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Sonic Forces Hi-Res Collection is a digital album for Sonic Forces, composed by Naofumi Hataya and Tomoya Ohtani. The album was released digitally on 13 December 2017. It contains fifteen songs from the game, including the orchestral songs made by the London Symphony Orchestra (which are also featured on Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - A Hero Will Rise).[1][2]

Track List

  1. "This Is Our World"
  2. "Theme of the Resistance - Title Screen ver."
  3. "Cutscene - You May Call Me "Infinite""
  4. "This Is Who You Are"
  5. "Theme of the Resistance"
  6. "This Is Our World - Phase 1"
  7. "This Is Our World - Phase 2"
  8. "Mission Failed"
  9. "Taking It Back"
  10. "Cutscene - Valor and Wonder"
  11. "Cutscene - Parting Ways"
  12. "The Light of Hope" [feat. Amy Hannam]
  13. "Cutscene - New Journeys"
  14. "Fist Bump - Piano ver."
  15. "Fist Bump"


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