[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, Day]

Tails: I've been studying this door while you were exploring the island. It sounded like it unlocked from the inside.
Sonic: Great. So how do we open it?
Tails: See that switch next to the door? I think it'll react to the cyber-energy stored in your body. There's no telling what's on the other side, but I'm betting it's important. Approach it whenever you're ready.
Sonic: [Scoffs] I'm always ready.

Post Pinball[]

Tails: Whatever you did triggered an eruption! And the lava burned away the cloud bank and revealed... something...
Sonic: Hey, I've seen my fair share of pinball machines. I know one when I see one. Were those really part of the original ruins? I mean the tech here outpaces Eggman's and is older than "old". I guess the love of pinball predates civilization.
Tails: Sonic! That Titan down there... do you really plan on fighting that? Even as Super Sonic, that thing is...
Sonic: ...Keeping you, Amy, and Knuckles trapped. So yeah, I'm gonna take it down. Sit tight, partner. I'll take out this last Titan and get everyone back to normal!

Knight Epilogue[]

[Scene: Chaos Island, Super Sonic flies closer and punches Knight in the face, making the titan lose it's sword. Super Sonic takes it and slices Knight with his own sword. This causes Knight’s right half to shift downwards as it explodes. Sonic as Super Sonic, sees a third vision of Ancient.]

Ancient: We can't let their sacrifice be in vain! They had a plan! Let's do it!

Sage Side Story: A Power You Can't Imagine[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Sonic: Hey again. Since we've grown so close, how about helping me out?
Sage: I have run the simulations. Sharing data will not change the outcome.
Sonic: You're always talking about odds and simulations, but we living beings don't live by calculations. The will to live, the drive to achieve, the desire to protect the ones you love - that kind of thing can grant a power you can't imagine.
Sage: "Love" can be converted into "power"? Do you have any data to back this proposed conversion?
Sonic: Nope. That's what makes it miraculous. But if you really need proof, I'll whip you up a miracle by the end of all this. You'll see!

Sage Side Story: The True Nature of the Kocos[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Sonic: So I think I've figured it out. The Koco are the spirits of the Ancients, aren't they?
Sage: What if they are?
Sonic: I've run into my fair share of spirits who stick around because of their regrets. Sometimes I've been able to help them move on. Just how long have they endured like this, though? Were we brought here to help them finally find peace?
Sage: Why ask me?
Sonic: Because I feel like you might be in the same boat. And if so, I'll help if I can.

Sage Side Story: The Last Titan[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Sonic: We're coming up on the last Titan! Care to bet who'll be the winner this time?
Sage: Recalculating. Your odds of victory have improved from "impossible" to "highly improbable."
Sonic: Those are just the kind of odds I like to beat! So these were built by the Ancients too, right? They're pretty powerful enemies. Did they manage to defeat the Ancients' enemies?
Sage: I can only hope their next victim is you.

Tails Side Story: Do You Think I Can Change?[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: Sonic... do you think I can... change?
Sonic: What do you mean? Like... like a tire? Or the Tornado's engine oil?
Tails: No! I mean... when I was lost in Cyber Space, I was confronted by another version of myself. He said I was just a follower. That I couldn't think or act on my own. I wanted to argue, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything back. I worry he's right and that I haven't changed at all...
Sonic: Whatever. Some spooky cyber-copy hasn't seen you in action. I've seen it first-hand. You've definitely grown, and I know you'll keep on working hard!

Tails Side Story: Data Retention[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Sonic: Yo Tails. Can you tell me if there's anything special about the ruins with this symbol?
Tails: I can't be sure without a proper analysis, but it doesn't seem remarkable. What is remarkable is the data retention after all these years. The corruption is negligable, and the maps are so accurate! Not to mention the way they can imprint the map data directly into the user's mind! It's hard enough explaining yourself to your peers, let alone some long-distant civilizations!
Sonic: Yeah. Too bad they can't give us all the answers to the islands' mysteries. You're right, though. Pretty amazing to have a civilization based on brain-power.

Tails Side Story: No Ancient Cannonballs[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: What I wouldn't give to study this ancient technology properly. Hmm. It doesn't look like this was a projectile weapon.
Sonic: So no ancient cannonballs then, huh? Wait, are you saying this is a beam weapon? Like on the Egg Carrier?
Tails: Exactly. From what I can tell it has its own battery, independent of an outside power supply. Moreover, its capacity is ludicrous. It could level a mountain. It's almost up there with the Eclipse Cannon! But that was plugged into the ARK's reactor. This is free standing! The Ancients' designs are amazing.
Sonic: Yeah, that's cool and all, but I mean, they built these things to shoot at something. Wow. What kind of enemy takes that much firepower to stop?

Tails Side Story: Everything Feels Just Out of Reach[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: This is not an ideal working condition. If I just had my body, I could be so much more efficient.
Sonic: Amy said she felt like she was in a dream. Does that sound about right?
Tails: That's pretty accurate. I can think clearly and I'm aware, but there's no physicality to it. Everything feels just out of reach.
Sonic: Do you think that's why the Ancients made the Koco? To have something "real" to put their spirits into?
Tails: It's... one hypothesis. We certainly can't rule it out.

Tails Side Story: Eggman's Plan[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: Hmmm... the whole reason we came here was because we detected the Chaos Emeralds were drawn here...
Sonic: Did you figure something out?
Tails: I'm trying to put the pieces together. The Ancients' technology was built specifically for the Chaos Emeralds and runs on their power. All of the Starfall Island systems, even Cyber Space, were in a kind of stand-by mode without the emeralds to power them. Once the power supply was restored, though, someone would've had to boot up the systems and get them running.
Sonic: I think I can guess who...

Tails Side Story: The Ancients' Data[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: I analyzed the Cyber Space portal the last time you were accessing it. While you were online it opened up a flood of data. It was way too much to process, but I did get a glimpse of the Ancients' personal data.
Sonic: Oh, so... what? You know all their birthdays now?
Tails: Much more than that. Sonic - it was their very essences! Their hopes, their dreams, everything that made them what they were. Do you see the correlation?
Sonic: Sounds a lot like what happened to you, Amy and Knuckles. I'm glad you're all intact, but why were you all uploaded like that?

Tails Side Story: High Altitude[]

[Scene: Chaos Island]

Tails: We're at a pretty high altitude. It's hard to say how high due to all the clouds!
Sonic: Any higher and we'd risk Angel Island bumping into us. Pretty harsh conditions for anyone to be living and working under.
Tails: The Ancients must have had a reason for coming up here. Given the infrastructure, I don't think this was a residential area. It seems more like military frontlines.
Sonic: A first strike position, huh? I mean, those cannons aren't just for show. With everything we've seen, just what kind of enemy were they preparing for?

Rhea Island[]

Last Ordeal[]

[Scene: Rhea Island]

[Tails confronts an exhausted Sonic and helps him up, but to no effect.]
Voice: The final lock has been revealed. Silence the six towers, tear down the walls between dimensions.
Sonic: Oh good. I thought you were gonna say there was a surprise Titan.
Tails: Sonic?
[Sonic helps himself up.]
Sonic: Hang tight, partner. We're almost through this.
Tails: Be careful.
Sonic: "Careful"? Where's the fun in that?

Chaos Engine[]

Ancient 1: The Chaos Engines are harnessing the emeralds' powers perfectly.
Ancient 2: Finally, some good news. Hopefully their power will be enough to let us escape.

Two Towers Down[]

(After shutting off two towers, a near corrupted Sonic staggers and nearly loses balance. But he keeps limping with a smile on his face as Sage teleports in.)
Sage: Your cyber-corruption is accelerating. How can you smile when you can barely stand?
(Sonic looks at Sage briefly before taking a deep breath and continues limping.)

The Will of the Emeralds[]

Ancient 1: What are the Chaos Emeralds reacting to?!
Ancient 2: Some kind of power source is drawing them in! We've lost control of navigation!

(It is revealed that what was drawing the Ancients is the Master Emerald.)

The Beginning of the End[]

Elder: ...And although our home world was lost, our history was not, thanks to Cyber Space.
Elder: All our hopes, our dreams, and memories can be uploaded to Cyber Space and accessed at any time.
Crane: Elder, You are needed.
Elder: Why? What's happened?
Crane: It followed us. This world is in danger.

