SA3 Sonic Factory Ent

The entrance of the Sonic Factory.

The Sonic Factory[1] is a location in Sonic Advance 3 accessible from any Zone Map via the Factory Ring. The Sonic Factory serves as a hub for the player in the game.


The Sonic factory is a small area comprised of large, colored blocks. It consists of three levels, where the second and third levels can be accessed conveniently with a Spring.

The entrance to the Sonic Factory is located on the right of the lower level. Left of the entrance is a pipe that allows the player to change playable characters. On the far right on the lower level is a spring that the player can use to access the second and third levels. The second level is a small ledge on the left which leads to the Chao Playground. The top level features the level select, a row of pipes that the player can use to access different Zone Maps. Said ports are only activated once the player has unlocked its respective Zone.


  • Whilst in the Sonic Factory, the player is unable to perform any Tag Actions.




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