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Sonic Fishing (ソニック フィッシング[2] Sonikku Fisshingu?) is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. The only element from the Sonic the Hedgehog series present in the game are in the lures. A graphically enhanced version[3] was later released in the United States and Europe as a part of the Sega Mobile service.


In this game, the player simply attempts to catch the biggest fish. There are three stages present, with each accessed by meeting a point requirement of the previous.[2]

A time limit is present in top left corner of the screen, though each fish caught provides extra seconds of play. Once this timer runs out, the stage is over.

Depending on the real-world time of day, the fish available in the game will vary, along with the color of the background.[2]

The only differences between the original and updated versions of the game, other than a graphical overhaul, is that the text is changed to English in the updated version.



Image Character
Old New
Lure-sonic Fishing-old.png Lure-sonic Fishing-new.png Sonic
Lure-tails Fishing-new.png Tails
Lure-eggman Fishing-new.png Eggman


Non-playable characters


Image Name Points Time
Old New
Fish smallgreen.png A Small one[4][3] 1458[4] +3[4]
Fish smallone.png 2302[3] +3[3]
Fish biggreen.png A Normal one[4] 5356[4] +5[4]
Fish biggame-old.png Fish biggame.png A Big one! (大物だ[2] Ōmonoda?) 7762[2] +15[2]
Fish bigyellow.png The Rare Fish! ?? ??


There are three stages available in Sonic Fishing, each of which features a point requirement that has to be met in order to pass.

  • Stage 1: 5000 pts[3]
  • Stage 2: ?? pts
  • Stage 3: ?? pts


Sonic Fishing features a MIDI arrangement of "BIG Fishes at Emerald Coast...," the background music of Big the Cat's version of Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure.

Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"s1" Jun Senoue 0:11


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