Four Towers Down[]

[After shutting off four towers, Sonic is in a severely corrupted state than last time]

Sage: I believe I have come to understand you. Both of us will do anything to protect those who are precious to us. But your fate... It is what I calculated. Farewell, hero. (Close-up of Sonic limping to the camera)

Titan Finale[]

Crane: These Chaos Emerald-empowered Titans will be the keys to victory this time.
Elder: If not... it's been decided by a small group will take the Emeralds to the larger one that drew us here.
Crane: Hopefully it won't come to that.


Crane: This isn't working! If we can't beat it, we'll seal it! I'll bind it to my Titan. Then you guys seal us in Cyber Space!
Dragon: No! We'll find another way!
Snake: They're... gone. It killed them.
Tiger: We can't let their sacrifice be in vain! They had a plan! Let's do it!

Losing Soul[]

[The background becomes a deep red. Sonic is in pain and becomes more and more corrupted. He clutches his head, on the verge of screaming in agony. After letting out a long, painful groan, he becomes paralyzed to the point of incapacitation. An upset Amy, Knuckles and Tails check up on Sonic. Sage and Eggman approach too. Amy yelps in shock as soon as she see's Sonic's state.]
[The red aura fades.]
Amy: Oh, Sonic! No!
[She feels Sonic.]
Knuckles: What happened to him?
Tails: [Miserably] He took on so much Cyber Energy. It corrupted him!
Knuckles: Meaning?
Tails: He's stuck between realities.
[Eggman soon bursts out laughing.]
Eggman: My only regret is you denied me the pleasure of finishing you off, rodent.
Sage: [To Eggman] We must get you back into Cyber Space! Immediately!
Eggman: [Angrily] I just got out! That was the whole point! [Slams his Eggmobile.]
Sage: I ran millions of simulations. The only way I can keep you alive is if you're not here when it gets out.
Eggman: When what gets out?
[A noise is heard, alerting everybody but Sonic, who is still incapacitated]
The End: Since time immemorial I have languished here. The locks are broken. Now I shall tear down the walls between dimensions and consume all.
Eggman: No, no, you don't! I'll mobilize the Egg Fleet and blow you out of the sky!
Sage: It won't be enough. It triumphed over the Ancients' technology. My simulations show a success rate of zero percent.
Tails: [Determined] No! Sonic worked too hard for us to give up now. Those visions we saw... we can drive back the corruption and bring him back.
Amy: Anything for Sonic!
Knuckles: Whatever it takes!
[Amy, Knuckles and Tails huddle and share hands around Sonic.]
Tails: Sonic! I want you to see the hero I become.
Amy: [On the brink of tears] Sonic! You still have love to share with this world too.
Knuckles: Sonic! We're even after this. Ha!
[The trio disappear, leaving Sonic alone. The Cyber energy disappears from him, reverting him back to normal. He looks at himself, puts his hand to his heart and closes his eyes.]
Sonic: Everyone... thank you. I won't let you down.
Eggman: [disappointed] Oh good. He's back.
[Sage jumps in front of Eggman's eggmobile, jump-scaring him.]
Sage: This is our chance! I never simulated a scenario where Sonic helped since you never authorized it.
Eggman: I still don't want to...
Sage: Please!
[An annoyed Eggman stares at Sonic, who smirks back at him. He smacks his Eggmobile in frustration. He clears his throat.]
Eggman: Sonic! I here-by induct you into the Eggman Empire and order you to save us all. Understand? This is not an alliance!
Sonic: If that's how you want to spin it, Doctor Ego-man.
Eggman: [Grunts in annoyance] Sage, you will help me find the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic won't be fast enough.
Sonic: [Overhears and becomes offended] Hey! Wow.
Sage: As you command!

Ouranos Island[]

Main Story: Building a Bridge[]

Sage: [To Sonic] I believe you can proceed once you find a way to activate the starting device and power the statue.
Sonic: Sure would've been smoother sailing if we'd been working together from the start. But, I guess I had to earn your trust first, huh?
Sage: Mm. Do you know how to activate the starting device?
Sonic: I've figured out everything else up until now, haven't I? Don't sweat it.

Post 1st Ouranos Hacking Minigame[]

Sage: The way is clear. We must acquire the Chaos Emeralds with expediency.
Sonic: You got it Sage. Heh, we've run into each other so many times, but I only recently learned your name. You could have told me sooner, you know?
Sage: We were enemies. Furthermore, my name holds no meaning.
Sonic: Sure it does! Eggman named you that for a reason. That means you're important to him.
Sage: You... think he cares about me?
Sonic: Sure, in his own way. Hey, Time's a wasting, let's wrap this up!

Main Story: Opening the Ancients' Gate[]

Sage: There is a Chaos Emerald inside. Your power is required to access it.
Sonic: First we gotta open that door. Are you good with hanging around? I thought you were supposed to be looking after Eggman while he helped hunt down the Emeralds?
Sage: I will be at his time when he needs me. For now, we must focus on the task at hand. Use your power to start the system. Hurry. Our time is limited.

Post 2nd Ouranos Hacking Minigame[]

Sonic: Emerald number six, here we come! Sooo... earlier you said I had zero chances of winning. You change your mind yet?
Sage: No, but... I have not run a simulation on our present circumstances, either.
Sonic: Ahh yeah, so, you're saying there maybe is a chance?
Sage: I am saying we are in a desperate situation. The threat we face is beyond imagination.
Sonic: Hey, if there's even a one percent chance I can turn that despair of yours into hope. I won't disappoint.

Sage Side Story: Eggman's Daughter[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: You were created by Eggman, right?
Sage: Correct. My base code was compiled by him. The scope of my capabilities was vastly modified once I integrated with Cyber Space, but he is my creator.
Sonic: Heh, oh man. I bet he never expected his genius A.I. would advise him to work with me.
Sage: I put forward the scenario with the highest likelihood for survival. That is all.

Sage Side Story: Eggman's Cyber Prison[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: I had secured Dr. Eggman in Cyber Space to protect him from the impending destruction. I had hoped to keep out external variables as well. You were not meant to come here.
Sonic: Yeah, I figured that out. I understand now why you locked my friends in the Cyber Cages and fought me. I wasn't exactly going to leave the Titans alone, either. It's too late for a "I'm sorry" from either of us. Better to focus on making things right.

Sage Side Story: The Telepathic Map[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: So, we've got satellite maps today, but I don't think they can compete with direct brain downloads. I can roll with it now that I know it's alien tech, but it's still a bit weird to me. Like why are the villages missing when everything else is so detailed?
Sage: The Ancients had a difficult time adapting to this world. Adjusting to the new flora and fauna, dealing with technological incompatibilities... Their settlements were under constant revision. The map was designed for a universal knowledge of the islands and their facilities.
Sonic: I guess that makes sense. And it's probably a good idea to limit the info to make sure whoever can access it can be trusted first.

Sage Side Story: Imported Memories[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Yo, so did Cyber Space actually interact with my brain?
Sage: It was designed to catalogue neural networks, among other things, so yes.
Sonic: Alright, hear me out: do you think all those locations I visited were pulled from my memories?
Sage: That is plausible. It imported the data of your memories and applied it to your surroundings so you could comprehend them.
Sonic: Maybe that gave me the edge I needed to escape each time? I was covering familiar ground? Ha! Go me!

Sage Side Story: The Final Titan[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: You can't just...take control of that last Titan, can you?
Sage: I have made multiple attempts but all failed.
Sonic: And this is the last one, right? I don't want any more surprises.
Sage: I can confirm only four were constructed.
Sonic: Then let's do it to it. We're out of time. We've got to save everyone, everywhere!

Sage Side Story: A Back-Up Hard Drive[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Looks like Tails was right. The ruins were tech the Ancients used to upload thoughts into Cyber Space, but not their bodies.
Sage: Correct. They desired to archive all their achievements, creations and knowledge.
Sonic: If they couldn't pass it between their own people, they could pass it on to those who inherited this world from them.
Sage: This way they could pass on not only technical knowledge, but their cognizance and intentions as well.
Sonic: So it's basically a big ol' back-up harddrive for everything about them. That's pretty amazing.

