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Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps
Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 1/Transcript

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This is a transcript of Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 1.

[Scene: Inside Eggman base on Sweet Mountain, day.]

[A conveyor belt opens up, carrying numerous Wisps inside of Wisp Capsules. They are dumped inside of a pile of more captured Wisps. Orbot and Cubot are seen carrying some of these capsules, with the former transferring a White Wisp from its capsule into a machine. Afterwards, the machine begins to do something to the Wisp, much to the shock of the other Wisps, particularly a Jade Wisp. While the procedure is happening, Cubot crashes into Orbot, causing several Wisps to break free from their capsules. A White Wisp attempts to escape, but as it reaches for the door, it is strangled by Dr. Eggman. The doctor takes the Wisp along with other Wisps that escaped, and shoves them into the machine. He then presses a button, which activates the procedure on those Wisps.]
Eggman (with Tails' voice): Ho Ho Hooo!
Sonic: [Laughs] Wow.

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[The events before are revealed to be a flashback told by Tails, who is accompanied by Sonic, Yacker, and the Jade Wisp.]
Tails: Excuse me?
Sonic: Oh, sorry. I was just like, into the story, and then that Egghead impression took me right out of it.
Tails: Okay, then. Would you like to read Eggman's lines?
Sonic: What? No, no, no. I mean, if you insist. [Takes the Miles Electric from Tails; clears his throat] I've been practicing, y'know.

[Scene Change: Inside Eggman base on Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Scene switches back to flashback. Orbot and Cubot are clapping at Eggman.]
Sonic (imitating Eggman): Ho ho ho ho hoo! You see? Once each of these alien drainers is filled to the brim, I'll have enough energy to power a whole army of my stupid machines!
Orbot (with Tails' voice): Uh...
Sonic (imitating Eggman): Of course, I'd have more if you hadn't dropped so many capsules, but I guess that's the most I can expect from the garbage I invent!
Orbot (with Tails' voice): Uh, Sonic...
Sonic (imitating Eggman): Sonic! Where?! Dohhh, he's gonna kick my butt!

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Sonic is back in the present, tip-toeing like Eggman in his flashback.]
Tails: [Sighs] Sonic. Would you like to stop ad-libbing, please? Just read what the translator says.
Sonic: Well, the direct translation was a little dry, okay? [Yacker takes the Miles Electric away from Sonic] I'm just spicin' it up.
[The Jade Wisp begins to cry.]
Tails: This poor Jade Wisp is telling us her tragic story. Let's be respectful.
[Yacker gives Tails back his Miles Electric, then goes to comfort the Jade Wisp. Sonic decides to lay on the ground]
Sonic: Ugh. Fine. Hey, Jade, feel free to throw in a joke or a car chase or something to keep it interesting.
Tails: [Sighs] Sorry. Please continue. [The Jade Wisp continues talking into the translator and Tails reads the translation out loud] "Eggman left right after that. He hopped into a cool car with flames on the side and drifted away, but then it exploded, and then suddenly a dinosaur appeared?"
Sonic: Whoa, really?! Wait. You're just making it more interesting for me, aren't you?
[The Jade Wisp nods.]
Sonic: Haha. [Makes a clicking noise and points a finger at the Jade Wisp.]
[Tails continues translating.]
Tails: "But before he left, he put another robot in charge of the others."

[Scene Change: Inside Eggman base on Sweet Mountain, day.]

