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This is the script of the cutscenes from Team Heroes' storyline in Sonic Free Riders.


Omochao: Ladies and gentleman, the World Grand Prix is finally set to begin! Once again, we've got every speed freak, Gear head, powerhouse, and ace racer from all over the world here to compete! And bringing it all to you live, I'm Omochao, your eyes in the sky! The opening ceremony's just come to a close, and the riders are lining up for the first race! Ooh, and here's Team Heroes now, hitting the track right on time! Let's try to snag an interview before the race!
Omochao: So, how are you guys feeling today?
Sonic: Feelin' good! I'm looking forward to seeing the sights as I tear through such a beautiful town.
Tails: Just make sure you take enough time to tune up your Gear, okay, Sonic? You always leave all the tech work to me.
Sonic: Heh, well of course! I know you'll do it better than anybody else!
Knuckles: Ugh, how long are they gonna make us wait? All this pent up energy is making me itch! Come on, let's do this thing!
Tails: Hang in there, Knuckles. Though is it just me, or does this race seem fishy?
Sonic: Smells more like Egg than fish to me. He should just come out and challenge us. I'll take him on any time.
Omochao: Team Heroes is brimming with confidence! Now let's go check with the opposing team!
Amy: Wow, Sonic's here, too? What a coincidence! No, this must be fate!
Vector: Keh, you're a terrible actress... We all know you followed him here.
Amy: I don't recall asking you! Now shush, would you?
Cream: Hello, Mr. Sonic, Mr. Tails, Mr. Knuckles! May the best team win! Ooh, but please go easy on us.
Sonic: Wait, we're going up against them? Seriously?
Tails: At least it'll be a good race!
Knuckles: You've gotta be kidding me. This won't even count as a warm-up, man!
Omochao: Between Team Heroes' confidence and Team Rose's eagerness, we're in for a treat today! Now, let's watch the race!

After Team Heroes Mission 01[]

Amy: Yeesh, Sonic! Would it have killed you to go a little easy out there?
Sonic: Hey, this is a serious competition, Amy.
Amy: Chivalry is serious business, too! I'm a LADY!
Sonic: Hey Tails, Knuckles… Back me up on this, would you?
Tails: You know that Sonic never holds back, Amy. I thought you liked that about him?
Amy: But I'm supposed to be the one exception!
Knuckles: Sigh... Exceptionally dense.
Vector: Forget this talk about going easy. We'll beat you guys next time!
Cream: I really look forward to racing with all of you again!

After Team Heroes Mission 03[]

Amy: Ooh! It's all your fault we lost, Sonic! You better make it up to me by taking me out tonight. You owe me!
Sonic: Wait, why do I owe you a date for winning a race?
Cream: You guys are so amazing! We'll have to start practicing harder than ever now!
Vector: Dang it! My reward money is slipping away!
Omochao: Congratulations! Can we get a comment on your stellar victory?
Tails: Well... By the time we stopped to look around, it was over and we'd already won.
Knuckles: If we let a little victory like this go to our heads, we're done for.
Shadow: Heh, agreed. I'd suggest you beat us before getting excited.
Rouge: Why don't you boys spare us all the effort and just head home now? That prize purse and treasure are coming back with us.
Omochao: So... Who's the last member of Team Dark?
Rouge: Uh-oh... The little dear's run off again. There he is! He might not look it, but he packs quite a punch!
Omochao: Hmmmmm. Is it just me, or does that robot look more than a little familiar? Well, anyway, I'm sure we're all in for another heart-pounding race!

After Team Heroes Mission 05[]

Knuckles: Hey! Robot! Just what are you up to?!
Shadow: Hmph. Don't blame your own poor performance on my teammate.
Knuckles: What'd you say?!
Omochao: Now, now, let's all stay calm, here! There's no need for fighting, folks.
Knuckles: I know what I saw! He was making these weird clicking sounds and moving around all funny-like!
Omochao: You say there was foul play?! If so, this is a very serious problem! All right, let's roll back the tape! Hmm... I'm not picking up any strange sounds here. Are you sure?
Tails: ...Neither of us heard anything either, Knuckles.
Sonic: You sure you're not just imagining things, buddy?
Knuckles: Tch! Just watch it. I've got my eyes on you...
Rouge: Why would we cheat anyway? This is going to be a breeze for us.
Knuckles: Well, just keep it above board, would ya?

