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This article contains information about or related to an upcoming product scheduled for a future release.
The content of the article may change dramatically as more information becomes available. Anything that is added to the article without a reliable source may be deleted without warning.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Original Soundtrack "Re-Colors" is the official soundtrack of Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The album will be released on 29 September 2021 in physical format in Japan and in digital format worldwide on various distribution sites and subscription-type music distribution services, although pre-orders could already be made on 29 July 2021.[1][2]

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Original Soundtrack "Re-Colors" was announced on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter and Sonic Channel on 28 July 2021.[1][2] The album will be published by Wave Master. Including the vocal songs, the album contains thirty-eight background songs from the game on two discs. With Sonic Colors: Ultimate celebrating the tenth anniversary of Sonic Colors, the album will feature a renewed version of "Reach for the Stars" with new recordings and arrangements, as well as a remixed version of "Speak with Your Heart" that incorporates the essence of Future Bass, trap, etc. In addition, the background music for all Acts and boss battles have been updated to the newest forms of sounds via new arrangements, remixes, reworkings, and additional recording. Also, the original version of the theme song and its orchestra song released in 2010 has been re-recorded as a remastered sound source with the latest sound processing. In addition, soundtracks for the new "Rival Rush" mode in Sonic Colors: Ultimate are also in this album, and its booklet will contains commentary on all the songs by the remixers.[1]

Track list

Disc 1

Track Title Artist(s) Music track Length
01 "Reach For The Stars (Re-Colors)" Tomoya Ohtani
02 "Tropical Resort - Act 1 (Remix)"
03 "Tropical Resort - Act 2 (Remix)"
04 "Tropical Resort - Act 3 (Remix)"
05 "vs. Rotatatron & Refreshinator (Remix)" Jun Senoue
06 "Sweet Mountain - Act 1 (Remix)" Kenichi Tokoi
07 "Sweet Mountain - Act 2 (Remix)"
08 "Sweet Mountain - Act 3 (Remix)"
09 "vs. Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly (Remix)" Jun Senoue
10 "Starlight Carnival - Act 1 (Remix)" Tomoya Ohtani
11 "Starlight Carnival - Act 2 (Remix)"
12 "Starlight Carnival - Act 3 (Remix)"
13 "vs. Orcan & Skullian (Remix)" Jun Senoue
14 "Rival Rush - Start"
15 "Rival Rush - vs. Metal Sonic" Kenichi Tokoi
16 Rival Rush
17 "Rival Rush - Win"
18 "Rival Rush - Lost"
19 "Reach For The Stars - Opening Theme - (Remaster)"
20 "Speak With Your Heart - Ending Theme - (Remaster)"

Disc 2

Track Title Artist(s) Music track Length
01 "Theme of Sonic Colors (Remaster)"
02 "World Map (Remaster)"
03 "Planet Wisp - Act 1 (Remix)" Kenichi Tokoi
04 "Planet Wisp - Act 2 (Remix)"
05 "Planet Wisp - Act 3 (Remix)"
06 "Aquarium Park - Act 1 (Remix)" Tomoya Ohtani
07 "Aquarium Park - Act 2 (Remix)"
08 "Aquarium Park - Act 3 (Remix)"
09 "Color Power - Jade Ghost"
10 "Asteroid Coaster - Act 1 (Remix)" Kenichi Tokoi
11 "Asteroid Coaster - Act 2 (Remix)"
12 "Asteroid Coaster - Act 3 (Remix)"
13 "Terminal Velocity - Act 1 (Remix)" Jun Senoue
14 "Terminal Velocity - Act 2 (Remix)"
15 "vs. Nega-Wisp Armor - Phase 1 (Remix)" Hideaki Kobyashi
16 "vs. Nega-Wisp Armor - Phase 2 (Remix)" Hideaki Kobyashi and Jun Senoue
17 "Boss Stage Clear (Remaster)"
18 "Speak With Your Heart (Rainbow Mix)" Tomoya Ohtani


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