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The Sonic Forces digital comic[1] is a four-part digital comic series published by Sega that is based on the at-the-time upcoming Sonic Forces, its purpose being to promote the aforementioned game. Four issues were released on the official Sonic Twitter and Tumblr pages, and each issue features a short, self-contained story that serves as a prequel to the Sonic Forces storyline.[1] All issues were released on a Thursday, with the exception of the fourth issue (which came out 7 November, the same day that Sonic Forces itself came out).


List of issues[]

  1. Sonic Forces: Moment of Truth (12 October 2017)
  2. Sonic Forces: Stress Test (19 October 2017)
  3. Sonic Forces: Looming Shadow (26 October 2017)
  4. Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite (7 November 2017)





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