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Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps
Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Complete

"Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Complete" is the collection of both episodes of the Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps web series. It first aired on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel on 26 August 2021, the same day that "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2" premiered.


The full, combined version of Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps![1]



Races and species:





Inside an undisclosed base of Dr. Eggman's on Sweet Mountain, there are various Wisps stored away in Wisp Capsules. These captured Wisps roll along a conveyor belt and fall into a pit with other imprisoned Wisps. It is then revealed that Orbot and Cubot are responsible for the base's operations, being the ones who deliver the captured Wisps into Eggman's alien drainer machines. However, the robot duo accidentally drop some of the Wisp Capsules, releasing some Wisps who try to escape. However, Eggman himself then enters the base and catches the loose Wisps with his bare hands. Eggman then proceeds to put his hand-caught Wisps in the alien drainer, laughing ominously in Tails' voice at the same time. It is then revealed that this sequence is a flashback, which Sonic interrupts. In reality, he and Tails are listening to a female Jade Wisp's accounts of past events on Sweet Mountain, which are translated by Tails with his Miles Electric. Sonic explains that he interrupted Tails' explanation because he found his Eggman impression within the story, which he was rather into, to be hilarious. Tails thus, to his amusement, gives Sonic the offer to read out loud the Jade Wisp's story himself. Sonic pretends to decline, but takes Tails up on his offer because he has been working on his Eggman imitation.

Resuming the flashback, Sonic reads out an Eggman-style monologue. At first, he reads out loud the text on the Miles Electric faithfully. However, he begins changing his tone of voice and starts making up lines that make fun of Eggman. Eventually, Tails tries to interrupt him, but Sonic gets into the role as Eggman and pretends to get scared of himself. Immediately after, Tails asks Sonic to stop ad-libbing and read out loud what his translator actually says. Sonic explains that he found the original translation dry and wanted to spice up the story. As Yacker hands the Miles Electric back to Tails, however, Tails asks him to respect the Jade Wisp's background story and listen to what she has to say. Resigning himself and plopping down on the ground, Sonic asks the Jade Wisp to nevertheless add some fictional twists to her story if she sees fit. Apologizing on behalf of Sonic, Tails asks the Jade Wisp to continue her tale.

The Jade Wisp begins telling the story from where she left off, with Tails reading it out loud. She explains that Eggman left after capturing her siblings. However, the Jade Wisp satisfies Sonic's request for a plot twist with a made-up tale about how Eggman left in a cool car that ultimately exploded, followed by the appearance of a dinosaur, which Sonic appreciates. Nonetheless, the Jade Wisp returns to the accurate version of her story afterward, explaining that after Eggman left the base, he delegated Metal Sonic to watch over the Wisps and his aide robots. Orbot and Cubot in particular were ecstatic about working with a marvel of engineering like Metal Sonic. While Orbot was more accurate with his words about how happy he was to work with whom he considers his "big bro", Cubot's voice chip malfunctioned again, which caused him to speak out random announcements that interrupted Orbot. Responding to Metal Sonic's silence, they presented their task to him: to have the Wisps in the base processed and shipped out across the planet without doing anything stupid. All three of them then proceeded with their assigned tasks. However, while Orbot tried to impress the impartial Metal Sonic, Cubot's bumbling behavior embarrassed him in front of Metal Sonic.

As soon as the robots had their backs turned turned, a Blue Wisp rebel emerged from hiding, followed by a Green Wisp, Pink Wisp, Orange Wisp, Yellow Wisp, and Cyan Wisp, all of which sported similar rebel-themed attire and appearances. Taking advantage of Metal Sonic's attention to the processing of other Wisps, the rebel Wisps picked up a few Wisp Capsules with their siblings inside and destroyed them, thus freeing them. One of the freed Wisps was the Jade Wisp herself. Impressed by the rebel Wisps, the Jade Wisps tried helping them. She attempted to do so by phasing into Cubot without him realizing it, causing the robot to become temporarily intangible and the Wisp Capsules he was holding onto fell out of his grasp. However, her carelessness while flying around the base caught the attention of Metal Sonic. Frightened, the Jade Wisp flew away from Metal Sonic's grasp and hurried towards the rebel Wisps. However, the rebel Wisps scattered when the Jade Wisp reached them.

Metal Sonic started chasing the Jade Wisp, while Orbot and Cubot tried to catch the other escaping Wisps. In the end, Metal Sonic managed to catch most of the rebel Wisps. Eventually, the Jade Wisp was cornered by Metal Sonic as well. However, the Blue Wisp rebel gets in between the Jade Wisp and Metal Sonic, turning itself into a giant cube that forces Metal Sonic to hack and slash at it with his claws. The Jade Wisp then ends her story by remembering her escape and the Blue Wisp rebel's sacrifice, causing her to start crying. Tails and Yacker calm her down though, and the fox cub reassures her that Sonic will help free her friends. Noticing that Sonic is looking away from them however, Tails questions him on if he had been listening at all. To his surprise, a serious Sonic reveals that he has been listening all along, and that he has his mind set on getting back at Eggman's robot lackeys on behalf of the Jade Wisp, but does not know where to find them. As Tails reveals from his translation of the Jade Wisp's words that she can lead him there, Sonic tells them about how he does not tolerate bullies and promises the Jade Wisp that he will save her friends (although he asks her not to tell more stories). Sonic then rushes off, with Tails and Yacker following him. The Jade Wisp then looks away briefly before following her departing friends. At the same time, Metal Sonic places the captured Blue Wisp rebel in the alien drainer and turns it on.

