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Sonic Dash+[1] is a mobile game developed by Sega and SEGA HARDlight. It was released for the Apple Arcade service on iOS devices on 8 April 2022. It is an updated version of Sonic Dash and features various changes from its original counterpart.


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  • All in-app purchases are completely removed. Things that previously had to be unlocked by purchasing them with real money now only require Red Star Rings.
  • There is a brand new online leaderboard for High Scores and Distance Runs.
  • Successfully performing the combination of tricks when touching a Spring will now additionally award the player a certain amount of character tokens and Red Star Rings at random.
  • Characters exclusive to Events require 500 tokens to unlock instead of 250.
  • Upgrading any character requires tokens to be used instead of Rings after a certain point.


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