Sage Side Story: Alien Architecture[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: The Ancients came to this world tens of thousands of years ago. The planet was still underdeveloped back then, and their technology was vastly superior to anything else at the time.
Sonic: I knew it felt different at the time, but the fact that it was really alien was surprising. The floating building, giant structures, Cyber Space... it didn't make sense that such advanced stuff was also super old. But it all came from space so... there you go, I guess.
Sage: What would this world look like if the Ancients had survived, I wonder? Under different circumstances I would enjoy running the simulations.

Sage Side Story: Lucky Charms[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: If I understood those visions correctly, the Ancients came from space, right? And they were wearing things that looked like the Koco, but they didn't seem... I dunno, "alive?" Do you know what the Koco really are?
Sage: They originated as lucky charms for the Ancients. They were never designed to contain their data... their wills.
Sonic: Yeah, but the Koco I've found do hold the memories of their creators. Maybe the Ancients changed them. Or maybe the Koco wanted to keep their memories alive after they were gone.

Sage Side Story: The Origins of the Chaos Emeralds[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: I'm so used to using the Chaos Emeralds it's kinda hard to accept they're from space.
Sage: Yes. They were central to the Ancients' power and native to their world. They are the only things that can awaken all the functions on the island, and were taken away with the last survivors to another land.
Sonic: Without the emeralds' power, the islands' functions eventually shut down.
Sage: That is why I drew them here. I hoped to use the Ancients' technology to stop the emergence of their old foe.

Sage Side Story: A Desperate Last Stand[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: Once the Ancients landed on this world they cultivated the islands to be their new home. This place in particular was meant for prayer and reflection. They hoped to live in peace. When they learned their enemy had followed them here, they prepared to defend this world. The walls, cannons, towers - all for a desperate last stand.
Sonic: That explains all the stuff I've seen on the run. I wondered if they were preparing for a fight. Now I know.
Sage: This is where the Ancients would gather to simply be together. To cherish those who were left. That is why they recorded everything. Their history, their aspirations, their hopes, their dreams... so they would never be truly gone.


Sonic: One more, I gotta hurry up!
Sage: Sonic!
[The Eggmobile appears.]
Eggman: [To Sage, annoyed] I know!
[He jumps off his Eggmobile and confronts Sonic.]
Eggman: You're not fast enough. So I found it for you. [Takes out the final Chaos Emerald from his pocket. Turns to Sonic] Go ahead and beat that giant. [He tosses the Chaos Emerald to Sonic, still annoyed and looking away] Don't you dare lose it!
Sonic: Now why would I want to disappoint you?
[All the Chaos Emeralds gather round him once again. He transforms into Super Sonic. Eggman's despair turns into hope.]

Secret Final Boss[]

Super Sonic: Is that it?
Sage: All we did was chase it out of its shell. It's retreating into space to regain its true form. Even Super Sonic won't be able to stop it. I know what I must do. I must... leave you.
Eggman: I understand. Go fulfill your... function.
Sage: Hurry! Before it regains its full strength!
Super Sonic: Ladies first!
(They fly away, ready to face The End)
Eggman: Be careful, dear daughter.

Pre-Secret Boss[]

["THE END" appears on screen.]
Super Sonic: He took your home world... He took your lives... Are you going to let him do it all over again?! I need your help. We can end this! Please!!

Secret Boss Monologue[]

The End: [Voice getting more distorted after each couple sentences] Mortal, you have served your purpose. Now face your End. I am the all-consuming void. What can one mote of golden light illuminate within the abyss? Countless stars. Countless worlds. Countless lives. All fell to me, all brought to nothing. All the teeming chaos of creation? Brought to order. To neutrality. To nothing. I saw your mind as you ran through my prison. You have fought machines and gods. They were mighty? They were finite. I am infinite. I am nothing. You struggle as so many have done before. You will be consumed like all those before you. I saw your mind. Your courage never wavered. Why? Arrogance? Ignorance? Stupidity? I was contained once. Once. Is that why? My captors bent time and space. My captors built a whole whole reality to contain me. My captors burnt their souls away to fuel their engines. And you? You glitter; you fly above me like a gnat. I am inevitable, I cannot be denied. You strike this incarnation with all your might. It changes nothing. You are not brave; you are not victorious. No matter what form I take... The End comes for you all!

Post-Secret Boss[]

Super Sonic: [Ready to finish The End off] Now or never!
[Sage throws Super Sonic so he could fly like a shooting star to finish off The End. Instead of full-body smacking into The End's surface, Super Sonic pierces The End at the speed of light, then blasts out the other end. The End begins to flash, ready to kill Super Sonic once it explodes. Sage takes notice and makes a dash for The End to contain it.]
Sage: No!
(Sage enters The End, and contains it, just as the red Chaos Energy on her turns into many light-blue shades, along with her dress turning white instead of black. The End then explodes, taking Sage with it. The explosion hurls Super Sonic towards Earth, but all of the sound is silenced, except for Sage's last words.)
Sage: Please... look after... father...
[The Portal releases Amy, Knuckles and Tails. They are back to their normal selves again. They smile at each other while a Starfall glows across the sky. Soon, Super Sonic comes swooping down, finally able to stabilize his flight.]
Amy: [Gasps] Woohoo!
Tails: Yes!
Knuckles: All right!
[Super Sonic relinquishes the Chaos Emeralds and returns to his normal form as he lands back on the ground. They see each other. Amy gives Sonic a hug. Tails gives Sonic a high-five, while Knuckles fist-bumps him.]
[Meanwhile, Eggman is alone on an island while the Starfall glows across the sky. He puts his hand up, then bows his head in sadness. He gazes at the starfall, and clenches his right fist. The screen fades to black and the credits roll.]

The Final Horizon[]


[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Sonic runs out of portal]

Eggman: Hold it, hedgehog!
Sage: Before you embark, there is one other scenario to consider.
Sonic: Alright, I'm listening.
Sage: Moments ago, your friends sacrificed their corporeal forms to suppress your cyber corruption and return you to this dimensional plane.
Sonic: They were so close to being free again, and they gave it all up for me. I don't care how many islands or Titans it takes! I'm getting them back this time!
Eggman: Ugh. Please, no tedious speeches about the "super power of teamwork."

[Sonic angrily walks towards Eggman, but Sage appears in front of him]

Sage: Of my millions of calculations, there was one so remote and unlikely I did not consider it. However, as things stand, it could be the one to save us all.
Sonic: Well I'm all about beating the odds. What's the plan?
Sage: I can reverse your friends' efforts and restore them. They would then seek out the Chaos Emeralds for us. I can stabilize your cyber corruption for a brief time. And then, I would guide you on how to convert that corruption into power so that you may end this conflict and save Father.

[Eggman grins]

Sonic: And save the world too, right?
Sage: It is his to conquer, so yes.
Sonic: Yeah, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I like that plan. Let's do it to it!
Sage: Be forewarned: the trials you face will be grueling, and we will have precious little time.
Sonic: Please. I live for time trials. Let's go already!


[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Sage brings Amy, Knuckles, and Tails back, returning the Cyber Corruption]

Knuckles: I just tried to save you! I'm not doing it again.

[Sage forces the corruption away]

Amy: Sonic? What's going on?
Sonic: I know it's been rough, and that things are confusing, but I need you guys to just follow my lead. I need you three to find the Chaos Emeralds, while I take care of something else.
Amy: All right. We trust you.
Tails: You can count on us.
Knuckles: Heh! Piece of cake!
Eggman: Get on with it already! [Eggman looks at the distortion in the sky] It's coming...

Amy gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: All right! Time to find some Emeralds!
Tails: The Chaos Emeralds always wound up in the Ancients' vaults. Let's look there!
Knuckles: Securing Emeralds in vaults? What will they think of next? Don't rush me. I'm looking!

First Empty Vault (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy:'s not here? Why isn't it here!?
Tails: The vault I found was empty. I'll try another. You should too!
Knuckles: What good are these vaults if they don't do their job? I'll find 'em. It's just a matter of time.

Second Empty Vault[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Maybe I can get some insight with my Fortune Cards! [Amy spreads out the cards in midair, checking them] All the cards are telling me is that things are "obscured" and "danger approaches." I knew that already! [Puts cards away] Wait! "Seek insight from unfamiliar places"? Oh, the Koco! Of course! They should be able to help!

Second Empty Vault (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: All the vaults are empty! Wait, you have a lead? Tell me what you find!
Knuckles: What if someone beat us to them? Rouge! The Babylon Rogues! They better not have or I'll bust 'em up! Ugh, forget the vaults! I'll find them the old fashioned way. You search for 'em however you want.

