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Sonic Dream Team (ソニックドリームチーム[2] Sonikku Dorīmu Chīmu?) is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was developed by Hardlight and published by Sega for the Apple Arcade service on iOS, Mac and Apple TV devices. The game was released on 5 December 2023, and is described as a "narrative driven platform game."[3]


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.


Dr. Eggman has discovered the Reverie, an ancient device capable of making dreams come true. Upon learning of the doctor's plans to conquer the world using this object, Sonic and his friends travel through the villain's dreamscapes to thwart his ambitions.[4]


After the Starfall Islands incident and Mirage Express incident, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese are seen trapped in an experimentation tube. Dr. Eggman is gleefully laughing to himself as he raises aloft an odd-looking headpiece and proceeds to wear it. He proclaims that his dreams can now come true in front of an odd circular artifact as his system shows him that it is one hundred percent completed. Eggman prepares to initiate his plan. However, a voice from the artifact chides him for his machinations and tells the scientist he will never control the Reverie and demands Cream's release. Eggman's system shortly after goes into lockdown, much to his surprise as the Dream Weaver should have been neutralized. He seems shocked as the world fades to black.

Following Rouge the Bat's intel, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Rouge herself all arrive to thwart Eggman's scheme. Sonic thanks the bat for finding the place so quickly, whereby Rouge expresses her pleasure, so long as she got a reward later. Tails tells of Eggman's plan to use Cream and Cheese as a "conduit" to interact with the artifact- deducing that Eggman was perhaps trying to use the pair as a filter. Tails is interrupted by Knuckles, who asks what the entire thing was supposed to do. Continuing his research, Tails' finds out via operational files that the artifact can control dreams. Soon thereafter the artifact starts reacting. The five are then sent into a slumber by the strange artifact.

Scrambled Shores[]

All five are seen falling through a portal. Sonic finds himself face-first in the sand on what appears to be a beach-like environment. Sonic gets up, quipping of how he'd heard of falling asleep before but this was ridiculous. As he splutters sand out, the mysterious voice tells him that it is looking after his friends but they would need help. Sonic follows the voice until he reaches a different location. When asking where he is, the voice then announces that Sonic is in the Reverie Haven, their home. Sonic turns and sees Ariem and the two exchange a friendly greeting. Ariem tells of her status as a DreamWeaver and Guardian of the Reverie. She asks for Sonic's help to recover the Dream Orbs, as they contain the power of the Reverie for Ariem to dreamweave - with enough of them, Ariem can create a path through Eggman's twisted dreamscapes. Taking the Dream Orb Sonic holds, she tells of how they can be used to restore his friends, all of whom now appear as ghostly apparitions. Using the Dream Orb's power, Amy is restored. While the pair are happy to reunite, Ariem is apologetic for not being strong enough to free everyone yet. She assures the pair that the rest of their friends are aware of the situation, with Tails in particular taking it well. Tails explains how each Dreamscape is essentially a locked down like a secured bunker, they can do actions inside but cannot get out. Ariem affirms she can use Dream Orbs and Dream Weaving to reunite them all, but cannot help them until she is reunited with the Dream Core.

After Sonic and Amy have collected more Dream Orbs, Ariem praises the pair for finding enough to unlock a new part of the Reverie. Amy enquires if its enough to free everyone, but Tails denies stating they still needed to break down Eggman's security applied to the current dream. Ariem agrees and tells of how the boarder between dreams is heavily guarded and that they should aim to reach it first.

Sonic asks Ariem what the Reverie is. Ariem tells of how it turns the dreams of the pure-hearted into reality. Rouge pipes up from behind that someone could dream of anything and how it would come true in the real world, much to her interest. Sonic cheekily tells her not to get her hopes up as Ariem said only the "pure-hearted", to which Rouge questions what that even means. Ariem explains of her creation, of how she was only meant to grant the Reverie's powers to those with "noble and virtuous intentions". Its through this rule that Eggman wished to exploit by kidnapping and using Cream and Cheese to try and trick Ariem through an innocent mind. Ariem becomes downcast with a pensive look, telling of how she was not decisive enough to repel the evil Doctor, and in the end the best she could do was trap him in his own Dreamscape. Sonic assures the Guardian that all is well and that the group will help to restore her powers and stop Eggman, as they always do.

