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Sonic Conversion

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"Sonic Conversion" is the fourteenth and first episode of the second season of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the fourteenth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fifteenth episode of the series. It first aired on 17 September 1994.







The episode begins in Robotropolis where Snively is preparing a test flight of the Shriek-Bot for Dr. Robotnik. The Shriek-Bot itself is a virtual reality-driven super-fast jet which Robotnik can control from his headquarters in Robotropolis, despite the Shriek-Bot having a cockpit of its own. While at work, Snively silently insults Robotnik out of hatred for him, but Robotnik seems to have heard his insult. However, Snively manages to cover up for his disrespectful mumbling and lowers the control cockpit for the Shriek-Bot over Robotnik's chair. Inside the cockpit, Robotnik admits his excitement about this project. Snively tells Robotnik that his feelings are mutual, but secretly insults him again when his back is turned.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally have snuck into the hangar that the Shriek-Bot is in. Though the sound of the engines on the Shriek-Bot nearly drowns out their conversation, Sally is able to tell Sonic about the Shriek-Bot's thrusters, and that it might actually be faster than him. Feeling insulted, Sonic is provoked to try and prove Sally wrong. Sally, however, stops him and tells him that they have to return to Knothole Village. Sonic, however, does not listen to her, as he suddenly sees his Uncle Chuck carry supplies to the Shriek-Bot. Sonic proceeds to sneak towards the machine and Uncle Chuck, but Snively and Robotnik catch Sonic on the monitor. Taking control of the Shriek-Bot, Robotnik allows Sonic to come closer to the Shriek-Bot. Once he is close enough, Robotnik fires the Shriek-Bot's laser at him. Sonic, however, thanks to Sally warning him, manages to dodge the laser. Running away from the Shriek-Bot, Sonic picks her up before running away with her in his arms. However, the Shriek-Bot takes off and follows Sonic. As the Shriek-Bot approaches Sonic from behind, Sally pulls a Power Ring out of Sonic's backpack and gives it to him. With the Power Ring boosting his power, Sonic is able to easily outrun the Shriek-Bot. The explosion created from Sonic taking off creates in turn turbulence so severe that the Shriek-Bot goes out of control and loses track of Sonic. After the Shriek-Bot returns to base, an angry Robotnik accuses Snively of lying to him, as Snively promised that the Shriek-Bot could outrun Sonic. Snively promises that it can, but that it needs more engines, which would surely allow it to catch up to Sonic. To show him the gravity of the situation, Robotnik orders Snively to take a look inside his mouth and tell him the color of his heart. Snively does not see a heart though, to which Robotnik replies "exactly".

Back in Knothole, Tails is flying around the village. He proceeds to approach Rotor's workshop, but Dulcy stops him, as per Sonic's orders. When Tails expresses discontent with those orders, Dulcy explains that she is not letting anyone in because the heroes are conducting experiments and do not want to be disturbed. Inside the workshop, Sally and Rotor have prepared the De-Roboticizer, and they are ready to test it on Bunnie. Sonic, who is present, keeps his fingers crossed for the success of the procedure. On Nicole's request, the De-Roboticizer is activated. A few seconds later, Bunnie is revealed to have had her robotic body parts restored to their organic state. At first, the heroes are worried about Bunnie's condition, but once she sees her restored body parts, Bunnie proclaims that she is back.

Some time later, Sonic and Tails find themselves at the Lake of Rings. A few moments later, a Power Ring emerges from the lake, which Tails grabs and slips into Sonic's backpack. Before Sonic can run off however, Sally arrives and urges him to wait twenty-four hours to see if the effects of the De-Roboticizer are permanent or not. Sonic, however, is not interested in listening to see if Bunnie's de-roboticization was actually successful because he wants to get Uncle Chuck to the De-Roboticizer and restore him to normal as soon as possible. In response, Sally asks Sonic what would happen if the De-Roboticizer breaks down, to which Sonic answers that she can just fix it. Sally then asks Sonic what they are going to do with Uncle Chuck while she fixes the machine, but Sonic dodges the question. This prompts Sally to tell Sonic to use his brain, but Sonic replies that using his brain gives him a headache before running off on his own. Back in Robotropolis, Sonic sneaks into the Shriek-Bot's hangar, finding his uncle working on the Shriek-Bot. Without anyone noticing him, Sonic sneaks his backpack with the Power Ring onto the table where Chuck is keeping his tools. As Chuck reaches out for another tool, he grabs the Power Ring instead, which restores his consciousness and free will. Sonic then calls out to Chuck, who recognizes Sonic. Chuck is subsequently taken to Knothole and put in the De-Roboticizer. Unfortunately, the De-Roboticizer breaks down in mid-process, and Chuck emerges as an aggressive robot once more. Having no choice, the heroes lock Chuck up in a wooden cage, which he tries to break free of. Approaching his uncle, Sonic assures him that they will come up with something soon. He then runs up to Sally and Rotor, who, by using Nicole, have analyzed the De-Roboticizer and discovered that the malfunction is due to system failures. To make matters worse, Nicole reveals that there are no salvageable components available. Sonic, however, notes that they just have to get some new parts, but Rotor remarks that it is not that simple. Sally proceeds to have Nicole search for compatible parts. However, the computer reveals that the only machine with the parts they need is Robotnik's own Roboticizer. Rather than letting his friends starts from scratch however, Sonic decides to go to Robotropolis.

