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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Sonic Conversion (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Conversion".

[Scene: Robotnik’s Control Room.]

Snively: Sir, your Virtual Reality Shriek-Bot is ready for flight-testing, [Mumble] you oversized toad.
Dr. Robotnik: Excuse me, what was that, Snivley?!
Snively: Oh, I said, I’ll key in your code, sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm, very good. I must say I’m excited by the prospects of this Snivley, very excited indeed.
Snively: Oh, and I’m very excited for you, your immense density, [Mumble] smarmy fool. [Raspberry]

[Scene Change: Hanger Bay.]

[Sonic and Sally are hidden inside.]
Sonic: Woah, that tub looks too swift. What are those pipes behind the wings?
Sally: Blast thrusters. That plane may actually be faster than you.
Sonic: Faster than moi? In Robuttniks’ dreams. Check this...
Sally: [Interrupts] Sonic, not now. We need to get back to Knothole.
Sonic: Yeah you’re... Sal, it’s Uncle Chuck!

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Control Room.]

Snively: Sir, monitor one!
Dr. Robotnik: Well, surprise surprise. Activate laser cannon!

[Scene Change: Hangar Bay.]

[Sonic sneaks around the Shriek-Bot.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Projected in Shriek-Bot's cockpit window] That’s it hedgehog, a little closer... Perfect.
Sally: [Whisper] Sonic.
Dr. Robotnik: Sweet dreams, Rodent.
Sally: [Shouts] Sonic, above you!
Sonic: Huh?
[Sonic looks up to the cannon. Robotnik laughs and fires the laser, as the chase ensues.]
Sonic: Woah, haunch time, Sal!
[Sonic carries Sally, being chased down city street by the Shriek-Bot.]
Sonic: Man, that sucker cranks some serious speed.
[Sally gives Sonic the Power Ring from his backpack.]
Sonic: Way to juice me, Sal! Hang on!
Sally: Whhhoooaa!
[Sonic’s wake throws the Shriek-Bot out of control, forcing it to retreat.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Disoriented] Sniiiveeelllyyyy, wooooaaaaahh!!

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Control Room.]

[The Shriek-Bot is seen docking back in its hangar on the monitors as Robotnik emerges from the VR chamber he used to remote-pilot it.]
Dr. Robotnik: You...lied to me, Snivley.
Snively: Lied, Sir?
Dr. Robotnik: You said that the Shriek-Bot could outrun the HEDGEHOG!
Snively: It can, sir, we just need to install more thrust boosters.
Dr. Robotnik: Snivley, what color is my heart? [Opens mouth for Snively to peer in]
Snively: I don’t see a heart, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Exactly.

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, day.]

[Tails flies along happily on his way to Rotor’s hut. He is stopped from entering in by Dulcy.]
Dulcy: You can’t go in Tails. Sonic’s orders.
Tails: Aww, come on, Dulcy, how come?
Dulcy: Cuz, they’re doin’ some experiments and they don’t wanna be disturbed.

[Scene Change: Rotor’s hut, day.]

[Bunnie is inside a glass capsule.]
Sally: Ready Bunnie?
Bunnie: Ready.
Sally: Nicole, activate de-roboticizing sequence.
Nicole: Activating Sally, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Activate.
[The De-Roboticizer activates, as Bunnie’s robotic limbs are removed, exposing her natural arms and legs.]
Nicole: Sequence complete Sally.
Sonic: Bunnie, are you ok?
Bunnie: Huh?
Sally: How do you feel?
Bunnie: Well I... oh my stars, look at this. Alright, the bunnie bod is back!

[Scene Change Lake of Rings, day.]

