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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 9: Sector Charybdis

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 9.png

Sector Charybdis is ninth chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Voxai Colony Beta

Jump down after you grab the 3 Rings , then jump down to the ground. Go west and enter the building there. Fight the Dominated Voxai Citizen with fire or earth-based POW Moves, then open the box here for a Cure All Spray, Crazy Beans, and a Ring of Life. Leave the building afterward and head south to find a Chao Egg. Follow the path east and then north to find a shop and a Voxai trader. Buy what you want from the shop, then return to the Blue Cyclone.

Head east and then north from the ship, following the rings to a ramp. Head right from that and use Shade or Shadow to teleport to the Chao Egg inside the pink thing. Teleport out, then enter the building in the northeast corner. Take the Chao Egg here, then leave. Dash up the ramp to reach the northwestern side of the zone, where you'll meet Thebes and learn where his home is located.

Go south now and interact with the blue bubble to get warped to the eastern side of the zone. Grab the 4 rings here, then jump to the center section and go northeast, back to the ramp. Use the blue bubble to the left of the ramp to warp to the southeastern part of the zone, then use the blue bubble to the northeast to warp to the western side. Grab the rings here and head southeast. Jump to the ledge above, then go into the building on the left. Open the box here for the Nocturne Relic 4, then leave and teleport into the big pink thing for a Chao Egg.

Teleport out and enter the building to the southeast. Open the box in here for a Zoah Shield, Health Seed, and Psychic Water, then leave. Speak to the Voxai, Croesus, in front of the building to unlock the Overmind Interference Side Mission.

Side Mission: Overmind Interference

Reward: 4,500 XP, Psychic Water, POW Drink. Use the blue bubble at the southern end of the land to teleport to the land at the northern end of the zone. Take the Chao Egg here, then defeat the Nocturnus to the left. This should destroy their static-causing machine. Now use the blue bubble to the left to warp to the left of the Cyclone. Make your way back to Croesus to deliver the good news.

Now Dash over the ramp/loops behind the building to land by Thebe's house. Heal your party, then step inside. You'll be attacked by enemies, so defeat them quickly with POW Moves. Leave the house afterward and you'll see a Voxai that will attack if you get too close to it. Jump down to the center section of land, then use the ramp to the northeast again to zip to the next boss battle!

BOSS: Thelxe & Voxai Conspirators x2

Thelxe - HP: 400 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire Voxai Conspirators - HP: 350 each • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

These Voxai have a high counter rate, so you'll want to avoid using regular attacks as much as possible. Instead, use your best earth or fire-based POW Moves, and for characters lacking such moves (like Sonic), you may want to have them Defend or cure any ally that becomes stunned.

For defeating the bosses you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 4. Use the teleporter here to reach Colony Alpha.

Voxai Colony Alpha

Once you're on the ground, go left and Teleport into the pink thing. Go left, then Teleport out. Jump down for a Chao Egg in the corner, then Jump off the center of the platform to the right, bounce off the springboard, and land on the right platform. Return to where you began here, Teleport into the pink thing and out again, and fly over the gap by the Voxai Conspirators to find 5 rings. Head up the ramp with the pink lines, then Jump up to the ledge. Go past the Voxai Conspirator and take the path south to another pink thing. Teleport into it, then out the southern end. Go down the ramp, then Teleport into the next pink thing to find a Chao Egg.

Teleport out to the west, then take the ramp south to a Jump point. Jump down, then head south on the pink-lined ramp. Teleport inside the pink thing on the left and bounce off the springboard to reach a Chao Egg. Jump down,, then head to the southwest corner to find the Nocturne Relic 5 in a box.

If Amy 's in your party, Smash through the blue crates near here to find a Chao Egg. Go east now under the archway and Dash up the ramps. Teleport into the pink thing, then go south down the ramp into another pink thing. Teleport inside for a Chao Egg, then Teleport out to the west. Go through the opening in the ramp to the north of you to find a box containing Grapple Claws, a Med Emitter, and a Refresher Wave. Head southwest on the ledge and get close enough to the pink thing to the northwest to Teleport inside it, where you'll find a Chao Egg.

Make your way back to where you landed after dashing over the series of ramps, and head north. Grab the 6 rings in the area, then head right to find the Color Puzzle.

Color Puzzle

Reward: 3,500 XP, Antidote. Have one character interact with the switch, then set the remaining three characters on the pressure plates in front of the switches. Now you must simply have a character interact with the switch that matches the color being flashed. Note that if a color flashes twice, that means you do not flip the corresponding switch. Only flip the matching switch if the color flashes once! You have to be quick about this, hitting the appropriate switch before the next color flashes on the display. Once you make all eight consecutive matches, the barrier in the center will be gone.

Head north to the big wall now, Climb it, then jump off the western side to reach the center section, where you'll face the Overmind: Leucosia, Ligaia and Riadne.

BOSS: Overmind Ligaia, Overmind Leucosia, & Overmind Riadne

Overmind Ligaia - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire Overmind Leucosia - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire Overmind Riadne - HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth & Fire

Besides the fact that each of the Overminds can Poison you with their attacks, they each have their own status ailment they can inflict on you, either Distract, Stun, or Sluggish. They have low defense, though, so use something like Rock Salt or Empowering to make your attacks even stronger, then go after each of them, one at a time. Go after Overmind Ligaia first, since it has the ability to Stun you. Sonic should spend part of his turns curing any status afflictions, as should Tails and Cream.

After you're victorious, you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 5. Take the 6 rings to the south, then bounce off the northern springboard to the right to return to the ledge you jumped down from. Take the big teleporter back to Colony Beta.

Voxai Colony Beta, Part 2

Once returning back, the Nocturnus have arrived on the colony and you may choose to engage them in a battle which awards your party a lot of experience points. Go speak to Croesus, then head to Thebes's house and open the box you couldn't earlier. You'll find the Precursor Tablet 4 inside. Now get back to the Cyclone and talk to your teammates, then fly off to Kron to begin the final chapter.

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