Within the city, Sonic feigns surrender to the Swat Bots and gives himself up to them without a fight. The Swat-Bots proceed to take Sonic to Robotnik, who senses that Sonic is plotting something. Sonic, however, pretends that he has reached his limit from stress and that he cannot take it anymore. Despite knowing that Sonic is up to something, Robotnik orders his Swat-Bots to put Sonic in the Roboticizer. After the Swat-Bots grab him however, Sonic starts to accelerate and throws the Swat-Bots against the wall. With the robots destroyed, Sonic proceeds to attack Robotnik with his Super Spin. Robotnik is promptly knocked into his chair, which Sonic starts to spin around. With Robotnik stuck on his spinning chair, Sonic runs up on the ceiling and activates his sneakers' anti-gravity feature, allowing him to stick to the ceiling. He then grabs some parts from the Roboticizer in the ceiling and escapes, leaving the furious Dr. Robotnik on his spinning chair.

Back in Knothole, Chuck is subjugated to a successful de-roboticization and is returned to his previous organic form. Sonic and his uncle then take a walk together, during which they tell each other of how much they have missed each other. Sonic also learns from his uncle that Chuck was aware of everything that have been going on while he was roboticized. However, he could not do anything about it due to his Worker-Bot programming overriding his free will. Later, Chuck joins Rotor in his workshop where he explains how to construct the De-Roboticizer so that it would not break down. As Chuck asks for a part, Rotor notes that he has it in his storeroom, something which Sonic does not look forward to look through. Despite this, Sonic decides to help and runs off with Rotor to get the necessary parts. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie are delighted with the de-roboticization procedure and of how easily they have been making progress with Chuck's help now that he has been returned to his original form. Sally then shows Bunnie a holographic map of Robotropolis and the factory in which the first group of Worker-Bots chosen for de-roboticization is located. Bunnie responds with great enthusiasm initially, but then starts to emit sparks before falling over with a yelp. A moment later, Bunnie's mechanical limbs are revealed to have returned, causing Bunnie to burst into tears. Sally comforts the crying Bunnie though, and promises that they will find a different way to return her to normal. However, Sally is then terrified by the realization that Chuck will revert as well.

Back in Rotor's workshop, Chuck is working with Antoine on the new De-Roboticizer. As Antoine notes that it is time for lunch though, Tails comes in to bring them a sandwich. However, Tails stumbles and the sandwich falls into Antoine's hands. Before Antoine can take a bite off the sandwich however, Tails takes the sandwich away from him, causing Antoine to bite his own fingers. Tails and Chuck share a laugh, but then something starts happening to the latter. Frightened, Tails and Antoine stand back as Chuck reverts back to a Worker-Bot as his organic body goes from flesh and blood to metal and oil again. The now hostile Chuck proceeds to kidnap Antoine and Tails, and destroys the De-Roboticizer. He then takes Tails and Antoine to the elevator leading out of Knothole. Once at the top, Chuck begins to run through the Great Forest with his captives. Sally and Bunnie try to chase after Chuck on Dulcy, but Dulcy has trouble navigating the dense forest. Eventually getting above the trees, Sally spots Chuck heading towards the swamp. She then tells Dulcy to turn back to Knothole so that they can get Sonic's help. Meanwhile, Antoine is very worried, but Tails is sure that Sonic will save them. Following his directive to capture and detain the Freedom Fighters, Chuck decides to set a trap for Sonic. Chuck thus stops up and puts down Antoine and Tails before getting to work on making some Mega Muck from the natural resources in the swamp, with his first act being to use a stick to poke into the ground until a black liquid emerges.