[Tails and Sonic wait for a Power Ring to emerge.]
Tails: [Grabs Power Ring] Got it Sonic, past cool huh?
Sonic: Way past! Ok big guy, slide in the ol’ pack and I’m outta here.
Sally: [Enters] Sonic wait, we have to talk.
Sonic: Save it Sal, I’m goin’ after Uncle Chuck. If the De-Roboticizer worked on Bunnie, it’ll work for Unc, end of story.
Sally: But we still don’t know if the effects will last. Can’t you wait 24 hours?
Sonic: Hey, if it doesn’t work, you’ll fix it.
Sally: Fine. And what do we do with Uncle Chuck while I’m fixing it?
Sonic: Why do you ask so many questions?
Sally: Why don’t you use your brain?
Sonic: It gives me a headache, later.
[Sonic speeds off.]
Sally: Hey! Grrr!

[Scene Change: Hanger Bay.]

[Uncle Chuck is working on the damaged Shriek-Bot. Sonic slips the Power Ring into Uncle Chuck’s hand, as its powers is releasing his free will and soul from Robotnik’s control.]
Sonic: Yo, Uncle Chuck. Over here.
Uncle Chuck: Huh?
Sonic: You in there or what?
Uncle Chuck: Sonic!

[Scene Change: Rotor’s Hut, day.]

[Uncle Chuck placed inside the De-Roboticizer.]
Sonic: Hang in Uncle Chuck, it’ll be cool.
Sally: Nicole, activate de-roboticizer sequence.
Nicole: Activating Sally...
[The alarm sounds.]
Sally: Oh no!
Nicole: Internal circuitry malfunction, executing preemptive shutdown.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Uncle Chuck: [Under Robotnik's control] Capture Freedom Fighters, priority one, by order of Robotnik.
[Uncle Chuck is now restrained in a wooden cage.]
Uncle Chuck: Capture Freedom Fighters, priority one, priority one.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck, chill alright. Sal’s gonna fix the ol’ machine, and we’ll be cookin’ again Unc, no prob.
Uncle Chuck: [Rambling] Detain Freedom Fighters, by order of Robotnik. Detain Freedom...
Sonic: How’s it goin’ Sal.
Sally: Um, Not very good, Nicole, status report.
Nicole: Sections 1, 2, 3, and 5, failure. No salvageable components.
Sally: [Gasp]
Sonic: So we need a couple parts. No biggie, right?
Rotor: It’s a major biggie, Sonic.
Sally: Nicole, search databanks for compatible component panels.
Nicole: Searching...match found, Sally.
Sonic: Is that what I think it is?
Sally: Yes, the only match is Robotnik’s Roboticizer.
Sonic: Yeah, so?
Rotor: So we have to start again, from scratch.
Uncle Chuck: Detain Freedom Fighters...
Sonic: Well this hedgehog is never givin’ up.

[Scene Change: Robotropolis.]

Sonic: I give up!
[Sonic is being grabbed by flying Swat-Bots]
Sonic: Take me to the his royal dopiness.

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Control Room.]

Dr. Robotnik: So nice of you to drop by, hedgehog, I do love surprises. Now why are you here?
Sonic: It’s the stress, I can’t take it anymore. My hedgehog nerves are shot, I tell ya. Shot. SHOT!
Dr. Robotnik: Oh please, something is rotten in Topeka... wherever that is. Now, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?!
Sonic: Ehh, about 3’ 4", give or take an inch. Hehe, little joke there.
Dr. Robotnik: Very little...Put him in the Roboticizer!
Sonic: Wait, wait, there’s one more thing I’ve gotta do.
[Sonic speeds up and wrecks the flying Swat-Bots.]
Dr. Robotnik: I'll get you!
Sonic: Have a seat Robuttnik! [Trips Robotnik into his chair] Win and spin time, Baldo, and you lose! [spins the chair around rapidly and runs to ceiling at top of the Roboticizer] Activate Anti-Gravity system, way cool! [grabs the required parts] Chao, baby.
Dr. Robotnik: [Disoriented rambling] I'll get you hedgehog, I'll get you! Sniivllleyyy!

[Scene Change: Rotor’s Hut, day.]

[Uncle Chuck is in the De-Roboticizer.]
Sonic: Come on, Nicole! Yo, what’s the big holdup?
Nicole: Sequence complete, Sally.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck, wake up call.
Uncle Chuck: [Deroboticized] Uugg...YES!

