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Sonic Dash S[1] (LINE ソニックダッシュS[2] LINE Sonikku Dasshu S?) is a Japanese exclusive mobile game released in 2014 for the Line app.[3] It is an updated version of Sonic Dash and features various changes from its original counterpart.[1]


Dr. Eggman has pulled out another trick by stealing the Master Emerald, leading Sonic and his friends to run and get it back.[1]


Main article: Sonic Dash#Gameplay

There are various new gameplay elements added to Sonic Dash S:

  • Unique special abilities for each character[1]
  • Characters can be unlocked by simply being bought with Rings[1]
  • Chao who are able to boost skills and can aid the player during a run[1]
  • Boss fights can take place at random[1]
  • An online multiplayer mode is available[1]


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