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Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps[2] is a two-episode 2D cartoon animated series released in August 2021. The series serves as a promotion for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, as well as a celebration for the 30th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Set in the world of Sonic Colors, the story follows Sonic and Tails as they travel to Sweet Mountain with their new friend, a Jade Wisp, to free the captured Wisps from the evil Dr. Eggman and his henchrobots.[2]


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - An anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with the ability to run at supersonic speeds. Learning of the Wisps' plight, he sets off to save these alien beings from Dr. Eggman.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - An anthropomorphic two-tailed fox and Sonic's genius sidekick. Armed with his Miles Electric translator for the Wisp language, he aids Sonic on his mission.
  • Dr. Eggman - An evil human scientist with an IQ of 300. Always scheming for world domination, he plans this time to harness the Wisps' power for his own nefarious purposes.
  • Metal Sonic - The robotic duplicate and rival of Sonic, and Dr. Eggman's deadly enforcer. He oversees the harvesting of the Wisps' Hyper-go-ons.
  • Orbot - A sphere-based robot and one of Eggman's aide robots. He is a big admirer of Metal Sonic.
  • Cubot - A cube-based, less-than-averagely intelligent robot and one of Eggman's aide robots. He suffers from a voice chip malfunction.
  • Wisps - An alien race of squid-like creatures with immense powers that come in a variety of types. They are being hunted by Dr. Eggman for their powers.

List of episodes

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 1" Tyson Hesse GGDG, Tyson Hesse 19 August 2021 N/A
Something is rotten in Sweet Mountain! Dr. Eggman and his robot henchmen are devilishly up to no good. After narrowly escaping one of Eggman’s facilities, a lone Jade Wisp searches for help and comes across Sonic and Tails. Will Eggman and his robots be served their just desserts? 
2 2 "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2" Tyson Hesse GGDG, Tyson Hesse 26 August 2021 N/A
Temperatures rise as Sonic and Metal Sonic clash. Sprinkle in some Wisps to the mix and you have a real feast for the eyes. It's a race against the clock, can Sonic and Jade team up to save the Wisps? 

Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Complete

In addition to the serialized release, on the same day "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2" released, a separate video titled "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Complete" was also uploaded.

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1-2 1 "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Complete" Tyson Hesse GGDG, Tyson Hesse 26 August 2021 N/A
The full, combined version of Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps


Role English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Miles "Tails" Prower Kate Higgins[3] Ryō Hirohashi
Jade Wisp Katie Chrzanowski
Orbot Kirk Thornton Mitsuo Iwata
Yacker Utako Yoshino (uncredited)
Blue Rebel Wisp Kate Higgins[4]