Elder Koco's Insight[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Elder Koco: Ah, my kind-hearted friend of Sonic. You have led our people to the Digital Dream. We thank you.
Amy: It was my pleasure. I'm hoping now you can lead me in the right direction. Do you know what happened to the Chaos Emeralds?
Elder Koco: Our enemies have infested the land and are using our creations against us. The Emeralds are here on this island, but we have hidden them with our own technology.
Amy: Thanks for the insight! We won't let you down!

Hermit Koco's Insight[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Hermit Koco is sleeping. Amy is hesitant, but see the distortion and clears her throat]

Hermit Koco: Hrm? Who goes there!? Oh, the one who traverses the dimensions. I trust you've been well.
Amy: Hello. I'm sorry to disturb you, but you may be our last hope. Can you tell me what happened to the Chaos Emeralds?
Hermit Koco: The enemy is trying to break the seal and escape the Digital Dream. We have used our technology to combine and hide the Chaos Emeralds.
Amy: Thanks for the insight! We won't let you down!

First Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Amy approaches the Emerald but is blocked by a barrier.]

Knuckles gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: The Ancients' technology is hiding the Emeralds from us!
Knuckles: So hunt down the tech and wreck it? I can handle that!

First Impact Form Destroyed (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I'll keep looking too. We have to hurry! Let's get 'em, Knuckles!
Tails: If they're suppressing the Emeralds' power from your senses, they must be powerful pieces of hardware! I haven't found any yet, but I'll keep looking!

Second Impact Form Destroyed (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Just you wait! I'll get the next one! Tell me where one is! I want to smash something too!
Tails: I know it's necessary, but to destroy such unique, irreplacable technology breaks my heart... I can tell the signal is weakening. We're getting closer!

Second Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Knuckles approaches the Emerald but is blocked by a barrier.]

Tails gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: So uh... did that work?
Tails: Yeah! I bet I can bypass that thing holding the Emeralds by accessing Cyber Space!

First Koco Device (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Go, Tails, go! You've got this! Let me know if I can help!
Knuckles: This is your arena, kid. I just wish I had something else to punch while I'm waiting. We're counting on you, kid.

Second Koco Device[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Both Amy and Knuckles are able to retrieve their respective Blue and Red Emeralds now]

Third Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Tails retrieves his Green Chaos Emerald, but the distortion growls and the Koco Device short circuits]

Tails: No! We've got to find a way back into the system! Sonic is counting on us!

The Four Towers of the Masters[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: You need to ascend the four Towers of the Masters. They are memorials to the pilots who gave their lives to save the world.
Sonic: Pilots, they were who I saw in those visions, right? The ones controlling the Titans?
Sage: Yes. The very Titans you destroyed.
Sonic: Hey, I asked you to explain things from the beginning, remember?
Sage: That is irrelevant now. Hidden across the island are the components needed to construct the keys to each tower. Find them, ascend the towers, complete their trials, and you will gain control over the cyber corruption.
Sonic: Pieces make Keys, Keys unlock towers, towers make me more awesome. Got it! Back in a flash!

Sonic gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: We've got this! You can count on us!
Tails: You can rely on us!
Knuckles: Leave the Emerald hunting to the pro!

Atop Dragon's Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Dragon, pilot of Giganto, appears]

Dragon: I loved my people. More than my own life, more than anything. I happily gave everything to protect our new home. You gutted my Titan. You turned off the six final seals. You will answer for your ruinous intentions now!

Dragon's Trial Complete[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Dragon: I see now. You went to extremes to protect the ones you love. You fight against your corruption now for their sakes. I can respect that. Take my blessing and use it to defend all that you love.

Dragon's Trial Complete (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: [giggles] Don't worry about us. Get going!
Tails: I won't let you down, partner!
Knuckles: What are you hanging around for? Afraid to go off without my protection? Heh!

Atop Snake's Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Snake, pilot of Wyvern, appears]

Snake: I was one of the greatest warriors among my people. I relished the chance to prove myself against the ultimate foe. I couldn't defeat it in the end. And then I lost to you. Face me again! I demand satisfaction!

Snake's Trial Complete[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Snake: You are indeed a formidable warrior. It's not just your skill. I see your unbreakable spirit. There is no shame in being defeated by you. Take my blessing and earn the victory I could not!

Snake's Trial Complete (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: The Koco helped show us the way!
Tails: We've gotta reveal those Emeralds!
Knuckles: Outta my way, I'm working!

Atop Tiger's Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Tiger, pilot of Knight, appears]

Tiger: I was once the protege to our greatest hero. I helped design and construct the Titans. The fact you could overcome my designs is... inconceivable. I need more data. Help me understand just what you are!

Tiger's Trial Complete[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tiger: Simply astounding. I still don't understand how you're able to do what you do. Nevertheless, your limitless potential is still fascinating to behold. Take my blessing and continue to defy the impossible! My only regret is I will not be there to see it.

Tiger's Trial Complete (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Hurry, Sonic. For the Koco. For all of us.
Tails: Is this cloaking technology how the enemy robots appear too?
Knuckles: Aren't you supposed to be training or something?

Atop Crane's Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Crane, pilot of Supreme, appears]

Sonic: Huh. Guess there's a "surprise fourth Titan" after all. In the vision I saw, you lose to the enemy when you sealed it in your Titan. How are you here?
Crane: That's not important. You wish to do as I did? Stand before its unthinkable might and save this world? Prove it. Show me what you're made of.

Crane's Trial Complete[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Crane: Bravo. You are every bit the hero I hoped you would be. My people thought the same of me. They looked to me for hope and inspiration. I... wasn't enough. You freed my dearest friends from their Titan shells, and for that you have my deepest thanks. I, however, was lost. What you see now is the memory of me before we flew into battle. I always wondered how things ended. Now I know. Take my blessing, and with it, my thanks and my hopes. You are this world's hero now.

Crane's Trial Complete (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Sage appears]

Sonic: Phew! It worked! I feel like my old self again!
Sage: Excellent. Now we must go to the one who can forge that energy into a new power.

[The distortion growls, shaking everything.]

Sonic: No time to lose.

Group Meetup[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: That thing in the sky... it's corrupting everything on the island! Even the Koco!
Knuckles: I won't stand for it!
Amy: Guys? Focus. Knuckles needs to weaken that thing's hold on the Emeralds, and Tails needs to break them free. I'll handle the Koco. I have a feeling they'll be crucial to the plan. [Knuckles and Tails head off. Amy stares at the distortion.] You will not harm this world. I won't allow it!

Amy Second Gameplay Begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] Unknown

Koco Gathered[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Shh-shh, it's alright, it'll be alright. I'm going to take you somewhere safe. This way, little ones. I've got you.

Koco Returned to Elder (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Elder Koco: You have my thanks! I will look after these little ones.
Tails: We're running out of time! Knuckles needs to hurry!

Koco Returned to Hermit (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Hermit Koco: I don't like crowds... but very well.
Knuckles: Thanks for handling things, Amy. I'll take it from here!

Fourth Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Amy begins to corrupt]

Amy: This... this is what Sonic was suffering from... Handling the Koco is affecting me the same way. Well, too bad! They need me! I won't give up!

Knuckles and Tails Part Ways[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Knuckles and Tails are together]

Knuckles: Hey, kid. Focus. We aren't done yet.
Tails: I know. I'm sorry. It's just... this was my big moment to prove myself, but I don't think I can do it!
Knuckles: Then ask for help. Heck, even Sonic asked us to pick up his slack this time. What do you need me to do?
Tails: I think our opponent has repurposed the constructs to bolster the distortion's defensive measures. In other words, keep smashing things, and I can start accessing Cyber Space again.
Knuckles: I like the direct approach. You can count on me!

Third Impact Form Destroyed (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I'll look after the Koco! You just focus on helping Tails!
Tails: Look for more of the corrupted constructs! Hurry!

Fourth Impact Form Destroyed (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I'm... I'm fine. Keep doing your thing!
Tails: It's working! Just a few more and I can hack my way in!

Fifth Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Knuckles begins to corrupt and laughs, falling over]

Knuckles: Oh no you don't. Sonic handled four islands of this mess. I'm not going down to just one! [Knuckle sticks a fist into the air] You hear that? This isn't over 'til I win!