Tails: He called him..." [Gasps] Oh, no.
[One of the lair doors opens, revealing a figure behind a cloud of fog, who steps forward and reveals himself to be Metal Sonic.]
Orbot: Metal Sonic! Sir! What a—
Orbot: —honor it is to work with an—
Orbot: —marvel of engineering such as yours—
Orbot: [Sighs] Pay him no mind. His voice chip has been on the fritz, you see.
Cubot: ROCKET!
Orbot: Now, is there anything we can do to make your time with us more pleasant?
[Metal Sonic's eyes move.]
Orbot: Ah, yes, of course! Our jobs! We've just got to get these Wisps processed and shipped out across the planet. And Eggman asked very sternly that we not do it like complete "bumbling imbeciles." [he and Cubot pick some Wisp capsules] But don't you worry, Big Bro. [Grins] Can I call you Big Bro? Anyway, we aren't bumbling at all, are we, Cubot?
[There is a distant crash as Cubot fumbles with his capsules. Metal Sonic takes Orbot's capsules from him.]
Orbot: Uh...
[Orbot follows Metal Sonic. After he leaves, a Blue Wisp wearing a black headband pops out from behind a table leg. It gives an all-clear noise, allowing a Cyan Wisp, an Orange Wisp, a Green Wisp, and a Pink Wisp- all wearing rebel-like attire- to come out of hiding. The Wisps work quickly to take the Wisp Capsules while Metal Sonic is standing by the drainer. The Green Wisp hovers upward with the capsule holding the Jade Wisp, the Cyan Wisp shoots across the room with a laser streak, and the Orange Wisp rockets away with another capsule. The Wisps return to the Blue Wisp with the capsule. On the Blue Wisp's command, the Yellow and Pink Wisps use their spikes and drill abilities to destroy them and break the Wisps free. The Jade Wisp is delighted at the Wisp resistance and offers to help them. She flies down to Cubot and phases into him, making the robot intangible. The capsules fall from Cubot's hands and smash on the floor. As the Jade Wisp leaves, Cubot tries to grab the escaping Wisps.]
Orbot: Honestly. What did I just say about bumbling?
[The Wisps start to fly out of the base through a cracked-open hatch. The Jade Wisp starts to leave as well, but turns to say goodbye to the Wisp resistance. Unbeknownst to her, Metal Sonic is standing right behind her. When she notices him, the Jade Wisp flees as the robot tries to grab her. She flies to the resistance for help, only for the band of Wisps to flee from Metal Sonic. Meanwhile, Cubot is trying to grab some White Wisps.]
Orbot (offscreen): Cubot! That one!
[Orbot is stuffing White Wisps under his arm. Cubot chases after some escaping Wisps and crashes into Orbot.]
Orbot: Huh?
[Orbot grunts. Metal Sonic manages to catch the rebel Pink Wisp and Yellow Wisp.]
Orbot: Big Bro, I bumbled!
[Metal Sonic catches the Cyan Wisp, who struggles in his hand. He places it in the capsule with the rest of the captured Wisps.]
Orbot (offscreen): Little Wisps...
[The Jade Wisp fearfully hides from the robots and tries to make an escape, only to run into a dead end. Metal Sonic corners her and prepares to capture her until the Blue Wisp turns into a giant cube and blocks Metal Sonic's way. Metal Sonic starts hacking and slashing at the Wisp. The Blue Wisp shouts something at the Jade Wisp, who fearfully flees while the Blue Wisp remains at Metal Sonic's mercy.]
Tails: "He sacrificed himself for me, even though it was all my fault."

[Scene Change: Sweet Mountain, day.]

Tails: Oh.
[The Jade Wisp starts to cry. Yacker and Tails try to comfort her.]
Tails: It's okay. Sonic's gonna save him. No, all of them! Right, Sonic?
[Sonic has turned away from Tails with crossed arms and a frown.]
Tails: Sonic, are you listening?
Sonic: Yeah. [Turns around with a stern look on his face] The only part I didn't hear was where I can find these creeps and aggressively recycle them.
[The Jade Wisp says something, which Tails translates.]
Tails: "I can lead you right to them."
Sonic: Great! I have a zero tolerance policy on bullies. [Stretches] We'll save your friends! Just, please, no more stories.
[Sonic jumps and gets into a starting pose.]
Sonic: Now, let's get going!
[Sonic takes off in a blue flash. Yacker, Tails, and the Jade Wisp all follow him.]

[Scene Change: Inside Eggman Base on Sweet Mountain, day.]

[Metal Sonic inserts the Wisp Capsule with the Blue Wisp into the alien drainer. As the draining process begins, Metal Sonic watches the helpless Wisp.]