  • Producer: Yukio Kusumoto
  • Director: Tyson Hesse
  • Unit Production Manager: Jasmin Hernandez
  • Written by: GGDG, Tyson Hesse
  • Special Thanks: Ian Flynn
  • Production Designer: Tyson Hesse
  • Environment Design and Paint: GGDG
  • Logo Animation: Brady Hartel, Tyson Hesse
  • Animation Services Provided By: Yeti Farm Creative Inc.
  • Studio Director: Jay Surridge
  • Producers: Bobbi Rieger, Kramer Hoehn
  • Animation Supervisor: Jonah Janko
  • Storyboard: Ian Freedman
  • 2D Designer: Greg McConnell, Lydia Butz
  • Rigging Supervisor: Brandon Hodge
  • Rigging Artists: Autumn Dickens, Seth Lanki
  • Animators: James Heirman, Matt Senn, Chelsie Haberland, Michael Crumback, Abdul El Saadi, Jenn Hagman, Mitch Bartle, Jacob Leblanc, Angela Popoff, Raphael Teto, Robert Grant, Alexia Burns, Logan McMillan, Theresa Laycock, Jena Stillwell
  • BG Design Provided By: Mighty Animation
  • Line Producer: Andrea Cataño Pulgarín
  • Supervisor: Ximena Raya
  • Art Manager: Maria Fernanda Castro
  • Background Artists: Ana Karen Murillo, Aida Sofia Barba, Alexa Cayeros, Anthony Mah, Diana Montes, Evally Aguila, Ivan Verduzco, Isaac De Hernández, Julián Hernández, Jessica Haro, Lucio Gutierrez, Leticia Vilaverde, Ricardo Florez, Mauricio Deer Olange
  • FX Designer: Alvaro Romero R
  • Online Editor: Mark Kuehnel
  • FX Artists: Jonah Janko, Mitch Bartle, Abdul El Saadi
  • IT Manager: Tim Frayne
  • Compositor: Caitlin Stasuk, Tyson Hesse
  • Pipeline TD: Michael Bromley
  • Featuring the Voice Talents of: Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins, Kirk Thornton, Katie Chrzanowski
  • Dialogue Recording Services: Studiopolis, Inc.
  • Voice Director: Jack Fletcher
  • Engineer & Dialogue Editor: Ryan Johnston
  • Dialogue Production Manager: Sierra Leoni
  • Special Thanks: Alan Hadaya, Chuck Williams, Erik Petraitis, Lola Shiraishi, Mai Kiyotaki, Maria Romo
  • Localization Coordinator: Katrina Leonoudakis
  • Localisation QA Project Manager: Pedro Ortega
  • Localisation QA Associate Lead: Gurvanne Gaye
  • Localisation QA Provided By: Keywords Studios Dublin
  • Translation Provided By: Synthesis
  • Producer: Luca Artoni
  • Localisation PM: Fulvio Cattaneo, Leonardo Marcato
  • French Translator: Gwladys Gaye-Williams
  • Russian Translation Provided by: The Most Games
  • Russian Translators: Nikita Antonov, Anna Avdeeva
  • Russian Editors: Irina Saraikina, Veronika Konoplina
  • Original cut-scene music taken from Sonic Colors
  • Music and Dialogue Editor: Jun Senoue, Tyson Hesse
  • End Credit Music
  • "Reach For the Stars (Re-colors)"
  • "Speak With Your Heart (Rainbow Mix)"
  • Sound Effects: Tyson Hesse
  • Executive Producers: Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino, Hiroshi Nishiyama
  • Co-Executive Producers: Ian Curran, Ivo Gerscovich, Hitoshi Okuno
  • Creative Services: Jimmy Lenoir, Petia Koutzarova
  • Production Services: Austin Keys, Hannah Motegi, Shotaro Kobayashi
  • Special Thanks: Ian Drazen, Aaron Roseman, Aaron Webber, Akiko Okihara, Akiko Takahashi, Alex Gomez, Aubrey McClure, Ayumi Tanioka, Daisuke Miyawaki, Calvin Vu, Cindy Lin, Evan Bader, Fatima Budica, Jeff Shieh, Jennifer Cox, Jessica Frausto, John Choon, Jonathan Ubovich, Junko Fukaya, Justin Thormann, Katie Golden, Keisuke Nagai, Kohei Kondo, Maida Chan, Michael Cisneros, Michael Morrison, Misaki Gertz, Miki Takahashi, Nathan Shabazi, Naoko Kogawa, Nicole Hall, Noriko Watanabe, Richard Bobadilla, Ryan Hamlyn, Samantha Munoz, Samantha Nasab, Samantha Tamura, Sandra Jo, Shuma Saitoh, Takuma Hatori, Trever Finnigan, Will Meek, Yusuke Sato, Yuka Yoshida
  • Japanese Voice Over
  • Featuring the Voice Talents of:
  • Japanese Script: Eitaro Toyoda
  • Dialogue Recording Services
  • Voice Director: Noriyoshi Konuma
  • Script Layout: Madoka Shingai
  • Recording Engineer: Hiroaki Uchiyama (FMSOUNDS Inc.)
  • Recording Assistant: Takahumi Miyamoto (FMSOUNDS Inc.)
  • Studio Management: Yusuke Kashiwagi (FMSOUNDS Inc.)
  • Sound Production Producer: Junichi Mizumura (REMAX Inc.)
  • Sound Production: Miki Matsushita (REMAX Inc.)
  • Editor: Yoshiro Shimizu
  • Product Manager: Akane Inoue
  • Special Thanks: Nobuya Sakata (Tokyu Agency Inc.)
  • In loving memory, Keisuke Nagai. You are always with us in the life we lead


On 4 February 2022, Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps earned a Platinum Award at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards.[5]



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