Tails Second gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: I think that thing is trying to create more defense-thingies. I'll keep hunting them down. You get us those Emeralds!
Amy: Don't stop now, Tails. We're counting on you.
Knuckles: We've cleared the way for you, kid. Finish it!

Third Koco Device[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: Darn! That weakened it, but it's still holding onto the Emeralds.

Fourth Koco Device[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: Argh! So close! One more should do it.

Sixth Emerald Found[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Tails begins to corrupt]

Tails: Every time I interact with Cyber Space I'm getting more corrupted! This... is what Sonic was dealing with this whole time. I knew he was sick, but I never realized it was like this. If I'm going to be at his side, then I need to keep at his pace! I won't let this stop me! [Tails obtains the White Chaos Emerald] You never stood a chance against Sonic. Now you're up against all four of us. You should've quit while you were behind.

[Amy obtains the Yellow Chaos Emerald] [Knuckles obtains the Cyan Chaos Emerald]

Sonic Second gameplay begins (Gameplay)[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Go, Tails, go! You can do it!
Tails: I'll see this through. I have to!
Knuckles: This was easy. Almost too easy.

Atop Master King's Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Master King: Begone, invader!

[Sage leaves]

Master King: Enter, hero.

[Master King appears]

Master King: You may call me "Master King." It is as close as your limited language will manage.
Sonic: Wow, somebody' feeling high and mighty. Anyway, Sage says you're the one who can turn the Cyber Corruption into new power? Is that right?
Master King: The interloper is correct. I am loath to acknowledge her, but I must if I am to preserve my legacy. I was the leader of my people. I led them away from their doom. I oversaw the colonization of this planet. I directed the installation of Cyber Space. I ordered the construction of the Titans. I have been the guiding voice of my people for longer than you can imagine.
Sonic: And now, you're a rock in a chair.
Master King: You are insolent!
Sonic: Yeah, and I'm short on time. So if you want me to save your legacy, you're going to fast-track this new power process.
Master King: You remind me much of another. They vexed me then as much as you do now. They also gave everything to stave off the end. ...Very well. Step forward and I shall temper you into my finest weapon.

Master King's Trial Complete[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Power flows around Sonic]

Sonic: I can feel it! Oh, I can't wait to let loose!
Master King: But you must. That power is a fragile thing. It was not meant for you. It has been synchronized to your form as best it can, but if used recklessly the power will leave you entirely.
Sonic: Huh. I'm not used to holding back.
Master King: I can feel the enemy's approach is nigh. Go. You have been given all we can give you. I... can do nothing more for my people. I entrust the rest to you.

The Time Has Come[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Sonic runs and Sage appears]

Sonic: Hey, nice of you to catch up!
Sage: Were you successful?
Sonic: Naturally!
Sage: Good. Unfortunately, your friends aren't handling their Cyber Corruption nearly as well.

[The two reach where everyone else is with their Emeralds]

Sonic: Ahh, you guys are the best.

[Eggman swoops down with the Purple Chaos Emerald]

Eggman: What does that make me, hmm?
Sonic: Fashionably late, but hey, you tried.

[More growling is heard from the clearing.]

Eggman: We're out of time! I command you to save us!

[Sonic uses all seven Emeralds to become Super Sonic and flies off. Sage nods, which bothers Eggman]

Final Battle - Absolute[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island] [Supreme lifts into the air and is attached with a cord]

The End: This shell was once my prison. Now it shall be the avatar of my return. All shall perish. All shall return to order. To oblivion.

Finishing The End[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: Sonic! It's now or never!

[Sonic flies into the commandeered gun of Supreme]

Sonic: Sorry, "Master King". Looks like I'm going all out after all!

[Sonic begins pushing the corruption to its limits, and just before it completely covers him, he opens his eyes, revealing that his irises have become grey before screaming in pain. After becoming Super Sonic Cyber, he then begins horrifically thrashing around in place as glitchy sounds occur. Eggman aims the gun at Supreme, charges up the shot, and fires. Sonic performs a faster version of Wild Rush and a close-up shot of him is shown, where we could see his fangs and eye-rings. He rushes towards his target as he vaporizes Supreme. He is seen with his arms above his head, screaming even more before quickly blasting through The End. Sonic is then seen back in his base Super form, scraped and bruised, floating in space unconscious.]

[Sonic’s friends are seen back on Earth. They see an unconscious Super Sonic falling towards the ground, losing the Emeralds partway down. He lands, worrying his friends. He gets back up and smiles as they celebrate their victory. Eggman and Sage are watching the Starfall together]

Eggman: You did well, Sage. It's time to head home, dear daughter.
Sage: "Home?" I like the sound of that... Father.

Amy and Tails Side Story: Koco Corruption[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: The Koco don't seem to be feeling so good... They're in much worse shape than us. Maybe it's because they're so much smaller? How are you feeling, Tails?
Tails: The shockwave took a lot out of me, but I'm fine now! That disturbance from the sky is only getting more intense... maybe our time limit is almost up.
Amy: Got it. Let's get back to finding the Emeralds once we make sure the Koco are safe!

Amy and Eggman Side Story: Upside-down Pyramid[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: What was that upside-down pyramid thing on Kronos Island?
Eggman: According to the information I've gathered in Cyber Space, it's a terminal created by the Ancients to get in and out of their spaceships. When they first arrived on this planet, they used their spaceship as a base of operations. They needed time to investigate whether the islands were habitable. They built a terminal to travel back and forth between the island and their ships. There were terminals built on other islands, but they were different in design. They've ceased to function. All that remains of the terminals is the wreckage of the elevators that were used for boarding. If you're curious, go and find the remains. But only if you're able to sort out the situation here first, that is.

Amy and Sage Side Story: Observation Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I saw a tower like this on Kronos Island. What did the Ancients use it for?
Sage: This was an observation tower. Its main function was to send out radio signals to detect the enemy hunting them down from space. Once the enemy's presence was detected, the defense systems on the Starfall Islands were automatically triggered. Do you recall the tower on Rhea Island? This is similar. The tower here on Ouranos Island has already been activated. The great threat that destroyed the Ancients is near.

Amy and Sage Side Story: Stone Towers[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: What's this stone tower? I think I've seen it on Kronos Island too... Could it be an important clue left by the Koco?
Sage: No, it's nothing more than a traditional structure left by the Ancients. They competed to see who could stack stones higher without them falling over. The winner was determined not just by the height, but the difficulty and aesthetic beauty of their stack. It was so popular that they even had annual competitions. There was a plethora of data in Cyber Space about the rules and results of these competitions. It may be insignificant to us now, but it was important to the Ancients.
Amy: Why were they so important to them? I may have knocked some over while looking for the Emeralds...
Sage: There's no need to concern yourself about that. According to the records, the Ancients were delighted when the towers were knocked over, because they could stack them back up again.

Amy and Sonic Side Story: Counting on You[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Thanks for the help, Amy. I would've been in real trouble without you.
Amy: Don't worry about it! I told you I'm not just going to sit around and wait.
Sonic: Glad to know you have my back. I'm counting on you to find those Emeralds!

Amy and Eggman Side Story: No Animals[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: You know, I've noticed that there's no sign of any animals on this island. I would expect some to be around in a place so full of nature. This isn't your doing, is it?
Eggman: Don't blame me for that! According to the records in Cyber Space, all of the native creatures were transported to another island during the battle that led to the extinction of the Ancients. With no one to return the creatures, the island's ecosystem suffered major disruption. Only a few small insects survived. The Ancients must have been fully committed to the battle to pull off such a large-scale transportation plan.

Amy and Knuckles Side Story: Useful Koco[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Will the Koco really be useful to us?
Amy: I don't know for sure, but I hope they will!
Knuckles: I've only seen them get scared and run away.
Amy: I've seen how strongly they feel for others. Even though they look differently now.
Knuckles: Well, it's worth a shot. I don't think the enemy will expect the Koco to do anything.

Amy and Sage Side Story: The Ancients' God[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I saw a mark on the pyramid wall. It was the same mark I saw in the sky when I said goodbye to the Koco... What could it mean?
Sage: There are no definite records in the Cyber Space archives, but it appears the Ancients worshipped it as the symbol of a god.
Amy: They believed in a god even with all of this amazing technology? I didn't expect that.
Sage: Faith is an excellent way to shape a group's sense of kinship. However, the markings in the sky are a clear and observable phenomenon, and cannot be the manifestation of a miracle. Perhaps the god of the Ancients depicted by the wall markings still exists out there today.