The security on the dream that Tails spoke of is revealed. Ariem tells of how it is the only way to reach the next dreamscape. Sonic is curious over what Eggman has been making. Amy is amused by his excitement. Sonic decides to fix things himself, which frustrates Amy. In Sonic's route, he lists off the dream and expresses surprise at the sight of a crab with a moustache. in Amy's route, she expresses disgust at the sight of the giant crab.

Dream Factory[]

After either Sonic or Amy defeats the threat, the security is removed and Tails, Cream, and Cheese are restored. Cream thanks Ariem, Sonic and Amy for their hard work. Amy expresses delight at Cream finally being free and asks the rabbit if she is okay, to which Cream and Cheese affirm that they are. Meanwhile, Sonic checks up on Tails, who explains he has been doing research into Eggman's systems. He has deduced that Eggman cannot use the Reverie's full power without Ariem's authority, and therefore would only be a matter of time before he would force her to cooperate. Cream states that they have keep an eye out and keep Ariem safe, of which Sonic assures her that they'll look out for one another and suggests exploring the next Dreamscape.

The crew of four and Ariem come across a set of strange orange pipes. Tails enquires the Guardian on if she knew what was being pumped through them. She tells him the amber liquid is Magination - the essence of dreams - while the purple liquid is Eggman's, which powers up his creations. Tails is surprised by the existence of literal Nightmare Fuel, while Cream is saddened over why anyone would want to create nightmares in the first place. Amy plainly answers that its because Eggman is a jerk, and that, due to his control freak nature, there would have to be some kind of control station. Sonic praises Amy on her quick thinking and they set off to go find it.

They find the control station, where Tails' Miles Electric picks up an alarmingly high amount of data. They learn that Eggman is planning to awaken something known as the "Guardian Hunter", which Sonic believes is named appropriately for what it is supposed to do. Tails states control panel is just beyond the barrier, but that is where the security nightmares are waiting. Sonic suggests one of them would have to fight their way in to turn off the controller and Cream enthusiastically volunteers and runs towards the entrance where she is chased by Tails and Amy who call to her in concern.

In Cream's route, Amy expresses concern over Cream going by herself, and Ariem apologizes for the face she has not the strength to send anyone else. Sonic is less concerned, since she has Cheese with her, convincing Amy who just wishes there was more they could do to help. Meanwhile with Cream, the rabbit and her Chao express fear at the sight of the large creature. Suddenly, Eggman's booming voice fills the room, chiding the pair for playing with "other people's toys". Cream is unperturbed by Eggman and determinedly tells the Doctor that she wont let him hurt Ariem. Eggman then sends his minions to attack the pair. In Tails' route, Cream expresses sadness at not going, stating she just wanted to help. Amy chides her, telling her they came here to rescue her and that they didn't want to lose her again. Sonic attempts to cheer her up by telling her she might have a chance later down the line. Cream agrees. With Tails, the Fox muses over the Guardian Hunter looking pretty "mean". Eggman repeats what is said in Cream's route, but Tails is unfazed, telling Eggman not to underestimate him. After Eggman sends The Four Man after him, Tails realizes that he has been tricked by the scientist.

Nightmare Maze[]

After Tails or Cream return from their fight, they apologize for not being able to turn off the system. Ariem dismisses their concerns as she tells them she has enough power to restore their last remaining friends. Both Knuckles and Rouge are freed from their status. In Cream's route, Knuckles proudly praises Cream, with Rouge chiming in her agreement. Cream expresses delight at Knuckles' freedom, who vows to protect Ariem as a fellow Guardian. In Tails' route, Rouge praises the fox on how he's "shaping up to become an impressive young man", while Knuckles notes that they need to protect Ariem. In both routes. Ariem teases Rouge into a reaction over Knuckles, of which the bat playfully agrees too, despite his "brutish" qualities. Knuckles, slightly flustered by the pair, asks the group to get back on track, of which Sonic agrees to.

Tails continues to look through Eggman's files, finding a recurring protocol known as the "Dormancy Protocol" and its potential use in stopping Eggman's plans. Ariem explains that this protocol is a failsafe meant to shut down the Reverie if it fell into the wrong hands. She also tells how when she gets her powers back, she will need to use it in order to remove every trace of Eggman from the Reverie, and how once this is completed the Reverie will become completely inaccessible. Tails questions for how long this will occur, of which Ariem answers that to them it will be a millennium. The group is shocked by the length of time, with Amy enquiring what will happen to Ariem herself. The Guardian tells of how she will wait, as sacrificing in order to protect is what her role as a Guardian is, which resonates with Knuckles. Distraught, Cream asks Tails if there's anything he can do to help Ariem, which Tails tries to assure her that he has no straight answer and how more data collection would aid him. Sonic happily agrees to getting going right away.