Later at Sweet Mountain, Orbot and Cubot are setting up a Prison Capsule with Wisps inside it under Metal Sonic's watchful eye to supply energy to Dr. Eggman's facilities. As Orbot is about to hand the datadrive containing the Prison Capsules' locations on Sweet Mountain over to Metal Sonic however, Sonic swoops in and takes the datadrive from Orbot's hand. Sonic subsequently throws the datadrive into the air where it is caught by Tails. Sonic and Metal Sonic immediately after begin their confrontation, during which Sonic is quick to make a quip directed at his robotic duplicate. Meanwhile, Tails informs Sonic that the Wisps are already being drained of their energy, and if they do not stop the process soon, it may be too late for them. Sonic, accepting this, throws Metal Sonic into the Prison Capsule with White Wisps inside it behind him, destroying it and setting the Wisps fee. Sonic then runs off to rescue the other Wisps, sarcastically calling out to Eggman's robots that he is not sticking around to catch up since he does not like any of them. As Orbot comforts Cubot, who got emotionally hurt by Sonic's words, Metal Sonic charges up and starts chasing after Sonic.

As Sonic runs across Sweet Mountain, Tails flies behind Sonic while informing him of the closest Prison Capsule's location. Upon spotting the Prison Capsule, Sonic quickly smashes it and frees the Wisps, including the vigilante Cyan Wisp, who caresses him in gratitude for freeing them. Sonic, however, tells them that their smiling faces (which he has a hard time identifying) are all the reward he needs. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic reaches Sonic and co., to which Sonic responds by quickly dodging Metal Sonic's attack and using the Cyan Wisp to make a quick escape as the Cyan Laser. Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot, who are exhausted from "running", catch up to Metal Sonic. Orbot then explains that Wisps can share their power with someone they trust. This prompts Metal Sonic to catch a Cyan Wisp and force it to cooperate. Although he gets a Cyan Wisp, the Wisp refuses to help him. Fortunately, Orbot and Cubot remedy this by incorporating a Wisp Capsule into Metal Sonic's torso compartment that allows him to forcefully extract a Wisp's energy.

Meanwhile, Sonic reaches another Prison Capsule and destroys it as the Cyan Laser, thereby freeing more Wisps, including the vigilante Yellow Wisp. However, as Sonic lets his guard down, he gets knocked away by Metal Sonic, who drains a White Wisp he has grabbed of its energy, causing it to get turned into a Purple Wisp. As Metal Sonic lets the Purple Wisp go, Sonic notes that Metal Sonic has reached a new low. However, Tails says that there is no time to fight Metal Sonic, as there are still more Wisps to save. Despite this, Sonic tells Tails that Metal Sonic is more interested in a race than a fight. Challenging Metal Sonic to a race, Sonic uses the Yellow Drill with the aid of the vigilante Yellow Wisp to make headway, drilling through Sweet Mountain's ground towards the next Prison Capsule, with Metal Sonic following in hot pursuit. Eventually, Yellow Drill-Sonic reaches the next Prison Capsule and destroys it, freeing several Wisps. including the vigilante Pink Wisp. By the time Metal Sonic reaches the broken Prison Capsule, he grabs another White Wisp to use. Back with Sonic, who has released the vigilante Yellow Wisp, he reaches the next Prison Capsule and breaks it 3using the vigilante Pink Wisp's Pink Spikes, thereby freeing more Wisps, including the vigilante Orange Wisp. Using that Wisp's Orange Rocket, Sonic proceeds to destroy the next Prison Capsule containing the vigilante Green Wisp. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic continues to drain White Wisps of energy, eventually reaching the point where he glows with energy and manages to catch up to Sonic and his gang.

As Sonic heads towards the Prison Capsule containing the vigilante Blue Wisp to destroy it, the overcharged Metal Sonic manages to overtake Sonic and turn around to head towards him. However, the Jade Wisp accompanying Sonic's group saves Sonic by granting him the Jade Ghost, allowing Sonic to phase through Metal Sonic and charge into the Prison Capsule, destroying it from within and freeing its Wisps. Unfortunately, the heroes discover that they are too late to save some of the Wisps, including the vigilante Blue Wisp, who has been turned into a weak Purple Wisp. As the overcharged Metal Sonic heads towards Sonic, the Jade Wisp suddenly gets an idea and uses her power on Metal Sonic, causing the Wisp Capsule incorporated into his torso to fall out of him and causing the energy he had stolen from the Wisps to be returned to them, including the vigilante Blue Wisp, who is returned to normal. Refusing to let Metal Sonic get defeated, Orbot and Cubot try to support their "big bro" with a transformation that turns out to only be them clinging to Metal Sonic's arms, making them a burden for Metal Sonic. While Sonic is not amused by this display, he nonetheless uses the power of the vigilante Wisps to ram Metal Sonic with various Color Powers until he, Orbot and Cubot are taken out by the Blue Cube. While Sonic is ready to celebrate, Tails is worried about the thousands of remaining Wisps that are trapped around Sweet Mountain and fears that they will not be able to save them all by themselves. Sonic, however, consoles his friend by pointing out that they are not alone: as it turns out, the Wisps they have freed are already helping them out by freeing their siblings all over the planet.

With the Wisps hard at work, Sonic encourages Tails by saying that when a problem seems to big to solve by oneself, they should do what they can and ask for assistance from friends. The hedgehog high fives the Jade Wisp and adds that they should get back to their job: ruining Eggman's life. As Sonic, Tails and Yacker then run away, Tails notes to Sonic that ruining Eggman's life is more of a hobby than a job, to which Sonic agrees, as a job cannot be so much fun for him. As they take off, the Rebel Wisps carry Metal Sonic, Orbot, and Cubot away in a Wisp Capsule. The Jade Wisp follows but not before smiling at the sight of her new friends racing off.



Sonic Colors- Rise of the Wisps Complete


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