Amy and Sonic Side Story: Protect the Koco[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Man, what a shockwave. Amy, are you okay?
Amy: I'm fine, but we need to protect the Koco... I have to make sure they're safe... and they might know something we don't.
Sonic: Well, if anyone can learn something from them, it'd be you. I'm counting on you, Amy!

Amy and Sage Side Story: The Sonic Admirer[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: We have to work together, so get used to me being here!
Sage: Amy Rose... The one who admires Sonic.
Amy: Oh, and are you a fellow admirer? Hm?
Sage: Now is not the time for this... Your focus should be on the Emeralds, not Sonic.

Amy and Eggman Side Story: Just Keep Cooperating[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: That shockwave created a massive amount of electrical noise. It's meaningless data that's been compressed and deconstructed, but it will be especially effective against those without a corporeal form. How interesting!
Amy: Why do you sound so excited? What are you planning?
Eggman: Oh, as a scientific genius, analyzing what I see and then explaining it come as naturally as breathing!
Amy: Whatever you say... At least keep cooperating until we take down the enemy.

Amy and Tails Side Story: Lookout from the Sky[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: What are you doing here? You sure do some fast searching!
Amy: Well, I think it's important to stay focused on your goal, but it's not always easy. This island is so huge. I'm sure there are a lot of places I'll never be able to reach.
Tails: Yeah... I'll keep a look out for the Emeralds from the sky!

Amy and Eggman Side Story: Phantom Lights[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: While I was exploring Kronos Island with Sonic, I noticed lights would appear on the ground or on the trunks of the trees at night. What was up with that?
Eggman: You must be talking about the Phantom Lights. Cyber Space is always filled with a vast amount of data, but sometimes it overflows through the portals. That data is the faint thoughts of the Ancients, appearing in the real world as light.
Amy: So they're thoughts without shape, like the Koco... Why do they only appear at night?
Eggman: They're usually in hiding, for fear of the being that destroyed them. And when the moon rises, they feel safe enough to come out... Hmph, the poor little things... they've already lost their bodies, yet they're still afraid of being destroyed.

Amy and Knuckles Side Story: Emerald Finding Tips[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Hurry up, or I'll find the Emeralds before you!
Amy: Wait, Knuckles! Do you have any tips on finding Emeralds?
Knuckles: Tips? Just dig everywhere until you find them! That's all there is to it.
Amy: I have a hammer, not a shovel. That wasn't very helpful. Looks like I'll need to find them my own way.

Amy and Sage Side Story: Why the Koco?[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: Why the Koco? Actually, that element may change the result of my calculations.
Amy: Calculations? You mean the Koco may be able to help us?
Sage: The Koco contain personal information of the Ancients... and their souls. If they hold data that hasn't been uploaded to Cyber Space yet, maybe...
Amy: Maybe that could be the key! Wow!

Amy and Eggman Side Story: Up to No Good[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: What do you want? If you're looking for Sonic, he's not here.
Amy: You'd better not be up to no good just because Sonic's busy!
Eggman: Ho ho ho! I, the greatest scientific genius, "up to no good"? Don't mistake me for some small-time thug who commits crimes on a mere whim!
Amy: Oh, what should I mistake you for, then?

Knuckles and Amy Side Story: Punches vs. Hammer[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Ugh, there's so much we still don't know about this Cyber Corruption! Why do your punches work when my hammer doesn't?
Knuckles: Heck if I know! But they do work. I'll take care of whatever's in the way. You keep looking.

Knuckles and Eggman Side Story: Ares Island's Rings[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: There are so many huge ruins on this island! And the four rotating rings on Ares Island are ridiculously big.
Eggman: What a riveting observation. That facility is a kind of monitor that shows the link between the island and Cyber Space. The four rings represent the four islands, and when they're rotating, they indicate the link with Cyber Space is in effect. When a ring stops, it means there's some sort of abnormality in Cyber Space. I'm certain there's a meaning behind their size as well. I imagine there are other functions I've yet to know about. How interesting!

Knuckles and Tails Side Story: Moved Emeralds[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: The Emeralds have moved! Where did they go?
Knuckles: Just sitting here won't do us any good. We need to dig and find them!
Tails: If the way they're stored has changed, the way to release them should have changed too. If there's a key in Cyber Space, we should be able to access them through a terminal.
Knuckles: Whatever, let's just go find the Emeralds already.

Knuckles and Tails Side Story: Blocking Access[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Tails, do you think you can access Cyber Space?
Tails: No, it looks like I can't get through whatever's blocking access by myself. I'm counting on you, Knuckles. We need to get those Emeralds!
Knuckles: Don't worry, I got this! No one can beat me when it comes to power!

Knuckles and Sage Side Story: The Guardians[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: There's no time. Leave the enemies to Sonic and focus on finding the Emeralds.
Knuckles: Fine, but... What's up with them? Looks like some of them came back after getting beaten.
Sage: They're defensive weapons created by the Ancients. They were once used to defend the Starfall Islands from foreign enemies. They had stopped functioning by the time the doctor arrived, but I reactivated them when I connected to Cyber Space to keep him safe. They are powered by Chaos Emeralds and are designed to automatically rebuild themselves by reacting to the gravitational pull of meteors, so they could continue to defend the home of the Ancients forever. Even with the Ancients gone, their guardians must continue to carry out their duty to defend the island. Try to avoid them while you search for the Emeralds.

Knuckles and Sage Side Story: Submerged Ships[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: There were underground passages on Ares Island. I wonder if the Ancients were building something down there?
Sage: Tens of thousands of years ago, a fleet of spaceships carrying the Ancients landed on this planet. Several of those ships are now deep underwater, unable to fly, but their power is still active.
Knuckles: Still active? From tens of thousands of years ago?
Sage: They used their spaceship's power to build a new civilization on this island. The underground passages on Ares Island were one of many paths leading to the submerged spaceships, though they no longer seem to be connected.

Knuckles and Eggman Side Story: Brute Force[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: Oh, it's Knuckles. Stop dilly-dallying and go use those fists to get some work done.
Knuckles: Stop ordering me around, or I'll use my fists on you!
Eggman: Such a witty retort. May I alert you to the fact that time is of the essence? And you are wasting time.
Knuckles: You think I don't know that? I know that.
Eggman: Then go use your brute force to find those Emeralds!

Knuckles and Sage Side Story: Approaching Foe[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Hey, where's the punk who caused that shockwave before?
Sage: It hasn't made an appearance yet. It's somewhere beyond your fists' reach.
Knuckles: Sheesh, what a coward, attacking from so far away.
Sage: But when it does appear, our time will come to an end... If we don't gather the Emeralds and prepare, our chance of success will be zero.

Knuckles and Sonic Side Story: Wasting Time[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: How's it going, treasure hunter?
Knuckles: Didn't expect to find you standing around wasting time.
Sonic: I was starting to get worried you wouldn't be able to find the Emeralds.
Knuckles: Then you are wasting time, if you're worrying about me.

Knuckles and Sage Side Story: Smash it with My Fists[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: Knuckles the Echidna... Your power may be the key.
Knuckles: Of, of course. You've got a good eye. If anything stands between me and the Emeralds, I'll smash it with my fists!
Sage: Just be sure not to smash the Emeralds in the process...

Knuckles and Amy Side Story: Something's Off[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Amy, something's off about you and the Koco. What are you doing here?
Amy: Nothing! I wanted to do this, so I'll take responsibility and watch over the Koco. You just focus on finding the Emeralds with Tails!
Knuckles: Uh yeah, okay sure. What the heck is going on...?

Knuckles and Sonic Side Story: Three Emeralds So Far[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: We've got three Emeralds so far. Making good progress.
Sonic: Oh really? Well, looks like I'm doing better on my end, Treasure Hunter.
Knuckles: Put a sock in it! The enemy's getting more persistent with their interference, like that shockwave earlier. But don't worry, I'll take care of it with my fists! Just you wait!

