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Sonic Darts (ソニックダーツ[5] Sonikku Dātsu?) is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. An updated version of the game was later released with enhanced graphics, which was also available in the United States and Europe through Sega Mobile, though slightly altered.[6]


In this game, the player controls Sonic the Hedgehog in a standard game of darts against Shadow. The game can be played either against a computer or another person by passing the mobile phone around.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


Sonic Darts features a variety of gameplay options to customize the player's experience.[7] These include:

  • COUNT UP: Available in both single and multiplayer modes, this option is the easiest of the three basic game modes.
  • 01GAME 301: The game is played until a player reaches 301 or more points.
  • 01GAME 501: The game is played until a player reaches 501 or more points.
  • Rule Change (ルール変更[7] rūru henkō?): Allows the player to alter the ruleset that the game uses, includes:
    • BULL 50 ONLY: Both the inside and outside rings of the bullseye give 50 points.
    • BULL 25/50: The inner ring of the bullseye gives 50 points while the inner ring gives on 25.


The background music of Sonic Darts is a remix of a previously unused track from the cancelled 1992 arcade game, SegaSonic Bros.. The track in particular is the one used for levels 20-29 and 70-79.[8][9] Slightly different remixes are used in the different versions of the game, although it is unknown what the backing track of the original version sounded like as no footage exists online.


  • Strangely, the Sega Mobile version of the game has the title screen of the updated version while featuring the gameplay of the original.[10]


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