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Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps
Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2/Transcript

This is a transcript of Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2.

[Scene: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Orbot and Cubot are setting up a Prison Capsule with Wisps inside it under the watch of Metal Sonic. The shot shifts to Cubot, who smiles and gives Orbot a thumbs-up. Orbot presses a bulb on the Prison Capsule. The Prison Capsule's bulb on the left lights up and gives off a beeping sound. The screen then scrolls over to the right side of the Prison Capsule where Cubot sees the second bulb light up and give off a beeping sound. The top of the Prison Capsule then lights up and beeps.]
Orbot: Ah, that should so it. [Activates a datadrive that shows a holographic map of Sweet Mountain and shows it to Metal Sonic] The capsules have been installed all around Sweet Mountain, providing energy to Dr. Eggman's facilities. [Turns off the datadrive] Here you go, "Big bro".
[Orbot extends the datadrive towards Metal Sonic, who reaches out for it. Suddenly though, Sonic swoops in with a Boost and snatches the datadrive. He holds back Orbot, who tries to grab the datadrive, with one hand while holding the datadrive in his other hand while looking at it.]
Sonic: You know, I'd ask you to make this easier for us, but I don't think that's even possible. [Throws the datadrive into the air] Tails?
Tails: [Grabs the datadrive] Got it!
[Tails lands with his Miles Electric in hand while Yacker and the Jade Wisp fly up to him. The screen shifts to Metal Sonic charging towards Sonic, who grabs Metal Sonic by the hands and holds him back.]
Sonic: How's it going, Metal? You're looking hideous as usual.
Tails: [Holds his Miles Electric which has the datadrive plugged into it] This is awful!
[Metal Sonic and Sonic try to overpower each other. Sonic sweats.]
Sonic: I know, pal! It's like looking into the world's ugliest mirror!
Tails: [Holds his Miles Electric] No! The Wisps are already being drained of their energy. [Looks at the Miles Electric's map of Sweet Mountain] If we don't hurry, it will be too late to save them.
[Screen shifts to Sonic and Metal Sonic who are locked in each other's grasp. Orbot and Cubot approach Sonic from behind.]
Sonic: Well fellas, I'd love to stick around and catch up, but I really don't like any of you.
[Sonic falls backwards and kicks Metal Sonic over him, causing Orbot and Cubot to split up. Metal Sonic flies into the Prison Capsule, breaking it and setting the Wisps inside free. Screen shifts to Sonic, Tails, Yacker and the Jade Wisp fleeing the scene.]
Sonic: Buh-bye!
[Cubot makes weeping motions. Orbot pats him on the back.]
Orbot: There, there buddy. I'm sure he didn't mean it. I think we're all very likeable. Right, big bro?
[Metal Sonic charges up before flying off at high speed in pursuit of Sonic.]
Orbot: Sure, yeah, you go on ahead! We'll catch up!

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Sonic is boosting along a road. The screen scrolls up to reveal Tails, the Jade Wisp and Yacker flying behind him. Tails is looking at his Miles Electric.]
Tails: First capsule coming up! Take a left here, Sonic!
Sonic: Roger that! [Dashes off]
[Sonic drifts through a sharp turn. The screen shifts to a view of a Prison Capsule containing Wisps, including the vigilante Cyan Wisp. The screen shifts to Sonic, who runs into a Spin Jump and smashes the Wisp Capsule, before screeching to a halt. The freed White Wisps fly up to Sonic and start hugging him.]
Sonic: [Laughs] Alright, alright. Heh heh, yes, yes, you're welcome. [Pushes the White Wisps off of himself] Your, uh, smiling... faces... are all the thanks I need.
[The screen shifts to Tails, Yacker, the Jade Wisp, and the vigilante Cyan Wisp. The Cyan Wisp shrugs at the Jade Wisp. Tails turns around with the Miles Electric in hand while flying.]
Tails: Incoming, Sonic!
[The screen shifts to Metal Sonic drifting through a sharp turn.]
Tails: We better keep moving!
[Metal Sonic flies towards Sonic. Sonic shares a confident look with the vigilante Cyan Wisp.]
Sonic: Hmmm...
[Metal Sonic slashes his left hand at Sonic, who jumps into the air and dodges the attacks. Tails, Yacker and the Jade Wisp fly in the background.]
Sonic: Sorry, gruesome! If you wanna stop me, you have to catch me first!
[Sonic high-fives the vigilante Cyan Wisp. The two of them glow before joining together to form the Cyan Laser.]
Announcer: LASER!
[Metal Sonic watches Sonic zig-zaging away as the Cyan Laser. The screen shifts to in front of Metal Sonic, with Orbot and Cubot appearing behind him.]
Orbot: [Pants] Didn't you know, big bro... [Pants] The Wisps... can share their power... with someone they trust.
[Metal Sonic stands up among some Wisps, who try to fly away. Metal Sonic grabs a Cyan Wisp by the hand and holds it up in front of him. The Cyan Wisp folds its "arms" and closes its eyes.]
Orbot: [Flies by Metal Sonic] Uhhh... I don't think it wants to share its power with you.
[Orbot flies up in front of Metal Sonic with a Wisp Capsule in hand while Cubot appears with a welding torch and wrench in both hands and a welding mask on his forehead.]
Orbot: But I think we know a way around that.
[Cubot turns on the welding torch and flips his welding mask down in front of his face. The Cyan Wisp in Metal Sonic's grasp opens one of its eyes in surprise.]