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, day.]

[Sonic and Uncle Chuck are walking through the windmill field.]
Sonic: Man, I’m sure glad you’re here, Uncle Chuck. I missed you big time.
Uncle Chuck: I missed you too, Sonic. I’ve been dreaming of this since the first day I was roboticized.
Sonic: You have, but I thought when you were roboticized, you didn’t...
Uncle Chuck: [interrupts] ...know what was going on? We know everything. We just can’t do anything about it.

[Scene Change: Rotor’s Hut, day.]

[Uncle Chuck, Rotor, Sonic, Tails, and Antoine are standing around the Deroboticizer upgrade.]
Uncle Chuck: Without a stronger capacitive reactor, the electromagnetic fields will disable the attenuator.
Rotor: Creating harmonic frequencies, right Uncle Chuck?
Uncle Chuck: That’s right Rotor. So, what I need is a 3 dash 3 C.P.
Rotor: I think I have one in my storeroom
Sonic: Oh man, not the storeroom.
Rotor: Oh come on Sonic it’s not that bad.
Sonic: Hehe, just kiddin’ Rote, I’ll help, hang on.
[Sonic grabs Rotor and dashes past Tails through the exit.]
Rotor: Whoa!

[Scene Change: Sally’s Hut, day.]

[Bunnie and Sally enter from outside.]
Sally: It’s incredible, and Uncle Chuck built it in less than an hour!
Bunnie: He’s good sugar. Maybe I should take a second look at that man.
[Both giggle.]
Sally: Now watch this.
[Sally turns on holographic projector displaying image of a subsection of Robotropolis.]
Bunnie: Oh my stars! That is really somethin’.
Sally: And here it is.
Bunnie: Here what is, Sally girl?
Sally: Target 1: The first group we’re gonna de-roboticize is in this factory.
Bunnie: It’s really happenin’, isn’t it? We're gonna do it, we're gonna... Aaah!
[Electricity surrounds Bunnie as she falls to the floor.]
Sally: Bunnie?! Oh my gosh! Oh Bunnie.
[Bunnie's robotic limbs have returned.]
Bunnie: Oh... What the hoo-haw happened... Oh my look [Cries]
Sally: [Hugs Bunnie] It’s ok Bunnie, we’ll get you back to normal again. Listen, all we have to do is... Oh no!
Bunnie: [Sob] What?
Sally: Uncle Chuck!

[Scene Change: Rotor’s Hut, day.]

[Uncle Chuck and Antoine are working on the De-Roboticizer upgrade.]
Antoine: You know Uncle Chuck, I am thinking that maybe it is time for me to be lunching yes.
[Tails enters with a huge sub sandwich.]
Tails: Chow time guys.
[Tails trips causing the sandwich to fly into Antoine’s arms.]
Antoine: Ahh, Merci Tails, Merci boccune
[Antoine opens his mouth to eat the sandwich.]
Tails: Hey!
[Tails yanks the sandwich out of Antoine’s hands, causing him to bite his fingers.]
Antoine: Eaaaooowgeh
[Tails and Uncle Chuck laugh.]
Uncle Chuck: Ahhhh!
[Uncle Chuck begins to transform back into a Worker-Bot.]
Antoine: Uncle Chuck! What is wrong?
Tails: [Gasp]
Antoine: Ahh, uh, oh my, this is not happening [Panicked rambling]
Tails: Uncle Chuck, what’s going on?
Uncle Chuck: [Robotic voice] Freedom Fighters, priority one, detain by order of Robotnik.
[Tails and Antoine scream.]
Antoine: Please Uncle Chuck, you can have my sammich.
[Uncle Chuck carries off Antoine and Tails, while destroying De-Roboticizer upgrade. Antoine and Tails scream for help.]

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, elevator. day.]