Knuckles and Tails Side Story: Ares Island's Water Storage[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: I've been looking for weapons that we could use on the hunt for the Emeralds, but there doesn't seem to be anything.
Knuckles: There was a cannon on Ares Island, but it was fired to drain the water in the oasis. I'm guessing we don't have time to go looking for more shells.
Tails: Hmm, why would the Ancients waste precious water in a desert? I'll bet that cannon was a device that controlled water storage. The oasis must have served as a dam, and it was designed so the position of the faucet could be adjusted.
Knuckles: A dam? But all the water went down the drain...
Tails: The drained water should have been redirected into various watering holes. If only there was something like that cannon from Ares Island here...

Knuckles and Eggman Side Story: Stealing the Master Emerald[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: When I get back from this island, I'll use the ancient technology I've obtained here to get the Master Emerald...
Knuckles: What did you just say about the Master Emerald?!
Eggman: N-Nothing! I wasn't thinking about taking it at all!
Knuckles: Good! 'Cause I won't let you lay a finger on the Master Emerald. It's my duty to protect it as the last Echidna!

Tails and Eggman Side Story: No Such Thing as Magic[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: There's so much happening on this island. It's beyond my comprehension. It all seems like magic to me.
Eggman: Hmph, here's a word of advice. A scientist shouldn't explain things using the word "magic". It's true there are many things that can't be explained with our current knowledge. The Ancients were a technologically advanced civilization. Everything we've seen is nothing more than phenomena that were common at the time. I assure you, there is no such thing as magic on this island. Just you watch, I will uncover the truth behind everything.

Tails and Sonic Side Story: Using Tools[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Hey, Tails! Cool gadget you've got there!
Tails: Well, I know I can't fight like you or Knuckles. So, I'll use whatever tools I can to make myself useful!
Sonic: You do you, buddy! You always know how to help out.

Tails and Sonic Side Story: Stop Worrying[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: I've been feeling off ever since that shockwave hit. Hope you're hanging in there, Tails.
Tails: I'm okay, but the enemy might be recharging their energy. We need to hurry.
Sonic: Yeah, let's get going, buddy!
Tails: Okay, and stop worrying about me. And start believing in me!

Tails and Sage Side Story: Cooperating with Eggman[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: Miles Prower... If you and the Doctor combine your intellect...
Tails: I wouldn't mind, but I don't know if Dr. Eggman would be willing.
Sage: You two are at odds with one another, yet you would cooperate with him?
Tails: Of course! I couldn't answer that on Chaos Island, but... Now I'm ready to decide for myself!

Tails and Eggman Side Story: Things Only I Can Do[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: You must be feeling quite anxious, seperated from your hero Sonic.
Tails: Eggman... have you forgotten about what happened at Station Square? I may not be Sonic, but there are things only I can do!
Eggman: Hm. We will see what you're capable of without him.

Tails and Eggman Side Story: Eggman's Devices[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: I've seen those giant devices all over Chaos Island. Judging by their color scheme and how new they are, I'm guessing you made them?
Eggman: Ho ho ho! You've got a sharp eye, Tails. Indeed, those were power generation devices I built as I investigated ancient technology! The Death Egg Robot and all of the other machines I brought in may be amazing, but they're useless without an energy supply. That's why I prepared a power generator that utilizes geothermal energy from volcanoes. If only I had more time, I would have put generators throughout this island to power a super weapon... Such a shame.
Tails: Maybe the reason the Death Egg Robot's beam was able to find the underground passage wasn't just because of the hacking, but because of Eggman's energy supply? I really don't want to thank him, though...

Tails and Amy Side Story: Digitized State[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Don't you think I could have been more helpful to Sonic if I had my normal body back?
Tails: For sure. In this digitized state, there's a limit to how much we can affect the real world... But there may be ways to help from Cyber Space, like how we combined our powers to turn Sonic back to normal.
Amy: That's true. There must be things only we can do in this form!

Tails and Eggman Side Story: Mental Fortitude[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: The path to victory lies in the technology of the Ancients. If I combine my weapons and the power of the Emeralds... Hm? You don't look well.
Tails: I'm fine... Sonic's working hard out there. Even you are, too. I can't stop now... Not yet!
Eggman: You've honed your mental fortitude in addition to your intelligence... You're becoming quite formidable, Tails.

Tails and Sage Side Story: Time is Limited[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: The cyber corruption has been progressing through your body. Your remaining time is limited.
Tails: I know... I may not even be able to move eventually. I need to get the Emeralds and get them to Sonic right away.
Sage: I'm updating your information and it seems there is a new possibility growing within you as well.

Tails and Amy Side Story: Corruption Getting Worse[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: Tails, have you noticed what's happening to our bodies?
Tails: Yeah... The Cyber Corruption is getting worse.
Amy: And that means, we might get trapped in that lonely place! But what I'm most worried about is Sonic, I don't want to let him down.
Tails: I feel the same way, Amy. I can't fail no matter what happens to my body!

Tails and Knuckles Side Story: Efforts Not Wasted[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: You finish this, Tails. I'll let you handle the best part!
Tails: Thanks. It's all because of you and Amy. I won't let your efforts go to waste!

Tails and Sage Side Story: Death Egg Robot[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: I was surprised when the Death Egg Robot blasted a hole in the ground. There were similar robots on other islands, but why was the one on Chaos Island the only one able to do that?
Sage: Because that was the one that the Doctor was riding when he arrived at the Starfall Islands. It's equipped for battle and has consoles for investigating the islands and ruins. When he descended on the island, he used a miniature vehicle instead to head into the ruins. There, he obtained a massive amount of data regarding ancient technology and transitioned into Cyber Space. Many threats awaited him there. After eradicating them, I returned to the Starfall Islands, but the Death Egg Robot was already damaged by then, presumably by the heat and smoke from a volcano. So, in order to continue our investigation of the island, we composed downgraded versions of the robot he was originally riding, and placed them in various locations.
Tails: So that's why the original Death Egg Robot on Chaos Island was the only one that could shoot beams and had consoles installed. We wouldn't have been able to find the underground passageway without it.
Sage: I did not expect Sonic to hack into it... But if he was able to reboot it successfully, we should repair the original robot and add it to our ranks. That is, if we can get it ready in time for our foe's appearance.

Tails and Knuckles Side Story: If You Need My Strength[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: Hey Tails, how's the whole cyber corruption thing going? I've been making good progress breaking all sorts of stuff. If you need my strength, let me know!
Tails: I'm good for now. You've been a great help, Knuckles. Now I just need to get the Emeralds before the cyber corruption gets worse!

Tails and Sage Side Story: The Ancients' Satellites[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: When I scanned the skies earlier, I detected a similar reading in the ruins. Maybe there's something in the air?
Sage: That would be a satellite placed in space by the Ancients. There are multiple satellites positioned over a wide area.
Tails: But why did they put them up there?
Sage: There is evidence that the satellites were used to send some kind of authentication code. The columns of light you have seen above ground are all masses of electronic data.
Tails: That must mean the Emerald Vaults opened when interacting with that light! It was receiving data to unlock them from the satellites...

Tails and Sonic Side Story: The Pinball Machine[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: It looks like there are gimmicks hidden all over the place. What I want to know is, what was with that pinball in the volcano on Chaos Island?
Tails: It's a part of a device that controls volcanic activity. When you turn on the switch at the top of the pinball, the volcano is activated and erupts. But it would be dangerous if the volcano could be erupted easily. That's probably why they made a door that only reacts to a special kind of energy and put the switch in a place that's hard to reach. As you accumulate points with the pinball, the energy ball gets charged up and opens the door.
Sonic: I figured the device was something like that, since the volcano erupted after I cleared the thing. But why was it designed with a pinball?
Tails: That's not exactly clear... but maybe it was just a playful idea on the part of whoever developed it. Engineers tend to be like that.

Sonic and Sage Side Story: The Five Tribes[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: The Titans I've fought all looked really different. I wonder why that is?
Sage: There used to be five tribes co-existing on the planet of the Ancients. A tribe with big and powerful bodies, a tribe that developed a tail instead of legs, a tribe that walked on four legs, a winged tribe, and a tribe that was the most intelligent of them all. The five tribes fought as one to stand against their foe, but they were desperately outmatched. As a result, four of the five tribes perished. The survivors of the most intelligent tribe created weapons based on the other four tribes to challenge their enemy once again. The Titans represent the Ancients' determination to avenge their fallen compatriots.