After Team Heroes Mission 06[]

Shadow: Ugh. We lost to them? This is ridiculous...
Rouge: You boys weren't half bad out there. It hurts to say it, but at this rate, you might just win the championship!
Tails: Well, that's what we came here to do!
Rouge: Just be careful, or I might decide to run off with the cash prize and treasure before you have a chance to collect!
Knuckles: That's the only part of this you actually care about, isn't it?
Wave: And just exactly what's wrong with being in it for the treasure, hmm?
Jet: Regardless of why we're here, this Grand Prix is ours, Sonic the Hedgehog!
Knuckles: Not happening, punks! If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!
Sonic: Jet! Why am I not surprised to see you in the finals?
Jet: I hope the fastest thing on land upped his game a bit.
Storm: It's time we finally settled this food! Er, I mean feud? ...Yeah, that.
Wave: Wow, tripped over a monosyllabic word, Storm. Good for you...
Omochao: Sparks are flying from both Team Heroes and Team Babylon, and the race hasn't even begun yet! I'm eager to see how this epic food plays out! I-I mean feud! Man, now he's got me doing it...

After Team Heroes Mission 08[]

Tails: Your Gear is still as amazing as ever, Wave...
Wave: Is that supposed to be sarcasm, shrimp?
Tails: Wh-What?! No! I didn't mean it like that!
Wave: Well, a loss is still a loss. It looks like you're starting to get a rudimentary grip on the Gear yourself.
Knuckles: Don't let her get to you. It takes a lot more than just Gear specs to win a race.
Storm: Wow, you guys got good at this. If we ain't careful, you really might win the championship!
Jet: Ugh, the both of you are useless. Looks like I'm going to have to get serious if we want to win this.
Knuckles: How about you get serious and just admit that we've got you beat, Jet!
Jet: The competition's just getting started! Let's go, Sonic the Hedgehog!
Sonic: Hey, I'm ready when you are!

After Team Heroes Mission 09[]

Omochao: Congratulations on your amazing victory! Leave it to Team Heroes to never disappoint their fan base! Can I get a comment for all the folks watching at home?
Sonic: Too easy! That was a piece of cake!
Knuckles: Jet's probably off crying someplace right about now.
Jet: What the heck was that, Wave?! Did you even tune our Gear before the race?!
Wave: Their specs should have been totally optimized...
Jet: Yeah, well halfway through the race, I started losing power!
Wave: That shouldn't be possible...
Storm: Well it ain't the boss's fault! If he says he lost 'cause of you, it's 'cause of you!
Wave: Nobody asked you! Now hush a minute. I'm thinking!
Omochao: It sounds like Team Babylon had some tech trouble out on the track. Hmm… I smell a scandal in here somewhere! Let's get the details!
Tails: If you like, I could take a look at your Gear, maybe help see what went wrong with them?
Wave: You keep your mitts off! Ah! I'm sorry. It seems the radiator module on the core unit got shaken loose.
Jet: But how is that --?! And why now, during THIS race?!
Sonic: Sounds like this calls for a rematch.
Jet: Tch... If we lost, we lost! Just know that you guys got lucky this time!
Sonic: But it was mechanical trouble that slowed you up, right? That shouldn't count!
Jet: You sure you want to risk a rematch? I promise you right now you'll regret it.
Sonic: Hey, you're the one who stands to lose his excuse!
Omochao: Whoa! Sounds like we've got a revenge match on our hands, folks! Will rage drive Team Babylon to victory this time?! Don't anybody blink, because this is going to be great!

After Team Heroes Mission 10[]

Omochao: Yeowch! That race was white hot! I could feel the heat, even from here! This time around, we've got an undisputed winner! Now let's see if we can get a word from our new champs! How's it feel?
Sonic: Heh, it feels incredible!
Tails: I'm finally feeling more confident working with Extreme Gear!
Knuckles: I had a good time, too! Always do when I get the chance to shut that Jet punk up.
Sonic: Speaking of, how is Jet taking it?
Omochao: The three of them already left for home. But we still may be able to get them on for a comment! Let's try to track them down!
Storm: Waugh! Boss! There's a camera followin' after us!
Wave: Ugh, what do you people want? Was there really any need to follow us?
Sonic: Hey, Jet! Thanks for the great race! I had fun.
Jet: Yeah, well there's gonna be payback for this. You just wait, Sonic the Hedgehog!
Sonic: Man, I'll look forward to that!
Omochao: And it's a surprisingly sportsmanlike finish between these two rivals! ...Though I get the feeling the feud between them is just getting started! I can't wait for the next race that brings these two powerhouses together. Until that day, this is Omochao, signing off! Buh-Bye!

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