The group of six come across another security lock, which Ariem opens, however they do not notice the Guardian Hunter escaping out of its portal until too late, where it captures Ariem. In Knuckles' route, the echidna punches the monster which leaves Rouge to catch Ariem as Knuckles pursues after the Guardian Hunter. The echidna taunts the monster and the two begin their fight. In Rouge's route, the bat expresses distaste in the Guardian Hunter for wasting her time before they fight.

Ego City[]

Knuckles or Rouge return. the group finds Ariem on the ground, barely conscious. Cream worriedly asks Tails if there is anything they can do and the fox answers that the Guardian has been drained and dream orbs are unlikely to fix the situation, leaving only the Dream Core as their only option. Sonic assures Cream that Ariem is strong and that they would need to be strong in order to help her.

Heading further in, the group finds more and more Eggman related locations, of which Knuckles moans about as he helps Ariem. Ariem tells of how everything they are seeing is the dream Eggman wants to make a reality. Tails comes to the realization that Eggman plans to use the Reverie to create Eggmanland and the Eggman Empire all in one go and due to its instantaneous nature, no one would be able to stop him. Amy points out that this would not be possible without Ariem's authority and Tails agrees, stating Ariem is the key to everything happening and without her Eggman is stuck. Tails' notes that the evil Doctor is clearly planning something, however.

As they continue to the last of the security locks, Sonic worriedly asks Ariem if she's truly up for what is next. Ariem fearlessly answers that she would have to be. Ariem uses the last of her power to unlock the security, but shortly afterwards, she turns into a large orb from the strain, which Knuckles catches. As Knuckles ponders over the orb, Tails notices that the area that has opened up is the Dream Core and Rouge adds that is encased by one of Eggman's constructs - Ariem cut him off from the Reverie, so Eggman cut her off from her power source. Amy is distrustful of the fact it is out in the open and tells the group to keep their eyes out for traps. Knuckles passes Ariem's orb to Tails and volunteers to scout out the area.

The battle versus Nightmare Eggman[]

As the group of six near the Dream Core, they are interrupted by Eggman's voice overhead. The group turn as Eggman taunts Ariem over her state and praises the Guardian hunter for fulfilling its role. As the group turn they see the Doctor revealing himself as Nightmare Eggman. He chides the Guardian for trying to trap him, but gleefully tells of how he controls his own dreams now and is delighted at the group bringing Ariem straight to him, declaring his near victory to the heroes. Cream calls out to the Doctor, the rabbit bravely telling him she won't let him hurt Ariem anymore. Eggman responds that this is his dream and that the group are no longer welcome in it.

Suddenly, a giant fist raises from below the ground, destroying it in two and separating Sonic from the rest. Tails tells Sonic to take Ariem while he tries to free the Dream Core, with Sonic quickly agreeing to the plan. Amy declares their plan - distract Eggman and buy Tails some time. Tails passes Ariem's orb to Sonic and their plan commences.

Sonic reaches a dead end where he passes Ariem to Rouge, who is flying nearby. Rouge also reaches a dead end as Nightmare Eggman's fist destroys the Grind Rails ahead. She finds Knuckles clinging onto one of Nightmare Eggman's fists and warns him to not drop her. Knuckles comes across Cream and Cheese who are surrounded and cower in fear. The echidna swoops in and saves the pair before handing Cream Ariem, telling her to make her proud. As Cream reaches a dead end, Amy calls out to her and Ariem is passed to her. Amy spies Tails at the Dream Core and apologizes for not being able to be more gentle as she bats the orb up to the fox using her Piko Piko Hammer.

Ariem is finally caught by Tails, who reconnects her to the Dream Core. Eggman tells them that he won't let his dreams be crushed and quickly swoops in with another fist attack, causing Tails to nearly drop Ariem's orb. Eggman then encases the Dream Core. Eggman taunts the group, warning them there is no waking up from this nightmare. Sonic comes up with a plan and asks Tails for a boost, of which the fox obliges.