Sonic and Sage Side Story: The Last Tower[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: The next tower will be the last. It's time for your courage and speed to transcend fate.
Sonic: "Courage and speed"? Cheering me on, are ya? Well this is getting interesting.
Sage: This place is full of unknown possibilities that may throw off my calculations.
Sonic: If it's not impossible, that's good enough for me! Let's do this.
Sage: Please, use your potential to protect the Doctor.

Sonic and Eggman Side Story: The Ancients' Highways[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: This island is huge. It's going to take a lot of work to explore. At least it's not as big as the sandy Ares Island.
Eggman: Hmph! With my Egg Mobile, I have no such issues. Even the Ancients used transportation to cover the expanse of Ares Island. Did you see the dilapidated bridges and scaffolds around the periphery of Ares Island? The roads and tunnels have broken down over the years, but they were basically highways. Moreover, the highways were full of energy brimming from underground. The vehicles could replenish energy just by going through tunnels or passing over Dash Panels. There was no need for filling stations! Oh, but I suppose that doesn't concern someone like you, who can't do anything but roll around at the speed of sound.

Sonic and Knuckles Side Story: The Towers[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: I should be able to climb that thing just fine, but that's not the problem here...
Sonic: I'll need to go in and out of Cyber Space to activate it. Want me to help with finding the Emeralds while I take care of the towers?
Knuckles: Uhh, just who do ya think you're talking to? Leave the Emeralds to me!

Sonic and Eggman Side Story: Can't Rush Genius[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Hey Eggman, you found the Emerald yet?
Eggman: Hmph! You can't rush genius. And besides, you haven't even finished that Tower! What are you waiting for?
Sonic: Hah, you can't rush Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll be back in a flash!

Sonic and Sage Side Story: Docking Point[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Wasn't there a similar pyramid-looking thing on Kronos Island? Are they related? Maybe to shoot something into the sky?
Sage: That is incorrect. They are terminals. Kronos Island's pyramid was the docking point for the Ancients' spaceships. The power source is still running, so it is still afloat. Other than that, the rest of its functions have long ceased operating, and the elevators were destroyed.
Sonic: Huh, then what about that cool spiderweb-looking thing under it? It doesn't look like it's got anything to do with spaceships.
Sage: That section was essentially a harbor. Not only for spaceships but also for other ships traveling to the other islands. There used to be a resting area in the lower levels, an important space for the ancient travelers... Now it is but an architectural curiosity.

Sonic and Tails Side Story: Only Sonic Can Activate The Towers[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Tails: I looked into it. It seems the tower only reacts to Sonic.
Sonic: Huh, so I'm the only one who can activate them. All right, I'll take care of the towers. Let's do this!
Tails: Yeah, we each have a job to do!

Sonic and Sage Side Story: Big the Cat[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: So, we've been following the Chaos Emeralds' trail, and Knuckles is here for the ruins... but what's Big doing here? I mean, not that there's anything wrong with just going fishing.
Sage: Fishing? If you are talking about the purple portals, those are not real locations. They are a type of Cyber Space, recreated from your memories. I am not picking up any signals like those of the Doctor's, or your friends, from those areas. The Big the Cat that you saw is most probably an illusion recreated from your memory. The fact that you were able to converse with the illusion and believe it was real speaks to how vivid a memory you have of him. Normally, travelling between spaces is said to cause a feeling of danger, at such a level that even you would be able to pick up on it.
Sonic: Well, it was just Big, so it didn't feel dangerous. But it's good to know that the real Big is out there, safe in the jungle somewhere.

Sonic and Tails Side Story: One Step Away[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: We're one step away from the next Tower and the next Emerald. You got this, buddy! I have your back!
Tails: Thanks! And I'll always have your back too! I'm not gonna give up! I'm gonna save everyone!

Sonic and Sage Side Story: Grind Rails[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: I'm gonna hop on that grind rail over there. Care to join me?
Sage: Hm, so that is how they appear to you.
Sonic: "How they appear"? What, don't- don't you see them too?
Sage: The current iteration of Cyber Space was formed based on your memories. Since linking with it, your memories are now affecting things even outside of Cyber Space. As a result of the link, many of the things you see around you are recreations from your memory. It is a testament to how deeply you are linked with Cyber Space. I have scanned the area you are pointing to, and my sensors are not picking up anything. To my eyes, there is nothing there.

Sonic and Sage Side Story: Friends Making Progress[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sage: It seems your friends have been making progress on the Emeralds.
Sonic: Heh, I knew they could handle it!
Sage: But there's no time to waste. You must hurry to the tower.
Sonic: You're right. It's time to get to it.

Sonic and Amy Side Story: Take Care of Yourself[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Sonic: Amy, I know you're worried about the Koco, but you gotta take care of yourself too.
Amy: I could say the exact same words to you too. The cyber corruption is painful, but you can handle it, so can I!
Sonic: Well, you got me there. We'll get through this together.

Sonic and Eggman Side Story: Joining Forces[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Eggman: I never imagined I would have to join forces with you. How dreadful.
Sonic: Tell me about it. Just lemme know when you plan on doing something useful.
Eggman: "Useful"?! Try "spectacular"! You'll be picking your jaw up off the floor when you see it!
Sonic: Right, well while I'm waiting, think you could shock that big guy in the sky? That would be useful.

Sonic and Knuckles Side Story: One More Round[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Knuckles: What's the matter, Sonic? You have to take a break already?
Sonic: Not a chance! Just one more round and then we're done! Or at least, one more round and then we go beat that big guy in the sky.
Knuckles: If it wasn't for cyber corruption, I'd punch that thing myself. But unfortunately, I have to leave it to you. Don't mess this up!

Sonic and Amy Side Story: Relying on You[]

[Scene: Ouranos Island]

Amy: I'm not just a damsel in distress anymore! Just you watch. Eventually, you'll be the one relying on me for help!
Sonic: I feel like I'm relying on you a lot already. Pretty soon, you're gonna be too cool for school!
Amy: I'll catch up so fast, you better not blink!

Fishing Spot[]

[Scene: Western Fishing Spot, day]

[Big and Sonic are stood by a lake. Big is holding his fishing rod.]
Big the Cat: Oh, hey, Sonic! You come here to fish too?
Sonic: Big?! What are you doing here? HOW did you get here-? What even IS here?!
Big: I dunno. I was looking for fishing spots and wound up here... So now I'm fishing.
Sonic: ...Of course you are.
Big: [Gives another rod to Sonic] Would you like to try? I'll let you borrow a rod.
Sonic: Eh. I guess it wouldn't hurt to de-tense for a second.
Big: Do you know how to fish? I'll teach you if you want.
[After Sonic casts his line...]
Big: Hey, you've got a bite. Sonic, I'll leave it to you to pull it up. Can you see the red ripples? When the white ripple overlaps with the red one, lift your rod up quickly.
[After Sonic catches a fish...]
Big: Wow, Awesome! You've caught it already! Nice catch, Sonic! I'll trade you a token for any fish you catch. If you get plenty of tokens, I'll trade them for some of the treasures I found. Just tell me what you want! Froggy really likes those Purple Coins. If you bring me one, I'll let you borrow my rod again.

Egg Memos[]

Post Credits[]

[Scene: A Starfall Island, day.]

[Amy, Knuckles and Tails are gathered around Sonic's Tornado. Sonic comes in, with Amy waving back.]
Sonic: So... that was fun.
[His comment worries or annoys everybody, with Tails waving both his hands in disagreement, Knuckles sighing in disapproval, and Amy squinting her eyes with a big frown.]
Sonic: But I guess it's time we got moving. I know you all have big plans.
Tails: You're gonna hardly recognize me when we see each other again!
Amy: I wonder if Cream and Sticks are free? Make a road trip out of it!
Knuckles: It'll be good to get back to my island. At least... for a while.
Sonic: [Hops on the plane] We're wasting daylight. Let's go!
[With all four heroes aboard, the Tornado boots up and takes off. It performs a somersault and then we see a slow-motion capture of Sonic and Knuckles on opposite wings looking at each other, and Amy having the time of her life in the passenger seat. The slow-motion effect wears off and the biplane flies into the sunset. While "One Way Dream" or "Vandalize", according to which difficullty the player is, starts playing, the screen fades to black and the rest of the credits roll.]

Regular Campaign only[]

[Scene: A dark room.]

[Eggman is seen typing on the keyboard. He presses one more button hard and a strange symbol appears on his screen.]
Sage: ...Father?
Eggman: That's my girl.
[The screen fades to black, ending the story.]