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This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Drift.

Prototype Title Screen

Prototype Sonic Drift Title Screen

The mockup shot of the game's early version.

The pre-production image presents the early version of the title screen of the game.

Image from Sega's autumn catalogue 1993

How can such a small bird drive a car

The mockup shot of the game's early version from Japanese Catalogue page in 1993.

The possible pre-production image shown on the right, presents the very early version of the game and it is featured on the back of Sega's autumn catalogue for the Game Gear in 1993.[1] The graphics in the image are very different from the final game, showing an alternate Green Hill race course and odd-looking HUD icons.

Totem poles, which are only featured on the map screens in the final game, appear as obstacles on sidelines along the race course. The image also shows that Flicky was considered to be the fourth playable character in the game, until it was switched out with Amy in the final version.

Larger map icons

The following set of images are from an English magazine preview,[1] which show a version of the game that is closer to final version, albeit with smaller differences:



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