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This is the script of the cutscenes in Team Rose's storyline in Sonic Free Riders.


Omochao: All right folks! The World Grand Prix is about to begin! The pavilion is awash in a sea of excitement, and you can feel the tension in the air! I'm Omochao, and I'll be bringing you all the action! Now let's look in on the opening ceremony!
Vector: Whoa there! Hold on! Count us in for this race, too!
Omochao: Is that Team Rose?! You guys haven't completed your team registration. That means you're ineligible!
Vector: Aww, don't be like that. We've been running as fast as we can since we got here, man.
Amy: This is all because you were dragging your tail, Vector! Now you'd better talk us out of this mess!
Vector: Wait, how is this MY fault?! I wasn't even here until you hired me a half hour ago!
Omochao: Well, consider yourselves lucky, guys! You've been cleared to race since you made it here before the ceremony ended!
Vector: Well that's a relief. Huh? Now where's Cream?
Cream: Please don't… Leave me behind like that... Again! I thought I was going to get lost!
Omochao: Are all three of you finally here? The race is about to start! Hurry up and get to your positions!
Sonic: Are you guys sure you're in any shape to race right now?
Amy: Eeek! Sonic, you came all this way just to cheer little old me on?!
Tails: Um, no, Amy. You're up against Team Heroes in the first race. We're your opponents.
Amy: Wow, this must be fate! We were meant to be together, Sonic!
Sonic: ...Right.
Knuckles: Give me a break… Why'd we get saddled with these jokers for the first race?
Cream: Hey, we're serious! It's true that I thought I'd just be here cheering my friends on at first, but…
Vector: The minute we signed up to race, we were in it to win it!
Omochao: Whoa-ho! Team Rose says they're going all the way, and they mean business! And let's hope so, because they're up against Team Heroes! They'd better stay sharp out there!

After Team Rose Mission 01[]

Amy: Aww, Sonic! You let me win! You're such a gentleman!
Sonic: Are you crazy? I gave that race all I had...
Amy: Don't look so sad! After this is over, I'll take you out on a date!
Sonic: Gaaah?!
Vector: I'd sooner you just cut me a check!
Knuckles: I can't deal with these clowns!
Tails: We won't lose this next race!
Cream: Then I'll give it everything I've got!

After Team Rose Mission 03[]

Amy: Sorry, Sonic! It looks like that date is going to have to wait until after we win the Grand Prix.
Sonic: Yeah, good luck with that.
Tails: That's a pretty impressive Gear you've got, Cream! You'll have to show me later.
Cream: Well sure! That means a lot coming from you, Mr. Tails!
Vector: Phew… That's one round down, anyway!
Knuckles: It'll take more than brute force to win the next round.
Vector: And just what do you mean by THAT?!
Jet: What's with the temper tantrum? Is this kindergarten?
Vector: Hey! Just because I got kids on my team doesn't mean I'm gonna take that from you!
Wave: Jet was looking at you when he said that, croc!
Storm: The biggest kid in kindergarten!
Amy: Okay, that's enough! I'll have you know our team has only ONE useless kid on it!
Vector: What, ME?!
Omochao: Team Babylon's arrival has jolted the mellow atmosphere here into a furious frenzy of trash talk! The zingers are flying faster than Extreme Gear as we prepare for the next round of races! With Team Rose seeing red, it's sure to be a white-hot battle!

After Team Rose Mission 05[]

Jet: Tch! I went easy on 'em because they were such amateurs.
Storm: That was really embarrassing...
Wave: Pull it together, you big lunk! The round is still young, Jet. Let's focus on winning the next race.
Vector: Gah ha ha ha! I can see little stacks of cash, dancing in front of me! Just don't forget you promised me 50 percent! The rest is you kids' cut, got it?
Cream: It's too early to be worrying about that, Mr. Vector.
Amy: If you want to see that cash, you'd better keep winning! You got that?!
Vector: I could buy anything, eat 50 five-course meals, and still have change left over!
Jet: Enjoy those dreams while you still can!
Wave: Let's show these kids their place, Jet!
Storm: Time to show 'em what the Babylon Rogues can really do!

