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This article pertains to the Wii version of beta elements from Sonic Colors.

Unused voice clips

Clip Transcript Character Boss
Aww, couldn't keep up? Sonic General
That was pretty fun! Sonic General
That beats riding a slowpoke ferris wheel any day! Sonic Rotatatron
A little rough, but that was my kind of ride! Sonic Rotatatron
Now it's a shipwreck adventure ride! Sonic Captain Jelly
You can't beat quality with quantity! Sonic Captain Jelly
Sorry, I got bored and broke your robot! Sonic Frigate Orcan
Did I go a little too far this time? Sonic Frigate Orcan
And somehow, it always ends like this. Sonic Refreshinator
And I was really hoping for some decent rides in this place. Sonic Refreshinator
What, it's over? That was fast. Sonic Admiral Jelly
Done and done. Sonic Admiral Jelly
That should put a stop to this Wisp-draining insanity! Sonic Frigate Skullian
That takes care of this place. Sonic Frigate Skullian
Thanks for the laid-back spacewalk, Eggman! Sonic Nega-Wisp Armor
Your little party with other people's planets is over! Sonic Nega-Wisp Armor
That's not... but they're even more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds! No! Eggman Nega-Wisp Armor
But... but how? This should be just a fraction of the Nega Wisp power! Eggman Nega-Wisp Armor
Maybe the Nega Wisps don't like you either, Eggman! Looks like I win this round! Sonic Nega-Wisp Armor
Sorry Eggman, it looks like the Wisps have sided with me on this one! Sonic Nega-Wisp Armor
But that's... my Nega Wisp was to be perfect! GRAAAH! Eggman Nega-Wisp Armor

Unused Sonic Simulator levels

Image File Name Description
SonicColors stgA20.png
stgA20 Only one small camera bug remains in its build. This stage makes use of the Spikes Color Power inside a large maze-like structure.
SonicColors stgC20.png
stgC20 This stage has severl misalignments and lacks smooth camera triggers. This stage provides the Drill Color Power to speed through the ground.
SonicColors stgC30.png
stgC30 This stage contains a Spikes Color Power climb section.
SonicColors stgE10.png
stgE10 Contains a rail section, Rocket Color Power sections, and a Quick Step section.
SonicColors stgF10.png
stgF10 Starts with a bare quick step road, then transitions to a water area. The largest water area contains a bug that does not allow the player to use the Yellow Wisp.
SonicColors stgF20 2.png
SonicColors stgF20.png
stgF20 Improper camera triggering in the water of this stage makes it nearly impossible to complete. The Big Chaser appears in the final section.

Unused textures

Image Name Description
Unused Yellow Wisp.png
Yellow Wisp (early) An early design for the Yellow Wisp in image form.
SC unused box model.png
Metal box (early) An early design for the metal box
SC Unused box model(2).png
Worn out metal box An image of what appears to be a metal box but worn out

Unused models

Ferris wheel missile

The Rotatatron and Refreshinator both have an unused missile attack. The final game has both bosses fire lasers instead.

Image/Model Boss

Moto Bug Cannon

The unused Moto Bug model.

This Moto Bug has an unused pair of tube-shaped weapons that match up with the top-most spots on the body. Each tube has a glowing spot on the front and a square hole on the back. They are rigged to bones called "PartsL" and "PartsR", which are aligned in such a way that the cylinders can easily move out from the position of the spot. Each one also contains a bone named "WeaponSpot" aligned with the glowing spot on each cylinder. The larger Moto Bug enemy has the same bones as the normal model but does not have the hidden weapons. None of the model's animations use any of the weapons' bones. The feature is found in the game's concept artwork, but its purpose of being left out of the final game is unknown.

Unused animations

The game retains unused animations of the crawl and sweep kick from Sonic Unleashed.

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