This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • Dash in mid air:

This glitch will cause the character to be dashing while also in mid-air. To perform it, the player must start their dash either after they land on the spring trails or before. The dash will not be cancelled since when the spring trails end, the dash bar will stop going down and the dash animation will usually still be playing while in mid-air.

  • Stuck running in one place:

Tails stuck in midair.

During the Holiday Event update of 2015, a small glitch would occur irregularly. Whenever a run would begin (or sometimes during a run at some point), the level's road would suddenly disappear and the playable character would be left running in one spot in midair, unable to execute any action or move forward. To escape this glitch, the player's only option is to restart the run.[1]

  • An invisible Mine:

This glitch will cause a Mine to disappear but still effect the character. To perform it, on about the same frame as a character goes into a Mine, pause the game. The Mine will disappear but when the player unpauses it the character will still be affected.

  • The disappearing Mine:

This glitch will cause a Mine to disappear but not affect the character. This glitch is performed in the same manner as the previous, except the Mine disappears completely by its function being removed. This is rare.

  • The deadly spin:

This glitch will cause a spin attack at the edge of the big hole to make the game think the player has fallen. To perform it, the player must land a spin attack at the edge of the big hole very carefully. Then, the game will think the playable character has fallen when they actually are spin attacking on the ground near the edge of the big hole.

  • Play in the Village:

Shadow running in the village. Note this is after update 1.2.

A glitch in the game allows the player in run in the Village, which has been removed from the game. This glitch only works in the "Shadow’s Run" event and starts in the Village by default.

  • Ring/orb generator

This glitch starts when a player discovers the invisible mine glitch and the disappearing mine glitch. It simply, in stages, randomly chooses when it gives the player free Rings. This is also the only permanent glitch.

This glitch is simple to do. All the player has to do is Spin Dash before reaching the cave. This glitch is temporary though, as the character will instantly go into the running animation after that.


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