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Sonic Cricket Title screen.png

Sonic Cricket is a mobile game by Sega. It was developed by a Indian company known as UTV Indiagames. It is part of their Sonic 2011 Anniversary lineup. The game features Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Dr. Eggman.[1]


The music in this game is the original Sonic soundtrack.[2]

20th Anniversary Tie-in

Sega Corporation mobile department manager Kaoru Nagai said, "Our association with UTV Indiagames reiterates our commitment to spread the 'Sonic' brand to the users in India. Launching Sonic Cricket will definitely be considered as one of our breakthroughs as 2011 is Sonic's 20th anniversary and bringing together the character with one of the most played games in this country, will definitely add to our celebrations".[2]


  • The non-unique team members appear to be Gizoids.



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