The entrance of the Sonic Factory.

The Sonic Factory[1] (ソニックファクトリー[2] Sonikkufakutorī?) is a location in Sonic Advance 3 accessible from any Zone Map via the Factory Ring. The Sonic Factory serves as a hub for the player in the game.


The Sonic factory is a small area comprised of large, colored blocks. It consists of three levels, where the second and third levels can be accessed conveniently with a Spring. Whilst in the Sonic Factory however, the player is unable to perform any Tag Actions.

The entrance to the Sonic Factory is located on the right of the lower level. Left of the entrance is a pipe that allows the player to change playable characters. On the far right on the lower level is a spring that the player can use to access the second and third levels. The second level is a small ledge on the left which leads to the Chao Playground. The top level features the level select, a row of pipes that the player can use to access different Zone Maps. Said ports are only activated once the player has unlocked its respective Zone.




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