This is the script for the cutscene when World Grand Prix is accessed for the first time in Sonic Free Riders.

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! Greetings world! Another Grand Prix is set to begin! Your host, as always, is Doc--er... That's right, KING Doc! Of, uh... Toreggmania! So, if you think you're fast, grab an Extreme Gear and come prove it! The winning team gets a disgustingly large cash prize... And a mid-sized mountain of treasure. Just don't expect it to be easy! You'll be racing across the world, through hill and dale, from simple circuits to challenges of mind-numbing complexity! If you want to know more... Come see for yourself! Ooh, and the opening ceremony is about to begin. Don't be late!
Omochao: Did you folks hear that?! Big news! There's no WAY you can pass up a challenge this juicy! So hurry up, grab those Gear, and c'mon down! And I'll see YOU at the races!

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