After Team Rose Mission 06[]

Jet: What the heck is happening?!
Wave: It's bad luck. It HAS to be bad luck.
Storm: That, or maybe they had GOOD luck.
Wave: Same difference!
Omochao: That was amazing! At least for me. But hey! It's major upsets like this that make the Grand Prix so exciting!
Amy: Sonic, did you see that? I just won with the power of love!
Vector: Not much longer to that fat cash prize now! I'm actually gonna eat DINNER tonight!
Cream: Hi, mama! I'll keep doing my best!
Omochao: Team Rose is still bursting with energy, but it's anyone's guess if that'll be enough to get them through the finals!
Shadow: Hmph. You'd think they'd already won.
Rouge: Oh, let them have their fun. It's the least we can do before sending them home empty-handed.
Vector: Who's going home empty-handed?!
Omochao: The final round has come down to the Grand Prix's loudest team and its quietest team! Things are really heating up! This is finally it! The big finale!!! ...Wow, maybe I'M the loudest lone here.

After Team Rose Mission 08[]

Vector: YeaaaaaAAH! That's check and mate! Now I can finally pay off Big Louie... And maybe Small Louie, too...
Amy: Excuse me! It's still a little early to be thinking about that!
Cream: Please! Concentrate on the race!
Vector: Look, I think better when I'm thinkin' about money, okay?! It gets me motivated!
Amy: Just don't get distracted and lose this for us!
Vector: Well don't YOU get distracted when it comes time to pay me! I'm getting half the take here!
Cream: Both of you, stop! You're still on television!
Amy: Eek, that's so embarrassing! I'm sure Sonic is watching...
Vector: I'm sorry, my fault. I got a little hot under the collar there. [E-10000B is seen emitting smoke.] Whoa, looks like I'm not the only one! Someone needs to cool off THAT guy!
Rouge: What do you think I'm doing right now?
Shadow: We were just waiting for your circus performance to end. We're ready.

After Team Rose Mission 09[]

Vector: So, did we win? We won, right? Does that mean Team Rose won this thing? Well?!
Omochao: We'll have the official results momentarily! Try to be patient!
Amy: Ooh, I can barely wait...

[E-10000B is seen emitting smoke.]

Cream: Mr. Robot! Are you all right?!
Vector: Whoa, what's wrong with him? Is he busted?!
Shadow: Ugh, useless.
Vector: If he's out of the race, that means they're disqualified!
Amy: Shush Vector! We already WON, you idiot! Why are you making waves now?!
Omochao: Sounds like we have a disqualification on our hands! According to the rules that means the last race doesn't count! Sorry, Team Rose.
Vector: You gotta be kidding me.
Amy: Ugh, it's like a bad dream.
Cream: So we don't get to be the champions?
Omochao: Let's see here... According to the rules, both teams have to race in a rematch without the injured member. It'll be two-on-three!
Vector: Dang it! But we already beat them once before!
Amy: Yeah, and then you had to open up your big mouth!
Vector: So what if my mouth is big! Look, we just have to beat 'em again!
Rouge: You say that like it's going to be easy, darling.
Shadow: Now that we're finally free of that deadweight, we can go all out.
Cream: That's a terrible thing to call poor Mr. Robot!
Omochao: I don't think anyone could have predicted this! It must be our lucky day! This has turned from a championship race into a grudge match between these five riders. It's gonna get wild out there!

After Team Rose Mission 10[]

Vector: There's no doubting it this time. Team Rose wins, right? C'mon, give us the official results!
Omochao: Congratulations! Team Rose officially won the World Grand Prix! Nice racing out there!
Vector: Haha! Fabulous cash prize, come to papa!
Amy: I want Sonic to be the very first one to know just how happy I am!
Cream: Mama! Cheese! I did it! I did it!
Omochao: Calm down, you guys! I haven't even started the post-race interviews and your team is stealing all my air time!
Amy: Oh, don't be so stingy! Now patch me through to Sonic already!
Omochao: O-Ok...
Sonic: Huh?!
Amy: Soniiic! Sonic, I won! I hope you're ready for that date you promised! I'm headed there RIGHT NOW!
Sonic: Gah?!
Cream: You can't leave now, Miss Amy. The awards ceremony hasn't even started yet! Come back!
Vector: You're leaving?! Fine! I'm taking the prize for myself!
Omochao: Well, Team Rose sure fell apart in a hurry! But all the teams gave us real thrills out in the track this year. This is Omochao signing off, buh-bye!

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