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Sonic Forces: Looming Shadow is the third issue in the Sonic Forces digital comic series.

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Looming Shadow


In a desertified area, E-123 Omega has infiltrated Dr. Eggman's base and is seeking to defeat him. As he is blasting through the doctor's Badniks, Rouge the Bat contacts him to tell him he should calm down and wait for back-up from Shadow. Omega refuses to wait, believing he can get the job done easily, much to Rouge's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Orbot informs Eggman that the base was being attacked. The evil scientist discovers it is Omega that is attacking and decides to call forth Infinite to deal with him as a test of his new abilities.

As Omega presses onwards, he eventually comes across Infinite. Not knowing who he is but still deeming him hostile, Omega prepared to fight him. Slightly amused, Infinite engages, engulfing Omega in a bright red flash.

Omega struggles to contact Rouge and give her his exact coordinates. Soon, Rouge loses all communications with him completely. This prompts her to send Shadow into Eggman's base. Smiling, Shadow softly says to himself "So much for recon."



Races and species:




  • This story serves as a prelude to the "Episode Shadow" DLC in Sonic Forces, which is in and of itself a prelude to the main storyline of the game.[1]
    • Dummied data indicated that Episode Shadow would have incorporated various dialogue from the comic into the game, but most of it was cut for reasons unknown.[2]
  • On the first panel of page two, a photo on a wall next to Rouge is of Knuckles next to what appears to be Sally Acorn and Bunnie D'Coolette, characters from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.



Concept artwork




  1. Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter. Twitter (26 October 2017). Retrieved on 26 October 2017. "This is what kicks off the events of Episode Shadow in Sonic Forces. (2/2)"

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