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Sonic Dash Club is a game title developed by Hardlight Studio and released by Sega on 17 May 2015. The game is a re-release of Sonic Dash S, a Japanese and LINE exclusive mobile game, without the functionality of LINE.


Sonic Dash Club is an endless runner and uses many of the same gameplay elements from Sonic Dash. To avoid obstacles in the player's path, he/she can jump, roll and Quick Step. The game has two modes, a quest mode and a ranking mode. In quest mode the player also travels along a map on the menu to select which quest to do with each quest having 3 objectives per quest. The player gets quests to complete certain objectives such as achieving a specified score, reaching a specified distance ran, defeating a specified amount of enemies, collecting a specified amount of Rings, or not being defeated for a specified amount of time. In ranking mode the player is given a challenge that other players get as well. The ranking is based on how many points they accumulate during the challenge, the player with the highest ranking is the winner of the challenge.

Unlike Sonic Dash, the player doesn't have the ability to perform tricks after springs, fill up the Fever meter with Rings, or using the Homing Attack at enemies. The Fever meter is similar to the Boost, it has limited uses per run and grants immunity everything but the player cannot jump or roll, only dash from left to right.


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