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Sonic Colors (ソニック カラーズ Sonikku Karāzu?) is a manga written and illustrated by Makoto Hirono that was published by ASCII Media Works in their Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki Nintendo DS.[1] It is based on the video game of the same name. It was first revealed on 6 September 2010[citation needed] and released on 18 November 2010, the same release day of its game counterpart in Japan.

It was preceded by Sonic Chronicles and followed by Sonic Generations.


The manga follows the beginning of the Sonic Colors game: Eggman has built a giant amusement park for everyone to enjoy. Sonic and Tails go to the amusement park to figure out what Eggman is up to.

After exploring the park, Sonic and Tails find Orbot and Cubot chasing Yacker and a Cyan Wisp. Sonic saves Yacker and the Cyan Wisp, but Orbot and Cubot have some help with several Egg Pawns. The Cyan Wisp goes inside Sonic, giving him Hyper-go-on power and Sonic destroys the Egg Pawns. Orbot and Cubot run away from Sonic, then he, along with Tails and the Wisps travel on to figure out what Eggman is really up to.




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