Antoine: I can make you another sammich, what kind of garnish would you like? Where are we going?
[The three are ascending in the elevator.]
Uncle Chuck: Capture Freedom Fighters, priority One.
[Sally and Bunnie enter at ground level.]
Sally: Uncle Chuck! Uncle Chuck, no!
Antoine: Uh hehe, maybe a special desert eh, with some cappuccino! Do you like decaf?
Bunnie: [On Dulcy’s back with Sally] Dulcy, look out!
Antoine: [Hysteric rambling in the background.]
Sally: Ow, Dulcy, can’t you fly above the trees? There he is.
Bunnie: He’s headin’ for the swamp.
Antoine: You know, Uncle Chuck, I can make a very nice herbal tea.
Sally: Dulcy, take us back to Knothole, we have to get Sonic.
[Dulcy changes course.]
Sally: Whoa!

[Scene Change: Swamp, wilderness path.]

Antoine: Sacre Blu-cheese, we are dead beat.
Tails: You mean dead meat Ant. Just chill out, Sonic will save us.
Uncle Chuck: Freedom Fighters enemy, priority one, detain by order of Robotnik. [drops Antoine and Tails] Mega Muck: one part petroleum, one part quick sand, one part clay mud. [Shoves stick into ground, revealing oil.]

[Scene Change: Lake of Rings, day.]

Sonic: I gotta juice Sal, he could be in Robotown by now.
Sally: Sonic, will you relax?
Sonic: How can I relax? My sneakers are just itchin’ to hit the ol’ road.
[The Power Ring emerges.]
Sonic: Here we go.
[Sally grabs the Power Ring and places it in Sonic's backpack.]
Sonic: Uh Sal, I’m sorry about...
Sally: I know. [Embraces Sonic] But right now we need a hero, and you’re it.
Sonic: That’s true, better grab on to something Sal.
[Sonic exits, following Uncle Chuck’s tracks into the swamp.]
Sonic: Hmm.

[Scene Change: Swamp, wilderness path.]

[Uncle Chuck rebuilds a small wrecked Hover Unit. He hears Sonic running.]
Uncle Chuck: Freedom Fighters, priority one.
[ Chuck hides behind a rock as Sonic approaches.]
Tails: It's Sonic!
Tails and Antoine: [Shout for Sonic to stop]
Sonic: [Runs into Mega Muck] Ugg, ull, eraaa.
Tails: Sonic, it’s Uncle Chuck, He...
Uncle Chuck: Freedom Fighters, priority one, detain by order of Robotnik.
Sonic: Ugh, don’t do it Uncle Chuck, let ‘em go!
Antoine: Oh, oui oui oui, this is very good advice-ing. You should... Ah!
Uncle Chuck: [Grabs Tails and Antoine] I will return for hedgehog.
Tails: Nooo! [Uncle Chuck boards hover unit and flies off] Sonic!
[Sonic struggles in vain, as Dulcy enters, carrying Sally and Bunnie.]
Bunnie: There’s the sugar-hog.
Sally: Sonic!
Dulcy: Goin’ down.
Sally: Easy Dulcy, ugh, easy.
Dulcy: Don’t worry, this one’s gonna’ be perfect.
[Dulcy flies face first into the mud, stopping just short of Sonic.]
Dulcy: Don’t say a word, Sonic Hedgehog. I’ve had a real bad day.
[Brief time period later. Dulcy flies above Sonic, carrying a rope.]
Sonic: Ugh, Got It.
Bunnie: Go Dulcy, go go!
Sonic: Harder Dulcy, harder.
[ Dulcy struggles and pulls Sonic free, launching him into a bush.]
Sonic: Ugh. Thanks guys. Go low and go time!
[Sonic pulls out the Power Ring and exits.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, junkyard.]

