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The most advanced edition of Sonic Dash!

— Tagline

Sonic Dash+[1] (or Sonic Dash Plus), is a mobile game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Sega and Hardlight. It was released for the Apple Arcade service for iOS devices on 8 April 2022. It is an updated version of Sonic Dash and features various changes from its original counterpart.


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  • All in-app purchases are completely removed. Things that previously had to be unlocked by purchasing them with real money now only require Red Star Rings.
  • There is a brand new online leaderboard for High Scores and Distance Runs.
  • Successfully performing the combination of tricks when touching a Spring will now additionally award the player a certain amount of character tokens and Red Star Rings at random.
  • Characters exclusive to Events require 500 tokens to unlock instead of 250.
  • Upgrading any character requires tokens to be used instead of Rings after the third and seventh upgrades.
  • Sonic Dash+, along with Sonic Prime Dash, does not feature Sonic Dash's Character Card system, instead retaining the Character Token system.


Name Description
Action Packed Complete 10 missions
Adventurer Visit temple Zone 50 times
Adventurer Forever Visit Mushroom Hill Zone as Tangle 20 times
Alchemy Destroy 200 Golden Badniks as Silver
Batting Streak Collect 100 boosted Ring streaks with Rouge
Beach Bum Visit beach Zone 50 times
Bling Spring Hit a Boosted Bonus Spring 30 times with Rouge
Boosted Bunny Use over 30 Boosters with Cream
Busy Bee Score 350,000 points in one run as Charmy Bee
Cha-Ching Collect 12,000 Rings as Amy
Chasing Shadows Score 3,000,000 points in one run as Shadow
Cream of the Chop Destroy 5 golden Choppers as cream
Dark Masquerade Score 1,500,000 points in one run Vampire Shadow
Dark Skies Fully rebuild Sky Sactuary Zone and unlock Shadow
Do you think flattery will keep you alive? Destroy 161 golden badniks as Dragon Hunter Lancelot
Easy Target Collect 100 Rings in one run
Easy as 1 2 3 Destroy 500 Badniks with Omega
Elf on a Shelf Hit a Boosted Bonus Spring 25 times with Elf Classic Sonic
Episode Metal Run 50,000 meters as Metal Sonic
Espio is Clearly Ready to Go Run 20,000 meters as Espio in one run
Fancy A Swim Fully rebuild Beach Zone and unlock Amy
Friends Master Unlock 10 characters
Fully Loaded Use over 100 Boosters
Fungi Times Fully rebuild Mushroom Hill Zone and unlock Jet
Golden Retriever Collect 50,000 Gold Rings with Treasure Hunter Knuckles
Goldfish Destroy 10 Golden Choppers
Gone Fishing Destroy 50 Golden Choppers as Big the Cat
Guardian Angel Destroy 500 Badniks with Whisper
Heart Of Gold Collect 50,000 Gold Rings as Elite Agent Rouge
Hedge Runner Run 250,000 meters as Boscage Maze Sonic
Helping Hand Use over 20 Boosters
Hocus-Pocus Use 50 Boosters with Witch Rouge
Home Run Run 100,000 meters as Slugger Sonic
Hot Heels Reach 5,000 meters in one run
It Aint Over Score 1000000 using Final Score Bonus
It's No Sprint Run 500,000 meters
Jingle Bells Run 10,000 meters in one run as Jingle Belle Amy
Kill the Light Run 25,000 meters as Shadow
Knight of the Grail Collect 25,000 Gold Rings with Sir Percival
Knuckles on the Move Run 50,000 meters as Knuckles
Kombo Chameleon Score 3,000,000 points using the Enemy Combo Booster with Espio
Land Ahoy! Visit Beach Zone 20 times as Captain Shadow
Learn to Fly Hit a Boosted Bonus Spring 25 times with Rockstar Rouge
Legendary Wind Master Use 50 Boosters with Jet
Marathon Man Run 3,000,000 meters
Metal Monster Destroy 150 Golden Badniks as Reaper Metal Sonic
Miles Per Hour Reach 25,000 meters in one run as Tails
Mission Master Complete 100 missions
Moon Shot Visit Sky Sanctuary Zone Lunar Blaze 30 times
Nutcracker Destroy 250 Badniks with Nutcracker Silver
Oh! I Do Like To Be... Fully rebuild Seaside Hill Zone and unlock Knuckles
On a Roll Complete 40 missions
Only for the Brave Score 6,000,000 points in one run
Paladin Princess Run 100,000 meters as Paladin Amy
Power Overload Max all upgrades for one character
Preaching to the Choir Fully rebuild Temple Zone and unlock Vector
Real Knight Rescue 1,000 Animal Friends with Sir Gawain
Retro Gamer Visit Green Hill Zone as Classic Sonic 50 times
Ring Hoarder Collect 100,000 Rings
Ring of Fire Collect 1,000 Rings as Blaze
Ringmaster Collect 1,000 Rings in one run
Rings of power Gain 2007 Ring streak bonus' as Darkspine
Running Miles Run 10,000 meters as Tails
Shiver Me Timbers! Destroy 50 Golden Badniks as Pirate Sonic
Silver Streak Reach 15,000 meters in one run as Silver
Silver is the new first place Obtain a new high score as Super Silver.
Ski Resort Fully rebuild Snow Mountain Zone and unlock Charmy Bee
Sky's the Limit Score 500,000 points in one run
Sonic Boom Reach 10,000 meters in one run
Sonic Rampage Run 1,000,000 meters
Springtime Hit a Booster Bonus Spring 100 times
Streaker Score 5000000 using Ring Streak
Strike, You're Out Collect 20,000 Gold Rings with All Star Amy
Super Transformation Destroy 100 Golden Badniks with Super Sonic
Tails 99 Use 99 Boosters with Tails Nine
Terminate Destroy 750 Badniks as Rusty Rose
The Ark Rescue 5,000 Animal Friends
The Ultimate Life Form? Destroy 1,000 Badniks with Super Shadow
Touchdown Score 1,000,000 points in one run with Linebacker Omega
Trailblazer Score 1,500,000 points in one run as Blaze
Travel to Lapland Visit Snow Mountain Zone with Santa Big 50 times
Trusted Knight Score 2,000,000 points in one run as Sir Lancelot
Ultimate Knight Run 200,000 meters as Excalibur Sonic
Unleashed Destroy 100 Golden Badniks with Werehog
Warm-Up Reach 3,000 meters in one run
Yet another Gold Record! Collect 75,000 Gold Rings as Popstar Amy
You've Passed Act 1 Fully rebuild Green Hill Zone and unlock Tails
Your sparkle has not gone unnoticed Rescue 500 Animal Friends with Unicorn Cream

*All achievement descriptions are taken from Apple's Game Center, and as such, any typos, punctuation errors, or grammatical errors may be present in the provided text.



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  • Sonic Dash+ may have been intended for an earlier release, as event scheduler data in version 1.0.0 includes an unused Movie Sonic event set to begin on March 25, 2022—just over a week before the game's actual launch on April 8, 2022.


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