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This is the script of the cutscenes from Team Dark's storyline in Sonic Free Riders.


Omochao: Well folks, the World Grand Prix is at long last set to begin! The pavilion is filling up with riders from around the world. Covering the competition live, I'm your eyes in the sky, Omochao! Let's start with a peek at the opening ceremony.
Omochao: Huh? By my count we're one team short! What could possibly have come up to keep them from the ceremony?! Ah ha! There they are! Shadow and Rouge... Which means the missing racers were Team Dark!
Rouge: Would you pipe down? We just came here to collect the cash prize. Until the first race starts we're off the clock, darling.
Omochao: What are you talking about?! The opening ceremony started over fifteen minutes ago!
Shadow: I've no interest in these formalities.
Omochao: I guess not everybody here is as excited as me... Now I feel kind of self-conscious for getting all excited before.
Shadow: Pageantry aside, we're here to win. You can be sure of that.
Omochao: But there's only two of you. If you're here, where's your third teammate?
Rouge: Don't worry about us. The two of us can handle this just fine.
Omochao: That's not the point! The rules say that teams all have to have three members, otherwise they're disqualified!
Rouge: I was never good with rules... So, care to join us?
Omochao: Me?! I can't join you! My job is to cover the race, not risk my neck out on those courses!
Rouge: Ugh, fine. Ooh! You, over there! You here by yourself, handsome?
E-10000B: Are you addressing me? I was just heading over to--
Rouge: Great, so long as you're free, you can enter the race with us. Any objections, Shadow?
Shadow: Looks tough enough to me.
Jet: You guys serious about this?
Storm: I bet they're here to collect the prize for "Participation."
Wave: With a team they put together on the spot I doubt they'd even get that.
Omochao: Well folks, even I'm not sure just how committed Team Dark is to this competition any more... Can that robot even ride a Gear?! The one thing I do know is they've got Team Babylon mad! This could get ugly fast--I can't wait!

After Team Dark Mission 01[]

Shadow: Three person team? I could have won that by myself.
Rouge: Oh, thaaat's right. You all are the Babylon Rogues, aren't you?
Wave: And what if we are?!
Rouge: Oh, just curious how you ever manage to find any treasure, moving that slow.
Jet: Don't you worry about us. We'll take the cash and the treasure prize, just you watch.
Rouge: That so? Well, you certainly TALK a top-notch game.
Storm: Hey, she's makin' fun of us!
E-10000B: You serve no other function.
Storm: Who asked you?! [Puches E-10000B] Gaah-ha-ha! His head's like a brick!
Rouge: All right, kids. You want to play? Let's play.

After Team Dark Mission 03[]

E-10000B: Well folks, it's an amazing victory for Team Dark, which is no surprise to anyone with a brain!
Omochao: Hey, I'm the fast-talking commentator here! I'll grant you that was a pretty cool impersonation, but stop butting in on my territory!
Rouge: I just feel bad for everyone watching. This won't even be close.
Wave: An upset like this must have really let the fans down...
Storm: And now the boss is mad!
Jet: Let's go! Time to cool off, then start plotting revenge.
Sonic: I'm impressed, Shadow! You guys managed to beat Jet and his gang.
Shadow: Hmph! Did you really think that we would lose?
Knuckles: I see your ego's as big as ever, Shadow.
Tails: That robot's a new addition, though. This could be tough, guys!
Omochao: Team Heroes seems cool and collected. Is it the calm before the storm?! I'll have all the details, assuming that robot doesn't get any more funny ideas!

After Team Dark Mission 05[]

E-10000B: Please... You must... Allow me... To rest...!
Rouge: You're not nearly as tough as you look, are you?
Shadow: Well, for a random robot we picked up off the street, I'd say he's doing pretty well.
E-10000B: Condition critical... Maintenance required...
Tails: Is he all right? He's not going to break down, is he?
Rouge: If he does, he's getting canned.
Tails: What?! But that's horrible! He's your teammate, isn't he?!
Knuckles: These two aren't the type to understand team loyalty, Tails.
Sonic: I'll put an end to this with the next round. He can get plenty of rest after that.
Shadow: I'll put an end to YOU. Now let's be done with this!