Sonic travels with Ariem up to face Nightmare Eggman, where he tells the doctor that the nightmare is over. Revving up a Spin Dash, Sonic throws Ariem's orb into the Dream Core, where the Guardian is restored. Ariem thanks the group for their efforts and ensures she will fulfill her duty. While Eggman begins to resist, Ariem begins to dreamweave, causing Eggman to be erased from the Reverie. Sonic praises Ariem on her work and asks what happens now as Ariem tells him that they all get to wake up.


The group of six and Eggman awaken as the Reverie shuts off. Sonic playfully notes about the adventure being a power nap. Tails quickly moves over to free Cream and Cheese from their chamber where the rabbit who thanks the group for rescuing her. Amy enquires about what will happen to the Dream Machine and the Reverie, where Tails answers that the Reverie is "technically" in its Dormancy Protocol and can't make wishes come true for another millennium. Cream is distraught she didn't get to say goodbye to Ariem. Rouge then mentions they're all missing a key word and questions Tails on what he meant by "technically". Tails admits he may have been able to change the protocol a tiny bit and tells the group they should be able to speak with Ariem again and even explore the Reverie, they just can't make dreams real. Cream is elated by the news and praises Tails, who tells her he's going to take it back to his workshop to make sure everything ran as planned. Eggman tells them they can take the relic as it is worthless to him now but warns the Eggman Empire will rise once more and he will follow his dreams of world domination. Cream, unimpressed, sets Cheese on the evil scientist and the Chao sits on a button, causing the Doctor to fall into a slumber once more. The group laugh and cheer for Cream and Cheese, as Sonic high-fives the Chao on their way out.


Back at Tails' workshop, Cream and Cheese eagerly peer into the Miles Electric. Tails tells Cream that all is sorted and that she should go first. Cream thanks Tails and closes her eyes. Ariem's voice can be heard, impressed over the fox and his smarts before warmly greeting Cream. The rabbit beams in delight, realizing their communication is restored.


The game allows the player to select one out of six characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Rouge. Each character brings forth their own unique "flare and personality" that fits with the three movement types. These will aid in the player's navigation through a dream world in which they must rescue Sonic's friends.[5]

In Update 2, the game introduces a new mode called "Sweet Dreams" in addition of ranking system.


When playing on an iPhone or iPad, only touch controls are available, but the game has controller support on Mac and Apple TV. Touch screen controls can be configured in the menu screen.

Button formation Movement
Touch controls Mac PS4/PS5 controller Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S controller Sonic/Amy Tails/Cream Knuckles/Rouge
Digital joystick [W]/[S]/[A]/[D] Left-Analog-Stick Walk/Run
Touch screen
(anywhere else than the buttons)
Right-Analog-Stick Move camera
Reset camera
Pause button Pause/Unpause
Character button PSTriangleButton Y button Switch characters
Jump button Cross (hold to Jump higher) A button (hold to Jump higher) Jump
Jump button > Boost button (while locked on) Cross + Square (while locked on) A button > X button (while locked on) Homing Attack
Boost button Left-Analog-Stick + Square Left-Analog-Stick + X button Boost
Jump button > Boost button Jump > Left-Analog-Stick + Square Jump > Left-Analog-Stick + X button Aerial Boost
Swipe Left/Right Left-Analog-Stick + Cross (on a Grind Rail) Left-Analog-Stick + A button (on a Grind Rail) Grind Step
Jump button > Hold Boost button Cross x2 A button x2 Air Dash Propeller Flying/Flying Glide
Boost button (near marked Rings) Cross x2 (near marked Rings) A button x2 (near marked Rings) Light Speed Dash N/A N/A
Left-Analog-Stick + Cross (near a climbable wall) Left-Analog-Stick + A button (near a climbable wall) N/A N/A Jump onto climbing wall
Left-Analog-Stick (on a climbable wall) Left-Analog-Stick (on a climbable wall) N/A N/A Climb



Gimmicks and obstacles[]








Knowledge of a new, untitled Sonic mobile game was made public on 22 July 2022, when Sega Europe sent out a listing on the jobs board for the site Gameindustrybiz, searching for applicants to potentially serve as the lead artist for the game.[3]

When asked about his involvement, Ian Flynn teased he was somewhat involved with the game, though couldn't talk about it. When the game's announcement trailer was finally released, he confirmed it and revealed he was writing for the game.[6][7]

An announcement trailer was released on 1 November 2023,[8] with the music composed by Tee Lopes and guitars played by Jonny Atma.[9][10] The trailer was met with praise for showcasing its distinct visual style, fresh looking gameplay, as well as the inclusion of Rouge and Cream as playable characters. The game has also received major backlash due to being exclusive to Apple Arcade and its supported devices.