At the Lake of Rings, Sonic has learned of everything that has happened from Sally, and is waiting impatiently for the lake to produce another Power Ring. Sally calms him down, however. Immediately after, a Power Ring emerges from the lake, which Sally puts into Sonic's backpack. Sonic then apologizes to Sally for the whole situation, who hugs Sonic in return. Sonic proceeds to follow Chuck into the swamp, and eventually finds his footprints in the mud. Meanwhile, Chuck is repairing a destroyed, flying Hover Unit. Then, upon hearing Sonic approaching, Chuck goes into hiding. As Sonic gets closer, Antoine and Tails try to warn their friend of Chuck's trap. However, they are too late, and Sonic ends up walking into a pool of Mega Muck before sinking into it up to his neck. Chuck then comes out of hiding and takes Tails and Antoine with him. Sonic begs his uncle not to go through with this, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Chuck then takes off in the flying Hover Unit and flies towards Robotropolis while Sonic struggles desperately to get free of the Mega Muck. Soon after, Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy appear, and they find Sonic in the swamp. Despite Sally's warnings, Dulcy proceeds to dive down, certain that she can pull off a perfect landing this time. However, Dulcy cannot slow down in time and slips into the swamp and slides to a stop in front of Sonic. After Dulcy has gotten back into the air, Bunnie throws Sonic a rope from the back of Dulcy, which Sonic is able to grab onto with both hands. After a hard struggle, Dulcy manages to pull Sonic out of the Mega Muck. Thanking his friends for the help, Sonic pulls out his Power Ring and uses it to rush towards Robotropolis.

In Robotropolis, Chuck has arrived and crash-lands near Robotnik's headquarters. There, Tails and Antoine beg Chuck not to turn them into Robotnik and turn them into Worker-Bots. Immediately after, Sonic comes running, prompting Chuck to try and fight him. However, Sonic tells his uncle to fight Robotnik. Chuck then finds himself in an internal struggle for free will, with images of his life flashing before his eyes. In the end, Chuck manages to regain control over himself. Shortly after Chuck's reconciliation with his nephew however, Tails sees that a Swat-Bot patrol is coming. Sonic wants to run away, but Chuck has another idea. He decides to stay and act as a secret agent for the Freedom Fighters so that they can get the parts for the De-Roboticizer. He also shows Sonic that he is able to control his glowing eyes in order to disguise the fact that he has regained his free will. With the Swat-Bots coming closer, Chuck hides Tails and Antoine inside the flying Hover Unit he crashed in, and tells Sonic to act like they are struggling. As such, Sonic pretends that Chuck has caught him while the Swat-Bots surround him. Seeing this incident through a Surveillance Orb that arrived with the Swat-Bots, Robotnik is pleased that Sonic has been caught by his own uncle. He then orders Snively to activate the Shriek-Bot. Getting into the control cockpit, Robotnik proceeds to make the Shriek-Bot take off, causing the area to start rumbling. Sonic and Chuck themselves fall on the ground when the Shriek-Bot begins approaching them. With Chuck advising Sonic to take off, the two says their goodbyes. Sonic also tells Tails and Antoine to stay hidden for now before taking off. However, the Shriek-Bot is able to follow Sonic and manages to get closer and closer to Sonic. Robtonik then proceeds to activate the Shriek-Bot's afterburners in order to capture Sonic. Sonic, however, is able to run into a crack between two buildings. Unable to stop in time, Robotnik's Shriek-Bot flies into the crack and gets its wings and engines torn off, leaving only the cockpit that displays a holographic image of Robotnik's face to make it through the crack. Emerging from the control cockpit of the Shriek-Bot in his base, Robotnik prepares to unleash his wrath on a terrified Snively. Saying goodbye, Sonic runs away.

Back in Knothole, Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy are cleaning up from the destroyed De-Roboticizer. Sally remarks, however, that they will be able to repair it in time, and Bunnie notes that she was hoping so, as she is missing having her old body parts back. Sally then notices that Sonic and Tails are looking sad. Later, as Sonic and Tails sit down on an overturned tree trunk in the forest, Sally sits down with them. Noticing Sally, Sonic blames himself for his impetuosity and for how everything went south while noting that he should have been patient and waited. Tails consoles Sonic by telling him that Chuck is going to be a spy for them now, but Sonic does not find that comforting, as he has to live in Robotropolis. Sally comforts Sonic though by noting that they now know that Worker-Bots can regain their free will on their own and that Chuck now stands by their side. This eventually improves Sonic's mood.


  • Sonic manages to free his uncle from Robotnik's control.
  • Chuck is now a spy for the Freedom Fighters, using his physical appearance of still being a Worker-Bot to mingle among the other Worker-Bots without suspicion.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Sonična konverzija Sonic Conversion
Czech Soníkova Přeměna Sonic's Transformation
French La Conversion de Sonic Sonic's Conversion
German Onkel Chuck geht spionieren Uncle Chuck goes spying
Latin American Conversión sónica Sonic conversion
Russian Преобразование Соника Sonic's transformation
Korean 척 삼촌의 귀환 Uncle Chuck's Return


  • Rotor's design has changed in this episode, reducing the size of his muzzle and darkening his colors. He is also now voiced by Cam Brainard, taking over from Mark Ballou.
  • This is the first episode to feature Sally wearing her vest.
  • This episode premiered on Yuji Naka's 29th birthday.
  • From this episode onward, the end credits are no longer imposed over the title card art, but instead a slideshow of episode stills are played.
  • Robotnik's line about there being "something rotten in Topeka" is a reference to Hamlet, particularly the line spoken by Marcellus in Act I, scene IV, stating that "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."