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This is the script of the cutscenes from the Final Race storyline in Sonic Free Riders.


Omochao: Nice work out there, racers! Now it's time for the big awards ceremony you've all been waiting for! Presenting the prizes, our host King Doc, on his way here with a pile of cash! Ooh, and here he is now!
King Doc: Ohh ho ho ho ho! Well, everyone? I trust you found my Grand Prix a suitable challenge? Unfortunately, none of the viewers at home did! They've written in clamoring for more extreme competition. And so! I took the liberty of constructing the ultimate Gear-jockey robot. Ready for the REAL finals?!
Amy: Whaaat?! That's not fair! Nobody said anything about this!
Jet: "Ultimate Gear-jockey"? Please! I'll prove that wrong here and now!
Shadow: Dirty tricks, and that voice... I should have known, Doctor.
King Doc: Er, who's that? I am Doc, king of Tor--
Sonic: Ha! The jig's up, Eggman! Why don't you just drop the act?
King Doc: Because I'm King Doc, you spiny twerp! Now shut up and race! Or don't you want a mountain of cash and/or treasure?!
Vector: I hope for your sake that's not another lie.

[E-10000B shows up.]

Rouge: Wait, weren't you out of commission?
Sonic: This whole thing smells fishy.
Omochao: What, King Doc is really Dr. Eggman?! That... Actually, that explains a lot. But hey, who am I to question these? In any case, I'm sure everything will be clear by the end of this new, FINAL final round!

After Final Race Mission 01[]

Jet: Hah, he wanted to call that scrap metal the fastest Gear-jockey? Pffft!
Wave: For a Grand Prix host, he doesn't know much about Extreme Gear, does he?
Storm: Now, let's see that cash! Where's all the treasure at?!
Rouge: Don't tell me he split to try to get out of paying?
Shadow: Now that you mention it, I don't see him.
Eggman: Ohh ho ho ho!
Sonic: Finally come clean, huh, Eggman?
Eggman: You fools had no idea I was using the E-10000 to record your racing data. You played right into my trap! I've plugged your combined data into this custom Gear, creating the fastest rig ever to exist!
Knuckles: So that was his game with all this sneaking around.
Tails: Guess you weren't just paranoid after all, Knuckles!
Sonic: This is a lame stunt, even for you, Eggman.
Eggman: Well, how about it? Are any of you brave and stupid enough to challenge me?
Amy: Any day of the week!
Cream: Cheaters never prosper!
Vector: I didn't come this far just to go home broke!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! Then you're all in, are you? Get ready to learn who's really the world's fastest now!
Omochao: So... are THESE the finals, then? How many rounds of this are there? Anyway, let's see who's the real, real, REAL champion! It's still anyone's game out there!

After Final Race Mission 02[]

Eggman: How? HOW could I possibly lose?! The blasted data I collected didn't help in the slightest!
Tails: Ah ha ha! Are you sure you didn't enter it wrong?
Shadow: His robot WAS spewing out a lot of smoke...

[E-10000B is sitting down leaking smoke.]

Rouge: Now that you mention it, it did look more than a little shaky.
Wave: You call yourself a genius, and you can't identify the problem?
Jet: Maybe you'd better walk him through it, Wave.
Storm: Yeah, and grab that data while you're at it!
Wave: What use could data from these losers possibly serve you, Jet?
Vector: I've had it up to here with robots and Eggman and ALL of it! Now, where's my money?
Amy: YOUR money? I think you mean OUR money!
Cream: Share nice, Mr. Vector!
Knuckles: Ugh, this has turned into a total joke.

[E-10000B begins leaking more smoke.]

Sonic: Hey, uh... Does he look funny to you?
Omochao: Ack, look out! He could explode at any minute! You guys have gotta get out of here!

[The screen whites out for a moment and Metal Sonic appears in E-10000B's stead with the last puffs of smoke emitting from him.]

Eggman: Wha--?! Metal Sonic?!
Sonic: Wait, how did Eggman not know it was him already?
Tails: My guess is, Metal Sonic took the data for himself and passed on fake info to Eggman!
Eggman: NrrrrrrrRRGH! You insolent bucket of bolts!
Metal Sonic: ...
Sonic: Don't tell me, you want...
Omochao: I think Metal Sonic is challenging the real Sonic to a race!
Eggman: Don't waste your time. He has all of our data. He'll have calibrated his racing style perfectly. He's unbeatable on a Gear, you fool!
Sonic: Well, looks like there's still one last race to run today!

After Final Race Mission 03[]

Omochao: Whew, that amazing! The title's finally been decided in a white-hot race that had me holding my breath from start to finish! What a rush!
Metal Sonic: ! ! ! ! !
Omochao: Ah, Metal Sonic's running away!
Eggman: That metal monstrosity just ruined my entire Grand Prix!
Knuckles: Yeah, and whose fault is THAT, again?!
Tails: So, is it safe to assume that you never had any money OR treasure to give out?
Sonic: Yeesh. My job would be easier if you shot down your own plots like this more often.
Wave: Ugh, what a rip! Going home empty handed is going to kill our rep as rogues.
Storm: I'm really sorry about this, boss.
Jet: Why? I actually had a pretty good time, at the end of the day.
Rouge: I'd be lying if I didn't see any of this coming.
Shadow: The doctor's schemes are hardly anything new.
Vector: What, so all that work was for pro bono?!
Cream: Aww, poor Mr. Vector...
Amy: He should be thankful! It's not every day you get to race with two cuties like us! Right, Sonic?
Sonic: Uh... Yeah. Anyway, it sounds like we all managed to have fun.
Omochao: Sigh! Once again, the curtains close on the Grand Prix championship with no clear champion to show for it. But, hey. Like Sonic says, it was a fun time for everyone involved just the same! Here's looking forward to the next exciting World Grand Prix! We'll see you there, I'm sure! Until then, Omochao here, signing off! Buh-bye!

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