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"Sonic Conversion" is the fourteenth and first episode of the second season of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the fourteenth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fifteenth episode of the series. It was written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst and first aired on 17 September 1994.





While on a mission, Sonic and Sally spot Robotnik's Shriek-bot and also spot Sonic's Uncle Chuck working on the Shriek-bot. Trying to get to his uncle, Sonic sneaks toward him, but Snively and Robotnik spot him. Robotnik orders Snively to activate the Shriek-bot and when Sonic was close, he gave chase. Sonic then tried to outrun the flying bot (while carrying Sally) but the mech nearly caught up to him, but Sonic managed to pull out a Power Ring and escape.

Angered, Robotnik yells Snively's name, to which the latter squealed in fear. Robotnik claimed that Snively "lied" about being able to outrun Sonic. When Snively tried to reason with him, he asked him "what color is my heart?", to which Snively claimed that he could not see one.

In Knothole Village, Tails tries to sneak past a (seemingly) sleeping Dulcy, but the dragon stops him, telling him that Sonic and the others are working on something and didn't want to be disturbed. Inside, Sally activates the De-Roboticizer to change Bunnie back to her normal, organic self. This was a success and Sonic runs off to the Lake of Rings to get a Power Ring before he goes to Robotropolis to free his uncle. Sally warns him that they don't know how long the effects will last, but Sonic doesn't listen and speeds off. Once at Robotropolis, Sonic slips his backpack with the Power Ring in with Chuck's tools. Picking it up, Chuck regains his free will and follows Sonic back to Knothole so he can be de-roboticized. Sally tries to de-roboticize him, but as Nicole states, there is a malfunction and Chuck is still a Robian, and to make matters worse, Robotnik's programming kicks in and the Freedom Fighters are forced to put him in a cage.

Analyzing the damage, Sally and Nicole discover that the only matching parts that can repair the De-Roboticizer are within Robotnik's Roboticizer itself. Sonic willingly has the Swat-bots apprehend him and take him to Robotnik, who is immediately suspicious of Sonic turning himself in without much of a struggle. Sonic tries to act like he wants to be roboticized, but Robotnik seems wary and orders the Swat-bots to put him in anyway. However, Sonic wrecks the Swat-bots and sends Robotnik for a spin in his chair while Sonic grabs the parts he needs and retreats back to Knothole.

With the new parts, the De-Roboticizer is repaired, and Uncle Chuck is restored to his flesh and blood Mobian self. As Sonic and Uncle Chuck share a private moment together, Uncle Chuck explains that all Robians can see what they are doing, but because of Robotnik's programming, they can't do anything about it. Later, they are working on one of Rotor's machines when Sonic has to take Rotor to get the parts from his storage shed.

Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie discuss their plans to begin using the De-Roboticizer to restore Robotropolis back into Mobotropolis, with their first target being a factory near Robotnik's headquarters. However, as Bunnie is excited for how the Freedom Fighters are finally going to de-roboticize everyone, she suddenly crackles with electricity and falls over on the floor with a yelp. When the smoke clears, Bunnie has returned to her half-Robian cyborg state, much to her heartbreak when she discovers her arm and legs are mechanical again. Sally comforts her and assures her that they will make her all flesh and blood again for good in due time, but then realizes that if the de-roboticization on Bunnie was only temporary, then the same will happen to Uncle Chuck and he'll revert back to his full Robian self at any time.

Indeed, as Uncle Chuck is with Tails and Antoine, the de-roboticization wears off, and to Tails and Antoine's horror, Uncle Chuck reverts back to his Robian appearance, and his programming kicks in, having him capture Antoine and Tails to take back to Robotropolis, along with sabotaging the device he was helping Rotor with to leave Rotor's workshop a mess.

Once in the swamp, as he repairs a ship to take him and his prisoners back to Robotropolis, knowing Sonic would come for them, Uncle Chuck sets up a Mega Muck trap for his nephew. Sally and Bunnie ride Dulcy after them, but then go to get Sonic. After Sonic gets stuck in the Mega Muck, Uncle Chuck promises to come back for Sonic as he leaves for Robotropolis with Tails and Antoine. However, Sally, Bunnie, and Dulcy free Sonic from the Mega Muck, and Sonic uses a Power Ring to double-time it after Uncle Chuck.

Once in Robotropolis, Sonic catches up to his uncle just after he lands, and remembering what Uncle Chuck told him about how Robians can see everything they do, he tries to get his Uncle Chuck to fight off Robotnik's programming through sheer willpower. After a few seconds of struggling against his programming and deploying and retracting the screwdrivers in his fingertips, Uncle Chuck successfully overrides his programming and regains control of his body. Though he's still Robian physically, mentally he's his Mobian self again, and glad to see his nephew as well. The heartwarming moment ends when Tails spots approaching Swat-bots and warns Sonic. Sonic wants to take his uncle and flee, but Uncle Chuck refuses, knowing he's got a better chance of helping the Freedom Fighters by going undercover as a spy for them since Robotnik doesn't know he's regained his free will and overrode his programming. After concealing Tails and Antoine in the ship, Uncle Chuck reveals he can flip his eyes on and off and alter his voice between his Robian and Mobian versions to maintain his ruse, before then alerting the Swat-bots that he's spotted Sonic and restrained him, having Sonic act like he's struggling to escape his uncle when the Swat-bots arrive.

At his headquarters, Snively advises Robotnik of Sonic's capture by Uncle Chuck, before then launching the Shriek-bot after Sonic again with the addition of the extra afterburners that Snively installed after last time. After Uncle Chuck and Sonic share a final goodbye with each other, Sonic runs for it, managing to lure the Shriek-bot, once Robotnik kicked in the afterburners for extra thrust, into being unable to avoid crashing into a narrow alleyway, leaving only the cockpit to come out the other end. Robotnik shouts out Snively's name in anger, and Snively shrieks in fear before asking what Robotnik wants.

Back in Knothole, as the Freedom Fighters deal with cleaning up the mess from Uncle Chuck's damage, Sally and Tails go to comfort Sonic about Uncle Chuck and Sonic not waiting to see if the De-Roboticizer's effects were permanent or not. Once they assure him that with Uncle Chuck back on their side and spying on Robotnik for them, given time, they will restore him to flesh and blood along with everyone else and beat Robotnik for good. Sonic agrees with them on that.


  • Sonic manages to free his uncle from Robotnik's control.
  • Chuck is now a spy for the Freedom Fighters, using his physical appearance of still being a Robian to mingle among the other Robians without suspicion.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Преобразование Соника Sonic's transformation


  • Rotor's design has changed in this episode, reducing the size of his muzzle and darkening his colors. He is also now voiced by Cam Brainard, taking over from Mark Ballou.
  • This is the first episode to feature Sally wearing her vest.
  • Chuck mentions some of the contents inside Mega Muck.
  • In this episode Sonic reveals his height when Robotnik asks "What are you up to?" and Sonic says "About three foot four, give or take an inch".
  • From this episode onward, the End Credits are no longer imposed over the title card art, instead a slideshow of episode stills are played.