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This is the script of the cutscenes from Team Babylon's storyline in Sonic Free Riders.


Omochao: Welcome back, folks! It's been far too long since last time, but at long last another exciting World Grand Prix is upon us! Once again we've assembled a fierce pack of riders from all over the world to compete. Oh, and I'm Omochao, bringing all the action to you live! I've just arrived here at pavilion two. Let's try to sneak in a quick interview with the members of Team Babylon before the race begins! How are you three feeling today?
Jet: How do I feel? Don't you know who I am?!
Storm: Jet the Hawk, leader of the Babylon Rogues, is at the top of his game every day of the week!
Jet: I didn't come out here to race. I came here to win this thing!
Wave: I wish they'd start already. Let's collect the prize and be on our way.
Jet: Eh, have a little pity for the poor fools who got stuck with us as their first opponents.
Wave: Of course. You're right, Jet.
Jet: The only other racer here who matters is him... Sonic the Hedgehog!
Omochao: The legendary wind masters of the Babylon Rogues certainly all talk a big game! They're confident this one's in the bag. Now, let's hear from the other team!
Rouge: Aw, isn't that adorable? They really think they stand a chance against us.
Shadow: They have no idea how unfortunate they are.
Jet: Who do they think they are, talking trash to us like that?
Storm: I'll smash anybody who talks down to the boss!
Wave: They don't matter, Jet. Just ignore them.
Omochao: The sparks are flying from the very first race of the day! At this rate, the course is likely to catch fire as these two confident teams clash!

After Team Babylon Mission 01[]

Jet: It's Shadow, right? And Rouge? You guys were pretty good!
Rouge: Spare me. One fluke win, and you're talking down to us now? Please.
Wave: And just who do you think you are, talking to Jet like that?
Storm: You were pretty tough out there, too!
E-10000B: …
Storm: Hey, I'm bein' nice here! Least you could do is say something!
Wave: Why are you getting mad at a machine?
E-10000B: I'm no machine! I'm a robot! …It's different.
Storm: You mockin' me?! You're askin' for it, robot!
Shadow: All right, enough playing around.
Rouge: Time to make it painfully clear that your first win was a fluke.

After Team Babylon Mission 03[]

Shadow: This is some kind of mistake. How could I lose?
Rouge: Wow, three freak wins in row...
Jet: Are you guys really that blind to your faults?!
Omochao: And at the end of the first race, it's Team Babylon that's come out on top! These wind masters live up to the legends! There's already talk of this team going all the way. Let's get a word with them!
Wave: Well of course we won the opening round. We're here to win the whole shebang.
Jet: Where's the challenge?! I knew my only real competition was Sonic the Hedgehog.
Amy: Well, that's a shame! Because I'M facing Sonic in the finals!
Cream: Our team isn't about to lose!
Vector: My bottom line's riding on this race! You better not get between me and that cash!
Storm: Hah hah hah! This guy's so broke he's gotta race to make ends meet!
Omochao: It sounds like Team Rose is going through some tough times. Or maybe it's just Vector? Well, either way, this next race should be exciting!

After Team Babylon Mission 05[]

Vector: This ain't good. If we lose here, I'm going home empty-handed!
Amy: Hey, what gives, Vector?! If you don't get me to the finals with Sonic like you promised, I'm not paying you!
Cream: We'll win this time, you guys!
Wave: It's got to be tough trying to race while you're busy babysitting.
Storm: It's obvious you guys are gonna lose!
Vector: Hey, don't be so sure, buddy! I'm getting serious on the next race!
Amy: What?! Why haven't you been serious this entire time?!
Cream: No wonder we couldn't win...
Vector: Huh, it's a figure of speech, okay? You guys aren't making this any easier.
Jet: Serious or not, I have a hard time imagining this next race will go any differently!