[Uncle Chuck lands and exits the hover unit.]
Tails: Please Uncle Chuck, I don’t wanna be a robot. Let us go.
Antoine: Um well, thank you Uncle Chuck and but, I am being much too very young and extremely to very handsome to being a robot, nes'pa?
Sonic: [Enters] Yo, Uncle Chuck.
Tails: Cool, I knew you’d save us Sonic.
Uncle Chuck: Freedom Fighter, priority one
Sonic: I know you in there Unc, fight Robotnik.
Uncle Chuck: Ugh... [Struggles to regain control of his free will] Detain, I’m going to fight... Robotnik, Freedom Fight-.
Sonic: Yeah. Yeah! That’s it Unc, you can do it.
Uncle Chuck: Freedom Fight... fight Robotnik
Sonic: Fight Robotnik!
Uncle Chuck: [Regains control] It... it’s working. Sonic, you were right. It actually works.
Sonic: You ok, Unc?
Uncle Chuck: I’m back Sonic, at least up here. That’s the most important thing. The body will come later. Good to see you Sonic.
Sonic: Good to see you too Unc.
Tails: Uh oh Sonic, Here come the Swat-butts.
Sonic: Lets stir fry Unc. Yo Unc. Bail time!
Uncle Chuck: No, you go Sonic. I’m staying here.
Sonic: Say what?
Uncle Chuck: Robotnik won’t know that inside I’m still me. I have a better chance of getting the De-Roboticizer parts from here.
Sonic: You mean like, some kind of mondo spy?
Uncle Chuck: Yes. Sonic, I know this isn’t what we planned, but I can help more from here, now play along. [to Antoine and Tails] You two stay outta sight [Closes the Hover Unit cockpit.]
Sonic: But Unc... Your eyes.
Uncle Chuck: I can control them now. [Flashes robotic eyes, controlled robotic drone voice] Intruder, hedgehog intruder. [Real voice] Act like we’re struggling.
[Uncle Chuck grabs Sonic as a fake struggle, as Hover Units and Stealth Orbs arrive.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Control Room.]

Snively: Sir, monitor one.
Sonic: [Onscreen] Hey, lemme go, lemme go!
Dr. Robotnik: Well well well, Dr. Hedgehog has captured his own nephew, who says family values are dead.
Snively: Sir, your virtual reality Shriek-Bot is ready.
[Robotnik takes control of The Shriek-Bot and guides it to Sonic’s location.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik, junkyard.]

Uncle Chuck: The Shriek-Bot.
[The Shriek-Bot enters.]
Uncle Chuck: Better juice Sonic, I love you, boy.
Sonic: I love you too, Unc.
[The Shriek-Bot attempts to dive-bomb Sonic.]
Sonic: Whoa, some serious thrust, but he ain't seen nothin’ yet. You guys chill, I’ll be back.
[Sonic proceeds to chase.]
Sonic: Where is that sucker?
Dr. Robotnik: [Guides Shriek-Bot behind Sonic] Hahahaha, having fun yet rodent? AFTERBURNERS!
Sonic: You are fast.
[He leads the Shreakbot into a tight ally, causing it to crash.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Gasp] ...AHHHHHH
Sonic: Yikes! Fast, but stupid.
Dr. Robotnik: Snivley!
Snively: Oh no. Ahhhhh... yes sir?
Sonic: Chow baby
[Sonic exits.]

[Scene: Knothole Village: Rotor’s hut, day.]

[Dulcy, Antoine, Sally, and Bunnie dismantle the smashed De-Roboticizer.]
Dulcy: Boy oh boy, this sure is a mess.
Sally: You’re right Dulcy. It’ll take time, but we can get it online again.
Bunnie: I hope so sugar, 'cuz I liked havin’ my cute little old bod back, if even for a minute.
[Sonic and Tails walk out, sadly, as Sally follows.]

[Scene Change: Outdoor, log bench, day.]

Sonic: I should have listened to ya Sal. I was a total bonehead.
Tails: But Uncle Chuck’s gonna be a spy for us. That’s cool right?
Sonic: Yeah except he has to live in bogus city. I should have waited till everything was ready. I just should have waited.
Sally: Yes, we know that Sonic, little joke there.
Sonic: Very little.
Sally: Look, we may not have the De-Roboticizer, but we know that roboticized people can fight it off from inside. All we have to do is help them. Plus, we have Uncle Chuck on our side, and he’ll help a lot.
Sonic: Serious?
Sally and Tails: Serious.
Sonic: Serious, yeah!