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Sonic flies through the air as the Cyan Laser, traveling and zig-zagging down lanes. The screen shifts to a Prison Capsule that holds several Wisps, including the vigilante Yellow Wisp. Sonic then appears and blasts through the Prison Capsule as the Cyan Laser, destroying it an d freeing the Wisps. The Jade Wisp greets the vigilante Yellow Wisp, until both of the turn to look at Sonic, who has transformed back to normal and is stretching. Immediately after, Metal Sonic appears and pushes Sonic into a pillar on a platform. The screen shifts to Metal Sonic, now with a Wisp Capsule in his torso compartment, who stands in front of Sonic and squeezes a White Wisp with his right hand. Metal Sonic's chest glows and he sucks the Hyper-go-on out of White Wisp, who transforms into a Purple Wisp. Metal Sonic lets go of the Purple Wisp who flies away.]
Sonic: [Stands up] Well... that's a new trick. And a new low.
[Tails flies up to Sonic with the Miles Electric in hand.]
Tails: We don't have time for this, Sonic! The other Wisps will be drained in only a few minutes!
[The vigilante Yellow Wisp flies up next to Sonic.]
Sonic: It's okay, Tails. He's not looking for a fight. Are you?
[The screen splits to reveal Sonic and Metal Sonic looking intensely at each other. The screen then shifts to behind Metal Sonic.]
Sonic: You're looking for a race!
[Sonic high-fives the vigilante Yellow Wisp while Tails, Yacker and the Jade Wisp fly next to him. The vigilante Yellow Wisp enters Sonic in a surge of energy.]
Sonic: Alright, then. Let's race!
[Tails, Yacker and the Jade WIsp fly away.]
Announcer: DRILL!
[Sonic turns into the Yellow Drill and burrow-dives through the ground and past Metal Sonic. metal Sonic flies after Sonic, passing Orbot and Cubot, with the latter being sent spinning for a few seconds by Metal Sonic's slipstream.]

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Sonic burrow-dives through the ground. heading down a road with a Prison Capsule at the end. The Screen shifts to the Prison Capsule, which is destroyed when Sonic pierces through it from below with the Yellow Drill, thus freeing the Wisps, including the vigilante Pink Wisp. Metal Sonic immediately after shows up at the wreckage of the Prison Capsule and grabs a White Wisp as he flies by. The screen shifts to Sonic releasing the vigilante Yellow Wisp as he runs down the road. He then gives the vigilante Pink Wisp next to him a thumbs-up as a Prison Capsule containing the vigilante Orange Wisp and other White Wisps comes into view. Sonic and the vigilante Pink Wisp then charge ahead, turning into the Pink Spikes in the process, a form of which Sonic uses to tear the Prison Capsule apart and free the Wisps from it. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic has grabbed more White Wisps and drains one of them of their energy. The White Wisp turns into a Purple Wisp which Metal Sonic lets go off. Meanwhile, Sonic destroys another Prison Capsule using the Orange Rocket, thus freeing the Wisps inside, including the vigilante Green Wisp. The screen then shifts to a split screen of the Miles Electric's map of Sweet Mountain on the top and a the bottom showing Sonic, Tails, the vigilante Wisps and Yacker continuing onward. Tails gives Sonic a thumbs-up, who dashes off. The screen shifts to the Jade Wisp giving the vigilante Orange Wisp a high-five before flying off to follow Sonic alongside the other vigilante Wisps.]

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Metal Sonic drains a White Wisp of its energy, turning it into a Purple Wisp, before throwing it away. Metal Sonic then glows with a white aura in the presence of Orbot and Cubot before flying off.]

