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Sonic Dash Extreme is a game from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It is the arcade version of the mobile phone game, Sonic Dash, developed by Sega Amusements[1] and released by Sega. An arcade version became available in selected places in the United Kingdom in May of 2015.[2] The arcade version features daily and all-time leaderboards and different control methods for large-sized D-Pad controllers.


Sonic Dash Extreme is very similar to the original mobile phone game, but with several altered features. When starting the game, one of playable characters is chosen randomly for the player.[1][3] Also, instead of using touchpad controls, the arcade cabinet features a large D-pad.[1] By pressing left or right on this D-pad, the player can move their playable character sideways to avoid obstacles on the route, while pressing up on the D-Pad makes the playable character perform Spin Jump and pressing down on D-Pad activates the Roll.

The arcade game awards prizes in form of redemption tickets,[1] which the player gets after passing the checkpoints between small sections. After passing through the last checkpoint, the player gets a rank depending on the amount of tickets and Rings the player has collected. After that, the player faces Dr. Eggman in his Egg Mobile in a boss battle, like in the original Sonic Dash. However, the of way of defeating him is different from that in Sonic Dash; after being bounced into the air by Springs, the player has to lock-on to and press down on D-pad to dash into one of the Egg Mobile's missile launchers three times. If the player fails to do so, they will lose the game.[3]



Gimmicks and obstacles[]


Playable characters[]

Non-playable characters[]







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