After Team Dark Mission 06[]

Rouge: Well that was certainly over fast.
Sonic: You've improved, Shadow. Next time it's my turn to surprise you.
Shadow: No matter how many times you try, you can't win.
Rouge: Mmm, now it's finally time for the awards ceremony!
Omochao: What are you talking about?! The Grand Prix isn't over yet! You still have to face off against Team Rose in the finals!
Rouge: Please. We all know we're going to win. Why not get straight to the fun part?
Omochao: Because it doesn't work that way!
Vector: We're just skipping ahead to when WE get the cash prize! Now c'mon, let's see the green!
Omochao: These finalists are driving me crazy...
Cream: Mr. Omochao seems upset...
Amy: Hiii, Sonic! Don't worry, I'll avenge you!
Rouge: More like you'll join him and his friends in their pity party.
Shadow: Enough talking. Let's be done with this!
Omochao: Both teams are going into this final challenge think they'll win, but in truth, it could go either way. Nothing is final until that prize goes home with the winners.

After Team Dark Mission 08[]

[E-10000B starts spewing smoke.]

E-10000B: ...
Shadow: Hey, you all right? Hold it together!
Rouge: His timing's just great. That cash prize is just one more race away.
Cream: Please let poor Mr. Robot rest!
Vector: I can relate to wanting that money, believe me. But it's not worth sacrificing a teammate.
Rouge: I don't see why you're all getting worked up here. He's a machine. So he spews a little smoke!
Amy: I'd hardly call that a LITTLE!
Rouge: Well I don't recall asking you! Now, are we going to race, or not?
Amy: Fine! We'll put an end to this right now!

After Team Dark Mission 09[]

[E-10000B continues spewing smoke and then collapses.]

Omochao: Oh no! Team Dark's robot needs medica- err, tech support STAT!
Vector: Hey, doesn't this disqualify them?
Omochao: Er... According to the rules, yes. The team is disqualified if a member drops out.
Shadow: Just a minute. I won that race!
Omochao: That's correct. According to the rules, Team Dark did win.
Rouge: Of course! The race would have gone just the same whether that junk heap was there or not.
Cream: That's a terrible thing to say about your own teammate!
Rouge: The race is over. We're not teammates any more, kid.
Shadow: If you don't believe me, let's go again. This victory will be in honor of our fallen comrade.
Rouge: Sounds sensible enough to me. So what's it going to be, darlings?
Amy: All right, you're on! Let's see you try!
Vector: We'll show you what a team that actually cares about each other can do!
Cream: In the meantime, please get poor Mr. Robot some help, Mr. Omochao!
Omochao: All right, I'll send him back to HQ for repairs while I cover the rematch! Does that work for everyone?
Shadow: We're ready. Just say the word and it's on.
Amy: Why wait? Let's do it!
Omochao: OK, I've just got word back from HQ! They'll allow a 2-on-3 race, and acknowledge the winner of this round as champion!

After Team Dark Mission 10[]

Omochao: Congratulations! This time no one can doubt that Team Dark is the winner of the World Grand Prix! I'm sure your broken-down robot can rest easy now!
Amy: I can't believe we lost to a team that was down a member!
Vector: Rrrgh, NO! My prize moneeey!
Cream: Is Mr. Robot going to be all right, Mr. Omochao? And where have the rest of Team Dark gotten off to?!
Omochao: Now that you mention it, I don't see either of them around. Where COULD they have disappeared to?! There they are! How did they get all the way out there?! Just what are you two doing out there? Come back! The awards ceremony is about to begin!
Rouge: Sorry, but I have better things to do. I have what I came for.
Shadow: I am not interested either.
Omochao: Wait, did you just steal the cash purse and treasure from Grand Prix Headquarters?! Those are just dummy props for display! The real prizes are locked in the safe!
Rouge: Oh, you have got to be joking. Of all the silly wastes of time!
Shadow: How annoying. But I suppose we've no choice.
Omochao: It looks like Team Dark is determined to make this interesting to the bitter end. But at least the last race has been run! We'll check on how their robot friend is doing when Team Dark gets back to the pavilion. But first, a word from our sponsors!

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