Sonic the Hedgehog Firsts is a graphic novel published by Archie Comics. It contains reprints of stories from the early Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, all of which feature the debuts of certain characters. It is the first ever Sonic graphic novel from Archie Comics to be published.

Reprinted stories

Don't Cry for Me, Mobius!

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Rabbot Deployment!

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The Lizard of Odd!

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This Island Hedgehog


  • This novel was later reissued as Sonic Super Special #3. The Super Special issue and this graphic novel are the same, except for a few changes:
    • Sonic Firsts is made with higher-grade paper
    • Sonic Firsts includes a cover gallery on the last page with all four issues from which the stories are printed and an introduction by former editor Paul Castiglia. These were removed for this issue, replaced by a "Sonic Checklist" of back order issues.
    • Unlike the Super Special issue, Sonic Firsts contains no advertisements.
  • This issue includes the following edits of the reprints:
    • Sally's fur is recolored so that it matches her current appearances (Sally originally had yellow and orange fur in the first story and pink and black fur in the rest).
    • All instances in which Rotor's original name of "Boomer" is used have been edited.
    • Robotnik's white sclera are recolored black to match his appearance in later issues.
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