Sonic Comic Origins

Sonic Comic Origins were a series of stories published by Archie Comics throughout the various spin-offs of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series publications. The series detailed the backgrounds of the characters following the events of the Worlds Collide crossover.


The stories in Sonic Comic Origins were designed to give the readers insight into the backgrounds and origins of the various characters, both old and new, in the Post-Super Genesis Wave world, each chapter focusing on a particular character. Each installment is narrated via the central character internally reflecting on their past through a series of flashbacks.

Then entries of these stories were primarily printed in issues of the Sonic Super Digest series, though some also appeared in the Sonic Super Special Magazine series and the Free Comic Specials.

List of chapters

ChapterTitleCharacterFirst print
1Sally–The Exiled LeaderSally AcornSonic/Mega Man X Free Comic Book Day 2014
2Rotor–The Exiled InventorRotor the Walrus
3Little Lost SoldierAntoine D'CooletteSonic Super Digest #8
4The Belle in the MachineBunnie D'CooletteSonic Super Digest #9
5NicoleNicole the Holo-LynxSonic Super-Sized Comics Digest #11
6Into the UnknownSilver the HedgehogSonic/Mega Man Free Comic Book Day 2015
7The TraitorDr. SnivelySonic Super Digest #12
8CastawayRazor the SharkSonic Super Digest #15


  • Sonic Comic Origins #1-5 and #7 focused on characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and their new histories in the altered timeline. The sixth focused on Silver the Hedgehog, an official game character and the eighth focused on Razor the Shark, a character exclusive to the comics.
  • All but one of the Origins stories are five pages long. "Into the Unknown" is instead ten pages long.

Reprint History

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