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Sonic, Tails, Yacker and the Jade Wisp continue down a road at high speed. Above them, Metal Sonic approaches them, with his shadow looming over the heroes. The screen shifts to Sonic, just as Metal Sonic gets up next to him. The screen then shifts to a view of a Prison Capsule containing White Wisps and the vigilante Blue Wisp. The screen shifts back to Sonic and Metal Sonic. Sonic sees Metal Sonic next to him and tries to run faster. To his surprise, Metal Sonic overtakes him. The screen shifts to the Prison Capsule, where Metal Sonic turns around and starts charging towards Sonic. Tails, Yacker and the Jade Wisp get scared. The Jade Wisp in particular flies towards Sonic as he runs towards Metal Sonic. The Jade Wisp phases into Sonic, turning him into the Jade Ghost.]
Announcer: GHOST!
[Sonic dashes forward as the Jade Ghost, phasing through Metal Sonic in the process. The screen shifts to the Prison Capsule and Sonic phasing into it. Shortly afterward, the Prison Capsule explodes. Sonic stands among the wreckage as the Jade Wisp phases out of him. Sonic turns to look at Metal Sonic behind him. Metal Sonic briefly glows white as Tails (with the Miles Electric in hand) and Yacker fly up next to him.]
Tails: Oh no...
[The screen shifts to Sonic who sadly picks up an unconscious Purple Wisp.]
Tails: We're too late...
[The Jade Wisp looks angrily at Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic starts glowing with a white aura as he walks toward Sonic. The Jade Wisp flies towards Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic turns intangible and a clunking sound is heard. The Wisp Capsule in Metal Sonic's torso compartment falls to the ground and the Jade Wisp flies out of Metal Sonic, who turns tangible again. The Wisp Capsule glows brightly and releases Hyper-go-on that is passed between all the Purple Wisps present, including the Purple Wisp in Sonic's hand, who is turned into the vigilante Blue Wisp. Several White Wisps surround Sonic, the vigilante Blue Wisp and the Jade Wisp. The screen shifts to Metal Sonic as Orbot and Cubot catches up to him.]
Orbot: Don't worry, big bro! We can still defeat him... together!
[Orbot and Cubot fly into the air.]
Orbot: Form... CHANGE!
[Orbot and Cubot begin what appears to be a transformations sequence. At the end of it however, it is revealed that Orbot and Cubot are just clinging to Metal Sonic's arms. The screen shifts to Sonic and the Jade Wisp looking at the trio.]
Sonic: Hm.
[The Screen shifts to Sonic as several White Wisps and the vigilante Wisps assemble behind him. The screen shifts to Sonic clapping hands with the vigilante Yellow Wisp.]
Sonic: Let's do this!
[Sonic turns into the Yellow Drill.]
Announcer: DRILL!
[Sonic burrows towards Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot before emerging right below Metal Sonic's feet, knocking them into the air. The screen shifts to Sonic clapping hands with the vigilante Pink Wisp.]
Announcer: SPIKES!
[Sonic, as the Pink Spikes, begins spinning around Metal Sonic, causing Orbot and Cubot to fall off him and fall to the ground. Their bodies land on the ground while their detached heads land on the other's body. Orbot and Cubot look up to see Metal Sonic fall down from above.]
Announcer: HOVER!
[Sonic, as the Green Hover, intercepts Metal Sonic and flies him into the sky, before throwing him upward and flying down.]
Announcer: ROCKET!
[Sonic, as the Orange Rocket, flies past Metal Sonic, causing him to spin around.]
Announcer: CUBE!
[Sonic, as the Blue Cube, comes down on Metal Sonic, pushing towards the ground. The screen shifts to Orbot and Cubot putting their respective heads back on their proper bodies. They then notice the shadow around them, just before the Blue Cube lands on top of them. As the dust settles, Metal Sonic is revealed to be defeated and going offline while Orbot and Cubot lie around him in pieces, but still active.]
Announcer: Game over...
[The screen shifts to Sonic and the vigilante Wisps standing in front of the defeated robots. Tails flies in on the scene.]
Tails: We did it! Jade, you were so brave!
[The Jade Wisp blushes.]
Tails: And Sonic. Good work. As usual.
Sonic: [Gives Tails a thumbs up] Piece of cake, buddy.
[A Green Wisp flies in and hands a piece of cake over to Sonic.]
Sonic: Oh, well that's a... Heh... Guess an "A" for effort. [Looks back at Tails] Tails, what's wrong?
[Tails is tapping on his Miles Electric with a frown. Sonic hands the cake back to the Green Wisp.]
Tails: [Sighs] We were able to save Jade's friends, but there's still so many Wisps in danger. Thousands of them. I'm just... not... sure we can save all of them...
Sonic: [Places a hand on Tails' shoulder.] You're right, pal. We probably can't. 'Cause these guys might beat us to it!
[The screen shifts to a view of Sweet Mountain that shows countless Wisps breaking their siblings out of capsules left and right.]
Sonic: When a problem seems too big to solve on your own, you do what you can... And maybe ask a little help from your friends. Right?
Tails: Right!
Sonic: We all got our jobs to do. Right, little guy?
[Sonic claps hands with the Jade Wisp, causing Sonic to turn intangible. While Sonic shakes off the effects, the vigilante Wisps fly off with the pieces of Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot in a damaged capsule. Sonic, Tails and Yacker take their leave.]
Sonic: And I'm ready to go back to doing our job: ruining Eggman's whole life.
[The Jade Wisp watches Sonic, Tails and Yacker leave the scene.]
Tails: I'd say it's more a hobby, really.
Sonic: Yeah. A job can never be this much fun.
[The Jade Wisp smiles and flies away with the vigilante Wisps. The screen then scrolls up to reveal a view of Sweet Mountain's sky.]