After Team Babylon Mission 06[]

Omochao: What a performance! It looks like the wind masters' boasts about taking home the prize weren't just hot air! They're looking more and more likely to win the championship!
Jet: Although I'm starting to go soft from all these lukewarm challenges.
Vector: You snarky little twerp!
Cream: He doesn't have to be so mean about it...
Amy: Ooh, just you wait! Sonic is going to mop the floor with you!
Jet: Heh, I look forward to that. Let's see which of us is really the fastest going in the world!
Sonic: Then let's get this started.
Jet: Heh, finally. You're on, Sonic!
Amy: Sooonic! If you beat this jerk, we'll go out on a date! I just know you'll win. For my sake!
Sonic: H-Hi, Amy...
Tails: I had a feeling we'd be seeing Team Babylon in the finals.
Knuckles: Try to make this interesting, alright?
Jet: Pft! I've got no time for sidekicks. The only one I'm racing here is HIM!
Wave: Please. There's no chance of anyone on a Gear that THAT shrimp put together outracing us.
Storm: And I'm gonna teach that red guy some manners!
Omochao: The Grand Prix finals are set to begin, and everybody's already on the edge of their seat, eager for the main event! This is one race you won't want to miss!

After Team Babylon Mission 08[]

Tails: Your Gear is still as amazing as ever, Wave...
Wave: Try not to sound so surprised, shrimp.
Tails: I did a ton of research and thought I'd give ours a perfect tune-up...
Wave: If that was the result of your best efforts, this next race is going to be a disappointment. Jet, I can guarantee you we'll win this one.
Jet: I don't need YOU to tell me that much, Wave! ...Wait a minute, you didn't do something to their Gear, did you?!
Wave: ...I don't know what you could possibly mean.
Jet: You'd better not do anything to tarnish my reputation here!
Storm: The boss doesn't need dirty tricks to win this. He's got it in the bag!
Knuckles: I wouldn't put anything past a bunch of rogues.
Jet: Hey, I'm no cheater! Now let's settle this thing for good, Sonic the Hedgehog!
Sonic: All right, I'm ready when you are!

After Team Babylon Mission 09[]

Omochao: Congratulations on an amazing championship victory! I think the world just fell in love with Team Babylon! So, tell me--how does it feel to have won, guys?
Jet: Eh, it was too simply to really feel like much of an accomplishment. What happened? Should I have gone easier on you Sonic the Hedgehog?
Sonic: Looks like you win this time around, Jet.
Jet: You're awfully calm about it. Aren't you ashamed at being beaten?
Sonic: Why? Luck is a big part of victory? This just means you were the lucky one today.
Storm: Hey, nobody talks trash about the boss's wins! That was SKILL, not luck!
Tails: Sorry, Sonic! It's all my fault. Seems like something went wrong with my tuning job...
Jet: Wave...
Wave: D-Don't look at me, Jet!
Storm: I-I don't know anything about it, either!
Jet: Rrgh! This doesn't feel right...
Sonic: See you next time, Jet!
Jet: WAIT! You can't leave like this. I call a rematch!
Sonic: What?! ...Are you sure you want to do that?
Jet: A legendary wind master doesn't accept anything short of absolute victory!
Sonic: All right, then! I'm always game for another round.
Omochao: Whoa ho ho! Our two headliners call a rematch! This next race will decide whose skills are REALLY supreme!

After Team Babylon Mission 10[]

Omochao: And with that, the Babylon Rogues secure a perfect, complete, and absolute victory! Now, tell us how it feels to be champions!
Jet: The same as every other day. I never lose!
Wave: Wow, you were so awesome, Jet!
Storm: Woo hoo! Go Team Babylon!
Sonic: I gotta hand it to you, Jet. I couldn't touch you out there today.
Jet: Then get training. I'll give you a rematch any day of the week.
Tails: I'll do heaps more research on Extreme Gear for next time!
Wave: Don't expect to catch up to my level of expertise, but, hey... Knock yourself out, shrimp.
Knuckles: Next time, things'll go down different.
Storm: A challenge'd be nice.
Omochao: I don't know about you folks, but I'm already getting excited for the finals at the NEXT World Grand Prix. I'm sure it'll be one for the books and I have a funny feeling we'll be seeing Team Babylon and Team Heroes there!

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