As confirmed by a brand ambassador for Hardlight, due to exclusivity agreements from Apple, a potential release on other mobile platforms such as Android will not be made.[11] It is unknown if the game will be released on consoles and PC, or if it will remain as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

According to Ian Flynn, this is the first Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game to be considered canon to the overall franchise.[12]

On 14 February 2024, Sega released the first of three updates, this one containing a "Speed Battle" mode, where players can now record their best times for each Act and compete for top place in online leaderboards, eight new Boss Missions with moveset overhauls for Dr. Crabulous, the Factory Foremen and the Guardian Hunter.[13]

Voice cast[]

Role Voice actor[1]
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith
Miles "Tails" Prower Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Knuckles the Echidna Dave B. Mitchell
Amy Rose Cindy Robinson
Rouge the Bat Karen Strassman
Cream the Rabbit Michelle Ruff
Cheese Ryo Hirohashi, Tomoko Sasaki (archive, uncredited)
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Ariem Jeannie Tirado


Sonic Dream Team features a current total of 25 music tracks. A majority were composed by Michiel Van Den Bos, who had previously contributed to Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash. The game's main theme was composed by Tee Lopes and Jonny Atma.

During the third content update, a jukebox was added, allowing players to listen to the game's soundtrack once they had collected their Musical notes located across all the levels.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 75%[14]
Review scores
Publication Score
Destructoid 6/10[15]
IGN 8/10[16]

Sonic Dream Team has been met with "generally favorable" reviews according to rating aggregator Metacritic.[14]

The game won the Develop:Star Awards 2024, as it was awarded for 'Best Mobile Game' of 2023.[17]


  • Sonic Dream Team is the first game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series to have localizations for Australian English, Arabic, Dutch, Canadian French and Turkish. It is also the first game to have British English be a selectable localization instead of being a region-exclusive, like Sonic Colors.
  • Barring other mobile games, this is the first Sonic game since Sonic Rivals 2 to lack a Japanese dub, and the first since Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games to lack a French, Spanish, German, and Italian dub.
  • This is the first platformer-genre game to have Cream the Rabbit and Rouge the Bat playable since Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), respectively.
    • Additionally, this game has the Boost mechanic added for these two.
    • It's also the first time Cream is playable solo in a 3D type game.
  • This is the first game where Rouge the Bat appears without Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • This is the first time Michelle Ruff has recorded new lines for Cream ever since Sonic Generations.
  • Several of the characters' idle animations are similar to animations or poses they have used in past games:
    • Sonic will stretch out both of his legs, similarly to both his idle animation in Sonic Adventure 2 and one of his pre-stage start animations from Sonic Unleashed. Sonic also has an idle animation where he places his hands on his hips: an idle animation from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Tails will occasionally yawn, like he does in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Generations. He is also seen fluffing up his tails like one of his idle poses from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Generations. Additionally, the idle animation where Tails sits and stares at the sky may be a reference to an idle animation he had in Sonic Triple Trouble.
    • Knuckles will occasionally tap his knuckles together, an idle pose he has had in many games like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). His other idle animation has him shadowboxing with the exact same combination as his idle animation from Sonic Mania.
    • One of Amy's idle animations has her pull a pose similar to her Sonic Advance 2 start animation.
    • One of Cream's idle animations has her swing her arms similar to her standing animations from Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3. The idle animation where she and Cheese look around before Cream cheers is from Sonic Advance 2 as well. She also has an idle animation where she plays with her ears, like in Sonic Generations.
    • Rouge's idle stance is similar to her idle stance in Sonic Generations, and another of her idle animations has her flying and sitting in the air, similar to her Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) victory poses.
  • Knuckles' renders seem to contain references to previous games. The render used in promotional material with Rouge bares a resemblance to his Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) render. His main render is also seemingly based on his stage clear pose from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • The material being used to create dreams, "Magination", is a similar concept to Maginaryworld.
  • This is the second Sonic game for computers that is not available on Windows, due to it being exclusive to the Apple Arcade, the first being Sonic Racing, which was also an Apple Arcade exclusive.
  • The ending of Sonic Dream Team is very similar to the ending of Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.. It is unclear whether this was intentional or merely a coincidence.
  • According to Ian Flynn, this game takes place sometime after Sonic Frontiers.[18]



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